Playbook: Workout, Fitness App Mod Apk New 2022*


Fitness & workout planner app for gym & home. Sweat with our personal trainers.
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December 15, 2022
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Playbook: Workout, Fitness App Mod Apk New 2022*


Playbook: Exercise

Playbook is the primary market the place our favourite running shoes, influencers, and athletes percentage their newest systems and trainer you. Ranked as one of the vital most sensible health apps through Men’s Health, you are going to in finding exercises and diet from essentially the most wanted professionals on the earth.

Playbook: Exercise

Do you need to determine with the similar folks as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Vigorous, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Alexander Skarsgard, Rosario Dawson, and extra? They’re all right here!

Playbook: Exercise

Playbook could also be house to probably the most in-demand yoga and mobility personalities as neatly, it doesn’t matter what you’re in search of you’ll be able to in finding it in our superb roster of skill.

Health App Mod Apk New 2022*

Get top rate get admission to:
– Limitless get admission to to all coaches and creators
– Your Playbook teacher stocks their newest workouts and hottest wellness insights thru their channel
– Be in contact immediately along with your instructor thru Playbook and have interaction with others of their neighborhood.
– Your number of complete multi-week methods or superb one-off classes.
– Vitamin plans.


40 comments on "Playbook: Workout, Fitness App Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Dianda Cecylia says:

    2 stars just because a quick scan of the available content looks awesome. I was excited for the app, but when I open a workout it goes back to the opening screen after less than a minute. I clicked on download the workout, thinking I could at least do the workout with it downloaded. Nope, it is nowhere to be found, though it says downloaded when I open the workout again. I have just wasted all of my allotted workout out time on this…πŸ˜’ Please fix the bugs..

  2. Claribel Kacey says:

    Workouts are excellent. I just wish instead of having to read the exercise descriptions that Erin would narrate each demonstration video like she does on her utube channel. It helps to do the exercises with proper form when she gives a breakdown of what she is thinking and focusing on through each movement. The program its self is one of the best I have ever done. I am very happy with my continued results. Definitely worth the money to get the program.

  3. Spence Zinia says:

    Extremely helpful. User friendly and worth every penny. I am hoping to get more comfortable in the gym to use the equipment and take advantage of more programs. For now I love having kettlebell workouts and fun challenges. I also have the opportunity to feel comfortable in my own home doing yoga stretches ☺️ Great app for all levels.

  4. Shaleen Briggs says:

    I love that all of Don’s workouts can be done in a gym or at home. They can easily be adapted based on what equipment you have at home or even just using bodyweight. Guaranteed to feel the burn and break a sweat each time! All the exercises are explained very well and often incorporate balanced and stability too!

  5. Aida van Mossel says:

    I love this app. Best money I’ve spent after investing in a spinning bike. I going spinning with gabrilynn on YouTube and was hooked from there. I love the music she pickes and the choreography on the bike. I also like that you have the option to do 45, 30, or 20 minute spinning sessions. I prefer the 45 minute ones but sometimes I’m strapped for time and I have to it for one of the shorter sessions. Great app, go ahead and subscribe now!

  6. Katelynne Beaty says:

    I really really really like this app. I love that you have access to many different trainers on the go. My only suggestion would be that it would be great if I could access this content through a computer or gaming system as well. Or even a chromecast option….just having the option to put the videos on a larger screen would be amazing! Edit: Chromecast feature was added and my life is forever changed! Love being able to do the workouts from my TV instead of my phone or ipad!

  7. Robyn Hurst (Vessels of Clay Yoga) says:

    So far, the app works well. I originally had an issue regarding not being able to stream to my tv as the marketing suggested I could. I use Firestick. I had to purchase an app for $4.99 to mirror, if I want- so that was frustrating just figuring all of that out, & Help Center articles were inaccurate. BUT, cust.service reached out to me at least, are removing confusing help articles,& looking into Firestick integration now (they said). I am on day 2, so time will tell if the app is worth subs.

  8. t ruiz says:

    I had reviewed the app before and then updated it when I had some issues. I am updating it again now because they helped resolve the issue I was having. They replied quickly and updated me on their progress as often as possible. I’ve always loved this app and the content, it was just some technical issues I was having but not anymore! It’s a great app and great people running it!

