Toters: Food Delivery & More Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Get Deliveries from your favorite local store or restaurant
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November 1, 2022
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Toters: Food Delivery & More Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Food supply & a lot more!

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

YOUR FAVORITES Big name your favourite retail outlets to stay them on the most sensible of your display screen – for simple get admission to.

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

AGENDA DELIVERIES Tell us when you want your meals at 1:15 pm in 5 days, as exact as that sounds.

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Get your dose of a giant cappuccino with skimmed milk, simple at the foam, one click on away, each day.

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

YOUR PERSONAL TASTES, STORED Save your cost knowledge securely and your best possible friend’s house deal with, simply as soon as, as a result of who needs to kind that during each. unmarried. time?

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

REAL-TIME MONITORING Watch your order arriving: from affirmation to preparation and on find out how to virtually there. We get hangry and impatient too.

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

WE’RE RIGHT HERE FOR YOU Succeed in out to us. Five-star carrier will get you what you wish to have, proper when you wish to have it.

Toters: Meals Supply & Extra Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

With Toters Rewards, earn issues and redeem them thru a variety of provides, reductions, unfastened foods and advantages. Extra orders manner extra rewards!

With our Butler provider, we will be able to pick out up or purchase and ship the rest that matches on a motorbike.
WE’RE ALREADY THERE – with extra than simply lunch
Industry travel to Lebanon, Iraq, or the U.S.? You guessed it. We’re already there.


40 comments on "Toters: Food Delivery & More Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Fatima Bdeir says:

    There are MANY bugs in the UI. I encounter such bugs EVERY time I use the app so they’re not hidden bugs; they’re in broad daylight in the casual flow of the app. The issues are things like ugly typos, stuck images, buttons that don’t always work etc… The biggest con of the service is that you need to be very specific in what you want in the comments or they will get the order wrong. The reason is that the menu on the app is actually not consistent with the real menu at the restaurant

  2. Ali El Hajj Sleiman says:

    Worst customer service! Worst delivery system! The deliveries are always calling to ask for directions even after a year of using the app.. And using the app ONLY because zomato was canceled. I literally am disappointed by how low the service has become. I recommend calling the restaurant directly and to hell with the worst delivery system ever.

  3. Mustafa Hameed says:

    I’m using it in Iraq and the customer service is awful, u wait for like half an hour for an employee to answer me and sometimes they never do. Other then that the app is good

  4. Rachel Kjk says:

    It used to be the best delivery app, but not anymore. It’s been a while that the delivery is very slow. It takes them an hour to assign a driver. I always need to contact them ( after an hour of waiting) to check why a driver is not assigned yet. The customer service is not that good. They need to hire new drivers and staff. Doesn’t recommend it at all.i will soon delete the application if it continue this way

  5. Saleem Mbayed says:

    BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Inaccurate delivery time and dodgy. I made an order it was delivered co.pletely wrong. Not only the customer service agent had zero communication skills. But my order was not replaced and I was informed of a refund.Few days later I was not refunded and speaking with the customer service again, said that it was refunded in cash (eventhough I paid using toters credit) anyhow toters avoided all responsibility. Many better alternatives to this app. Or order directly from rest

  6. Sana Atrissi says:

    Very bad experience. kept giving them another shot and they never fail to deceive me. Orders keep on getting delayed and 1 hour of wait could easily turn to 2. But today, was a first! After my order kept getting delayed several times, I followed up and they informed me that the restaurant was already closed and nobody bothered to inform me and my waiting time kept being updated. It was nearly 11pm and all restaurants were closing so we ended up without diner. Using this app makes me miss Zomato

  7. Dhuha Bearmani says:

    I’ve recently started encountering issues with app. It crashes more often and I’m getting a lot of request time outs. My phone is galaxyA52. Please fix it.

  8. paul maamari says:

    App works fine, used to be great, now it’s just a frustrating menu of overcharges and disappointing offers. Toters should do better.

  9. Manal Moukaddem says:

    Had some initial problems with the app and the customer service agents but was contacted immediately and issues were resolved systematically. 5 stars restored for all the help and support!

  10. Nara McCray says:

    Efficient service! I use it all the time, not sure what I would do without this app! But yesterday I wrote a 3 star review for a restaurant and they have been calling and texting me about my rating! I am embarrassed, I figured the ratings were ANONYMOUS… But they aren’t. So please know your feedback about the services offered may lead to unwanted phone calls and messages and even potential retaliation. toters, please consider making reviews anonymous to encourage public feedback and privacy.

  11. Elia Kh says:

    The most unprofessional delivery app ever used. Worst support. Always late. Changing the delivery timing 10 times. Support doing nothing . They always say the have a lot of orders instead of recruiting to solve the issue . I was a toters gold and now ill surely delete the app and use another one

  12. Chris Deeb says:

    great service, excellent staff. Follow up on orders is to the point. In short, a magnificent experience every time.

  13. Farid Farah says:

    You’d have to get off the app and search for locations of most restaurants on a browser or get info from other apps. Once adding items, you cannot remove it except on checkout page. Reported to technical support by emails, through app and by calls several times already.

  14. Christian Khairallah says:

    The concept, idea, and customer service are all great. I’ll give it four stars to leave room for improvement.

  15. wasaabi saabi says:

    Convenience is great but almost all the prices are more expensive. Customer service is trash

  16. cynthia esber says:

    Very disappointing! I live in Metn area and gave this app a try 3 times. Everytime, my order was delayed for more than 2 hours and assigned to different drivers. If you are not ready, do not expand into new areas!

