GeoZilla – Find My Family Premium Apk

Family Locator lets you keep loved ones safe using GPS tracker on their phone!
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November 25, 2022
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GeoZilla – Find My Family Premium Apk

Invite and percentage your reside location with members of the family. GeoZilla is a lifestyles saver relating to monitoring a circle of relatives’s location to ensure they’re protected.

GeoZilla – In finding My Circle of relatives Top rate Apk liberate

GeoZilla Circle of relatives Locator allows you to:
– Percentage your location in a non-public circle handiest your circle of relatives can see
– Simply hyperlink with circle of relatives the use of the GPS tracker inside of your telephone – Know when circle of relatives leaves or arrives at a spot – See the place your circle of relatives’s been all the way through the week
– Textual content and proportion pictures of your day by day existence within the Circle of relatives Locator’s personal messenger And far, a lot more!

GeoZilla – In finding My Circle of relatives Top rate Apk apk

GeoZilla works with Put on OS Percentage your real-time location together with your circle of relatives the usage of your Android smartwatch.

GeoZilla – To find My Circle of relatives Top class Apk apk mod

Keep protected at the highway Use Driving force Protection reporting to grasp if a circle of relatives member is rushing or the use of their telephone whilst riding. Crash Detection will hearth an alert within the match of a roadside twist of fate to inform your emergency contacts so you’ll be able to get assist sooner.

GeoZilla – In finding My Circle of relatives Top rate Apk mod apk

Use of important Location Exchange (SLC) guarantees the circle of relatives location tracker is in sleep mode till you might have considerably moved at the map to stay the GPS at bay and your battery lifestyles from draining.

GeoZilla – In finding My Circle of relatives Top rate Apk

Use the circle of relatives locator app to get notified when family members go away house to search out if they come safely and on time.

GeoZilla – To find My Circle of relatives Top class Apk apk mod new

Hyperlink them as Emergency Touch in GeoZilla GPS locator & tracker and we can ship you their location data in the event that they ever want to let you know.

GeoZilla – To find My Circle of relatives Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

By no means fear once more if your beloved is secure. With GeoZilla circle of relatives locator & GPS tracker, you’ll be able to leisure a little more uncomplicated understanding that you’ve got them connected with GPS monitoring and make sure that your family members are protected when clear of house.
Vital: Please notice, location-sharing is opt-in best. GeoZilla calls for consent from all members of the family to be connected.

GeoZilla calls for the next not obligatory permission requests:
• Location services and products to allow real-time location sharing, SOS signals, & position indicators even if the app is closed or now not in use
• Notifications, to tell you of your circle of relatives’s location adjustments • Contacts, to seek out different customers to enroll in your circle of relatives circle
• Footage and Digicam, to switch your profile image • Movement and Health monitoring for Driving force experiences
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40 comments on "GeoZilla – Find My Family Premium Apk"

  1. Newman Ainsworth says:

    Looks good, but needs to have locations set up for the circle. I have ten users and coming from Life360 I will be setting up 25+ locations that every one needs notifications from. I will not move to this until that’s resolved. Just to paint the scenario; been on Life360 for 3 years. Excellent and reliable. Saw the sale for this and thought I’d try it out. 25 locations, for 10 users. They all want notifications. So, that’s 5,500 taps to set up notifications for all. No thanks.

  2. Brian Stellar says:

    I’m a truck driver, my wife likes to see sometimes that I’m still moving down the road. This is the only tracking app that we have actually been able to see that in real time. Thanks so much for ability to do just that !! 👍👍 Wow, after updates and such this thing really went downhill, used to be perfect when we first starting using it. Now get prompts all the time about ads and going to premium version. My wife’s location has been stuck in the same location for days.. What a shame..

  3. Chris Arias says:

    The app works, but the accuracy isnt that good. Usually shows that the person (even myself) is at the side of the road or pretty much in a different area. While using another app like Traccar, accuracy is very good (up to 10m or so). The refresh rate is ok, but there should be an option to choose the refresh rate. Also, sometimes it doesnt show the person HOURS after the person comes back from a flight even if that person’s phone is on. Needs some work but overall its a decent app.

