Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker Mod Apk New 2022*

Period tracker, ovulation calculator and pregnancy calendar you can trust
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December 7, 2022
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Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker Mod Apk New 2022*

Discover the most well liked feminine well being & well-being information selected by means of 257M girls, co-created with 100+ main well being & clinical professionals, and acclaimed clinical establishments.

Flo Ovulation & Duration Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

– Your knowledge secure and securely saved. Your well being information may not be shared with any corporate however Flo, and you’ll be able to delete it at any time.
– The primary duration and ovulation tracker to reach ISO 27001, the the world over known same old for info safety.
– Content material, reviewed by means of 100+ docs and well being professionals
– Spouse of the United International locations Inhabitants Fund within the space of reproductive well being

Flo Ovulation & Duration Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* release

Regardless of your existence level or reproductive objective, personalize Flo Ovulation and Length Tracker to make it distinctive and related for you. According to complicated AI generation, Flo duration calendar lets you track your menstruation, ovulation, cycle, fertility, or being pregnant correctly. As a one-stop resolution for all issues feminine well being and well-being, you’ll monitor all-in-one: length get started date and duration, fertile window, ovulation day, PMS signs, float depth, beginning keep an eye on, water consumption, sleep and step counter, and a lot more. Practice your baby’s enlargement weekly all the way through being pregnant.

Flo Ovulation & Duration Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Your cycle is so a lot more than your length. Each girl would possibly revel in other signs, temper swings, and effort ranges each and every cycle segment. In conjunction with a group of 100+ well being mavens, Flo Ovulation and Length Tracker lets you perceive your frame higher.

Flo Ovulation & Length Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Get pregnant once naturally imaginable for you via figuring out your maximum fertile days, and receiving adapted insights. With Flo’s being pregnant mode you’ll calculate your due date, set a countdown, and be informed the necessities of new child care.

Flo Ovulation & Duration Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Log 70+ signs and actions to get essentially the most actual AI-based review of your body’s patterns. Stay a diary of your weight, water consumption, bodily process, intercourse pressure, moods, and PMS signs to watch adjustments and obtain well timed insights.

Flo Ovulation & Duration Tracker Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

REMINDERS Agenda reminders of your length drawing near, get started and finish date, your ovulation day, and personalize Flo Ovulation and Duration Tracker to get notifications about weight, sleep, water consumption, step function, and start keep watch over.

Flo Ovulation & Length Tracker Mod Apk New 2022*

Safely talk about intimate subjects, ask questions anonymously and get toughen from some of the greatest feminine communities international.
Time to test in! Flo length tracker is now appropriate with Google Put on OS Three so you’ll be able to apply it to your good watch. Get predictions, log your duration and sync along with your cycle, proper out of your wrist.
In Nameless Mode, Flo transfers handiest crucial information, like cycles and signs, to a brand new account that doesn’t comprise any private data, akin to your e-mail, title or technical identifiers. This manner, you’ll be capable to proceed taking part in personalised insights and correct predictions, however with the choice to take away any connection along with your id.
Obtain this menstrual cycle tracker and sign up for thousands and thousands of girls and youths who believe their cycles to this era Tracker & Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calendar.
Word: Flo’s predictions must no longer be used as a type of beginning control/contraception.
[email protected] being
Accessibility observation: https://flo.health/accessibility-statement-android?current-location=auto-detect


40 comments on "Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. K-C-S66 says:

    When I first downloaded to get pregnant( with my son) it was great! Now a days you have to sign up for premium ( which costs money) to do anything. It’s super annoying because i was tracking to get pregnant again and I’d imput data ( like if I was having cravings etc) and it would change my ovulation date for no reason which made it so confusing to know when I was ovulating. Overall I wouldn’t reccomend, I’m sure there are better truly free apps out there. This one sucks now!

  2. Cassandra Breitsprecher says:

    Used to be good, but all the suggested reading (that you have to have a paid subscription to even look at) takes up half the screen now and I’m super not interested in having articles about birth control and masturbation advertised at me. I just want a simple app to track my cycle, all the extra stuff is annoying.