  9. Riley Reidhead says:

    Very user friendly! I love that it has a button for Spotify, it has all my workouts in one place and I can easily toggle to my other info, and I love that it includes a timer. I wish that the timer went from workout time to rest time and back again so I don’t have to do it myself but other than that this app is great!

  10. Em Mc says:

    Great app with lots of options, I like that you can sign up with one creator but have access to all the creators on the app. Helps to change it up if you ever want a day to mix it up, plus there are many great style, trainers and programs etc. to choose from. There are a few more features I’d like but I think it a useful fitness with many useful features.

  11. Jessica Smart says:

    Great app, a tad buggy when switching though. I use 3 apps at a time when working out (to track my weight used, calories, etc) and if you are out of this app too long you have to start over but it’s fairly easy to get back to where you were. It’s just a little annoying to have to do it every time. Otherwise a great app.

  12. K 833 says:

    The app is okay. I have it for a particular trainer, but the app has crashed before. Also there’s no laptop-friendly version of the app. You can’t go to a website or download a version of Playbook for Macbook. You have to cast to TV or laptop, which isn’t possible with my tech. So I’m stuck watching workouts on a little phone screen.

  13. Caitlin Ciralsky says:

    I have been really enjoying this app. I really like how you aren’t stuck with one instructor for the whole time. I love being able to jump on playbook from wherever and complete a workout! I wish there was a spot on the app where you could keep track of the weights you used previously for different exercises. The app can also be glitchy to where I have to restart the app more than I would like. But I still will continue to use and love this app!

  14. Antonio Holguin (Tony) says:

    I’ve had this app for about a year now. And in the last three months from this posting, the upgrade is real. There is a daily tracker, workout and reps can be tracked, there’s a timer for rest inbetween, it does literally EVERYTHING I’ve wanted in a work out app. The video loop is perfect for me doing workouts and working on form as I go. Seriously, best 8 bucks a month EVER. I’m a beginner and I’m looking to build muscle like never before. I’m not confused at all, and my confidence is high now!

  15. Nina says:

    I tried downloading the app to a new phone but keep getting the message to uninstall and reinstall the newest version. I tried that multiple times and still can’t open it. Now I can’t open it on the old phone either, having logged out of it. Any suggestions? Thanks. Otherwise it’s a great app. I’d just like to get back onto it πŸ˜‰ Update to the comment: The issue was fixed within hours. Reverting to 5 stars πŸ˜‰ Thanks Playbook team!

  16. Ryan says:

    Intuitive and a solid option for creators to share content in an engaging way with their clients. It feels like an Instagram story feed but with embedded features like stop watches and video demos. Overall I think it’s the best fitness application I’ve interacted with though it did take me a moment to figure it out.

  17. grae marra says:

    I’ve really been enjoying this app. I use it to follow Kyle Carillet. It’s like having a personal trainer. The layout is great, lots of different workouts and meal prep videos, it logs everything for you. I love being able to see how to perform exercises while going through each workout and there’s a timer to set for your rest breaks between sets. It’s perfect.

  18. Karrin Larson says:

    Never received email/app confirmation of signing up for the core challenge despite submitting info over a dozen times. Workouts were ok, but navigating through them on the app to mark complete is tedious. Site sets for automatic monthly subscription, so watch your wallet.

  19. Moni public says:

    Good app to get you moving and provide you with more than enough content to reach your goals. I’ve seen some comments that more would be better, however the point with my trainer is, here’s what you need to do, explained and shown, but it’s not a workout video. A quick description of how to navigate thru the screens would’ve been nice, but it’s a very user friendly app. I have not had time to browse thru all the contrnt, only my trainer. Go crush some goals! πŸ˜€

  20. Alison Walker says:

    Love this workout app! The instructions are clear and I love that targeted stretching is included in each workout. The 8-week strength program is a great way to create a consistent routine. Lizette is a fantastic coach.

  21. James Nobles says:

    ***Update 10/15/22***l am having the same problem AGAIN! This is ridiculous! Please fix the auto billing!The app stopped working this morning on the middle of my workout. It was trying to make me pay for the app. It normally auto drafts each month. I reentered my card info and it gave me a billing error. I entered 2 other cards and got the same billing error. It’s not a good look that the app is having issues in the middle of my workout!

  22. Olivera S says:

    What is going on with this app? It’s making me pay again and usually it auto draft each month. I did not remove my card or anything like that and I don’t want to keep adding my card each time I want to do some workout. This is my fav app. Please fix this issue.

