Pull Ups Workout Premium Apk


Pull Ups! Train with your Device! Your personal trainer for free!
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February 28, 2019
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Pull Ups Workout Premium Apk

Pull Ups! Teach together with your Software! Your individual instructor totally free!

Pull Ups Exercise Top class Apk

The most efficient Pull Ups app is coming with its distinctive design and robust serve as.

Pull Ups Exercise Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

This can be a actual private health teacher. This can be a cool frame builder. Pullups now not handiest is helping counting the choice of Pullups you do, but additionally calculates the calorie you lose all through each and every excise and makes the educational plan in keeping with your day-to-day coaching and frame standing.

Pull Ups Exercise Top class Apk apk mod

In coaching mode, the pullups app will make a cheap coaching plan in response to your age and frame standing. The plan will likely be divided in to 6 ranges with every degree containing a number of teams of Pullups. Coaching plan for subsequent staff or degree will likely be in response to your present coaching end result. In each and every new stage the app will reassess your frame standing to verify the plan is ready-made.

Pull Ups Exercise Top class Apk apk

You’ll be able to now not most effective depend the Pull Ups the usage of proximity sensor but in addition input the educational knowledge manually.

Pull Ups Exercise Top class Apk apk mod new

Take a look at how this app is helping you increase your frame thru doing Pull Ups. It’s going to no longer disappoint you.

Pull Ups Exercise Top class Apk release

Tips on how to use: Put your telephone in pocket or hold at the neck

Pull Ups Exercise Top rate Apk mod apk

* Gravity Triggered Counting
* Input coaching knowledge manually
* Graphs and Statistics
* Coaching mode
* Freestyle Mode
* Coaching knowledge again up and repair * Coaching Notification

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40 comments on "Pull Ups Workout Premium Apk"

  1. Meggie Deana says:

    Workout plans are all out of whack.. alarm settings are very limited.. I do not recommend this app

  2. Rankin Dora says:

    This app is awesome but the only problem is that when you are putting the phone in pocket,that is also counted as pull up and you have to manually reduce the count each time .This is a little uncomfortable especially in the training mode.

  3. Poll Karol says:

    This app is really good and helpful. However, I used to face troubles with it since it I would put it in my pocket and workout and it won’t count properly. Maybe because my technique was wrong? I don’t know. I think the app is great!

  4. Swift Seal says:

    A simple workout app without any uncomfortable ads. Very good!

  5. Hartford Nobelina says:

    Amazing app. Great display. Intuitive to use. All the important options only. Motivational and notification sounds are great also.

  6. Jennifur Rovere says:

    though i do regular exercises, i couldn’t do pull ups easily even when i could do 2/3 sets of 25/30 pushups daily ! but this workout has strengthened my arms n within 1 week i could add 3 mo pull ups 😁 thanks 2 d team for their efforts 👍 highly recommend !!!!!

  7. Nikson Fairly says:

    Not useful. I used this app for about a week, every now and then it asks you how many you can do at once, let’s say you can do 14, it then makes a routine of you doing 5 sets of 3?

  8. Watt Chelly says:

    This app could be great if only one of the dev would have a clue about pull-ups. If I can do 10 pullups in a row you give me 5 sets of 2 pull-ups?!?!? How will I improve now?? Come on guys, you can do better than this.

  9. Pierrel Fitzgerald says:

    great training app but would be more convenient if there is a purchase for removing ads.. overall a very useful app

  10. Rhawn Arla says:

    This is a perfect app to help you get better at pull ups…so you can have a strong upper body.

  11. Shelby Mikey says:

    Recently the app is recording more reps than actual. It displays the record screen more tgan once in practice which is the main problem

  12. Stevey Evelyne says:

    very great app! simple to use and very useful to motivate and track your progress. thank you very much developer for making this Great App!

  13. Widaliz Edred says:

    I was wondering how I can combine excercises during a week. Let’s say I want to work on my push ups, dips, squats, sit ups, planks the same week. There are aps for all these excercises. I can not just do pull ups or or just push ups etc, cause this would not be a complete workout for the body. Any suggestions on how to pick the right days, rest, combining different excercises on the same day? I need a more complete plan. Thanks.

  14. Billi Albet says:

    No answers from developer. Recovering records from old phone to new phone with sd card file fails all the time, it won’t Google Fit sync with other devices. Some levels are in the wrong rank, so I have to skip those levels to progress.

  15. Deltha Editha says:

    This app is amazing if you want to increase your pull up counts. Within 2 months, i went from 5 to 9 pull ups! Thank you so much

  16. Audrie Rendell says:

    I was enjoying this app ok until the ad after the workout went from a few seconds of waiting to several minutes. No free app is worth that much of my time. Another issue is the app counts your pull ups for you, but it’s almost too sensitive and often would count one when I just put my phone in my pocket or got onto the bar.