  4. Jamia Spriggs says:

    So far it looks great. It’s very visually pleasing and relatively easy to navigate. However, tracking wise It’s not super accurate and I don’t know a lot about tracking but for me it only tracked my S/O to a little under 4 miles. I wish it would track farther. And I wish the tracking was a little more accurate because every second is valuable if someone could possibly be in danger. I hope these things get fixed because I would like to continue using this app.

  5. Rebecca McGrath says:

    Not intuitive at all. I have signed up for the trial expanded account option (whatever it’s called) but no rides are registering, etc. Life360 Is so much more easy to use but I don’t like how they don’t differentiate all drives/rides so was looking for something a bit more detailed. I had hopes for this, but if I’m struggling this much with it, it’s not worth it!

  6. Phillip Zaphiro says:

    Still needs some work. Location lacks some accuracy, and I cannot select locations to check-in to or add new locations unless I manually use the map to find my specified area of interest. For some reason when trying to search for an address or location, I get an error. Battery usage compared to Life360 is stellar and hardly drains over 5% compared to the 20% a day that rival apps eat up.

  7. Abdul H. Khan says:

    The new update has messed up the app. Upon touch the avatar tag of a person, the whole window opens and covers the screen. The it needs to be brought down, every time it happen. The location update frequency is reduced and often it stalls the location.

  8. Joseph Sackey says:

    I felt disappointed yesterday after subscribing. You should let us know you have to invite the other party before you can track his or her location. It should not be like inviting but it should be direct when you use the number of the person. Am so disappointed and will not recommend this..

  9. Ondrej Paulovic says:

    Trying the app after uninstalling Life360 due to high battery usage. Is there a way to disable the annoying 3d view of the map? Also the app keeps moving my view, trying to display multiple persones at once. Please stop that, keep things simple.

  10. Joshua Salihu says:

    It’s a very good,great family GPS location locator. Very good in performance as described but super too expensive,as in monthly subscription. Pls bring your monthly subscription price down. Most economies around the world are experiencing liquidity crunch(crisis). Thank you.

  11. Irwan 25 says:

    helpful and useful… it would be better if it has a street live view feature…and…. free lisence should be covered a week location history not only current date…

  12. Marco Sterling says:

    pretty accurate, and shows how many miles away. wish battery was bigger and option for 2min increment of location.

  13. Buck Potts (Justin) says:

    geozilla keeps taking money out of my account when I didn’t ok it at first I said ok and I put my debit card number in. and now they take it up on themselves to take like $20 and sometimes $30 at a time and Ive done all I know to do to stop them from taking any more money out of my account and they still take money out periodically even after I have uninstalled the geozilla app. I guess I’m gonna have to shut down my cash app account to stop them from taking my money it’s nothing but a big SCAM

  14. martin trinidad says:

    this up is so good for your love once. it’s so accurate when it times location. but😔 in premium app the bills and payment was so high we cannot afford it to buy. please lower the cost 🙏🏻😟

  15. Assad Ullah says:

    I thought that I will just put friend mobile number and the app will show me his location online where he is right now? But something strange just waste of money… I was need of just GPS location by putting mobile number and there is no option for this..

  16. cfa X gaming says:

    Good application to detect your family with your phone in your country. I just recognise something not good. When your family is at oversea, you cannot detect them anymore. Thier last location will be the airport if they going with a flight.

  17. Colin Campbell says:

    Does what we need. Good user experience. I did have a problem with notifications but they seem to be working now. Probably user error.

  18. Nasr Hasn says:

    Good app but point is not accurate as iOS and no area names not visible while in Satellite Mode (names and addresses are visible in streets mode but clear with more details on iOS devices while in satellite mode

  19. Jamali Phillips says:

    Service seems useful…but monthly price is hard to justify if not using on a lot of devices. Maybe a per device plan would help.

  20. Zach Moore says:

    Ap is good. why though when I zoom in on the map(without selecting individual circle members), does the map always auto zoom out to show all members of the circle? Is there a way to change this in the settings?

  21. Reynier Cris Mayangao says:

    October 4, 2022 sends tracks which the person had not been. The person stayed in the area but the map shows trip for almost 2 hpurs and visited many place. How come? Thank you

  22. Sumit Kumar says:

    I made a payment 2 time amount debited but again show to pay the amount to activate the app.