  17. Sami Shukayr says:

    The app is great, but i have one issue with it, not sure if I’m the only one, but after my first order all the other ones don’t display when the meal is on it’s way. Even after it arrives the app shows it’s still in preparation. Not sure if it’s my internet or the delivery people just forget to update the order.

  18. Loukas msi says:

    This program blatantly steals customers, I bought a Google card about a month ago, but the card was not working on Google, and I contacted the administration, but they started lying when they told me that the problem would be solved and it was not resolved to this day, in addition to that my wife requested 3 orders after ten o’clock were deducted The amount and no request came. I contacted the administration, but the value paid was not compensated. This is an indirect theft service against its

  19. Steiner1108 (GIN11) says:

    Point system issue, seems like all items to be redeemed through points has one extra zero.

  20. Nadia Hamad says:

    I ordered from Kababji and there was a missing item so I contacted totters support and they told me that they might have put it in a small box in the bag and then left the chat immediately. The box wasn’t in the bag so they are either calling me blind or a liar!

  21. Bilal Hoosen says:

    It was an awesome delivery because I did not have to wait long. The delivery guy was very friendly and was able to deliver my goods in the best possible condition. Keep up the good work 👏 👌 👍 😉 ☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡

  22. TRPallday says:

    It’s an okay delivery app. Potentially alright if you don’t mind waiting 1.5 hours on average everytime you order your food. In Beirut. Where food deliveries can take 25 minutes or less. Awful service. Regret reinstalling it every time I do.

  23. Roy Bou Hadir says:

    No notifications control. you’re not allowed to turn off notifications in any shape or form.

  24. Arthur Satyan says:

    It’s pity that this app after updates doesn’t anymore support my favorite places. Look at my orders history. My home is in Tilal Ain Saade (before the Roumieh jail), and it’s 5 minutes away from Zalka, Jdeideh or Dora, but all stores i can order from is Broumana or Mansourieh. Delivery guys always complain that it’s too far. You guys changed location regions in the app and this is doesn’t work anymore for me. Please fix it.

  25. ali jradeh says:

    0 points, If there is a negative star I would give it to toters,lately all orders are mess. I order things and wrong order came. When I contact the support I asked for refund when they ask me if I want refudn or reorder. They re send me again even though I said refund and gave them the previous order!!!!! Now even there point system is brokern!! I have about 790k points and I want to order something with 600k points they asked me to collect more points -190k( yes in negative!!!!), RIP zomoato…

  26. Ahmad Kamal says:

    The app was good at first the point system was good but now you have to spend four times points to earn free delivery and you the app won’t show you how many free orders you have left and at first they charged 2000 IQD for delivering but now they charge you based on distance but there are some stores nearby charging more than farther stores and some stores with earn points tag won’t give you points If you buy from.

  27. George Gee says:

    Well the worst app i guess ! Crashing all the time👎

  28. Hayder Al-Mirza says:

    Bad delivery app regarding customer service. I won’t recommend it to anyone!

  29. Mohammad Moussa says:

    My app shows that every place i want to order from is closed it wasnt like this before

  30. Johnny Merheb says:

    very bad application , always lets you wait and telling excuses and lies and we are working on this and that. they accept orders even when drivers are not available and the client keeps waiting and waiting for his order and after all “sorry we appologize and let’s give you credit”. It’s supposed to make it easier ordering food & groceries but in fact it’s quite the opposite.

  31. Pia Youssef says:

    Very disappointing! Orders keep in getting delayed and one hour can easily turn into 2 without any explanation/further contact.

  32. Dastan Salar says:

    Everything was good until lately, where everything is terrible. Late orders, unprofessional drivers with no change, terrible and annoying customer service with repetitive excuses. Nevermind the points program which is 4× more expensive now.

  33. Alaa Fawaz says:

    report to your management that your service is unprofessional and there is no communication between toters and sandwich w nos and even the driver you are blaming each other and not finding a solution for the client honestly it was a very very bad experience and i will never order from this application or even from sandwich w nos you just lost office ordering every day for 30 employee at least thank you for wasting my time

  34. Johnny's Fashion Evaluation says:

    I gave this app 4 stars because I keep getting notifications for discount codes and when I try them they don’t work. For example, These codes were sent to me (KARBALA, KAFREE, PRFREE) but when I use them it says “invalid”. Please fix this, otherwise it’s a great app.

  35. Omer says:

    Returning policy is very very annoying. Why do I have to keep my money on this app?! When the store gets something wrong because THEY didn’t update the item’s picture! I pay the delivery and lose my money to this app!? This is very frustrating.

  36. Ramzi H says:

    Update: I’ve been contacted by Toters support to solve the problem and they will work on it. Thank you

  37. Hussein Dizayee says:

    order was supposed to arrive at 4:40 then it was changed to 4:49 then to 5:00 then to 5:16 and finally to 5:38. in the meantime i was talking with support, no notice of it being late, no apology basically nothing helpful. order arrived at 5:36, about 1 and half hour after placing the order. no apology from driver or explanation from driver. the pizza was ice cold just like it was out of freezer, my pasta was soggy and not edible it went straight to trash can unfortunately. Never using it again

  38. Fabric Ville says:

    Worst App! They hire drivers that don’t even know the country, get lost for hours every delivery and ALWAYS get the order wrong!

  39. Dany Sfeir says:

    All is working just fine except that I no longer receive notifications about my order, I need to open the app and go to orders to track it, tried to uninstall and install same issues.

  40. Rima Janho says:

    Unprofessional. Mafia like app. They blocked me after i refused to accept a bad delivery(missing items from the order) its been 3 months and after many calls and still i cant get back my accouny… this app should be banned for good..

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