Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor Premium Apk

Monitor health with the stress test and pulse checker in the EKG heart rate app.
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Welltory: heart-rate monitor & blood pressure log
November 14, 2022
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Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor Premium Apk

Get insights about your well being with a wise ekg center price track: observe middle price & pulse, measure tension, power, and productiveness. Beloved by way of Five million customers, featured by means of TechCrunch, Product Hunt, and Lifehacker. Meet your healthmate Welltory!

Welltory: Center Fee Track Top rate Apk

Welltory analyzes center price variability, or hrv — a well being marker subsidized by means of over 25,000 research on PubMed. This is a science-based app: we have now labored with College Faculty London, Texas College and Arizona State College and feature been quoted via Johns Hopkins College, Harvard Clinical Faculty and plenty of others.

Welltory: Center Price Track Top class Apk apk mod new

Get insights from heartbeat measurements

Welltory: Center Charge Observe Top class Apk apk mod

– Use photoplethysmography, or PPG to discover middle fee – Get center price variability personalised effects – Observe your middle beat & rigidity degree with ekg center price observe app

Welltory: Middle Fee Track Top class Apk apk

Blood power diary

Welltory: Middle Charge Observe Top rate Apk mod apk

– Upload BP information manually to get extra details about your cardiovascular device.
– Get insights after each and every bp studying with Eight medical metrics for center charge variability measurements
– Get started managing your blood drive through the use of our good blood drive tracker

Welltory: Middle Price Observe Top rate Apk release

Supply well being information – get clinical insights

Welltory: Middle Price Track Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

– Use greater than One hundred twenty information assets for each day tracking and well being monitoring. We retailer your knowledge within the cloud, honoring your privateness & protection.
– Appropriate with FitBit, Samsung, Garmin, MiFit, Polar, Mi Band, Oura, Withings and different wearables
– Connect to apps for higher middle well being, health, sleep, productiveness, meditation and vitamin, e.g. Google Have compatibility, Samsung Well being, Strava, Runkeeper, RescueTime, GeoSci, SleepCycle, Lifesum, Noom, Flo, IFTTT

AI exercise trainer & tension tracker

– Observe adaptive aerobic zones (fats burning, aerobic, height and light-weight zone)
– Analyze your process for an entire vary of sports activities – Evaluate the affect of various workout routines for higher middle well being.

One center fee track app for hrv tracking — many center well being insights

– Perceive sleep and health
– Indicators will notify you when it’s essential to look a health care provider – Tips about how to deal with pressure, panic assaults, and insomnia
– Tendencies and correlations on a private dashboard
Private center price diary

– Welltory is helping you track your well being with the information you observe from wearables — all major well being evaluate options in a single app. Log blood power, test center price and pulse to just be sure you are in excellent form!

– Control tension & each psychological and bodily biofeedback.
– If you wish to make your coaching plan stick, observe HRV at house with Welltory. Stay a log of your high/low blood drive and take a look at center charge and pulse.

– The Yankee Middle Affiliation recommends HRV overview for ambulatory cardiogram or EKG, ECG interpretation. Rigidity take a look at and control apps are a contemporary approach of fixing total well being problems and track your middle price.

Get the whole thing you’ll be able to from measuring your heartbeats with ekg center track. Perceive your rigidity, sleep, and health – for higher productiveness and general well being.
BE AWARE Welltory can simplest measure your HRV and hit upon middle beats. We can not measure blood power or some other essential indicators (e.g. oxygen saturation degree) throughout the telephone digital camera. Then again, chances are you’ll upload bp knowledge manually. We additionally use them in “My Information” should you log those vitals on your process tracker. Our app will have to no longer be used as scientific device/product or ekg interpretation, designed for normal health and wellness functions most effective.
Middle fee observe might reason scorching LED flash. Take a look at preserving your finger 1-2 mm clear of the flashlight or lay only a tip of the finger at the flash or however quilt the flash with one part of the fingertip.

