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October 4, 2021
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CVG Nation Premium Apk

Daily Legging Giveaways + Health Neighborhood.

CVG Country Top class Apk apk

This neighborhood is for you in the event you love…

CVG Country Top class Apk

– Unfastened leggings.
– Health motivation.
– Being round tremendous supportive, sure girls.
– Loose workout routines.
– Health demanding situations.
– Being attentive to inspiring podcasts.
– A professional coaches.

CVG Country Top class Apk release

This girls’s simplest group is stuffed with empowering ladies that inspire & encourage via phrases and movements. Each girl in our neighborhood is able to cheer you on and have fun anyplace you might be to your health adventure.

CVG Country Top class Apk apk mod 2022

We have now skilled coaches locally to be had to respond to any of your health and vitamin questions. We now have a library of 150+ unfastened workout routines. We now have over One hundred episodes of our health podcast (Thick Thighs Save Lives) that may go away you extra knowledgable, motivated and in a position to raised your self.

CVG Country Top rate Apk apk mod new

Oh, and we wish to praise you for running onerous, so we give away a ton of loose exercise equipment:
1. We give away a unfastened pair of leggings on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) at random for someone who’s collaborating in our neighborhood.
2. Each and every week we liberate a loose exercise to the group. In the event you do the exercise you’ll be able to input to win the giveaway that week.

CVG Country Top rate Apk apk mod

We wish to set the document directly for well being and wellness. No fad diets or magical fixes simply just right data that can assist you make stronger your health, well being and total lifestyles.


40 comments on "CVG Nation Premium Apk"

  1. Jeanette Wilson says:

    It’s an amazing community put together by a phenomenal company. I love this app where I can feel all the support and encouragement.

  2. Beth Deeney says:

    I can’t say enough about how awesome CVG is as a whole. The fitness community is amazing. Only positive vibes and good people. This app is just a new extension of that and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for fitness info, moral support or just awesome leggings.

  3. Brooke Sellers says:

    Amazing community of uplifting and supportive women! If you care about fitness and health, awesome gear, and supporting women, this app is for you!

  4. Brooke Chenoweth says:

    This is the best support group for women trying to better themselves. All the women always leave wonderful reviews on post. They lift each other up!!!!! So glad I found this group, wish it was sooner but hey never to late to start.

  5. Kenna Stecz says:

    The best company and group of women I’ve ever known!! The support and encouragement is phenomenal! Also the leggings are addictive. I’m so excited they were able to get an app going, tons of us have been waiting for this! CVG you rock!!

  6. Dana Spackman says:

    I’m so excited for thia app launch! Just one more awesome product from CVG.

  7. Lyndsey Ralls says:

    So excited! I cannot express the extent of my excitement to see this app is finally here! Love how it works, love the community! It’s amazing!

  8. erica filippelli says:

    This app this amazing. Great community. Great workouts. So.much.motivation! It has a great layout and very easy to use.

  9. Shannon Vaughn says:

    This app is amazing! So glad yall made this for an option for those of us who want to get rid of other social media. In a world full of darkness as of late, thank you for being a shining light of motivation amongst the dark and ugly of the world! πŸ–€πŸ–€

  10. Bobbi Lynch says:

    Absolutely Amazing App! I πŸ’• this company and now I have an easy way to post and keep up with everything! The app is super easy to use and the community is just amazing. #CVGarmyforlife

  11. Alexandria Hartman says:

    The app is amazing and so simple to use! I love the community so much and everyone is so supportive and kind!

  12. Lacey Watson says:

    I love, love this company and all its amazing offerings! The app is a fantastic place to find it all at once! Advice, socializing, workouts, exclusive giveaways, podcasts, and notifications of releases! The only thing I don’t like is podcasts section. I love that they’re all in one place, but I will continue to use stitcher for podcasts for now just because of the functionality (speed, pausing when I disconnect bluetooth devices, playlists, show notes, etc.) Otherwise, amazing app you guys! ❀

  13. Michelle Osborne says:

    I absolutely love this app! To have this community all together, organized with everything you need all in one place! Ahhhh, dreams do come true ❀️

  14. Kaitlin Johnson says:

    Being such a fan of the groups on social media. This app has it all. Its organized, one stop shop for everything CVG. And all the amazing people in the groups. Couldnt love it more.

