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September 27, 2022
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Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) Premium Apk

With Mi Health, you’ll monitor your exercises and track your health.

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Monitor your workout routines Map your path, view your development, and meet your objectives. Observe your walks, runs, and motorcycle rides proper out of your telephone.

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Observe your well being data Take a look at your center fee, blood oxygen, rigidity, and effort degree. Log your blood power, weight, and cycle main points, and create a scientific card.

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Sleep higher See your sleep tendencies, find out about your sleep cycles, take a look at your blood oxygen stage and respiring rating, and get helpful insights.

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Pay along with your wearable tool Upload Mastercard playing cards into Mi Health and pay along with your wearable software at the pass.

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Get lend a hand from Alexa Take a look at the elements, play song, and get started a exercise simply by asking.

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Get notifications
View notifications, messages, and emails at once for your wearable software.


40 comments on "Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) Premium Apk"

  1. Jacob McNeel says:

    I love the concept of Xiaomi Wear. It is a lot more streamlined and visually appealing than it’s predecessor Mi Fit…but it definitely has some problems. I know that a lot of reviews mention that the units can’t be changed, which sucks but isn’t a deal breaker. What is a problem though is that the app likes to add random steps to my total, sometimes in increments of up to 16,000 which don’t appear on my Mi Watch, so I know that it’s the app. There’s a lot of potential here, but it still needs a lot of work.

  2. Tom Chris says:

    3/12 update: latest update reset several settings I had in place. Had to find them and reimplement them. Original: Nice, but limited. Clean interface, some nice options. Biggest issue for me is not being able to use US sizes, weights, temperature, etc. I understand this mainly effects folks in the US, but it is a huge drawback. Add this functionalities and I can update my rating.

  3. Sandra L says:

    I am unable to change to US conversions for distance, weights, temperature. There are only 2 apps available and neither support this. I also noticed that when I changed wallpapers it would only let me use it for a few days, a big red alert would display and I would have to go through the settings again to apply it. It also froze when I tried to use one of my own photos as a wallpaper. So for these reasons I’m out.

  4. Albert says:

    When it comes to notifications it lacks of functionality. Using a Poco Watch (tested on a Redmi Watch as well) and when you receive a notification, the subject/title/name is static, does not slide from left to right in case the text is longer. And there is no way to see the entire subject/title/name. The latest update (Jun 20 2022) just made the issue worst. They should add auto slide functionality on the title when it’s longer, just simple as that.

  5. Jazmine Thomas says:

    It states the data was synced successfully, but none of the measurements update. At some point through the day, hours after multiple “successful syncs,” it finally updates. Also, it will not use imperial measurements though it is set to United States region; seems like an easy fix, but they won’t do it. What is the point of having this region as an option if you aren’t going to use our standards?

  6. Cosmic Cat says:

    This is my 1st fitness app. Over all, I’m very happy with it. Had difficulty syncing at first but it was my watch (Mi6) and not the app. Tracks me pretty well tbh, but sometimes I have to modify entries. American in USA but I have to have my settings on China as my home region in order for the watch to sync at all. Can’t understand the activities half of the app as it’s in Mandarin.

  7. Amanda Hatala says:

    Overall the app itself is easy to work with. I like how weather can be displayed and that you can change the background. Only drawbacks I’ve encountered so far are: 1. Needs option to turn off vibrate within the app itself. 2. Needs option to change settings to miles, pounds, and fahrenheit. If these options are added in future updates then I will change number of stars given. Until then google conversion is my friend.

  8. S says:

    App is getting better with each update. Changes needed are, to be able to change the gate settings for your steps and the vibrate settings in app. Also the Mi AI assistant always automatically turns back in during syncing which is a privacy issue. Just turn off the microphone permissions until things get worked out. Hope they keep working on it because the new Mi band 7 Pro is a pretty awesome smart watch. Fingers crossed

  9. Ryan Osborn says:

    The temp units are changing from F to C every time, about 2 minutes after I reset it. Workout doesn’t support imperial units, only metric. On one workout recently, heart rate stopped measuring about two minutes into the workout, and wouldn’t update on the Mi Band 7 screen. Was displaying in the app, but did not record, so workout data was lost. Hoping an update to address these issues, as this is a lot of the functionality of the band.

