AT&T Secure Family™ Mod Apk


Find your family, control your child’s screen time and manage their phone use.
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March 28, 2022
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AT&T Secure Family™ Mod Apk

Peace of Thoughts Simply Were given So Much More uncomplicated

AT&T Safe Family™ Mod Apk apk

AT&T Safe Family™ places oldsters in regulate in their children’s telephone use. In finding your circle of relatives, regulate your child’s display time and arrange their web get entry to from their telephone .

AT&T Protected Family™ Mod Apk apk mod 2022

* Find Circle of relatives -Track your kid on call for or on a typical time table, for instance on a daily basis after college
* Location Indicators – Obtain indicators when your kid enters or leaves a location, like college or apply.
* Location Historical past – Overview the place your kid has been over the former seven days.
* Prohibit Display screen Time – Block your child’s cell knowledge and Wireless, on call for or on a agenda you select.
* Content material Filters – Block irrelevant Apps and internet sites through age or customise your individual settings.

AT&T Safe Family™ Mod Apk mod apk

AT&T Safe Circle of relatives is unfastened for the primary 30 days. After the primary 30 days, you’ll be billed $7.Ninety nine each and every month (contains strengthen for as much as 10 strains.) Carrier auto renews each 30 days except cancelled.

AT&T Protected Family™ Mod Apk apk mod

AT&T Safe Circle of relatives Better half App

AT&T Safe Family™ Mod Apk

AT&T Safe Circle of relatives is designed to paintings with AT&T Protected Circle of relatives Better half, a unfastened app within the Google Play Retailer. Obtain it on your child’s telephone and pair it together with your telephone to get all of the options.

AT&T Safe Family™ Mod Apk unencumber

AT&T Wi-fi consumers – pairing with AT&T Safe Circle of relatives Spouse is needed to get the entire options of Protected Circle of relatives. If you don’t pair a tool, options are restricted to AT&T network-based location, scheduled location indicators and placement historical past.

AT&T Protected Family™ Mod Apk apk mod new

AT&T PAY AS YOU GO wi-fi shoppers and consumers on different wi-fi carriers – pairing with AT&T Protected Circle of relatives Better half at the kid software is needed to make use of any of the Protected Circle of relatives options.
Different necessary details about AT&T Protected Circle of relatives:

AT&T Postpaid Wi-fi consumers billed by way of AT&T:
– View, alter or cancel anytime throughout the app.
– Protected Circle of relatives and Significant other app customers should be at the identical account. Handiest licensed app customers have permission to find a circle of relatives member.
– There’s a compatibility battle that may save you the addition of AT&T Safe Circle of relatives Spouse in your spouse software when you have AT&T Cellular Safety Plus working at the similar significant other instrument. If you want to proceed with the acquisition, you should both take away AT&T Cell Safety Plus out of your account or downgrade to AT&T Cell Safety Elementary at the better half instrument earlier than including AT&T Protected Circle of relatives Spouse.

AT&T PAY AS YOU GO wi-fi consumers, and consumers of alternative US Wi-fi carriers billed via Google Play Retailer:
– After first 30 days, $7.99/mo. will probably be charged on your Google Play account. Subscription will mechanically renew each and every month until auto-renew is grew to become off no less than 24 hours ahead of the tip of the present month’s billing duration.
– To view, adjust or cancel your subscription, move to account settings in Google Play Retailer. No cancellation of the present month’s subscription is permitted. No refunds or credit for partial subscription phrases.
– Units working the Protected Circle of relatives App or Protected Circle of relatives Better half App require Android v. Eight.0 or upper.
– Observe: Persevered use of GPS working within the background can dramatically cut back battery existence.
– Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location isn’t assured. Protection now not to be had in all spaces. The gathering, use, and disclosure of any private knowledge thru this software is ruled by way of AT&T’s Privateness Coverage discovered at: View the AT&T Safe Circle of relatives site at


40 comments on "AT&T Secure Family™ Mod Apk"

  1. Gladyce Loyal says:

    It is locked up. Keeps telling me to update it and it wont let me. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, doesnt work. It’s a shame that I have to call and spend 5-10 minutes going thru a menu and then 15-20 minutes waiting to speak to someone to fix an app that I pay for monthly. Oh and the service that it goes with is horrible too.But as usual I’m stuck in a contract, but I wont be anymore when this one runs out!

