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Heart health analyzer. Monitor stress, pulse, and sleep through your smart watch
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Cardiogram Inc.
June 3, 2022
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Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor Premium Apk

Cardiogram is a center fee track that is helping you be informed what your center is telling you. Monitor your middle well being thru your watch and perceive your sleep, rigidity, and aerobic health. Use interactive charts, complete metrics, and notes Cardiogram is a center fee track that is helping you be told what your middle is telling you. Observe your center well being thru your watch and perceive your sleep, rigidity, and aerobic health. Use interactive charts, complete metrics, and notes that assist analyze daily fluctuations on your middle well being.

Cardiogram: Center Price Track Top class Apk apk

Cardiogram is going past taking your pulse price, it’ll will let you construct lifelong behavior to optimize your middle well being. Take regulate of your objectives, whether or not it’s to drop a few pounds or beef up your aerobic health. Insights into your sleep, pressure, health, and way of life will assist optimize your total middle well being with long-term tendencies to peer how construction new behavior will give a boost to your day-to-day middle fee metrics. Sign up for the cardiogram group to discover a new wholesome addiction or process you’ll love!

Cardiogram: Center Price Track Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Pulse Track & Middle Analyzer
• A virtual diary of your middle price information. Observe your center well being and spot how your pulse adjustments with interactive, speedy center price graphs.
• Permit you to and your physician observe your center well being with a complete breakdown of your whole center well being information issues with signs and temper logging
• Spotlight and make notes on any phase of your center well being knowledge to spot what can have brought about a spike or dip for your middle price, like rigidity, vitamin, or medicines.
• Evaluate your resting middle charge, steps, and sleep to different Cardiogram customers.

Cardiogram: Middle Fee Observe Top class Apk unencumber

Center Well being File Card
• Observe personalised possibility ratings to look how your center well being is converting over the years and the way other conduct are affecting your chance for middle assaults and protracted illness.
• Evaluate your middle fee with previous days and seek thru your entire categorised knowledge.
• Rankings are generated via our clinically-validated ML set of rules the usage of components corresponding to age, intercourse, height/weight, and more than a few middle charge metrics.

Cardiogram: Middle Price Track Top rate Apk mod apk

WearOS watch app
• View your fast center charge or observe your day-to-day middle charge thru charts
• View your center price variability whilst figuring out • Customise the frequency that Cardiogram measures your center charge.

Cardiogram: Center Charge Observe Top rate Apk apk mod

ECG and Sleep Monitoring Our app does now not have integrated ECG / EKG capability and does now not measure particular person middle charges. We retrieve sleep monitoring knowledge immediately from the Google Have compatibility, Fitbit, or Garmin Attach apps and display this data within the context of your center charge. We don’t write any information to Google Have compatibility but, however keep tuned for updates.

Cardiogram: Middle Fee Observe Top class Apk

Supported Languages
We recently simplest be offering the app in English.

Cardiogram: Middle Fee Track Top class Apk apk mod new

Supported units with a center price track -Fitbit Charge™ circle of relatives -Fitbit Versa™ circle of relatives -Fitbit Encourage HR™
-Fitbit Ionic
-Fitbit Alta HR
-Fossil Julianna HR, Fossil Carlyle HR, Fossil Game, Fossil Mission HR, Fossil Explorist HR, Fossil Q sequence -Garmin Fenix Five Collection -Garmin Forerunner 35, 235, 645, 735XT, 935
-Garmin Vivoactive Three -Huawei Watch 1 and a couple of -LG Watch Game -Misfit Vapor
-Moto 360 Game -New Steadiness RunIQ
-Polar M600
-Ticwatch S, Ticwatch E, and Ticwatch Professional
Cardiogram is appropriate with Put on OS by means of Google, Fitbit, and Garmin watches with a center price sensor. The Cardiogram Put on OS app in your watch works even supposing you employ an iPhone. For Samsung, we fit with the 2021 Samsung Galaxy Watch Four and Samsung Galaxy Watch Four Vintage most effective.


40 comments on "Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor Premium Apk"

  1. Madelin Erling says:

    Really like being able to set HR monitoring to the exact minute interval, but that’s about all there is to like about this app right now. Skips random intervals throughout the day for minor data blackouts on the chart. The biggest failing of this app overall is accuracy. According to Cardiogram, my heart rate NEVER exceeds 110 bpm, even though Fit and even Mobvoi tell differently. Please fix this so you can even claim basic functionality for this app.

  2. Cici Patrina says:

    Worked great up until 2 days ago. Timeline won’t show any new graphs beyond 2 days ago. Was this a free trial type app? Update- It had now been a week and the app still won’t work. I can still get current HR through the companion app on the watch, but the phone app will not show that it is connected or getting data. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but nothing is working. i really liked this app for the few days it worked. Oh well.