WearOS watch app
Welltory is suitable with Samsung Galaxy Watch4. You’ll be able to measure your heartbeats the use of Samsung Galaxy Watch4 with Welltory Put on OS app.
We offer well being suggestions to strengthen your way of life in keeping with science. Must you then again really feel bodily sick we recommend that you just seek the advice of your physician.


40 comments on "Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor Premium Apk"

  1. Laurelene Freda says:

    I think the idea is good but the app kept saying my readings weren’t good. I did the readings in the same position every time and followed the instructions. No idea what the app has to offer if the main analytics feature doesn’t work. Also the app suggests taking more tests than the trial period allows (number of days) making it impossible to really evaluate (if the test feature worked to begin with.) lastly it interfered with other apps while taking the test. Error messages saying (name) app isn’t responding, with a drop down to close (name) app or wait. And the (name) apps weren’t even open. Huh? Yeah something isn’t right when that happens. Uninstalling.

  2. Kassy Ram says:

    great app and gives me great insight as it measures autonomic systems. I have dysautonomia though and would be nice if it also had some features to focus on chronic illness. still useful but hard to find something that also takes chronic illness as someone already has. it is nice that it includes anxiety and depression though. very happy about that. this is a great app but lacks some for someone like me. EDS, POTS, ME/CFS, dysautonomia, dysphagia. <3

  3. Wickley Tracie says:

    It seems to be exactly correct with what I’m feeling as far as over all condition goes. I was surprised at how close it was to my actual feelings. I’d recommend this app to anyone who wants to know more about how life effects the body. Also like how you can see the results over a month period and see when you could feel a certain way. I would rate 5* if it was free. Although I believe it could be worth the money and ability to link other apps makes the possibilities endless. Excellent job guys.

  4. Brinly Aerlene says:

    They obviously read a lot of research, and the tagging system to associate events with measurements is very well thought out! However they are trying a bit too hard. Only from HRV measurements, user input and time they purport to calculate instantaneous energy levels, stress levels and a “productivity” level. Really? To be convincing one has to cite the research and provide confidence intervals. Otherwise it’s mostly feel-good hand waving. Contrast with the much more credible HRV For Training app

  5. Khloe Yardly says:

    I think the app is nicely designed with interesting information, but the HRV reading test takes so long that my finger starts burning while sitting on the flash. Is there no way to either shorten it up or tone down the level of flash? I only got to 30% done, and in order to get a reading had to take several breaks within the reading.

  6. Samuel S says:

    I think overall this app and service provide value, but the readings using finger scanning are too inconsistent. One reading I am a super hero, the next reading I am a tired sick person, then the next reading I am back to being a super hero–all within a span of a few minutes. Compare this to Elite HRV that requires a chest strap for readings – and the back-to-back readings are always consistent. Elite HRV also supports Ant+ not just Bluetooth which is more stable for readings

  7. David Gilbert says:

    I really want to love this app, but I just can’t. There is just too little correlation between my subjective experience and the app’s readings. It will tell me I am at my peak when I feel exhausted and sick. It will tell me I’m completely stressed out when I feel relaxed and energized. Because of these discrepancies, I really don’t trust what it is telling me. Its stress and energy measurements almost seem random. (And, yes, I did figure out a way to get accurate measurements from the camera. So measurement accuracy is, unfortunately, not the issue.)

  8. Jeff Hayes says:

    Nothing works properly and there’s no trial version so you don’t realize this until you pay. It was been useless for me and was a source of constant frustration. Imported data is incorrect, if it manages to import at all. The list of apps it “connects” to is misleading, as most of them use Google Fit or IFTTT as intermediaries and that usually doesn’t work. Support staff don’t understand how the app works in enough detail to resolve problems. They did issue a refund upon request.

  9. Jeremiah Blatz says:

    It’s difficult and painful to get accurate measurements with the built in camera. Seriously, I’ve read their document and tried all the tips, and it just doesn’t work some days. Combine this frustration with the fact that they want $60/year to get any value or if the app, and you get a big “no” from me.