  2. Ermid Alexandrya says:

    Completely disappointed. Starting 10/6/2018 this app and service has become a complete waste of money – no ability to log in, no ability to use the features, no tracking of loved ones. And, to add insult to injury, AT&T has not offered any reason to the paying subscribers – not a text, not an email, no contact at all. Very, very poor customer service, and for that alone reason enough to cancel the service. Now I see that a companion app needs to be installed on the other phones. This is a horrible problem for my situation with a phone being used by an older relative that has “confusion” issues where we use the app to make sure she is safe. There are so many reasons why this is a problem, but I won’t detail this out, just know this is horribly inconvenient. We (the subscribers) pay for this service and the phones on our plans – the app worked fantastic the way it was, but now you want to drastically change it? Why? Why, when it’s not broken, would you want to do this? Sincerely, A very dissatisfied AT&T customer with 8 devices who is now looking for another provider.

  3. Daisy Molly says:

    I can no longer open the app. I’ve had it for a couple of years. I tried to open per direction from the app and I get sent in a continuous loop. The app used to update itself. And i loved that i could open it and see where my family was. But no longer. I’ve followed all directions…but to no avail. I need att to stop charging me for a service that does not work.

  4. Levon Lorrey says:

    This app sucks! Almost every single time it asks me for a password I enter it and says it doesnt match. I tried to reset it through the email they send and when you click on the link it does NOTHING. I have to close and reopen the app SEVERAL times before I can it to work and it just logs me in automagically without even asking for password! I have emailed at&t about it and nothing! Very frustrating!!

  5. Geraldine Awstin says:

    If there was a zero star rating, I would have selected it. With this new app there are many frustrations. There are no longer SETTINGS to not allow automatic locates when opening the app, the content filter, time limits, and location alert panes will not go away from the home page, and, most frustrating is the “internet pause” button is so big and I cannot get rid of it. In addition the battery drain is now much more when running in the background. TERRIBLE update to a perfectly useful app that did NOT need this re-work.

  6. Zeke Jennay says:

    The Secure Family app is simply aggravation. I don’t need the control over every aspect my kids’ phones. If needed I can shut their internet off through my att. If I wanted to have to go through an app installed on their phone I’d use a free one. One that doesnt mess up their phone in the process. The app won’t locate the smart phones by SIM alone which is the sole reason I subscribe. Free apps will locate by gps but, like this app, that’s useless if the location is turned off. Also lost the ability to mark frequent locations. Cost may be less, but so far so is the quality.

  7. Daleen Edrick says:

    I can’t even get it to work now. I have installed multiple times and it just shuts down each time I open it. Not a fan of the move from the family app. to this one. It uses way more battery and the tracking is not reliable without the companion app. (which uses even more battery). It also doesn’t keep a log each time I check in like the older version.

  8. Joanna Kriss says:

    Family Maps was more accurate and MUCH better, this app seems to take a lot longer to locate my child and the location is nowhere near accurate. It takes multiple attempts to track a location, each time gives me a completely different address and at times up to several blocks difference. This is the only feature I’ve even tried to use of this app because it sucks so badly I’m afraid of what the rest of it may bring. Come on AT&T you can do better than this.

  9. Yoline Nerys says:

    Absolutely horrible. I was switched from Family map to this without choice and I hate it. The locations are inaccurate and half the time it’s begin and will show me that the phone is somewhere that they were at hours ago are no longer at. This new app can’t even find other lines on my plan 90% of the time. This was not an “upgrade” from Family map. I want my old app back.