  23. DiMera G says:

    I had used it before and loved it but, within just a few months of not using it and then coming back it kinda sucks you have to upgrade to use any good parts of it and my location will say I’m places I’m not.

  24. Prajwal C R says:

    App is worst there is no use in this app….. I want to track my family member location but it’s showing invite to him and this app take subscription fee also but now it shows invite ur family member.

  25. lola lovely1020 says:

    it does not EVER track my husband’s location. at all. and it won’t let me check in at all EVER! I hate this app. going to uninstall

  26. Elisa Féliz says:

    This app doesn’t let me add my phone number. It forces everyone from my country to use only one area code. So it is impossible to verify your account.

  27. James Farmer says:

    Advertised as a way to monitor the wellbeing of Family members but this is only true if you pay monthly. I wouldn’t mind but £20 a month is way too steep.

  28. mark tioaquen says:

    no go, its too expensive, i cannot afford for this kind of apps. never mind.

  29. Sunday Adedokun says:

    The app is not useful until other people in the circle download the app and subscribe. To me, installing this app is a waste of time and money, if other parties did not install it and subscribe. Something should be done about that. At least, the primary subscriber should be able to use the app and not lose money because others have failed to subscribe.

  30. M'anne H. says:

    Was great when I first got it in 2021. Paid for the 3 yr subscription and some features that were included are now premium. Also the app always sends server felt bad message and mo matter howmmuch I clear cache or data or login back in it’s still an error message. Each update seems to send the app into the abyss. I don’t think I’ll be renewing after my subscription ends, Iceill look for alternatives.

  31. Sarah Forrest says:

    Major issues the last month or more. Myself or my partner are not getting notifications in the app. I’ve reached out to leave feedback in the app twice, with. Nothing changed. Disappointing since I pay monthly 🙄

  32. Alex Shorey says:

    So I have been used to Life360 but was awful to use later on. So I went here and started using it just me And my wife and alerts when either of us leave home and arrives also I get the notification on my Samsung watch, which I love. I do enjoy it and we don’t drive so its public transport for us. I have just brought a Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic added the app to watch But seems can’t use it without premium. DISGUSTING

  33. Lourdes Martinez says:

    No very accurate. Often will show you places you are not at or will update the location and show it 20 times. Lots of little annoying glitches

  34. kilby nick says:

    This is a waste of time how do u find out where some1 is ? If the other person doesn’t use this app? You start like you can track with numbers after payment you find out you can’t except u invite who u wan to track… Rediculous

  35. G GKG says:

    This is a scam. It took money a week ago, now today it has taken more money yet I cannot track my family without inviting them to download the app!!!! What utter nonsense!! How can I unsubscribe???? I am not interested in this anymore!

  36. Lana LG says:

    Very Bad. Unbelievable that this app can cause a big trouble & disbelief with my partner. Only because I had bad connections, which caused problem for you creators to collect my location data, although you reported like If I’ve been 1 and half hour on a trip. Please fix this issue or I have to give very bad recommendations , others not to download. You can cause really big Troubles between partners and loved once❗❗❗❗

  37. Charles Ippoliti says:

    I’m uninstalling this app. They say nothing about it being a paid app on the Play store. Be up front about it. I believe I downloaded the free app but was instantly pushed to buy it. I have nothing against supporting developers, in fact most of the apps I download I eventually purchase. However, I don’t like downloading a free app and then immediately get pressured to pay for it before even getting a chance to use it.

  38. Ryan Burroughs says:

    We got this to track our son on his galaxy 5 smartwatch but does not do a good job. Never finds a smartwatch unless you manually open app on the watch

  39. benson mawira says:

    I have never met useless application like this one. Please guys refund back my cash. This is useless application. Your calling it track then your inviting people instead of tracking.

  40. yusuf bala says:

    I will like to say that, this app is a scam. Reason been that, after three days of registration, I was debited 9,200 for the monthly subscription. When I discovered that, the app cannot work without you adding your family members, I was discouraged and decided to stop any further subscription, do you know that this people continue to debit my account? Yesterday, I was debited 10,000 naira plus…. What’s going on?

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