  3. Feran Adyn says:

    Installed the app because it was supposed to check for irregular heart beats. As a UK user it didn’t seem to offer this service. Asked their support team but didn’t hear back. User interface on phone seemed quite complex and app on watch too simple as it just showed heartbeat. If the app showed what I was after and was easy to use then this would be an easy 5 stars but, as it is, it’s just another heartbeat program.

  4. Clyford Davion says:

    The design and features of the app are well curated, definitely above the average when it comes to other heart measurement apps around. However I can’t seem to find a way to sync my measurements to Google Fit. New measurements don’t appear on my Google Fit account, and I can’t seem to find a way to perform automatic measurements each n minutes or sync the data to Google Fit each m minutes, like other apps do.

  5. Maci Cher says:

    Overall the UI is very nice, app seems to function well and has intuitive input. Can’t test the medical history portion because the birthday field is a calendar day picker with no manual inputs – on my version of Android (Stock 8.1) that requires I press the back arrow waaaaay too much (it’s per month). Need to add ability to input a year separately for these edge cases.

  6. George Reve says:

    I really love the insight into my heart rate! However, it didn’t sync with Fitbit’s sleep data. It did take a few attempts to get it to properly sync with my Fitbit. I think the first time just took a long time and was still processing historical data after saying it was synced. There was a lot of pre-existing data to pull in. Suggest a % count. It’s not obvious how to change the year on that kind of calendar for DOB (tap year), should allow manual entry. mRhythm link is broken, Christie.

  7. Dustee Darylyn says:

    This app is a great idea but it does need some updates. I have managed to set everything up but the Fitbit says connected but sadly no information is being gathered by the app. For the people who’s moaning about the age just tab Top Date and then a new window will open up. Giving it 1 star for your own incompetence is just sad. I sure hope they do get round to sorting out the issues.

  8. Alfrid Arville says:

    Not that useful if you already use a health monitoring app. It takes a while for the data to load, whereas I can see it all automatically on my Fitbit app. Also, it doesn’t load all the data from my Fitbit watch & app, like sleep data. And I didn’t even try to plug my birthdate in because it wants you to scroll back one month at a time from today!!! Why wouldn’t they make an option to just TYPE it in?! Not very functional & very redundant.

  9. Aviola Alecia says:

    I contacted their support the day I signed up for the premium trial and never heard back. Now that the trial is over and I’m signed up for a full year, the app is even less functional. It will not sync with my fitbit. I can’t get up to date information. And clicking on any of the “premium” features simply pulls up a popup message asking if I want to sign up for the premium version. I AM SIGNED UP FOR THE PREMIUM VERSION. And I STILL haven’t heard back from your support team.

  10. Aldrik Katherina says:

    I’ve been delaying this a few weeks until I was sure the app was working. There was a small hiccup between free and premium, which was resolved after a short delay. The positive – support did respond, and did solve the data flow issue (the same one I see others mentioning). Since then – the app has worked well. I like the app and would buy it again without hesitation. It’s giving me the information I need and can’t find anywhere else. My Fitbit is the Charge 3.

  11. Alexande Hide says:

    it offers subscription therefore it should be punctual, highly configurable with a lot function and clear interface and it is NOT, not even close. I have to say somehow it’s successfully built against itself since watch version is syncing heart rate to other apps just fine so it’s not wearable issue and same data won’t show up on this corresponding app what is ridiculous. A lot of things missed on this app for sure and it’s so silly to coming up with subscription with an app like this.

  12. Enyd Rhawn says:

    Every time I try to update to the Premium Package at the current sale price, the app won’t let me. I get a message: ERROR Your order is processing, your item will be available in a few minutes. When I hit OK it says “An error occurred please try again. I’ve tried 6 times and the same thing. The only reason I wanted this app is for the premium package. I had gone thru the whole order before and entered my credit card etc. but nothing showed on the account and the premium package wasn’t activated. WHAT’S UP??? I’d rate my experience with 0 stars if that was an option. It looks like they don’t want my money.

  13. Clarinda Rhan says:

    I appreciate the idea, but the implementation is flawed. Apart from a confusing UI, it failed to read data consistently from my smart watch. It would collect a heartbeat every 6 hours, regardless of what I told my Android smartwatch to do. Sometimes it would work briefly, then go back to 6 hours. Sadly, not worth the price of free.

  14. William Dace says:

    Unable even to log in or sign up. Note 10+ latest software, I select my google account to use and it just brings up a white box with an arrow circle and does nothing. It did this a few months ago so I left it and imagined it would be fixed. NOPE. So far have never been able to even sign up waste of space.