  10. Michelia Christos says:

    I have installed and reinstalled and paired and repaired over and over and over again and cannot get this app to stick. Plus, you can no longer limit the number of text messages on this app as opposed to ATT Smart Limits. Granted that app didn’t do everything I wanted, which is why I got Disney Circle Go. I was hoping this would replace it but it just doesn’t work! Every time Inchange a setting it says I have to re-pair the phone. I re-pair, restart, and the cycle starts all over again.

  11. Sayre Joyanne says:

    I am so disappointed in this app. The location map is completely inaccurate. The feature that allows you to receive a notification when someone arrives at a destination does not work. I might get a notification an hour AFTER my daughter arrives or not at all. I miss the old family map. If it does not improve quickly I will be canceling the service.

  12. Landri Anastazia says:

    With Smart Limits I was able to block phone calls and texts during a certain time period with the exception of a designated list. I can’t seem to do that with this app and this app costs more. I could also see what numbers and the times that calls and texts were received. I’m not seeing a way to find that either. Very dissatisfied

  13. Aleke Aphton says:

    Original family maps was a pain in the butt for well over a decade. The new app looks to be worse. The overall result is another massive failure!!! This technology has potential, but it lacks common sense in its design. It lacks intelligent design and lacks even minimal performance. Even I could do better!!!!! Don’t program yourselves into a corner — START OVER WITH A BETTER PLAN! GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  14. Bearrocscir Dondrea says:

    This app is a huge disappointment, the tracking is inaccurate when it finally does update the location. At&t took away the feature of parental control of calling and texting. All we got was the ability to control data, wifi, a few apps, and some content. Fix the tracking, give us controls over call and text and it’ll be good.

  15. Chany Manhattan says:

    Every few days this app will not locate. I have the phone right in front of me, all settings are correct, but does not locate at all. Will put nothing in history so it is like it is not even attempting to locate. Same for all numbers on account. Have called tech suport several times with issue. No one has yet been able to resolve this sporadic problem. Family Map was much more reliable.

  16. Brezziana Jarron says:

    I have used AT&T family map for years. The INSTANT I updated to AT&T Secure Family I have not been able to use it. I get as far as the “migrating your account” screen and then it just goes to an eternal blank screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. AT&T is utter garbage anymore. They charge an obscene amount of money for sketchy service complete with no signal, dropped calls, and now apps that don’t work. It’s like they are TRYING to lose business. I will be switching providers.

  17. Beda Harriman says:

    Started out working ok when it finally forced me to update from Family Map. Now when I do a location search it freezes then returns to the main screen automatically; so I have to do a location search several times to actually get a location adresss, but I can still never click on the map to actually see where it is without it freezing then going back to the main screen. PLEASE FIX! Or Advise!

  18. Isalie Shalinda says:

    Absolutely horrid. Bring back at&t family map. how you can go from such a great app to this is beyond me. it doesnt locate anyone accurately. you have to locate someone several times before it does and the location usually isnt close. I am a realtor and part of why we had this was for safety. we will be canceling this and looking for an alternative. disappointed.

  19. Delman Joycelynn says:

    This app does not offer enough control. It also does not update location well at all. I can get better location information from Google Maps than this. There is also no controls to block calls or texts which makes this app almost useless. It also blocks my children’s internet access outside of the time limits I set, which makes it frustrating for them and me. Come on AT&T, for a service I have to pay for this is almost a waste of money. Verizon’s parental controls are so much better than this.

  20. Deltha Clinton says:

    The new “improved” location capability is essentially useless. The older app was able to accurately locate all family members within so many yards. But the new app is horrible. It usually can’t locate family members, but when it does, it’s usually says within a 1 to 2 mile radius. Often it is actually many miles off. Example: it might locate my son at a particular location, then 20 seconds later it shows that he’s somewhere in the next county. Totally useless.

