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December 12, 2022
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H&M – we love fashion Premium Apk

Tap in to our type feed, anytime, anyplace, and multi function spot — the H&M app.
Get speedy updates, monitor your orders, use your individual pictures to search out an identical pieces in inventory, and get impressed via our customers everywhere the arena!

H&M – we adore style Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Believe your self surfing our feed and experiencing it reside all on the identical time.
Sounds thrilling? Stay studying!

H&M – we adore model Top class Apk

Our app additionally comes at hand when you’re already inside of certainly one of our shops.
Let’s say you can’t to find your measurement or wish to know if an merchandise is to be had in additional sizes and hues? Scan the cost tag — our SCAN & IN FINDING characteristic will will let you know!

H&M – we adore type Top class Apk apk

Noticed one thing you prefer and were given impressed by way of? VISIBLE SEEK permits you to discover what we need to be offering by way of the usage of your personal footage or display screen pictures. It acknowledges patterns, colours, kinds, and will give you a listing of matching or identical pieces in inventory.

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Save the pieces you’re keen on probably the most for your personal record of favourites — simply faucet the center ICON.

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Stay up-to-the-minute with the trend international through activating PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! You’ll be the primary to grasp when a clothier assortment drops and you’ll right away be notified when we have now particular gives and occasions!

H&M – we like style Top rate Apk apk mod

Don’t pass over out — obtain the H&M app now!

H&M – we adore model Top class Apk mod apk

Whilst you obtain the H&M app, we will be able to procedure your information in response to our Privateness Understand. For extra main points in this, please move to hm.com.


40 comments on "H&M – we love fashion Premium Apk"

  1. Cadel Irwin says:

    The new update is very disappointing. It shows error when trying to view current and past orders. It shows the wrong size (the company states it’s adjusting to U.S. sizing which it’s still as confusing as ever). I wish I could return to the previous version of the app which was way more user friendly. This one makes me not want to shop H&M ever again.

  2. Edgar Charmain says:

    H&M app in the past several months has been nothing but disappointment. I have reinstalled the app 5 or 6 times already! It shows items in my shopping bag that I have purchased already (has been doing that for all of my past orders) so I have to manually delete them. Does not let add items to the shopping bag. Sometimes it does not load content at all, even after closing/reopening the app. There are a lot of other bugs with the app that are quite annoying.

  3. Harmonie Lianne says:

    4 stars because it doesn’t say height or weight of the model and the size they are wearing. Also, too many tracksuit looking outfits and stuff that looks similar. App runs smooth, but still lot of room for improvement. I’m very particular about styles. Hope they update trends more often. If something does catch my eye, its way overpriced for what it should be worth. I feel price is more based on trending product rather than quality of material.

  4. Flair Chars says:

    I infinitely prefer the app to the in-person store. It is simple, easy to use, and I love the Basics section. It impressed me so much that I went into an H&M the other day and between the loud music and the disorganized placement of the clothes I really disliked shopping there. I’m going to stick to this app from now on.

  5. Ollaneg Gretta says:

    Easy to use. Very helpful when the size isn’t in store, you can always order it online. The new rewards perk that they added is highly recommended, every dollar you spend equals a point. They also offer discounts to other stores. Going to be honest here, the only downside to the rewards program is you have a to wait 30 days in order to get the $5 dollars off. It’s annoying, if you are like me, I shop here on a normal basis, so waiting a full month is a hassle. Other than that, it is great.

  6. Kippie Jerel says:

    I value the luxury of shopping on line, receiving my purchases on my porch, trying the items on in the privacy of my house, and simply returning items that do not work. It’s a rather perfect relationship. I’ve never had any shipping issues, return issues, reordering issues. I am a satisfied customer. plus the prices are affordable.

  7. Bardan Donathan says:

    Good in principle but lots of glitches. Often get error messages when trying to add items to my favorites. There seems to be a limit to how many items you can favorite. Have also had the experience of inventory on the app being incorrect which resulted in my order being messed up.

  8. Ariona Lug says:

    I want to love the app since it is user friendly most of the time but recently its been impossible to place an order, that is before and after recent update.Window where you’re supposed to enter payment info (cc or else) doesn’t open, does “scroll thru”, unable to add cc info to account in settings (“u may save your cc info after you enter it to complete order”) which is very frustrating when you cant do it either way. Adding discount codes – half the time it doesnt work. I got more!

  9. Atkinsone Wyndell says:

    I wish I would have downloaded the H&M app years ago. I tend to re-buy multiples of the same thing and I save so much time by ‘favoriting’ items to later purchase again. It’s also easier to view rewards and search for specific styles versus the desktop site. If you buy from H&M more than twice a year, the app is worth it.

  10. Racquelle Carter says:

    Much improved since last app. Easier to use but wish that the options for Klarna were a little easier to use… Had to manually check out in order to be able to access Klarna options but once they’re was easy checkout. I used to work for H&M and I always liked how they tried to make this simple to use. Sometimes that was a fault but overall it was very efficient and seamless.