  10. Chrisynda Samuel says:

    Is this app still supported? I have tried to send messages through the email and chat in-app features and the messages won’t go through. Keeps saying “couldn’t send.” Having trouble with time being off and no way to customize to my time zone. Also, too cluttered. Graphics are nice, but too much of a good thing. Hard to find what is important. How do we backup our data? Would be nice to have a spot just for the helpful things recommended for own use, like Long Exhale when we feel we need it.

  11. Susan Veenschoten says:

    Would have been a 4/5 before they updated the app. I feel ripped off. I paid for this after the free trial and was even recommending it to friends. Then after a little more than a month, the big update happens. I don’t know who or what thought that was a good idea, but they need to try using the mess they made. What is the point? It’s just an unintuitive, annoying, unattractive interface. I’ve completely stopped using it when I used to use it daily. Hit the rollback button quick!

  12. Ann Williams says:

    I was thinking I was just going to get heart BPM but there was so much more. It was amazingly accurate about stress levels, lack of sleep , concentration…. WOW ! You would be doing yourself a great favor by downloading this app. P.S. To the people complaining about the high price for pro version. They offer an amazing amount for what you’d be paying for. I cant afford it either but I’d gladly pay that if I had it. Even the free app gives you a lot with no annoying ads. Either way you win 🙂

  13. pdcrabtree says:

    I didnt care for the recent upgrade, it looks like a game developer did this. I’m just interested in the data not all the flash. It’s cluttered and not intuitive to use. But you might get used to it after awhile, but like this its not worth the 60 bucks a year to me, I cancelled my subscription.

  14. Wendy Lawson says:

    Been using the app since March to help guage whether or not a heavy workout or high demand workday are in order, as well as the time of day I’m likely to be more successful with cognitive demands. It’s a really helpful tool! Sometimes you just have to get that hike in, even when all the info is telling you to take it easy, but it’s good to know what to expect. I love that I have the option to share info with my doctor.

  15. Benjamin Brochstein says:

    Horrendous UI make understanding the data practically impossible. Someone really tried to make it palatable for users, but failed miserably. The data is masked behind flaky flashy graphics and asinine animations. Then there are pop up messages that vaporize before you read them or if can click on them, they have no effect. Won’t integrate with my Samsung watch??? Why? I’m uninstalling for now. I might try again if they release a version with a better UI. For now, I’ve purchased Whoop.

  16. Shaina L says:

    I got this app at the request of a doctor and loved seeing the info provided in the trial period (1st 5 days)- I enjoy tracking things about my body. I am bummed that the graph of your HRV isn’t shown after the trial. It doesn’t make sense to remove that part from the free version. It seems like this app is made for the specific purpose of getting people to pay for it. I wish the free version kept more than just a few features after the trial. Please keep more info in the free version.

  17. Candice M Martin says:

    I remember back when the heartbeat app first came to iphone. I was so incredibly impressed with the accuracy and used it at work to know when I was moving too much and to slow down. Since then no other app has really come close to being as helpful to me than that one, until now. Welltory has fascinated me since the beginning of the year, then they upgraded things and it’s been perfect ever since. It analyzes your patterns for advice and is helping me better myself. Try it, you won’t regret it!

  18. Kevalin Harvey says:

    Lovely app, when you can get it to do what it’s supposed to. More than half the time, though, it insists I must be moving my finger, my whole body, or otherwise using it wrong, when I’m literally just lying or sitting down, holding completely still, with my arm supported and the camera and flash covered, as per the instructions. Too often, it’s just an apologetic battery-sucker with a really nice interface. UPDATE: Hasn’t completed a reading the last 8 out of 10 times. Uninstalled.

  19. Patrick Worden says:

    Really enjoy the free version, strongly considering upgrading. Welltory is a fascinating application of the well-established science of HRV. The algorithm has shocked me a few times with its accuracy, and it’s only getting more accurate as time goes on. If you’re into data-driven health solutions, do yourself a favor and give this one a try.