  21. Mikaylah Andrell says:

    I really liked this service when it was seperate apps and not all in one app. I preferred the Smart Limit App because it was easier to designate times and see who and when my kids are texting. I hate that I have to pair my phone with theirs. Their phones have an annoying notification saying our phones are paired and they can’t clear it out. I’m better off canceling this service, since I can’t even see who they are texting.

  22. Starling Bardarik says:

    Don’t bother! This app should be for free given how inconsistently it “works”. It constantly asks me to pair a phone that us already paired. In addition, it does not always block the apps I ask it to block during those time lines. I further learned there is a “bypass” link that shows up on my child’s phone where the set restrictions can be overridden. It worked beautifully during the trial period.

  23. Colley Millen says:

    AT&T’s “Secure Family” is practically useless. Why they decided to ditch the much-superior “Smart Limits” in favor of this, I cannot fathom. Among other problems, for “full functionality,” including the ability to block data use and limit calls and texts, Secure Family requires a companion app be installed on each child’s device. The problem, and AT&T will admit this, is that the child user can relatively easily circumvent the companion app, rendering the system useless. So you are paying for something that, for all practical purposes, does not work without the cooperation of the child. How do you think that goes? Yes, I can take the device away if that happens I suppose, but then I will have removed one of the main reasons for the phone in the first place: the ability to contact my child when I need to. The “locate” feature is nice, I suppose, when it works, but it is slow, inaccurate, and can be bypassed by simply disabling location services on the target phone. “Secure Family” is a waste of time and money.

  24. Clarke Christyn says:

    need to work the bugs out. this app is functional and works fairly well, but it interferes with my home wireless network. causes several disconnections from my home network and keeps several apps from working over wifi. I cancelled my subscription because caused more issues than it provided solutions. smart limits worked great and family map was amazing. I highly recommend bringing back those apps.

  25. Cater Doug says:

    One, I can’t make multiple people “parents” even downloading the “parent app” on another phone. Two, the alerts that are set up don’t work at the right times, example : I have an alert for when she arrives at school, the alert goes to my phone after I’ve already made it back to my house from dropping her off. Three, I can change everyone’s profile except for my own. It will not save. Four, which is probably my biggest issue, I can not see what is going on in her phone unless I get on it myself.

  26. Whitley Jo says:

    Highly unreliable. This app would be great if it was consistently working. I have not gotten a single notification about geofencing or content filters. It often tells me to pair the device again or reset the app, which I have done several times. The location tracking is not good enough for the safety of children- if this your priority. I recommend an app like XNSPY, where there are additional features, and much better performance.

  27. Glorious Cedrych says:

    I absolutely hate this app. it doesnt work half the time. doesnt do alot of the things the older 2 apps did together. it’s awful, and if there were any other decent option I would cancel it immediately 8-13-19 still steadily crashes. Cant open the full map AT ALL. Someone from tech support was supposed to be calling me weeks ago, but I got about a 10 second notice and was working so I couldn’t get to the phone. Suprise suprise, couldn’t get back in touch with anyone old apps were way better

  28. Kenriek Bertold says:

    This application has a few serious design flaws. The companion application can be turned off, uninstalled by someone on the tracked phone. That makes no sense at all and almost makes the application not worth it. “Pairing” between device and application are frequently lost, and it must be restored on the tracked phone. So it might be worth it as long as your kid gets kidnapped in one of those rare instances where everything works and the kidnapper is stupid. They never responded to the above.

  29. Maryjo Joya says:

    When I started using it worked great. Then was constantly getting messages about devices not being paired but was still working. Notifications from settings quit working next. Then the app started crashing once before working. Now it does nothing but crash repeatedly. I have had this for over a year and liked that it worked even though it wasn’t working as good as it did wjen i started but now it is useless

  30. JDGAIL Hendrix says:

    Update 4/28/20- issues were fixed and app is responding better. Update 4/23/20-app will not open. I rely on this app to track my family. Horrible. Needs updates. The old app was better. I was able to add location alerts without syncing my kids phones. There is a longer delay with mapping their location. The first one that syncs up is ther one that shows up for the other phones I have linked. QA was definitely not done on this app. Need to go back to the drawing board on this app.