  11. Jamie Cyr says:

    Issues with the app and notifications. The search function on the app doesn’t work anymore (any search just gives a blank page that can’t refresh). That makes it super hard to navigate. Also the “notify me” function for your size doesn’t work well. I got an email that my size had come into stock and checked the minute I received it. Turns out my size hadn’t come into stock so I’m not sure what happened. Still going to use the app since I like H&M clothes.

  12. Ananas & Banana says:

    They updated the app that makes shopping extremely frustrating as if it wasn’t bad already. You have to press back arrow just to get back to the menu section (it existed before). Idk who came up with idea of putting all the kids sections in one giant messy pile. Previously it was automatically separated by gender and age, easy and fast. Now you have to manually filter out gender, age, and even clothing type several times before you can find ANYTHING. Shopping certainly made NOT easier.

  13. Jelena says:

    Terrible. The app was working perfectly fine a while back. Now it’s not possible to add any products to my shopping cart, can’t check my details (i.e.vouchers, discounts, etc), as the app simply does not show this info for some reason, just a blank page. Wanted to take advantage of 20% off for plus members, but could not do it neither in app, nor on site, as site had some issues as well. Bad IT, bad business.

  14. Михаил says:

    It always has problems with purchase. If you pay by card and see transaction it doesn’t mean your purchase is completed. Almost every time for me it is either double payment or blocked ammount in bank account, but “no order placed in the system”. There is no fraud and if you talk to your bank you will get your money back. Talking to bank and trying to figure out what happens that’s exactly what you expect from hitting “purchase” button every time

  15. Maja Žigart Verlič says:

    The app used to work fine, but for the last few months it has so many glitches I don’t want to order here anymore. The things I put in the cart are not shown or sometimes I delete an item and it gets back in the cart. Sometimes my top banner with menu and search is not showing so I have to restart the app. Also I don’t know why it is saying I have to download the latest app since I have the latest app installed. Overall I think you should fix it since it makes for a very bad user experience.

  16. Dhananjay Sharma says:

    The app is not very useful. I tried to apply the welcome offer after creating my account for the first time and it was there and then I went back and added more stuff to my cart and then it just went away and was not available in the apple promo as well. I didn’t even ordered anything. Then I tried calling customer service was useless as they disconnected the call without helping.

  17. Anuja Bafna says:

    I had the worst experience for getting my order delivered. I had no call from the delivery guy for what so ever reason. Plus the parcel wasn’t delovered and then cancelled on their end without any telephonic conversation or communication. This kind of poor service is not expected from one of the best brands. Kindly tie up with better delivery partners.

  18. Nirmala Jha says:

    Worst experience. The customer service is although good, but the working system, is pathetic. I’d ordered one item, the size it was showing, was different what i received. And the second item i ordered, same . The size was different. The returning process is also very poor. I tried to add the bank account details to my h&m acount. But it’s not showing anything. The whole page is showing blank. Nothing is coming clear. Go and shop in stores . Not online. My experience was definitely not good.

  19. Angel Smith says:

    The app doesn’t load. It shows the logo and then that’s it. Been waiting for 10 minutes and nothing, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still happens. Annoying because I’m an H&M member and need the app to show my barcode instore.

  20. Mell M says:

    2 purchases in store (recorded in the app) but zero points so far. Apparently I didn’t wait for the account confirmation email, which came 3 weeks after I first registered, so everything I spent before that didn’t count for points. Lesson learnt, if it’s not confirmed, don’t bother scanning the ID when the counter person asks in store. Also, I shop in store and sometimes the internet drops, so please allow screenshots of the ID barcode.

  21. Marta Rac says:

    Absolutely rubbish. Went for a shopping last week as it was my birthday. I couldn’t log in and I have lost my birthday and membership voucher. It kept saying “wrong password or email” which I know was correct. I tried to change password but couldn’t do that either. I have paid a full price when I could save at least 10 euros. I am not going to even bother to go there next time. So dissapointing.

  22. Danielle Pitter says:

    The app won’t let me sign in for months, I’ve tried re installing as well as updating the app, but to no avail, which in turn means I’m loosing out on points. I’ve called the customer care but no one has been able to help.

  23. Doot Dooot says:

    I’m trying to sign up for their loyalty program so I can use klarna… it’s so difficult for no reason and it’s not very smart that you can only access it with your phone. I can’t even sign into my account with the app. this is very disappointing and it’s making me think if the clothes are even worth it at this point. it’s not like their pieces are super original anyway.

