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Manage all your Atomi Smart products from anywhere at any time.
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November 22, 2022
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Atomi Smart Premium Apk

The unfastened Atomi Good app brings you the ease of house automation proper at your fingertips. This implies you’ll keep an eye on your lights, TELEVISION, wall plugs and your entire house home equipment the use of the similar cellular utility.

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Not more in search of remotes or switching programs. Set schedules to suit your way of life and obtain notifications, making sure you peace of thoughts.


40 comments on "Atomi Smart Premium Apk"

  1. Harmonie Taren says:

    RESPONSE TO DEV: Location data is just one is several privacy violations here. You don’t need to see other running apps, for instance, among others. Also, there’s no reason to *require* an account. Whether it is wi-fi or bluetooth, I should be able to control MY devices. These are not yours, and I have no need to ask your permission to use MY devices. You don’t need my email address. You don’t need my phone number. The only possible non-spam/non-spying reason is to operate them from outside the network or bluetooth range, which I have zero interest in doing so. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Invasive Spyware Gives Chinese Access To Your Email/Phone and Internal Wi-Fi Network. Must get THEIR permission to use a device YOU OWN! Zero reason for this except for data slurping and spam.

  2. War Clive says:

    I’m unable to turn on the heater or any of the other functions through the app. I know it is connected to my network because the app shows all the changes I make on the heater itself. To top it off Google Home will not detect it, so I’m unable to use it with Google. I have tried it with the wifi enabled on the heater. I have also tried force stopping the app, reinstalling the app and it just does not work☹️.

  3. Laurene Lizbet says:

    Bought the Smart AC controller. The app was relatively easy to set up but the remote setup was garbage. I dont know if it just has trouble with my particular AC but only being able to set up “favorite presets” is NOT how I control my AC. Not what I was expecting and not what I want. I’ll just use my wemo to turn it on and off and use my existing remote. This thing is going back to the store.

  4. Katheryn Hengist says:

    Does not work properly with my window ac unit. On/off button never changes, when away from home I can’t tell if my ac is on or off. No temperature scenarios work either. UPDATE 4/25/20. Almost a year later not any better. Still wrong weather info. UI in pictures looks nothing like it. Seems like no effort to improve. I definitely won’t be any other products from them.

  5. Jarrod Wagner says:

    Strip lights worked great via alexa until very recently. Color saturation via alexa can’t be set, so all colors are watered down now. Other than that, Everything works great. Saturation is not an issue in the app. Easy to setup and use with alexa. Wish it supported the scenes, but i can live without them. Very satisfied. Please fix the color saturation issue.

  6. Craig Watson says:

    App is annoying to use, too many taps. Figure out a faster way. Also, the temp the device shows is 5-10°F warmer than the room actually is. And no, it’s not in direct sun light, the device is shaded at all times. Edit: Your reply is full of excuses and takes no responsibility for a poorly designed app or product. I replied directly to your response by email.

  7. Jake F. says:

    These things are garbage. Got these last year and had two of them work fine for about 6 months. Then they both stopped for some reason. Got four more as gifts and tried setting them up. The hot spot connection took several tries to appear. When connect to the hot spot, the plug would never connect to my phone. Tried this several times and gave up. Shouldn’t be this difficult. Shouldn’t have lost functionality for the first two. Not interested in contacting supports don’t bother. Just garbage.

  8. steve vaughn says:

    I have multiple “smart” apps and devices in my home, I think my last count was around 35… They aren’t all the same in terms of quality and reliable function… This one loads quickly, has very detailed instructions and walks you through the setup of all the different devices. I’ve got a smart heater, string lights, orbs and a ceiling light, they all work flawlessly. The basic setup is really straight forward, but if you miss a step or have trouble, like the lights won’t blink, there are very detailed trouble shooting menu’s and technical help instructions that are a little harder to find in the app. For me, the app and the devices work better than the big name brands and huge platforms.