  20. Rye Thomas (Ryan Little) says:

    The app tracks loads of data and provides lots of useful analysis. It can pick up on correlations that might otherwise be difficult or impossibe to notice. It’s very valuable. However, if you want to see raw data scores, buckle up. It provides *some* scores in the app, but other basic scores are only accessible in the web app, and some require actually *exporting* data from the web app to see. It becomes very tedious and frustrating.

  21. Alexander Kofsky says:

    Really wanted to like this app but the readings are way off. After months of use the lowest stress percentage I got to was 86% and most of the time it’s at 98%. I’m fairly aware of my physical stress level and it isn’t constantly maxed out. The tips and articles are worthwhile. It just needs to become more accurate before I use it again.

  22. Austin Taylor says:

    As someone who doesn’t really work out much besides my job where I walk 8-10 miles a day, I found this app hit or miss. There were times where I took 3-4 measurements back to back only to have them all widley vary. In one case my stress/productivity and energy were over 2x as far apart, each! While I’m not doubting this app has uses, it seems to be inconsistent. I take all my measurements in a quiet eniorment being sure to not move or make any noises that could throw it off.

  23. Jesse Carter says:

    I like the details, too bad the really in-depth ones cost, but it may be worth it. Even after the trial though, you get enough of an idea of what is going on with your body-especially after the algorithm figures out your body (that can take a couple weeks to a month depending on how many readings you take a day). I think doing 3 a day works well consistently then add in more as you do things to see how it effects you. It’s helping me not ‘drab in the dark’ about fatigue and when I need to rest

  24. Lord Shaun Vanderpool says:

    This app seems highly technical but doesn’t work very well. I have a heart arrhythmia and this app fails to notice anything wrong. It says everything is great with my health and clearly it is not. The arrhythmia is constant and if you take multiple measurements daily they are all different. One will say stress is high the next will say stress is low. Good idea poorly executed.

  25. Briana White says:

    so far, this app is amazing! It is so insightful, and has explanations for every question I have, with answers that make sense, filled with useful information that is easy to retain. The algorithm based technology is great because it is capable of understanding every person on their unique level in ways people aren’t likely to observe on their own, and what advice it gives you is relevant to you, which is completely different (and immensely better) than pulling out the ol’ family medical book.

  26. Ryan Sweeney says:

    Very accurate. Though it says it should work with my wahoo tickr fit. The wahoo is connected and shows a solid blue light on the device indicating that it’s communicating with welltory, however, the app says “make sure you’re still covering the camera & flash,” while the wahoo tickr fit is selected as the HR monitor in the app settings. So it doesn’t appear to work for my device Edit: excellent support team. Great company, accurate app.

  27. Robin Markowitz says:

    The redesign is improving! The only problem is that the app doesn’t try to re-instate a Bluetooth connection when it briefly loses it. Using my Samsung phone is uncomfortable because I have diabetic neuropathy in my left hand. I really would like the app to be more patient with my new Scosche Rhythm 24. It WILL reestablish the connection. It does in every other app. The app needs to be more patient with the monitor; once it’s locked on to an app, it’ll stay that way for up to 24 hours.

  28. Barbara Boone says:

    The results it gives are great – no real issues there. But I have literally blistered my finger – more than once – from the heat of the flash. I tried cutting a piece of paper into a small square and it still had to much light. I did finally find that covering it with a piece of gum (not chewed) adequately covered the flash. And that is the case for both the 100 and 300 beat measurement.

  29. Neece Campione says:

    A great aggregator of health data so that I can understand what affects what, etc. The HRV recording seems accurate, the app is easy to use, and the comparisons are insightful. I like the ability to see my data on my computer in my browser as well. Integrates with quite a few apps, devices and services. I am very happy with it. Customer service was also very helpful when I had a question.