  17. Mills Preece says:

    The ad is not great, but the developer has to eat. Anyone else have problem with connection with Google fit?

  18. Norberto Truman says:

    Great motivational training app to start a pull-up routine and stick with it!

  19. Desirel Decembre says:

    Excellent options to build up and around one’s personal level of fitness! Well, designed! 🙂

  20. Ahmed Mohamed says:

    It is really good in tracking your pull up count but sometime the counting sensor doesn’t work and also the goals to get up to the next level is high

  21. Corey Scott says:

    This app will help u develop pull strength to the point every pull-up is correct an your chin is over the bar every rep.

  22. Krimson Prinse says:

    I really like this app. Basically progresses as you do. Question for anybody. I’ve looked for an app like this that targets chin ups, pushups, and dips. I’ve seen dips and push ups, but not one single chinups training app. This app is universal and can work for literally anyone. My one only issue is you only made it work on pull ups. If you could add the other 3 basic bodyweight exorcizes this would seriously be the best fitness app I’ve ever used.

  23. Oleksandr Boiko says:

    Sensor sensitivity is ridiculous. It counts pullups when i put phone in the pocket, but not when i do actual pullups. Better remove this “feature”, and don’t make people laugh

  24. mniam3 says:

    Just what I wanted. The rest period is longer than needed (for now) but I can skip as I wish.

  25. Kristian Kück says:

    Unfortunately since the 17th of September the synchronization to Google fit doesn’t work anymore. What happened?

  26. Ryan Smith says:

    Sensor for this one is too sensitive. The app will start counting pull ups when you drop it in your pocket. It also failed to sync to Google Fit twice now.

  27. Ankit Mishra says:

    Its failing to synch to Google fit each and every time, please do something. Apart from that, its a nice app but very sensitive to even a small jerk.

  28. Chris Parker says:

    Good app but levels are all over the place (4 onwards). Still hasn’t been fixed after over 10 months changed 3 to 1 star

  29. Joel Nicholson says:

    NO UPDATE IN 2 YEARS!!! I would give more stars, however all synchronization with Google fit continuously fails now. Other than that, simple and to the point for pull up progression charting

  30. xmarcs says:

    Audio ads are an automatic 1 star for me. I’m fine with regular ads

  31. Daley Tomlinson says:

    doesn’t sync to Google fit and just realising the workouts are useless for me. I didn’t like the look of the suggested level but put faith in the app, after 2 levels I found at the end of the both my maximum reps had reduced. maybe good to spur on people who dont know what they’re doing bit if you’ve trained a lot in the past stick to what you know your body needs in order to succeed, for me its 3 sets of reps to failure everyday for maximum strength and endurance gains.

  32. J Chase says:

    Decent, but doesn’t sync to Google Fit like the Push Ups app. Please fix.

  33. Alex says:

    Ok to the point when the app tells you to do as many pull-ups as you can and then gives you the next level that litterally starts with your counted maximum. Will try to find a bettet pull-up app.

  34. Mark Lewis says:

    I quite like it and use this and your other three apps most days with maybe one or two rest days a week. The step when you do as many reps as you can at the start of a new level, I will do that, move on to one of the other three apps and come back to it if that makes sense. In fact this and Google maps are the main reasons that I still have an Android phone as my back up phone. Are there any plans on starting an iPhone app as their’s are quite poor in comparison to your apps in my opinion.

  35. Cristopher Realina says:

    Overall, its ok but the record in the upper part does not show properly… i can only see half of the number

  36. Alexandru Muntean says:

    Great app very easy to use , many different settings for difficulties and is recording you daily progress

  37. Ahmadi Arismaharto says:

    The sensor reading isn’t so good, but you can still do it manually no problem. But it won’t sync to google fit. That needs to be fixed. Also it won’t connect to dropbox. Why not allow it to back up to google drive? The push up app is great tho.. It syncs to google fit just fine.

  38. Tim Tomkinson says:

    The app constantly fails to sync with Google fit. Whereas the pressure app always syncs. Please resolve. Otherwise a great app…

  39. Kon Tiki Armenia says:

    Very user-friendly application. Helps you to loose weight 😉😉 Strongly recommend.

  40. Daniel Dykes says:

    I’ve been using it, on and off, for years! Whenever I feel like getting in shape, these are my go-to apps for beginning my journey. As others said, it doesn’t sync to Fit but when I first started using this app, there was no Google Fit so nothing has changed. This is a great app (along with it’s sister apps) to get off the couch and start your fitness journey

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