  15. Lilibeth Eleanor says:

    I signed up to premium free trial. All I wanted it to do was to alert me if my heartbeat went above or below a certain number. Heart rate stayed on the same number even though I kept pressing the synchronise button. The heart rate on the watch changed as I moved around but stayed the same constantly on the app. It never achieved anything I want to do do. Cancelling trial. It’s a shame because I would have been a paying member if it had worked.

  16. Garnock Jar says:

    As many others have said, will randomly check your heat rate as and when it feels like it, sometimes it’ll work fine for a few hours and then it’ll miss a few hours after that before it starts checking again. UI is hard to use and very fiddly. I subscribed to the 7 hour sleep ‘Habit’ but it never knows when I’m asleep or not and you can’t seem to manually trigger it.

  17. Britteney Davianna says:

    I paid for the annual subscription during their flash sale in December. The features lasted maybe a month, then disappeared. I tried to contact their support and have heard nothing back since I sent the request two weeks ago. If you use this app, never upgrade, you won’t get any of the extra features they advertise and no one will help if you have issues.

  18. Arnett Lander says:

    I haven’t gotten this app to properly work since the day I got it. Some days it records fine, most days it may pick up my heart rate 4-5 times throughout the day and that’s it. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I’ve sent many emails to cardiogram over the last few months and haven’t heard one single response back. I would love this app if it worked right, it has many more options in details than Google Fit has. But absolutely none of that matters if you can’t get the app to work.

  19. Jennette Joanie says:

    This has been marginally useful in the past but now refuses to sync with my Fitbit Versa 2 despite disconnecting and reconnecting. The app has no trouble-shooting features and there is zero support from the company even if you pay for a subscription. Overall this is a pretty poorly written piece of software. The UI is opaque, once you sign up for Premium there’s no way to check on your status, the sync function is very flaky. Overall a great idea with a lot of potential very badly implemented. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  20. Beckie Smothermon says:

    The app itself was great. I’ll continue to use the free version. I paid for the premium, it never activated. I sent email to support. It’s been 4 months and there has been zero response from Cardiogram support. I’m disappointed because I needed to have the ability to send data to my doctor. I’ve been patient, but after 4 months of no follow up, I cancelled my subscription early. I don’t want to forget when that auto-renew comes along.

  21. Alan Fidler says:

    Not reliable. The biggest issue I have with this app is that it displays data on my heart rate when the watch is not even being worn and is sat on a table top being charged up. It should be able to recognise when the watch is being recharged. These false readings are often really high too killing my average at rest rate and maximum rate. Not impressed.

  22. Keith Sanders says:

    During the installation process, I sync’d with my WearOS watch, then the app on the phone wouldn’t progress past a screen that demanded that I subscribe to one of two options via an in-app purchase, even though I clicked the “Try for Free” button on the preceding screen. I wasn’t able to use the app at all, so I killed it and removed it. Seems like false advertising.

  23. Juan Gabriel Seiglie says:

    Cardiogram is a great app, but suddenly removed Cardiogram Care last week without alerting its users. The help pages online still have all the information about Cardiogram Care, but no explanation as to why it was removed. This was one of the main benefits of having a Fossil watch; now that the feature is no longer available, I may make the switch back to Fitbit without using Cardiogram at all. It’s a rather disappointing change of service, especially when it happened without warning.

  24. Karina Zimmerman says:

    I have been using Cardiogram for awhile now- When I open the app it says ‘Updating Cardiogram’ and it’s connected with my Fitbit/Fitbit App…and it says it’s synced…but it doesn’t update my information. It’s not letting me see an updated version of my heart rate on the graph for the day. Super disappointed and frustrated. I have tried re-installing the app… nothing works.

  25. Bruce Berry says:

    It works! Received a fossil watch for Christmas. Messing around, got the cardiogram app going. And forgot about it. January 2nd I had a very bad heart attack. ended up with a stent etc a few days in the hospital. Got home looked at the app and it had called it. The notifications were not on. If I had the notifications on I may have had a better warning. This app works!

  26. Oscar Merlos says:

    It was working very well for 10 days. On the eleventh day the phone app stopped syncing the measurements as often as before. I have it set to take one every 5 minutes. The WearOS app does get the BPMs but the phone app just won’t show them. Did my trial end or something? Edit: It seems it was an issue on my side. After updating both the phone app and the WearOS app things started working again!

  27. Kelly Walters says:

    *not fixed* Could you PLEASE make the back button NOT close the app from every screen, it’s incredibly annoying. Also, how about being able to expand a single days worth of stats instead of only the main scroll screen and the weekly metrics. It would be incredibly helpful to me. Other than the problem and suggestion, the is the best cardio monitor I have seen to date (fitbit compatible, sync). Thank you very much and everyone that needs detailed hart monitoring, this a must. (Paid premium user.)