  30. David Osgood says:

    After 100 measurements, I’m disappointed. The app isn’t what I expected. Various features don’t work and the feedback I receive often doesn’t reflect my reality. Connections to MyFitnessPal to tie in nutrition data and a Weather app to show how the environment influences my health… well… they connect to Welltory, but simply don’t work. Many graphs are difficult to read with explanations that often contradict one another. “Daily” feedback is offered inconsistently. Feel the app needs work.

  31. L D says:

    Interesting app, needs to be more user friendly for the price tho. Some of the text is difficult to read, font is small, with thick underlines which blocks the text, and some abstract backgrounds make it hard to see text. Need an option to change the black background to white. Needs more work.

  32. Carrie A. Roberts says:

    Easy tracking. Informative. Helpful. I like the information the app gives on how to relax and other ways to get a healthy heart rate. I feel less stressed simply by using the app. It has a way of distracting you from your concerns and therefore lowering your heart rate. I would give it a 5 but it has a new age feel to it. I’m just not in to that.

  33. Jim Griggs says:

    Downgraded due to display modifications and data reduction. Other apps provide better and more consistent HRV data. App states that my Fitbit Sense does not provide HRV which it does. It tries to connect with “my” Samsung watch which I do not have. Just what I was looking for to track additional metrics and and obtain detailed feedback. I have been on low carb and very low sugar for two years. Some of the feedback does not appear to correlate. I would like to have a link to my Fitindex scale.

  34. Ann Serrano says:

    I was having issues so I Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and can’t get on. Works with watch. Doesn’t work with watch. One min yes next no. Can not change the rating. I can do without the sayings on the feed. Doesn’t match the results. Plus I don’t want all of that cluttering up the results that don’t match either.

  35. Adam Phelps says:

    It really does work, to my surprise. Usually most of these apps are garbage, just made so that you download them and then probably give your phone a virus…but this one does work. You can pay for additional features and get more info about yourself, I have only used the free version. It does offer you the first two weeks with added features to see if you like them. Thought it would suck after the free trial but it’s still not bad. It does give you good readings with stress and heart rate.

  36. Eugenia Bakunova says:

    Lots of data, awful presentation. I’m not crazy about the cartoons or the irritating sloshing liquid. I wish longer term better labeled graphs were available from the feed. As is, the app shows only the last 10 or so subsequent measurements on their graphs and doesn’t separate them by time. Like, last night’s 2100 measurement is the same distance away from this morning’s 0800 as 0802 is. I actually don’t even know how to get to long term graphs, maybe they are on their website or whatnot.

  37. meburke says:

    Total BS. It does NOT connect with my FitBit, even through the Google fitness app. The structure of the app is confusing and poorly designed. (Poor display does not allow Scientific progress and improvement. Too much jumping around from place to place.) They post a “monthly” charge for their premium subscription; it does not add any positive features. I cancelled my subscription in a week, but I am still subscribed for the whole year. ($70!) Not enough room here to list all the deficiencies.

  38. ones imus says:

    Still a most favorite app ; This thing is a powerful tool, not just a playful app. Have been working with it for almost two yrs, 11/20, on annual subscription. It is an exceptional coach and personal trainer day by day and moment by moment. Have a chronic disabling condition, which makes it very difficult to know when it is safe to push and when it is not. Finally there is objective over subjective help. The advice given, all the articles and biometrics, are invaluable. Thank you Welltory.

  39. Andy Tran says:

    What a wonderful app for tracking various metrics related to the measured heart data! Unfortunately, I will have to echo my frustrations in its incompatibility to work with my Galaxy Watch 4 on WearOS. It would be incredible if functionality would be extended and I would be more compelled to subscribe to the plan if I was able to make use of its features more conveniently. Please consider adding support!!

  40. Ayşegül Yönet says:

    The app’s main page is not loading for more than a month now. When I report the issue, they told me to turn on developer mode and send them the logs. I guess they are too busy to get error logs themselves. Update: years later I have it a try again. UI is completely changed and it looks horrible. Texts and tags are not readable because of weird color combinations. I’ve reported the issue and again no response. I also don’t think the data is accurate. When I had COVID I’ve got my highest scores.

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