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October 24, 2022
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Tim Hortons Apk Download New*

The up to date Tim Hortons app is the whole thing you’re keen on about Tim Hortons — now more straightforward, quicker, and extra private. Benefit from the comfort of Order & Pay, earn and spend Tims™ Rewards, temporarily customise your order within the app and to find the most recent focused gives — right through your telephone!

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* liberate

Cell Order & Pay Make a selection and customise your favorite food and drink, make a choice your most popular Tim Hortons location, and pay from the app. It’s now that simple to reserve your favorite Tim Hortons pieces out of your telephone.

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* apk

Customized Menu Upload not too long ago ordered pieces with one faucet. Custom designed orders are stored to your menu so you’ll be able to get your order simply the way in which you love it.

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Tims™ Rewards
After simply seven eligible purchases, obtain your number of a UNFASTENED espresso, tea or baked just right. Stay checking for extra particular gives to come back. It’s time to praise your regimen!

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New*

Scan for Tims™ Rewards
A virtual model of your loyalty card that you’ll be able to scan simply when ordering within the eating place – by no means pass over a possibility to earn rewards.

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Scan to Pay
Save time and pay in your order proper from the app — no wish to raise money or a bank card!

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Take Out, Dine In or Power Through Make a choice your pick-up approach. Cost is finished in-app, so you’ll take hold of your order to head, or dine in with us. Your selection.

Tim Hortons Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

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40 comments on "Tim Hortons Apk Download New*"

  1. Rody Sutcliff says:

    I keep getting this error that says “failed validating card”. I can’t get it to accept any of my credit cards. I wanted to use this app for mobile orders, but I’m not able to. As an alternative I’ve been calling my local Tim Horton’s and placing orders that way. If you could fix the mobile ordering issue this app would be golden. Until then 2 stars, because the app is still a single pane of glass to keep track of my rewards and account information.

  2. Aerlene Areia says:

    Doesnt work probably 1 out of every 7 attempts – “cannot reach the restaurant” or the famous “oops something went wrong with your payment method”; otherwise it’s a great app when it works and it has saved me a ton of time. I’ve also noticed lately the restaurants are messing up my order more frequently – like it would’ve been served faster had i just waited in line as opppsed to ordering through the app.

  3. Andri Carol says:

    Worked great until recent update. Money missing from balance! Reloaded money to make a purchase. There was a problem during the placement of order. An error message pops up. Charged my credit card for the reload amount. The money never got added to my card balance. No record of the transaction in the app but did receive a receipt for the reload in my email. No record of the order in my app. Also what happened to making an item a favorite for faster ordering? You have yet to respond to my email!

  4. Larhonda Desirea says:

    Update 1/28/20 – I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and now it appears to work, except i lost my reward card from before. As of Jan. 20, the application does not provide any information nor allow me to switch sub-menus, just a perpetual rolling “…”. Nothing functions at all. It’s as if it’s stuck trying to connect to a server.

  5. Ariell Oakley says:

    The app takes forever to load, it was difficult to figure out how to sync my Tim’s Rewards card, which wasn’t helped by the fact I can only get past the first page maybe 1/3rd of the times I’ve attempted to use this app. It gets stuck on the settings screen too. Won’t close, won’t respond to me tapping on any of the links. I haven’t been able to even see how a Tim’s balance works let alone place an order through this app because nothing will load.

  6. Arthurr Fancy says:

    The new update isn’t as good as version 2.1.13. Biggest issues: stops working regularly, requiring me to have to log in again; and, new version doesn’t have automatic screen brightness for the scanning feature. At this point, I won’t be using the app until these issues are fixed. It is a lot easier to just use my loyalty card and the convenience of online ordering doesn’t make up for the inconvenience of the app issues.