  23. Shalana Brinkman says:

    Great workouts! I am advanced when it comes to working out and have never been challenged by these app workouts before. Most of the time they seem to cater more towards beginners or intermediate. This app definitely does have beginner and intermediate workouts but it also has very challenging advanced stuff. The way the app is set up is amazing. Very easy to navigate. I signed up for a 7 day trial. I thought I did not think πŸ’¬ was going to sign up but after the week of doing it, I was hooked!

  24. Samantha Schlaud says:

    reminders don’t pop up on my phone, I tried redownloading the app too and still didn’t work. and then it loses the workout. wish this was fixed!

  25. Cathy Whalen says:

    Excellent Exercice App. Love the ability to watch videos to make sure I’m doing exercises correctly, but gives the independence to move about gym with a plan and not tied to watching screen.

  26. Derek Dalene says:

    Was enjoying the app. Paid for a couple workouts. Now it’s crashing immediately when opening. Can’t see what my workout is supposed to be today.

  27. Hamish Roberts says:

    App is great, however i can’t open it now as it’s saying it has a bug. Would really appreciate if this is fixed soon so i can get back to my training.

  28. Merlyn Sheldon says:

    Fast response time to my issue, app now works perfectly again and I’m a happy little daily user again. If you’re serious about fitness, which you should be, get this app. It’s worth the price alone just for guys like Magnus Lygdback, but there’s hundreds of other trainers on there as well.

  29. Justin Reeves says:

    Experience has been great until today: Simple, intuitive, and functional. Went to start my workout this morning, and the app won’t open. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the update pushed yesterday, because it worked fine on Monday. If it wasn’t for that, this would be a 5-star review. Edit: Playbook responded within a day and released an update that resolved the issue. Great app, and great customer support.

  30. Kimberley Barcus says:

    App keeps crashing. I uninstalled and re-downloaded it, and it still doesn’t work.

  31. K C says:

    I really wanted to try this, but there is no dark mode for people with sensitive eyes like me, so I can’t use it since the bright white app literally hurts my eyes. If they do add a dark mode option in the future, I will come back to try this out and update my review.

  32. K Atkin says:

    It has kept me motivated and active. A great variety of exercises to choose from. The recent update has a few bugs. After the app crashing issue I updated to the latest version it is working again, though the timer keeps asking if it has permission to notify about rest timers and notifications when the app is in the background every time. Probably adds another 5 seconds to the actual time. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue. But it looks like the developers are responsive.

  33. Ellie Hansen says:

    Awesome app with great trainers. I’m loving it and have been using it for months now. You have the option to follow more than one trainer, so you get a good variety of workouts and workout tips. Thank you for putting together such a great app.

  34. Adrianna Estrada says:

    EDIT: thank you!! there was a bug that made the app crash whenever the timer was started but it seems they fixed it!! thank you πŸ™ˆ

  35. Stacy.Fritz Merriwether says:

    I downloaded this app several days ago. I have not been able to login at all. Every time I try I get the message that a code is being sent to my email. Code never arrives. I have checked my spam folder and deleted and reinstalled. Still no code. I emailed support 4 times and finally got some one to respond and was provided a code that didn’t work. I have since sent two more emails, messages in FB and Instagram and no reply. By far the worst experience I have had with an app.

  36. Suzanne Patterson says:

    I love the content/workouts and massive amount of choices of this app! It functions great and I haven’t experienced any bugs.

  37. Melissa LaRiviere says:

    Great app for all fitness levels. You can select a challenge or just select a program based on equipment available to you and body part you wish to work that day.

  38. Alyson Yaraskovitch says:

    Often buggy, casts well to Chromecast but not much else. I very much dislike the way workouts are organized in the app. You can only search the entire app, not just the content for a specific instructor/creator. There’s also no way to filter or sort content for a specific instructor/creator (aside from the way the creator organized it). App often has to be uninstalled and reinstalled to function properly which is very annoying.

  39. Lisa Stempek says:

    Took a bit to figure things out but I’m getting used to it. Lots of great stuff for diets and eating habits, not just work outs. Loving it to far.

  40. Brianna Barhorst says:

    Really love this app, I’ve followed Nick and BPN for a while and have enjoyed the journey thus far! Highly recommend if anyone wants to go one more, and become better athletes.

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