hum kids by Colgate Mod Apk New 2022*


Make brushing fun and effective with hum kids by Colgate smart toothbrush & app!
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Colgate-Palmolive Company
October 13, 2022
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hum kids by Colgate Mod Apk New 2022*

Great video games result in higher conduct with hum youngsters through Colgate, sensible toothbrushes and attached app era that paintings in combination to steer children to comb higher! Augmented Fact supplies a amusing gaming enjoy, whilst serving to youngsters be told excellent lifelong conduct. The parents-only dashboard is helping you track every of your children and their development.

hum children through Colgate Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Make brushing a laugh + efficient!
Brush with a laugh video games: Flip on a regular basis routines into 2-minute brushing video games!

hum youngsters by means of Colgate Mod Apk New 2022*

Educate the place and the right way to brush:
With hum youngsters, your kid will be informed right kind brushing methodology throughout all zones of their mouth, serving to them determine excellent lifelong brushing behavior!

hum children by way of Colgate Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Monitor your child’s growth: Simply test whether or not your kid overlooked a place or a complete brushing consultation by the use of the oldsters segment!

hum youngsters via Colgate Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Praise just right brushing:
Your kid will free up new ranges and recreation stories as they brush!


40 comments on "hum kids by Colgate Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Rachel says:

    Frustrating to say the least! This app is not designed for left handed children or they just didn’t design it to work for all sink bathroom environments. It’s a great concept but it’s majorly flawed. My son wasn’t even able to get through the first round b/c it stuck on trying to see the toothbrush (which if that’s the case should be longer) and make sure he’s in position which moves him away from the sink. It’s a well intentioned app but very flawed.

  2. Zandra Lipscomb says:

    I’ve always had trouble getting my daughter excited about brushing her teeth, but since we started using the hum kids by Colgate app, she loves it! She always asks to brush her teeth and I feel this app helps her to do a much more thorough job brushing than she had done previously. The app is easy to use and she can do it all on her own (she’s 6.) It really makes brushing feel less like a chore and more like a game. She likes that she can “win” gems to unlock levels & prizes for brushing well!

  3. Tachi says:

    This hum toothbrush is far more cooler than my kid’s current toothbrush! First of all, it is battery operated and the design is super cute, very kid-friendly! Secondly, you can connect it to your mobile phone by using an app and you can really find out if your kid miss a certain pot that needs extra care! How cool is that! Now I can monitor my kid’s brushing all the time!

  4. Tiffany Sevcik says:

    I liked seeing how excited my son was to use the toothbrush and how he enjoyed the results in the app to see how he brushed. He tried each day to get better after that. The color was fun, the bottom was nice and versatile with a round bottom with grips and also having replaceable heads makes this more useful then those without.

  5. Cassi H says:

    This, Hum Kids by Colgate® Battery Powered Toothbrush, is a good toothbrush for children. The phone stand makes things easier but using the app, on the other hand, needs some improvement with being able to detect a larger brush movement span. We don’t have a big counter and could only go so far back. The app is simple, but somewhat rushes through brushing making it hard to keep up and my child didn’t know if/when to spit. It’s a good concept for learning brushers, just needs getting used to.

  6. Sara anonymous says:

    hum by Colgate kids toothbrush and app is a really great, fun, and innovative product. My child has so much fun cleaning his teeth in an effective way, so it’s a bit on our household. Very easy to set up and use and fun from start to finish. Excellent product that makes brushing fun and easy.

  7. Emily Burnham says:

    The hum kids battery powered toothbrush was great!! I think my daughter did a much better job of getting to the places on her teeth that she usually misses. For instance, the back teeth seem to get neglected when using a manual brush, but with the app she could see where she needed to brush. It worked extremely well. We have switched to using the Hum toothbrush along with this app after trying it. Love it! #freesample

  8. May T. says:

    We love Hum Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush!! The app gives a full layout of her mouth so it is easy for her to visualize where she needs to brush. It also shows where she hasn’t brushed at the end, so that was very helpful. She usually doesn’t want to brush her teeth but with this toothbrush and app, she actually enjoys brushing her teeth! I love being a member of the Home Tester Club, #freesamples

  9. Michelle Bethany says:

    I recieves Hum as a product test. It is the best brush my son has used. I love the Parent option so I can see his trouble areas. My mom used to set a timer so the built in 2 minute timer is an added bonus. Definitely reccomend. I have switched my sons brush after receiving this #freesample from Home Testers Club!