  10. Lucian Popa says:

    Poor. Doesn’t register activity. Their website states the Smart band 6 detects automatically activity. Went out for testing with the bike, started the app, connected the band and started the workout for a bicycle riding session. The app and the watch stopped recording activity after 100 meters even though I do not have any auto stop on my internet connection. Google Fit recorded everything correctly during the run without me even started their app, and this one ….started on my screen didn’t.

  11. Goldy Mariz Lunesa says:

    [Mi Band 7] The app supports many features and shows many visualizations, which I really appreciate. It motivates me to move more throughout the day and reach my goals. Suggestion: I hope that we could set the “Moving” and “Standing” goals together and not just one from the other. Thank you 🥰

  12. Marija Filipovic says:

    Still not happy! 2 ppl starting walking workout at the same time, walking together less than 1 m apart! One Band 7 and app measures 200-700 meters distance more each time and at the end longer distance has less steps! Same bands, walk together, same apps, same phones! Samsung A 71! Please fix it! Also standing is not counted every time after action!

  13. Valerian Samborski says:

    It’s a nice app, plenty of functions, and if my watch wasn’t an outdated brick, I could probably use more of them. Really it does what it’s supposed to flawlessly. I am satisfied. Hell, that’s an understatement, this is gonna sound cheesy, but I lost 80 kg with its help. In my opinion, this is the best fitness tracker on the playstore. I just wish it would share data with Google fit. You know, to get all the stuff under one roof. That’s really the only drawback I can think of.

  14. Moffit DeTrapp says:

    App is perfect and gets most things done but I only have two issues with it. The first is of late as soon as I go to the weather in the app it crashes and it means I can’t change my location when I travel so please fix this bug. The second thing is to change all the features of the app to use the language of the phone and not the selected region of the app. I use the app with my Mi Band 7 pro and I can’t use some of the features because they’re a in Chinese though I’m in a different region.

  15. Claudia C says:

    It’s ok. It will track your sleep, BPM, etc. There is no way to change the measurements from metric to standard (US measurements) so that’s a little frustrating. Big problem is that some times (for days) my MiBand6 and the app will not sync. I’ve tried rebooting everything, uninstalling and reinstalling the app and nothing is fixing the problem. Update – it still hasn’t synced up and no one has any answers.

  16. Brian Einsweiler says:

    The app works with my MiBand 7, but it has a lot of issues. There’s no way to change from metric to US measurements. The auto-sync with Strava works about 10% of the time with no indication of an error of any sort and no way to make it retry. The widgets look really wonky and things don’t quite line up in an easy to read way. There’s a very limited number of workout types you can start from the app compared to what the band supports. Edit: increased score – bug fixes are helping!

  17. Ekaterina Naiman says:

    The app crashes each time I access weather settings. The app since doesn’t update steps and activity from the band. I can’t see any calendar activities on the band. I hope when global version becomes more widely available that there will be a way to update the Chinese only software for it. I want to be able to text back from the band, use all the other functions properly and update the region to Canada. Disapointed that this quality device doesn’t have all the needed features in every country.

  18. R G says:

    Just installed the app yesterday to use with my new Smart Band 7 Pro. The band seems to record some data and I can see it in the overview on the small cards like BPM and stuff, but when I want to see details and click on the cards, it just says “No data”. Logging my health stats is useless if I cannot even see the logs. I will wear it some days and potentially return it 🙁

  19. Aaron Gordon says:

    Arguably the worst app I’ve ever used!! Changed phone so had to redownload the app , it then tells me the password is wrong so forget password and reset, I have now done this 10 times! Every time it say password is wrong when I have literally just changed it. Since changing over nothing but problems. Honestly the worst app, I’ll never buy xaomi products again, so pointless and nowhere do they offer any help services to help in any way. Waste of £100 for a watch that is now pointless!