  15. Carolyn Lang says:

    Amazing app! Amazing community and motivational encouragement!!!!❀❀❀

  16. Krystal Marshall says:

    Outstanding support πŸ‘ The CVG community is amazing! The love, support and motivation they bring to over all health is outstanding. Highly recommend all. Come on board for a healthy, uplifting way of life. Oh and the leggings are AMAZING.

  17. Kate Baird says:

    Super easy to use and well laid out.

  18. Heather Lenoir says:

    Way to KNOCKOUT the perfect edition to your already perfect small business!! Mark the app is user friendly and super easy to navigate around in. I love all the hard work and effort everyone puts in to make a world full of beautiful women happy!! πŸ’šπŸ’›

  19. Andrea Sonday says:

    Love it…so many great ladies. Also the workout help is great too

  20. Beth Coello says:

    CVG is the best small company EVER! Not only do they have THE ABSOLUTE BEST workout wear, but they are coaches, have a podcast about nutrition-fitness-lifestyle habits, they CARE and listen to our suggestions. It’s a safe place for positivity, encouragement, sharing triumphs and lifting eachother up. If you don’t download this app, you are truly missing out on a happy place. Love, love, love CVG! #IAM #AthletesOverModels

  21. Heather Thorne says:

    I love this app. It’s a great way to connect with my community without dealing with other social media.

  22. Strawberry Shortcake says:

    I love it! Everything i need to feel supported in my journey. Need dark mode or low vision color s….the white is no good.

  23. Ashley Kirkland says:

    A great tribe!! Motivation, shopping, workouts and nutrition all in one place!!

  24. Trish McCurdy says:

    This small family business is thriving and celebrating every woman athlete of every size and walk of life! This app is an amazing compilation of fitness, the worlds best leggings, and an amazing cheering tribe for everybody!

  25. Dani Holly says:

    Love this ap, love this whole community. The whole mindset is different to other apps based on fitness – this is about health, fitness, mental wellbeing and strength, not aesthetics or some meaningless number on a scale. This is having exercise and nutrition questions answered by real people who take you and your circumstances into account… and it’s having an entire cheering squad loudly and proudly celebrating your victories and wishing you well. Can’t recommend this app highly enough.

  26. Kim Lewis says:

    I love this company and the app is amazing to have everything in one place.

  27. Jayme Connolly says:

    Absolutely the best fitness community app around!

  28. rose harrington says:

    Love this app. Great motivation! Love all the gear I’ve ever bought. The leggings are amazing! Always have free workouts and tips also free nutrition info. Amazing group of hard working women supporting each other and lifting each other up!

  29. Rachel Gosses says:

    Excellent lifestyle app. Motivation, workouts, giveaways, peer support. CVG is awesome. Not just great leggings, great company!!

  30. Amber Sprinkle says:

    Excellent functionality. Welcoming community. Great clothing!!

  31. Alexis Rutherford England says:

    Seriously one of the most supportive spaces on the internet for women! Lifting and empowering each other towards health and wellness. Bonus…. cute workout clothes and amazing functional fitness programming!

  32. Jenn Lantz says:

    Easy to use app. I love that I can join the group’s to choose how much or how little I want to see. Great addition to a great community. The only trouble is sometimes it takes a bit to load your pictures. The latest update seems to have helped with that.

  33. Dani Nyemaster says:

    Love this app and this company. Love how easy it is to navigate.

  34. Kayla Hoggatt says:

    I’ve always loved CVG Fitness group on fb but this app has brought the group to a whole new level. Being able to connect with other women with the same interest as you is soo motivating. AND you get a chance to win a FREE pair of leggings everyday. You can’t beat that❀

  35. sandra aguilar says:

    I love the app and the support and workouts i get. Thanks to everyone in the group

  36. American Badass says:

    Love this App so so much. Behind able to connect with the cvgs…

  37. Dustin Nichols says:

    Would give a higher review, but I had my account suspended in the app with no explanation and had to create a new one. Wrote to customer service asking what had happened, and never got a response back.

  38. Brandi B says:

    Incredible community of encouragement and supportive women. Workouts, nutrition, and humor. I love this app and this community. ❀

  39. Jennifer Bonham says:

    Love the CVG crew and getting notifications of sales, new goodies released first. The support and sisterhood is amazing.

  40. Rachel Drapeau says:

    Wow. Wonderful company, great community. Was expecting a sales app but this is much more.

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