  10. Brandon Penrose (DeathsMerc) says:

    my daughter loves using this toothbrush. While the app was kind of a fail for us, the brush itself was not. She found it very difficult to brush and use the phone at the same time. Also, the app was boring after the first few times. The brush itself— fantastic! It works well, and reaches all those hard to reach places. It makes brushing easier, and less of a fight to get it done right!

  11. Angela Crane says:

    My son and I thought this was a great idea and a fun way to incorporate good brushing habits all while giving you areas to practice better brushing on. The app wasn’t the easiest to use, but I like the concept in general. Small brush head was good as well. Easy to hold!

  12. Audra says:

    This is such a great idea. I’m disappointed to report that the AR is often too hard too use for small children. The app design is good and easy for them to follow, but asking them to stand the correct distance from the app and hold the toothbrush a certain way while making sure their whole face is in the frame is basically impossible for younger kids. It tells my daughter it can’t find the toothbrush every 5 seconds. Very frustrating.

  13. Sarah Mallory says:

    Just awful. I thought this would help my son do a better job brushing his teeth, but the app didn’t get through ten seconds of brushing before it couldn’t recognize his toothbrush. I could hold the brush directly in front of the screen and still get the same error. We tried multiple times. It would actually be better if it simply showed the plaque attacking random teeth bc at least then he could try to interact with it instead of a constant error screen.

  14. Jeni French says:

    Is there some secret to making the AR work with this app? There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it can see the “magic toothbrush”. I’ve tried backdrops, shining a flashlight on the handle, different bathrooms, different distances, etc, but it will still go from shooting out stars to “I can’t see your magic toothbrush” with no warning.

  15. Pinche Madre says:

    Horrible. Granted it was at a good price. But the whole purpose is so that kids can have fun while learning how to brush their teeth. The app can never find the magic tooth brush, and when it cannot sense it it will stop the whole experience at let you know that it cannot see the magic tooth brush and to back up yo TRY amd find the magic tooth brush. Super frustrating for adults and so disappointing for the kids. I hyped my 4 year old daughter up for this experience that just turns into tears.

  16. Jessie Raisor says:

    Great product and it made toothbrush time a breeze! However for the last week, I cannot get the app to work past selecting a level. It keeps crashing. I’ve restarted my phone, Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and nothing. Super upsetting for us.

  17. Lindsey Dosdall says:

    Just got this for my daughter who is 10. We have been noticing that quality teeth brushing is a problem. This is such a cool app. I can pull up a model of her brushing sessions and show her specific areas she is not getting completely and it gives a percentage. And it is fun, so it is encouraging her to brush more! It has incentives for kids to “buy” fun filters with the gems they earn from brushing their teeth! There are no ads! Definitely recommend!

  18. Katie Sims says:

    REALLY disappointed. Purchased this toothbrush for my 8 year old and the app crashes every time we open it. We’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Literally the whole reason we purchased this was because of the augmented reality and video game style it advertised. I plan on contacting Colgate and asking for a refund but what we really are hoping is that the app gets fixed. I am upset there was so much advertising for this and they didn’t even work out the bugs.

  19. Kris K says:

    I was given a support email and the support included exactly the support to connect that is on the app. Not helpful. Not encouraging. Frustrated child brusher again who was really looking forward to this working. We tried differesnt distances, different lighting, different backgrounds… Still doesn’t work. The only way it worked is when I wiggled the toothbrush in my hand in front of the camera It showed the germs being zapped and the toothbrush wasnt even in a mouth. 🙁 Time and money.

  20. Rachel Hubbard says:

    I bought these to encourage my kids to brush, instead it just frustrated and discouraged them. We have two toothbrushes and the coral one works about half of the time, but the yellow one almost never works. We have tried moving the phone around, holding the toothbrush differently, different lighting, different distances, etc., but it just doesn’t work. They literally begged me to let them use their old toothbrushes. I am VERY disappointed.

  21. Rea Rollins says:

    I love it so far I struggle getting my 6 year old twins to brush their teeth, they never brush efficiently and constantly are missing the back teeth. This app is wonderful in breaking down what teeth they need to brush if they brush too slow it will give a notification to brush faster. You’re graded one to three Stars based on your brushing. At the end of each brushing it’ll show a display of teeth if the teeth are yellow that means you did not brush them properly. You also win filters

  22. Danielle Pierie says:

    This app is good in theory but MANY bugs to work out. My son is more eager to brush his teeth but has become a much worse brusher. The sensor poor at recognizing the brush and needs the child to brush so slowly that he realized he gets best results when holding his brush still in each position. Very disappointing because he is so eager to brush but gets very irritated about the ‘penalties’ for brushing at a normal speed or moving even slightly while brushing.