  24. Agwma Laitum Boro says:

    What the hell is wrong with this app..I’m not able to sign in as it shows that I have putted wrong password on it..but when I checked it on my email..it was not the wrong password..I even tried to change the password and resign it..but still it doesn’t work..ok but when I tried to get the membership than again it was loading and loading not that my network was slow… Other apps were working perfectly fine .. but this app sucks in this point.. please fixed this

  25. not.donavan says:

    I tried to use the klarna pay later function to try it out and I cant select it at checkout. The only optoptions are the cards,PayPal, and gift cards. Would like to know how to use it because I really like the products on the store and would like to buy more from this store.

  26. anuradha bhattacharya says:

    Very bad customer service. They refuse to take any action despite multiple requests. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing items online from them. Either they will forget to refund you or they will forget they have picked up items from you. Lost money on returns. Pretty bad experience. Not shopping with h&m again

  27. Sanidhya Sharda says:

    H&M really needs to work out what’s wrong with their payment portal. The app (and even the website) refuse to take payments online. I tried through several methods (upi, credit card, debit card) at different times throughout the day only for my payments to not go through and my order to be cancelled. I was forced to use cash on delivery which is a hassle to deal with. Otherwise the app is quite nice and I have no qualms with it.

  28. Vaidehi Garodia says:

    What a horrible app! Never order from this app. I completed my payment for an order, still I got a mail stating that the payment could not be confirmed and they cancelled my order. I received no refund in spite of repeated requests. My friend returned an order and she never received her refund. The app is not functioning at the moment and I am not sure what to do.

  29. Yiannis Kyriacou says:

    1 star for the app if not zero. 4 stars for the customer service. Ordered a few things, paid in full but all items were still in the basket. No info in the account hub for the order. Customer service said that the order was not successfully completed and have returned the money. Even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it didn’t work again. Better order directly from the website via pc or laptop instead of using this app.

  30. Sarah says:

    My packages came ripped both on the outside and inside, 2/3 of the sweaters I ordered were too big, specifically the wool one seemed very large for a medium size. The app and website glitched out and said my order was in the warehouse and still being processed even though earlier it had said the package was in my city. I ordered a 3 pack of underwear and I was missing 2 of my underwear in the pack. This whole experience has been very unpleasant. Not ordering from H&M again.

  31. Hrishikesh Vaipurkar says:

    App is great and works smoothly low rating for below reasons- 1. There is no option to change only language or able to select text to translate as I don’t know (Swedish) local language and if we change region for the language then it doesn’t work for sweden. 2. No option to share a product, none

  32. Hiimaanshi says:

    1. I logged out from the app . Tried to login with same credentials but couldn’t logged in 2. I went to the forgot password screen added my email address and clicked on submit , a success message was being displayed that an email has been sent but I didn’t received any email on my email address 3. I tried to click on become a member button after adding DOB and clicking on checkbox . But the submit button to become a member was not at all clickable.

  33. Christography says:

    No matter what I try there is NO way to sign up to this app. I continually get Wrong email or password and they are correct… I screen shot my login details when I created them. Not even their shop assistant could sign us (both my wife and I) up and get the app work.

  34. Adri Mihali says:

    What is the aim of having an app if you can’t order from it?! For more than half a year (at least when I last used it) there was a notification that for Android it doesn’t work and you need to use a laptop to finalize the order an pay. This goes against the idea of having an app and I don’t understand why since so long it hasn’t been fixed, as I think you are losing lots of sales whith this bug.

  35. Linda Dreijere says:

    Ever since the update before black friday the app has not been functional. I can’t add items to favorites or add them to cart, it shows an error every time. Now I have to use the website which is so slow and laggy

  36. A J says:

    Even after putting up the password and username. That sign in is not all working. Tried changing password as customer support asked. But still same issue. Need to work on your app. Horrible.

  37. Lulu Zel says:

    This is so frustrating my items got cancelled randomly after placing an order did a card payment amount already deducted trying to connect with the customer care service through a call and chat but they just keep on saying the same thing over again and again. What am I supposed to do when my amount got deducted and they are not refunding?????no emails either…. Worst app ever

  38. Teresa Rochester says:

    Return/delivery service has been changed, and you are required to install said app to ensure a return or….. Just be! Optional to return in- store but that’s also not clear on the return in-store. (6-12-’19) Great app. Makkelijk online shopping. You have to be fast in your order considering items are sold out often. But trying your luck on the stores is nice as well.

  39. Lynessa Claresta says:

    I also found app really buggy. It ceased to recognize my password, failed to send password reset, several times, and then transferred my UK account to USA and wouldn’t allow me to change region back. Customer services couldn’t help so I have uninstalled the app. Think I’ll move to Monki. Oh, and now it won’t let me post this review!

  40. Judit Sós says:

    I really like in HM ,and i order a lot from them. But i cant login in my app anymore. I was in Italy, i changed the region of the app, I came back to Hungary. I changed back the region to Hungarian, but after I insert my mail and pw, I’m clicking on the sign in button, but nothing happens. Its really annoying. Onlinr, and on others phone app i can login, butnot on my own phone. 🙁

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