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September 27, 2022
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Henri Mod Apk

Henri is your resident portal that gives a very simple solution to deal with all condominium neighborhood wishes! Henri is right here that can assist you be in contact along with your neighbors, make upkeep requests, pick out up your applications, pay your hire, and extra!

Henri Mod Apk apk mod

Henri Options – Pay Your Hire – Upkeep Requests
– Bundle Control – Neighborhood Wall
– Neighborhood Occasions – Resident Chat
– Amenity Reservations
– Resident Relationship

Henri Mod Apk apk

Characteristic availability is determined by the configuration of the group wherein you are living.

Henri Mod Apk

Be aware: The Henri app is most effective to be had for citizens of communities the usage of Henri instrument.


40 comments on "Henri Mod Apk"

  1. Lyssa Mael says:

    Makes life much easier…pay rent, maintenance requests etc

  2. Taite Trishelle says:

    I would have given 5*stars but the rent portal was not ready. I’m sure it will be a nice way to pay on rainy and snow days

  3. Darylyn Neila says:

    App keeps sending push notifications even though I turned them off.

  4. Saer Hollis says:

    “Autopay” can’t be setup to pay the balance each month, which forces users to manually pay every month. All the other “Features” are close to useless and aren’t used by anyone.

  5. Wyne Michelia says:

    Way to difficult to navigate. Attempted to post on site but will not allow.

  6. Queenie Imogen says:

    My log in email and or my password do not work. I big red letters it wants my cimmunity, i dont even know what that means.,I HAVE NO ACCESS TO NENRY STILL

  7. Harris Karisma says:

    Up until recently I had no problems with the app. I only used it to send one maintenance request and pay my monthly rent and it worked well enough for those functions. However, as of a few days ago I am now only getting a white screen whenever opening the app. I have tried updating and uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing works. This app now has zero benefits. P.S. I have a Samsung S8+

  8. Argel Atticus says:

    App was decent until I’m guessing this last update… The app will open to show the home screen, but quickly turns into a blank page that I can’t do anything with

  9. Redding Elbert says:

    Slow, clunky inteface, and frequent updates that prevent use.

  10. Cyprus Wittatun says:

    This app is useless! My apartment uses this app for rental services. I have not been able to set up payment method to pay my rent. It keeps saying that address doesn’t match. I have contacted the apartment and they contacted tech support at Henri they were not helpful. They said i should contact my bank to fix this issue, which I did but there seems to be no issue how my address appears in their system. The problem is from Henri.

  11. Allen Proulx says:

    There is a service fee of for ever single payment that you make. I have rented from plenty of other places that use a different payment service and non of them have a fee.

  12. Cory Hudson says:

    If your management recommends this app, they are not good and attempting to have the profit of said position with effort of “use the app” it’s absolutely terrible start to finish and relieves them of many actual parts of their job.

  13. A Adenusi says:

    Fees and charges just to pay for a charge… Rent. This app is doing the job of office staff and then charging extra. Never have I lived in a place that my rent I actually pay is higher than was quoted. So the rent they quote is not the rent to be paid!

  14. O says:

    Freezes all the time, updates almost every month which doesn’t help, and now I can’t get it to open keeps going round and round.

  15. Rajender Reddy says:

    App is not working in Androis device. I am having issue in samsung S10. It shows update page but unable to get out of that page.. I uninstalled and re installed still same issue. I am unable to use app Now

  16. Paul Switka says:

    This app stinks 👎 Every month around rent pymnt time the app is “having issues”. Every time I attempt to open it there’s an “update” available 😠 This is absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used. Maybe you should get a better programmer/designer. 👎👎👎👎👎

  17. Linda I. Adams-Ackerson (L. I. Adams) says:

    It always needs to be update. It’s not convenient to constantly update this type of app.

  18. Real Juan says:

    Love it! I moved into this apartment this year and it makes it way easier to meet people and go to events. It does take a lot of updates, but the updates are usually worth it. Fingerprint login is way faster!

  19. Bibbles Do says:

    Since the recent major ui update and redesign of the entire look feel and layout the quality is amazing. It works better and looks better and has, unbelievably, vastly fewer critically fatal bugs rendering it disabled indefinitely unaware of when it will once again be ready to serve any purpose essentially for which is basically the only real reason it was ever created. love this app now, just absolutely hated it b4 and it was just honestly the worst. Yay! #Download #FinallyUsefulAtLast #👍

  20. LAM LAM says:

    Crashes constantly, alerts are not timely

  21. shashwat priyadarshi says:

    Waste app crashes Everytime. I am unable to open it

  22. Jeff Brown says:

    The app was working fine and suddenly it crashes all the time now.

  23. Katie Kraus says:

    Henri is great and useful when I can actually use it. As of today, when I try to open the app on my S9+, it crashes once it starts loading in. Love that for an app that I rely on for information about the place I live.

  24. Diana R says:

    It will not open fully anymore. It opens to the main page, but then when I click on any icons in the app itself, it automatically closes the app.

  25. Robin Good says:

    Is there another technical issue going on? I’m trying to pay my rent today and it keeps saying reload app. Please help!

  26. Hallie Latos says:

    I downloaded and then for some reason it crashes and constantly tells me I need to open it up again it has not been a great app from the start I hate to say

  27. Damien Malkavian says:

    Every time I try to log in it says “community required” but there’s no place to enter that info. If they just added that on the login screen that would be great but nope. Nowhere to be found.

  28. Adam Beltran says:

    Please allow us to have an, “EDIT” feature. Sometimes auto correct chooses the wrong word. And I have to go back and delete the whole thing and re write it all over again…

  29. Norberto Lozada says:

    I am trying to make a payment with a Puerto Rico bank account, but the billing address does not show Puerto Rico in the list of states. I know that PR is not a state, but it is a Commonwealth and as a territory, it should be in that list as it appears in other similar applications.

  30. Jill Janoff says:

    this app was forced on us by our property management company. It assumed every resident has a smart phone. A PC app would help a lot of us older citizens that live in the communities.

  31. joe tafoya says:

    I cannot get logged into the app, asking for community mine is not in the few that come up and it won’t accept it when I enter it.

  32. Susan says:

    I’m trying to access a newer version of this app, but again, all it does is buffer, so I now don’t have Henri at all. This app needs a LOT of work. It doesn’t work most of the time.

  33. Patrick O says:

    The site keeps timing out and losing connection.

  34. James Olmsted says:

    Worked great until I was logged out and now I can’t select my community when I try to log in

  35. Laura says:

    Freezes every time I try to type a message or comment then closes.

  36. Luca Portillo says:

    Great app. They seem to be very responsive to any issues be it here or with management. Customer service is helpful too 🙂

  37. Brooke Brandvig says:

    Super frustrating. Got logged out and now the app refuses to let me log back in. It pops up saying a community is required but there is nowhere for me to select my community…. Update. Have been on the phone with my community manager and Henri support have sent screen recordings and full descriptions of the issues and still can not access this stupid app. Figure it out. This is ridiculous

  38. Norma Bradford says:

    Cleaning stairway maintenance did an excellent job. Thank you for your services.

  39. Sakthi Janani says:

    Waterside at Ocotillo is really a very nice place to start living as community. It has necessary amenities that are really helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Lot of greenery to enjoy nature’s gift. Maintenance workers are really fast to fulfill our enquiries. Club house is the best place for fitness ,to relax in pool and also has workstations to complete our work. Last but not the least, Chandler’s park nearby traditional academy school,where kids can play around the slide,swing,monkey bars etc

  40. R C says:

    Too many design and tech issues

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