  28. Kristofer Cummings says:

    EDIT: After a few different attempts, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on both devices appears to have corrected the subscription issue. Works great now! Opened the app, wouldn’t let me connect my Google account. So I continued without signing in. Everything seemed to be working fine all day, so in the evening I subscribed for premium. Next time I logged in it let me sync my Google account, but now it says I don’t have premium, even though I’ve already been charged.

  29. rebecca nelson says:

    Second review – The cardiogram began working again as it should. It lasted for 6 days this time. last night it stopped monitoring my rate every 3 minutes as scheduled, did not record my rate on the graph, or monitor my sleep. It isn’t the watch. It’s this app. It is inconsistent and not reliable. I have tried resetting the app, unfortunately that wasn’t helpful either. You do not need a premium account in order for this to function properly. Please advise on how this issue can be fixed.

  30. Shirez Reese says:

    Charged for what was advertised as a free trial and it’s already having sync delays. I had the app 20 minutes. Update: Got refunded. So, I uninstalled the app. It was just slow in updating the readings taken with my watch. I don’t need this for medical reasons, just for fun, but if I did, reliable readings would be pretty important. Hope you guys can improve.

  31. Bill Hamilton says:

    Worked great for about 2 days. Very useful info, great idea, but it crashed yesterday, and I can’t get it to even open now. I had to open my Garmin connect almost every time I opened those app, to resync my data. I was only trialing it, but I hope I didn’t sign up for open join, because now I can’t even get into the app to opt out! 🤔

  32. Jeffrey Seger says:

    It was working until yesterday. App appears to start but then reports “There was an error starting Cardiogram. Please try closing and reopening the app.” I have tried this as well as uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone but nothing helps. Update: After reinstalling again, it’s back to working. Thanks for whatever you did to fix it.

  33. P Fernando S says:

    Misleading app. The report scores me a 0.8. Doctor shows otherwise… Also the fact that this app uses your heart data to feed their databases but at the same time will keep your data history behind a paywall is predatory. It is your data, but you cannot check more than a few days before you get prompted for the “cloud” storage. One would think they would solve it by storing that data in your device, right? Uninstall this. Useless without expensive subscription.

  34. Ken Lord says:

    App on google watch notifies me to open it on my phone. I tap the notification to open on phone. Phone tries to open a url that is either broken or gone. So I search for the phone app. Got here to find a lot of complaints, and that the app doesn’t do anything useful that I don’t already get free from fitbit, and that the app can’t even do what I expected. Don’t know how this could have ended up as an app recommendation from Google for their new watch.

  35. Valerya Steel says:

    The app stopped synching with the watch, choosing to show me how many steps I did instead of the HR through the day I literally paid premium to have full access to. The app on the watch itself doesnt keep track of HR, gets stuck, the widget mostly doesn’t react at all as well. Regretting that Premuin immensely at the moment. Please fix. (galaxy watch 4, galaxy s10e, latest available version on both)

  36. André Dankert says:

    Completely useless! Installed it since i read an article when it started syncing with Fitbit and promised more insights. Even after weeks of syncing it doesn’t give me details, says it needs a few days of data. Then i noticed my synced step count is completely off too, so I uninstall it… Update: seems to be borderline a scam: got a mail after years saying my heart health report is ready. I didn’t have the app installed, so got it and nothing there. Had to setup and all! Really fishy!

  37. Cathryn Ayliffe says:

    Good app. Little expensive. I like the report on menu but it still needs work. Risk idea makes sense to me. The overall number often makes no sense. Would prefer this merged to my garmin app but ok separate. Pop ups often cover add tag. I actually follow more stats on the Garmin. Most important the company is not hassling me. One other app I uninstalled because they kept talking to me about it. It’s my health.

  38. Hector Villagran says:

    App is rather useless. Been waiting for metrics to show up for a while and nothing actually comes up. Also, the report seems heavily based off BMI charts which do not account for muscle mass. Therefore, this app doesn’t really do much more than what you can read off any random BMI chart. One star because the app actually boots up.

  39. Wendyy Tgytg Zinn says:

    Loved it until recently. October 29 was the last time it actually worked. I open the app and although all permissions were given, there are only a few measurements. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I now have to search for an alternative app to track this very important metric.

  40. Bruce Michael says:

    7/13 – Using over a year… now doesn’t work and keep receiving an error. So much for premium and lost data. 7/14 – Updating my review to reflect their quick response to repair the issue. 8/22 – Haven’t been able to use it for a couple days. Pretty sure I’m going to look for another app. I pay for premium and this isn’t premium. 9/30 Currently working as it should. 11/23/22 premium now includes adds at the top of the screen everytime you load it. I do not want Cardio DNA.

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