  9. S Wade says:

    Terrible. First it’s intrusive as it requires registration just to control colored lights. Then it requires access to your home network and password rather than allowing direct control. Then the device registration is convoluted and tedious requiring going back and forth in your wifi settings. And it’s wifi support is lacking 5GHz requiring the user to change their router. I never even got to the actual controls for the lights. Strongly dislike.

  10. Glob Globule says:

    The lights we bought can’t be controlled without the app, but whatever I did I could not get the app to add the device. Kept trying but no cigar. I opened a support ticket and all they did was refer me to their troubleshooting website. Nothing there helped me and for just getting a run of lights to work I’m not going to spend a full week trying to get it to work. An infra remote for their device would have been better! I’m returning their product and deleting this horrible app.

  11. Tim Mc says:

    Dangerous Design Logic This little thing has a major and potentially dangerous design flaw. When you set a timer for the 1-6 hrs range AND then you end up manually turning off at the machine itself if you are done with it before and the expiration of the timer, the ap flips power setting opposite of what the base was currently set at….in this case it turns the base back on. This leaves unit on and unattended which should never be done.

  12. Adam Ant says:

    I can’t see my original review, so this is updated. The lights worked after setting up on another phone by me just taking a shot at it. Tech support was okay, but couldn’t figure out after uploading trouble logs. But, new problem has cropped up in that the lights turned on 3x last night out of nowhere. Had to unplug the lights to stop it. Will see if it does again tonight. On the lights themselves, they are pretty cool, but not that bright, so if you’re using them for lighting, get another.

  13. Eric Busby says:

    The app makes me wish for a remote control! Is there one for the smart lights? Sometimes the app works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s not the most frustrating thing about it! I can’t customize colors in Scene Mode! It has predetermined colors. I spent a lot of money for these lights! Why can’t I customize to the colors I want?

  14. Cher Buck says:

    Not worth it. The string lights are a great quality but when it comes to the sucks. Firstly, it can only connect to 4G. It’s 2021 and everything has moved on to 5G. It would be better off using Bluetooth at least,not 4G. Secondly there are only 9 scenes to choose from. You can’t create your own custom scenes at all. It’s not worth it. There are other string lights on the market for cheaper that allow you to customize each individual bulb if you so choose & have many more scenes.

  15. Paul Arel says:

    Lights great quality, but functionality is very limited compared to competition. (Can’t have all white lights fade or chase, for example.) Owned for about 9 months, not a single problem or hiccup. 2 sets connected together. Hope Atomi update the app/firmware to make the lights a better long-term purchase, especially since they appear well made and may last a very long time.

  16. Don M Hokanson says:

    Just bought 3 sets of colored light strings from Costco. Lights look great but I can’t get the app to connect. I suspect the 2.4GHz limitation on the product is to blame. I spent too much time trying to make it work. Sending back now. For tech support, I use a pixel 6 pro with a Google wifi mesh system. Pretty stock setup… It ought to work.

  17. Tara Meade says:

    I was not previously familiar with Atomi before buying the smart string lights from Costco. While I had never connected a smart product to my wifi before, interface and functionality were very user-friendly. I can see how people have struggled with connecting but from my perspective it’s more of a network/wifi connection issue, not the app, which looks like could be the reason for some of the lower star reviews. Love my lights!

  18. Gregory Dennis says:

    I’ve had the Smart Color String Lights for almost a year and have never been able to get them to connect to my wireless. I’ve disabled my 5ghz network, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and I’ve tried on multiple mobile devices, no luck. I put them up last year but having to go out and make whatever changes I want to make was a hassle. This year they stay in the box. Please don’t respond with “Hi, we are so sorry to hear this. We encourage you to reach out to us directly:”

  19. Morgan Denton (AbsintheDragon) says:

    Purchased the Decent app, but aside of setting a specific time in the “Schedule”, it would be great if you could choose “Sunset”and “Sunrise” for scheduling. Edit: Developer responded saying Sunrise/Sunset are available under “Smart Scenes”. This is an entirely separate section of the app and not related to the scheduling of the outlets. Trying to set the outlets to come on at Sunset and off at Sunrise is VERY convoluted and not intuitive. Due to this I changed the rating to two stars.