  23. Sara Miles says:

    It gets my 7 yo excited to brush his teeth not just once but twice a day. I could never get him to do longer than 20 seconds before I found this. the bottom of the tooth brush comes off so you can switch out the tooth brush without having to buy a whole new set. It’s augmented reality and not battery operated or Bluetooth. I’m so relieved to see my son who had 5 cavities by the time he was 2 yo finally brush his teeth without a fight or wrestling match. Highly recommend!

  24. Mike says:

    Too difficult for little kids to follow visuals. Not fun for them. The rewards/pictures are a gimmick and don’t provide improvements. If I have to sit there I may as well be brushing their teeth. I do so after this anyways for the teeth they miss.

  25. Karyn Soto says:

    The app doesn’t recognize the toothbrush long enough to complete one brushing. Super frustrating for my child and me.

  26. Mia Galan says:

    This is a good game but there is a glitch that when im showing the whole toothbrush it doesn’t work and it leaves the part yellow

  27. Rebecca Hutchings says:

    It’s a good idea, but the app is terrible. We used it only a couple times before it stops recognizing the toothbrush, no matter what I do. This annoys my daughter because she LOVES earning stars and jewels, as well as having the map of the teeth to make sure she gets them all.

  28. Alison B. says:

    This app is very cute, but it has started freezing every time we try to use it on the part where you line your face up in the circle. We try closing and opening the app, I restarted my phone, etc. and nothing fixes it. My 4 year old son has been very discouraged ☹️

  29. drew nelson says:

    Great for kids who enjoy playing games and collecting rewards. The app does get a little stale after a month or so of brushing. Would be cool if they had more options to spend their gems on but overall really good for kids who need help getting into the habit of brushing their teeth.

  30. DREW MILES says:

    Hard to figure out im so disappointed this awful app. My husband and I are both here trying to figure it out. Then I put the wrong email in. It should be the adult.Now I have to call support to fix it. Time to try Brite Brush . I was told it was good too 😖

  31. gabriel miani says:

    Used with our 4 and 7 year olds. I think the app is great and has done a good job of developing good brushing habits. Only complaint is we need more levels! Keep in mind you should still supervise. Reports from parents having trouble I suspect are from either poor phone camera, really young kids, or standing too close, etc.

  32. Shirley Joyner says:

    My 6 year old loves and it helps him along the way. I highly recommend for any child that needs some extra motivation.

  33. Storey 98 says:

    After a certain level, they expect the child to have all the stars or the next level will not unlocked. My child is 5 years old! and has mainly 2 and some 3 stars but finished the level, and now he is very disappointed and mad. He doesn’t want to re-do it all again, so now he doesn’t want brush his anymore with that toothbrush… waist of money! because that toothbrush is not cheap!! Trash.

  34. Nathaniel Schenkman says:

    server unreachable, can’t log in

  35. Katie Burger says:

    Great idea but my daughter gets frustrated when the app “can’t see” her toothbrush when she’s brushing the appropriate spot. I would still love to give it a higher rating, but every time I try to log in to the app I get an error that says the sever is unreachable. Works if you don’t log out, but sucks that I can’t seem to log back in.

  36. Courtney Jane Brown says:

    A good year of brushing but the music is driving us all crazy now. I’d like more control over the app experience. Plz update bc one kid is already refusing to use the app anymore.

  37. Amber Emery says:

    This app is terrible. It doesn’t read the tooth bush correctly. We spend more time trying to get it to find the toothbrush then actually cleaning. Please fix this issue so other parents don’t have to get frustrated for brushing. This is supposed to make that frustration go away not make it worse.

  38. Nancy Schaefer says:

    Got the app to work one time. I reinstalled to see if I could get two kids on the same account and now I can’t log in at all.

  39. Laura Oster says:

    Can’t log in. App sends me a code to enter. You enter it then the app crashes.

  40. Nicole Polachak says:

    So far so good! My child is starting to enjoy brushing due to this app simulating like a game to help with reminding them to brush their teeth. The app also provides feedback on brushing and ensuring they’re brushing properly.

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