  31. Cindy Navin says:

    Quality just keeps going downhill. Seems like bugs get bigger with each update. Lately, when trying to locate another phone on our plan, it can only tell me the county that the phone is in – which is absolutely useless information. Other times, it can’t locate the phone at all. AT&T….if you want people to pay for this app, then you need to get it together.

  32. Sarah Abernathey says:

    I have paid for this app for a long time. Before it wS ATT secure family, it worked perfect. I am literally throwing money away. Anytime I need this to work, it won’t work. ATT makes you wait on hold for so long, transfers three to four times at the minimum, and the problem never gets fixed. This is the only app that I seriously need and pay for. If it needed something to be updated or whatever it is, why couldn’t I have been notified when I get a notice everyo th that the app is renewed?!

  33. Jessenia Ramirez says:

    Everything was fine until we upgraded phones. Now it won’t let me track the 2 phones that had the upgrade. It just loads and loads then it says it was unable to locate phones! You would think that with better phones it would have better access! This is horrible, especially for a service which you get charged for separately!

  34. Christy Veitch (MW Volleyball) says:

    Horrible, in my experience. We tested it out on my boyfriend’s phone before installing the companion app on my child’s phone. I’m not sure what she was doing, she said she only turned off notifications for the app, but once she left the house, the only feature that worked was location. I had to pair her phone daily to get it to work … then when she left the house, the other features would not work. I selected the app because I wanted to be able to turn off her phone during specific times.

  35. Ryan T says:

    Not very reliable. Notifications come in about 20 minutes late, kid leaves the house and 20 minutes later I am notified about it. Open the app to check location and it just refreshes, but never updates an accurate location, its always behind on the timing. You will always be 10 steps behind tracking the locations…..therefore, pretty useless.

  36. Julie Valenzuela says:

    Still not fixed!! I’ve checked what developer advised. Versions are up to date. Still not working. I will definitely not be paying for this after the free trial. I can’t view my kids’ web/app history. It shows one screen of history. I cannot scroll down to see an entire day, nor can I click to go back to previous days. The app freezes & I either have to force quit to end it or it automatically refreshes to the home screen. So frustrating!!!

  37. Gary says:

    So far my experience is mostly frustration. I get all of the phones connected and they seem to be tracking fine. Then the next time it will have them miles from where they even though they are sitting still at a home. Now it is telling me that two of the four needs to complete set up. To do that you have to start over by sending the link again. This appappears Tobe very unstable.

  38. Marques W says:

    The app was good enough for a few months slightly laggy but still delivering the key features. Like destination alerts etc.. As for the last few weeks though I’m not sure if the app is even working. I got a new phone and the alerts aren’t working, I’m being thrown out, having to sign in every time. To make matters worse when I attempt to sign-in it takes so long that I eventually get impatient and just close the app. So If this doesn’t get fixed really soon I’ll be canceling my subscription.

  39. Amanda B Kerns says:

    Half the time it doesn’t keep you signed in. You are unable to reset the password, it just continually goes to a white screen. It almost always shows the same location or it shows you’re 5 miles away from where you actually are. And yes, the settings are correct. The app is just lousy. It has not worked for almost 3 months now. It is awful. I am currently searching for a new GPS app for my teenager.

  40. Beth says:

    We’ve used this app for a while. Something definitely changed with an upgrade. All my settings are correct but I don’t get notifications that my kids arrive home until long after they’ve been there. It has them in the right location only half the time & takes FOREVER to refresh their location, often requiring me to toggle back & forth from the family map to the individual map to even get a refresh. Used to be much better. Looking for another app not worth the cost if it only works sometimes.

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