  20. Roger Richards says:

    Pixel 6 Pro w/ Google Mesh. The app works great. Just wish the scenes were a little more customizable. I’d like 2 colors chasing each other on occasion so that all lights stay illuminated. I did have an issue with the 2.4ghz connection but that is not a limitation of the app… The issue is with the network and the phone. If you install Wi-Fi Analyzer and it’s AP library plugin (both free) you can force your phone to connect to the 2.4ghz AP. Once I had that figured out the setup was a breeze.

  21. Nick Green says:

    Worked until recently. The app can no longer connect to my smart heater. When it does try, I get an error screen, but due to a programming error, you cannot select any of the options. The heat dial is in the foreground of the error screen, preventing the ability to select any options from said error screen. This renders both the app and the smart part of my heater worthless.

  22. Asta Baker says:

    More like Atomi Stupid amirite lmao gottem Sometimes the devices and app have trouble communicating, which is frustrating when I’m trying to turn off the lights to go to bed without just turning off the power at the switch. I like that they help me wake up in the morning. I will not be purchasing any more bulbs but I will use these until they start glitching enough to become unusable. They’re aight. They mostly function. Thanks I guess

  23. C Mays says:

    Many app glitches. Worked great for a few weeks. Then, experienced so many glitches and crashes that the app is not usable. Now seeing in other reviews that this has been an ongoing problem. When will the bugs in the app be addressed and when will updates to the app be sent out? Being able to use the app is why people purchased this smart heater. Otherwise, please create a remote and send this to customers to be able to efficiently use this product.

  24. Bill Gerrard says:

    Updated review: For string lights, the app leaves a lot to be desired. The color picker, especially for Pick 2, is very difficult to select specific colors. Trying to set up a Valentine theme and can’t figure out pink. Also please add the ability to save additional scenes for reuse. Original review: Like Don, I purchased the string lights from Costco. Unlike Don, I quickly connected them to my 2.4GHz Google Wifi mesh network using my Google Pixel 6 Pro.

  25. Flattop223 says:

    This works to control the lights, but it is VERY limited, these light strings should have so many more settings, they have 9 scenes, only 1 can be costomized! It should be possible to choose 3 colors or 5 colors, after choosing colors you should be able to add other scene features, like pick orange purple and off (or very dim) for the third, then add the chase. For Christmas, why bother having that “scene” it is just another pick 2, but it could have been the red and green with a blink or strobe

  26. James Gerring says:

    The app is functional if a little basic and I normally would have given it 4 stars, but the update yesterday seems to have done away with the home screen widget that I use multiple times every day to control my lights without having to open the app. Now the widget just says “voice assistant” and when I put it on the home screen it says “Unsupported Region”. I am in the U.S. Hopefully this is just a bug that will be fixed soon so I can control my lights conveniently again.

  27. Catherine “Cat” McKeefery- Kaehms says:

    The app is more stable then previous versions. Only complaint is within trigger I cannot choose the scene “multi”; all other variations are available. This is is sad because the “multi” is the rainbow of colors (not fading or flashing) and that’s the preference for my two children. I hope this will be addressed in their next update.

  28. Laura Bergner Owens says:

    Fun and easy to use. If you don’t understand how to use your device after it is added, click on the device, click the 3 dots in the top right corner, then scroll down to device features & support. It’s a well designed, pretty intuitive app. I only have string lights outside, but many devices are sold. There are pre-set “Scenes” to choose from. You can control the brightness, color saturation, and set on/off times.

  29. Brad Cerenzia says:

    Widget doesn’t work, get “unsupported region” for “voice assistant” – we can’t just push a button to turn lights on and off. Bummer. Very minimal options for changing colors in scenes or to create new scenes. Like, if you want purple and red lights chasing, you can’t. 🤷‍♂️ Hoping for more customization options.