  20. Andrew Aylott says:

    It’s ok disappointed you can’t select miles instead of kilometres, also steps don’t appear to be very accurate and I mainly use it for recording swimming and I find it very fiddley to turn off after a swim takes me about 30 seconds to switch off. Additional swimming recording has stopped working several times have to do a reboot to get device working again !!

  21. Matthias Brecht says:

    I was using the former Mifit long time with different bands. Now I must switch to MiFitness (new app), which is so worse compared to former MiFit. Layout of MiFitness is bad and overview not logical. No data transfer possible from former MiFit, as this is connected to WeChat and the new app cannot do this connection. I was a big Mi-Fan …. I was 😭

  22. John Nagel says:

    This app paired with the Mi Band 7 Pro is a pretty poor experience. Very buggy and support for areas outside of China seems to not be a priority. I used to love my old bands and wanted to try one again. Very disappointed with the whole experience.

  23. matryc says:

    App is not syncing in the background with band at all. It needs to be turned on before midnight, because after it counts only anther day and you lose your whole day data! Band can’t be synced offline, this is garbage! All permissions and battery optimisation settings are set to work in the background. It also loses connection with band, and both band pro 7 and phone needs restart to show notifications.

  24. Justin Perry says:

    App feels fresh and clean. Biggest bug bear is no Google Fit integration meaning I may return my Smart Band 7 Pro and get a different brand. Syncing is slow and sometimes doesn’t sync. Find it odd that the band displays aren’t interactive like the ones on Mi Fit Band 5, where tapping on the heart rate circle on the band’s display would take you to the heart rate app. GPS workout tracking from the app is very good but device only is not.

  25. Martin Lesch says:

    It’s a nice app (if working) that can be still improve. Two issues I have is that the PAI application is not working at all! But it works on zepp live, so it is an issue by mi fitness app. Furthermore the GPS connection is working really bad and it takes sometimes ages until it’s finally connected to the watch. Also here I don’t have this issue with zepp live. I am using a Xiaomi smart band 7. It is very disappointing and annoying that the app that comes with the smart band is not working well!

  26. Daniel Cisalpino says:

    Tested the other options, really is the best overall experience to manage your band. I don’t understand why using custom faces and having a editor is such a hassle, such a gaping absence of something that is so obvious to the experience of a smart band. I hope xiaomi address it eventually, or some ingenious people come up with a easy to use custom solution. EDIT: Changing my review to a single star until this app and the xiaomi band has google fit integration. Unbelievable absence.

  27. Florian Reijerse says:

    The data displayed in the app differs from the watch. It’s often missing hours of sleep despite the watch having measured it correctly. Additionally, it has a habit of just completely deleting a whole day of data, or by merging 2 days into one. It’s all over the place.

  28. Jessye Duncan says:

    Out of nowhere it won’t sync anything correctly in the app. The watch (MiWatch) is tracking beautifully but refuses to properly communicate with the app. Won’t sync anything except sleep UPDATE: Issue persisted for months, but I think resetting the device, resetting my phone, unpairing and repairing, etc eventually got it to work again. I still have months worth of tracking lost, but it’s working fine now.