  3. Kelsey Bettencourt says:

    I had been on the depo shot (birth control) for Almost 10 years… from 16 yrs old to 25 yrs old. I got off last February and waiting to get a period back to download the app and start tracking. I got off to hopefully conceive . So far it’s been an amazing avenue to track and know when and what to expect. The accuracy is insane. 🤣 I really like the countdown aspect of it. Especially for if I’m needing more products I’ll know to go get them before I start so I don’t run out. All 5 stars 🌟

  4. Chance Thompson says:

    Suggestion: When you log your daily symptoms i wish there was a “sleepy” option. I know you can log your sleep and there’s an option to log insomnia, but a lot of the time even if I’ve slept well I’m still very tired. When im tired like that it definitely affects my overall mood/feeling for the day, and i wish there was a good way for me to track how often that happens. Great app otherwise~

  5. Amanda Cruz says:

    I usually dont rate apps, but I absolutely love this app to track my cycle and even my last pregnancy. I found the cycle duration report extremely helpful when I went to the doctor because my cycle was extremely off for months after my last pregnancy and they had an actual visual of how off it was. Highly recommend! (Side note: I use the free version. Hopefully eventually i can upgrade to premium, but the free version is great)

  6. Tiffany Price says:

    I like the app so far. I have been using the app since May. The only 3 things I would change would be to allow users to add moods that are not already preloaded, add symotoms that are not already preloaded, and allow users to sync Samsung Galaxy watches to the app to track steps and other things. Moods like tired, forgetful, lethargic, options for increased or decreased appetite, etc aren’t in the app.

  7. Angelica Bautista says:

    Very good, I’ve had the app for a few weeks now about a month or two and still no complications. It tracks my period, and gives me some basic tips/informacion to aid and help me understand my body better. Free articles with information by MD professionals, but you do have to pay for the premium version that does give you access to insights. There are also chats to discuss certain topic and just personal preferences with others. The community is lovely. It’s definitely helps make things easier.

  8. Jing Liang-Guallpa says:

    The app is OK. There are some nice graphics and videos, but there are lots of missing symptom options, the content provided is sometimes irrelevant or outdated to when it would have been useful for the user, and most importantly, I seldom see any major updates to the content or interface of the application, suggesting that development is rather slow and they don’t often accommodate for user feature requests.

  9. C Hubbell says:

    You can’t view or export reports on Android. The “insights” can be useful but they become redundant fast. It is geared towards people with regular cycles and people who want to get pregnant. You can turn the pregnancy stuff off, but it still suggests articals involving pregnancy so if you’re infertile or child free its not great. You can’t add custom symptoms/mood and the options are limited. Overall seems like it isn’t made for a variety of menstruaters.

  10. Suzanne Harris says:

    I liked the app more before the big change to the user interface. Now there are these cards midway down the page with “Daily Insights” a.k.a. things I have no interest in, and it pushes the premium service a little too hard for my taste. I do love the ability to see cycle history but the most helpful features are cash-locked, some of which IIRC used to be free.

  11. Menna Mourad says:

    I’ve been using this app for years now and it is adequate. I could do without the popups to subscribe to premium, but those aren’t as annoying as the notifications. I have every single reminder/notification turned off except for a nightly OC reminder, yet I a find myself getting 2-3 other notifications a day from this app and I cannot figure how to turn it off. If there could be an option to turn off all the other reminders and notifications that this app would be that much better.

  12. Alexandra Jackson says:

    Pleasant and attractive design UI. I dropped it to 2 stars for the following reasons: – mature content (sex and masturbation) is mixed in with content that younger audiences need to manage and learn about their period. At the time of writing, I have not figured out how to turn mature topics off. – cannot turn off notifications in app. I’m getting notifications multiple times a day about symptoms I don’t have and don’t want to be notified about. I’d love for these items to be addressed.

  13. Shannon Holland says:

    It is useful for tracking but it has a pop up for premium and it has a pop up for someone to chat with you every single time I get on. It also has constant annoying notifications about random stuff that are not helpful. I wish it would notify me only when my period is about to start. I will be switching to a different app to see if it provides a more minimalist experience.

  14. Danielle Davis says:

    Fine but only download if you want to pay for a premium subscription. I have had this app for awhile now and have liked the tracking and features but it has become a big ad to get you to download the premium subscription. I am looking for a new app to test – unfortunately I feel like all apps (in general) will be the same but maybe they push it on me a little less. It’s also frustrating to try to read more and constantly be blocked for not being a premium subscriber. Not interested.

  15. Shannon Rios says:

    App works fine, the only problem is that everytime you open the app up, a pop -up for premium shows up too. It’s super annoying especially because there’s no immediate X button and you have to actually have to hit “continue” on the pop up until the next one before you can exit it.

  16. Leo Kenny says:

    I really enjoyed this app when I first started using it. It was informative, but since they’ve started pushing for premium subs it seems that that’s all they do. It’s an annoyance, and nothing helpful is of use anymore without the premium sub. It’s turned into nothing more than a digital calendar that I can mark my period on because I can’t access anything helpful without paying the pricy sub fee. Might as well be marking my period on my phone’s calendar. At least then I won’t be bugged for $.