  30. Nicholas White says:

    Not able to connect to the smart fan. I thought maybe my Google Mesh WiFi wasn’t doing the 2.4/5ghz switching, so I pulled out a different router (Linksys e2500) and tried to connect using the 2.4ghz network. Nope! Tried to connect directly to the fan using AP mode, can’t seem to get the fan to broadcast ‘atomi-fan-xxxx’ for more than a second. When I do manage to see it and try to connect, the SSID disappears. It’s odd is that I can’t get the regular hand-had remote to connect, either.

  31. Inge Tiegel Doherty says:

    Changing my review. After a few months, all of a sudden the smart bridge went offline for no reason. I have tried resetting it, unplugging it, and searching Atomi for troubleshooting instructions. My other smart bridge in another room is online just fine. I guess I just need to return this set! ___ Easy to set up and use for my new Pathway lights! Once I read through the other posts about setting up sunset and sunrise schedules (under ‘Climate, go figure…), set up was a breeze.

  32. man fai lau says:

    I have a ceiling light . individual control works fine and nice interface. But lighting is not just a single light in a room. Although a group can be turned on and off together. It is impirtant for other settings (color, brigtness) to be synchronized as well . a room wont have differnet color or temperature.

  33. Chad Andrist says:

    The spotlights are great, it’s your app that sucks. No way to control the lights from dusk to dawn, only by time of day. Not a lot of lighting modes, only breathe, flash, and steady. There are no presets for holiday palettes or modes, you have to create everything from scratch. Really disappointing paying a lot of money for lights that have the most bare bones software support I have ever seen.

  34. Lindsay Mitchell says:

    It’s good, but could be better. I wish the app was capable to create more then 1 color scene (besides the pick 2 option) and to be able to change the features like fade, pulse and more on those colors I made. I’ll change my rate over time if there are any new updates or if things get better/worse.

  35. Alex N says:

    Need more color scenes options for smart string lights. There are few now, we need more. A scene editor would be nice. Addition: it’s the app review, not the string. The string via app can do Multi and America, but I can program only Pick 2, why it can’t be also Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5? What’s the 2 colors limitation is about when the string can do Multi (many colors)

  36. Dave Jacobs says:

    The UX on this app is really awful. It’s barely intuitive, has too many redundancies which creates a lot of confusion. Simple things like organizing the list of devices isn’t available, and it takes more than 3 clicks to make adjustments or even turn lights on or off. Automation is a joke, and I recommend just leaving the automation to Alexa.

  37. MoNorthwest1 says:

    The UI is good, led control is quite poor. Strobe, fade, pulse, blink, chase, christmas, America, pick 2 and multi are the only things you can do with the lights. Such a short and uninteresting list. These wRgb Leds are capable of so much more. This application need to be updated with better options. I would pay for a Premium version of the app with a modern day list of options for customization. Being able to create your own color Scene would be ideal.

  38. William says:

    At one point a last year I was able to get this app to work with the smart lights out want easy but I got it working. But this year nada. This app has no problem collecting personal data but it fails at the actually purpose it was create for, which was to control Atomic smart devices. Very disappointing.

  39. Bradley Wanner says:

    Easy to use but limited functionality. I only have the Atomi color string lights, they make it look like there are tons of customizable options but really it’s fairly limited. I wanted to be able to choose only certain colors and have the lights blink or strobe, but if you do those scenes it has to use their preset color variety. If you select custom colors you can only choose 2 at a time. Overall it seems like it would be easy to provide more customization.

  40. Jen Nelson says:

    Great when it works… but frustrating & 1/2 the time the heater won’t connect with the app. Great concept & heater works great BUT they should have hired better software guys to make sure the interface/connection/software was great. Disappointing because I hate being cold and would love to set up the schedule for my bathroom to be warm when I get up. I would have bought a 2nd for my workout room so it’s not freezing in the morning on days I workout.

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