  29. Brenda Ortiz says:

    What is the point of building a watch with so many feathers if your app won’t let you use them. The app limits the full potential of the Smart Band 7 Pro. I was looking forward to this watch for over a year, and this app ruined it. *No way to add workouts manually. *No way to customize and add your top workout types for easy access. *No way to change unit of measures. *No way to sync with mainstream apps like Google fit. *Only one week of data transfer from mi fit or zepp life…

  30. Kaeiron Bando says:

    lack of update, specially in watch s1 series, can’t fully call it a smartwatch because of the many limitations. message notifications doesn’t have quick replies, limited watchfaces (200+ is few), useless app that can be installed within the watch except the calculator, alexa is pretty much region locked even with the global release of watch, the tracking is quite accurate but overall experience is lacking. hope for the updates to come, don’t keep the users disappointed

  31. Anna Bakanova says:

    I don’t like this app. All sections are poorly adapted for use. As it collects statistics so make it easier to see the data. To find any data of previous day I need to open special part and select exact date. If I need another day information I need to make it again. Why don’t you make scrolling to choose the day? It would be much more easier if I saw all days rating in one window and choose one of them by scrolling to analyze by myself. Huawei Health app is much more better and usefull.

  32. Alexander's Phone says:

    This “app” does nothing. To even run it at all, the quest begins when you first open it: it asks you to agree with their user agreement (as if if this unusable “app” could ever have any “user” )– on the initial screen you are offered a choice of one of one: two buttons: “Agree” and “Close” — guess which ONE is enabled. At this point I admitted my defeat: they won: there is no way for me to even run the damn thing.

  33. J Jimenez says:

    Both the band and the app are low quality toys. This trinket can’t even maintain a proper connection for more than 10 minutes. even worse. if you disconnect the device for more than 10~15 minutes is impossible to reconnect. it’s that hard to make something that works?

  34. Ivana Mijajlović says:

    The app is quite useless… I have MiWatch S1 and, while the connection with the app is good, everything else is pointless. Can’t sinc whit any other app, Strava can’t get any information even though it’s connected (I installed Strava because it was the only option), have to transfer information from ZeppLife weekly (have Mi Scale 2).I would rather use Zepp then this but there is no option to connect the watch with it, which is frustrating and a damn shame because Zepp actually works!

  35. Daria Condor says:

    Initially I thought I need the stars to align during midnight on the equinox to make this app sync with my mi band 7, since it kept trying to connect but failed. Then I remembered my old fitbit used to always prompt me to turn on location in order to connect to the phone, and this allowed my band to connect to my phone, even though I got no notification from the app to prompt me to turn on location. Now it seems to work as long as I remember to turn both Bluetooth and location on.

  36. Apple Fung says:

    Smart Band 7 Pro: Cannot delete watch faces on band device or using this app. Can only delete the last 6th watch face on device. If you have less than 6 installed faces there is no dustbin delete icon on band device. This is huge problem. Please fix ASAP. Looking at videos for the standard Smart Band 7, each watch face can be individually delete, not so on the Pro version.

  37. Welathanthri “Vidu” Karunaratne says:

    The app does not sync with smart band 7 pro. If I don’t manually open the app, wait until it gets data, it doesn’t get it. Doesn’t provide a daily report. No reminders for water. No promodoras. Can’t add Mi scale fr weight. Loses watch face time to time in both app and smart band 7 pro. Going back to Huawei watch and app which gives better output.

  38. Kuba Wiś says:

    The app has a lot of issues. I have Mi Band 7 paired with Samsung Galaxy S21FE. I cannot see historical data for particular day but it’s visible in the week and month view. Also, the location is not recorded during workouts, even if location is turned on in my phone and the band doesn’t inform me that location recording is not available.

  39. Maureen Newhook says:

    Previous band used the Zepp Life app which was far superior. Issues: unable to view total steps outside of the current week, IE no history; Zepp Life syncing started as soon as the app opened, have to select ‘device’ before it starts syncing and takes a lot longer to complete; colour choices for graphics could be better, eg on the sleep data the contrast is lacking and text so small that it’s very difficult to actually read; unable to change km to miles. Overall app lets the band down.

  40. Alexsey Alexsey says:

    Watch faces on xiaomi watch s1 active take a very long time to load and not the first time. Applications are installed every other time, not to mention the fact that there are few of them. All the time errors on error. *takes a long time to synchronize or does not synchronize the clock until I restart the application

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