  17. Desimber Rose says:

    This is a really helpful app, I find that the educational tools and resources are amazing, easy to use, and easy to understand. I really like how the educational portions speak to you in a conversation format versus an instructor to student format, it’s really engaging and seems much more personal. I’m learning more about my own body than I ever knew before!

  18. Victoria Jordan says:

    I have been using this app for years and I loved it, recommended it to friends, family, patients! I loved the pregnancy feature during my last pregnancy last year. Well I just found out I’m pregnant again, tried to put it in prenancy mode and can’t find it. Started reading reviews to see if i could figure it out and from the comments I assume you have to purchase premium to have that option. I would purchase it but the cost is too high for what it is! Understand you need to make money but dang!!

  19. Jeanne Ferrier says:

    This is a good app overall. My only problem is that my reminders have been hit and miss for me. For example, I recently started a new medication which I’ve been instructed to take twice a day. I got the reminder for the first dose, but not the second one. Perhaps it’s either a technical difficulty or there’s something missing on my end? Overall, I truly admire the intention of this app, and I will still continue to use it!

  20. Lisa Doyle says:

    So many pop-ups and upsells. I had two upsell pop ups immediately upon launching the app, back to back. From a user experience standpoint, this should never happen. Each upsell takes 2 taps (and waiting for the timer). So that’s 4 taps and 2 timers before I even have the chance to indicate day one of my period. You really think I’m in the mood today to deal with nonsense!?! 😂 I will be going back to using a different period tracker as my primary app. You ruined this app.

  21. Jessica Lawrence says:

    I have been using Flo for years and thoroughly enjoy it. There is a free option and a paid option. While I only have ever used the free version, it still serves as a great tracker of my health and goals. The tracker is quite accurate with my periods, and I receive a number of tips throughout the month pertaining to my expected health habits. There is also a chat/forum for women to use to discuss their experiences. It’s a great app and wonderful community!

  22. Brittany Wollum says:

    I really enjoy the app for the most part. But this is my third pregnancy this year (first two ended unexpectedly) and instead of changing some of the information to fit me, it’s very generic to a first time mom. Which is great, but I would like it more catered to me. Ive read the articles before and would like different information. Finding recipes or certain articles isn’t easy. The search uses one word and brings up other things I’m not looking for.

  23. Isabella Darko (Bella) says:

    This app is so helpful!! I am a middle school girl with an early period and I had trouble controlling leaks, and using certain materials, and it was really stressful. But then I found Flo and my period is so much more understood. Flo also helps you with other parts of your body that may be confusing to understand without help. Download Flo, you won’t regret it!!

  24. Melissa Knesal says:

    The premium ads have gotten significantly more pushy in the past year. It has gotten difficult to log a period with all of the popups. The developers seem to be going the same way as MyFitnessPal – more ads and more features that used to be free (articles, tips) are behind a paywall. I’ve been tracking my period in the Fitbit app and it gives the same predictions as Flo without the intrusive ads, so I’m sadly uninstalling after using this app for years.

  25. Shajae Pinnock says:

    I love the app for it’s period tracking abilities and other features like secret chats, the ability to track my water intake, and birth control use BUT I’m so annoyed with the constant ads about upgrading to the premium version. The ads have become so much more persistent since I first downloaded the app years ago. I get that premium is how they make their money but I shouldn’t have to click off 5 ads about premium before I’m able to log my daily symptoms. It really digs into the user experience

  26. Makalie Williamson says:

    I absolutely love the app! Best period tracker I’ve used so far. But, I’m a busy college athlete, so some sort of “track cycle” notification would be awesome! The pop-ups are quite annoying too, but that’s something I can work around. I hope you guys bring back the old themes soon. All the darker colored ones I used are gone, and the ones available now are too bright for me to use (I have sensitive eyes). Please bring back the old app themes!

  27. Emma Dooley says:

    Works well and can predict cycle. You can enter your symptoms. When I 1st got it it would occasionally ask you if you wanted premium. Now it’s constantly popping up on screen, have to dismiss it every time i click something. Banner always on screen. Will delete if it gets one ounce more aggressive than it already is.

  28. AwkwrdSeaTurtle says:

    I started using this app to track my period and symptoms because I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had started medication. It was fine for what I needed at the moment, tracked my period, symptoms, and ovulation. For whatever reason, they decided to put most of the features behind a pay wall recently. They’ve become very pushy with their premium version which you need to access most features. It’s very off-putting and makes me want to switch to a different app.

  29. Hannah Rose says:

    this is the best period tracking app I’ve ever had and if I was pregnant I’d have to write a whole paragraph, not only is it a calendar but you can track you mood, symptoms, sex, exercise, sleep, water, weight, contraceptives, it’s amazing. give it a shot, totally worth a premium subscription but I’m broke.

  30. Jayme Mae Poer says:

    I’ve had this app for years and it used to be the absolute best! But the ads and pop-ups for the premium are constant and now I can’t access even the most basic information for free. For example, it used to just show some expected symptoms for where I’m at in my cycle, now they’re all blurred out. Also, a lot of the article that are in full view (but I wish were blurred out) are “How to get the most out of your orgasms” in all caps with two naked girls hugging each other. Will be deleting.

  31. Carissa Santee Goff says:

    I used the free version of this app for years and I really enjoyed it, but for the past year they’ve incrementally reduced the free features (simple things like what day of your cycle you’re on!!) and continue to press you to buy premium in ways that inhibit the use of the app. You can still see the features where they used to be but they’re blurred out. Now a window to buy premium pops up and prevents me from logging my period or cycle symptoms. Uninstalled. I won’t fight with an app.

  32. Haley Cica says:

    I thought your app would be useful many years ago. As you build something creative, you can and should charge money for it. However now I’m bombarded with ads, a ton of extra “chat” bots, and screens I can’t exit out of. I think that you have turned at least one person away from something that used to be a useful tool people appreciated. An ad-free version vs an ad-included version…fair. Me not being able to choose the ad-incl version without being BOMBARDED…I think greedy. How much $?

  33. Erin Jester says:

    First my PIN disappeared, then my reminders stopped. I was able to set the access pin back up, but I can’t set any reminders, the symptom tracker doesn’t save. I don’t know if these suddenly became paid features after years of being free, but no point in an app that isn’t going to remind me when I’m most fertile. Very disappointed.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t open Flo anymore without being bombarded by popup banners or flash screens. And suddenly all of the not-white-or-pink options are gone from the app display settings. It’s impossible to see what is highlighted because of how white and disgustingly blinding everything is. No thought to accessibility in removing the darker options. I’m looking for a different tracker now after 6 years, and you should too.

  35. Kiana Kintchen says:

    I’ve used flo for years, disappointing to be able to access less and less features I used previously due to the added paywall. Will be finding a new option that’s not pushy and clickbait-y about purchasing premium. If the goal is to grow the app and features.. offering new features at a price would be reasonable and be more incentive to purchase premium rather than taking all the value from what was previously free.

  36. Melissa Barley says:

    Great if you aren’t recently postpartum. I enjoyed the articles, tips, and the ability to track many different symptoms. But I am about 18 months postpartum, and breastfed for about 16 of those months. There was no way to indicate this is the reason my cycle may be messed up. My doctor is not concerned but the app is! I wish the app would stop telling me that infrequent cycles is something to be concerned about with no way to indicate a recent baby.

  37. Jenesis C says:

    I find the tracking tools to be somewhat inaccurate and un-inclusive of those using hormonal birth control. I would not recommend this app. As well, I paid for a year sub, and cancelled with two months left. I think it’s ridiculous once you cancel your subscription, you’re once more bombarded with ads despite the fact you already paid (my subscription is not over yet.)

  38. m.m. lafleur (m.m.lafleur) says:

    I have had a different, more simple, easier to use and FREE app for years to track my cycle, without all this extra stuff. I appreciate the info and efforts, but its way too many notifications on a daily basis, it became too much that i blocked all notifications! And the fact that its $19.99 blows my mind!! No way near worth that much to me…im canceling. Sorry.

  39. Sabrina Owens says:

    I wish I could track nutrition and activity manually in the app. While I use Fitness Tracker and Google Fit, nothing ever seems to sync over to Flo no matter how many times I disconnect, reconnect and re-download. I’d really like to have all my information in one place, rather than use 3 or 5 different apps for the same handful of things. I don’t need anything super in depth of special like Google Fit or My Fitness, just something to say, hey, I ate this many calories at this time or the like.

  40. Sandra Richeson says:

    This is a scam! I paid $1 for the trial and after a month and many attempts to cancel through Google(it didn’t show in my subscriptions)I tried through their app, and web page nothing no a single button to cancel I was charged for the full subscription of $39.99 I call the number and but guess what is invalid, there is no link, only you can send an email and pray they’ll get back to you. I’m glad I got my money back but I won’t be using this app ever again.

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