  7. Alick Waylan says:

    This update hasn’t worked at all since it started. I’ve since uninstalled it & redownloaded it & it still doesn’t work. Every time, I get a white screen with three red dots & it just keeps ‘loading’. Nothing ever happens, I can’t log in, scan anything, nothing. I’m missing out on several days worth of points & can’t do anything about it.

  8. Nataline Kaylen says:

    What everyone else says. I’ve reloaded the app several times since the update and it still has to send me an email link to sign in. Most recently I can’t even open the app, but have to “continue on the website.” As an added glitch, when I did finally get it to work via website while ordering at the store, my balance on the website after the purchase was subtracted, was different than the balance on the receipt. I had no problems before the update.

  9. Talon Derren says:

    This app used to work fine since the update it doesn’t work at all and doesn’t even load. I’ve uninstalled it and re installed it 3 times and it still won’t load. All it does it stays on the home screen trying to load… Employees at stores are saying a lot of customers are having issues. Their response if a generic response I clearly advised them of the issue. App is horrible

  10. Peggie Giambra says:

    This is the worst food app I have ever used. It’s slow and it doesn’t even offer the entire menu for ordering. The menu is actually very limited. At over 65MB it is basically just a large rewards card. Tim Hortons has been going down hill for a while and this app is not helping. Tried to give it another chance q month later and the menu is even more limited. Blank screens for bagels, muffins, donuts. Wish I could share images in reviews. Used to love TH, now it’s just always a disappointment.

  11. Ria Wooten says:

    One of the glitchiest apps I’ve ever used. Not only does the location data not lineup, but the app once crashed while I was in the middle of placing an order and sent my order to a location OTHER than the one I SPECIFICALLY selected. I ended up walking 20 MINUTES to a different store just to get my lunch. It’s 2020, I know you can do better.

  12. JD Robinson says:

    Nice idea and pretty good most of the time. It really wants location information and glitches a lot. I have been able to set up a whole order only to be stopped because the app wasn’t able to tell where I want to pick up the order. The app wouldn’t let me advance or select a location until I left the app and returned. When I did, the app would tell me the store didn’t have any items available at the store (Coffee and timbits) and had me delete and resend the order.

  13. Gary Lash says:

    I do not see the value of this app if every time I use it they end up telling me they are out of whatever I ordered and need to choose something else. At that point I’d prefer my money back, but by using the app, that isn’t an option. Ordering at the drive up doesn’t take much more time and they can give instant feedback on inventory. I may lose coupons available though the app, but what good is a coupon if they don’t have what I order, and I find out at the pickup window.

  14. Jan Broomall says:

    Like the app UI but doesn’t work well in real time. If the store is out of stock, they have no way to cancel the charge so you wind up paying for something you don’t want. Last two times I used it they were out of 2 of the 3 items I ordered. So there I am, holding up the drive-thru trying to find replacements on the menu that they had or were serving at 2:00 in the afternoon! And staff can’t honor the coupons. I have tried this app 5 or 6 times and it has not been flawless once! Disappointed.

  15. TYLER Seeloff says:

    Edit 2021: still only works when it wants to. Poorly optimized. Crashes or gets stuck in loading more often than not, and I have had multiple issues with my orders not registering at the TH locations. (They’re usually understanding when you can show the receipt…if you can get that far in the app) But when it works? Fantastic and convenient.

  16. Ashley Marie says:

    App related issues. The recent orders that are usually at the top have disappeared. This is very inconvenient because now everything has to be entered manually. Please fix it. Also, when you view recent orders it says Reorder underneath but it doesn’t work. I tried using the service for contacting them through the app directly but all it does is error and ask for resubmission. I would like to give this a better rating but with the current issues, I can’t

  17. Rebecca Leverenz says:

    App is garbage. It takes FOREVER to open. You click on it, the red screen shows up and then goes to a white screen and stays there literally, FOREVER. Your lucky if it ever gets past that screen so how are you supposed to even get any points collected up while going thru the drive-thru. Who has time to wait 5+ mins for the app to open up. Smfh, TERRIBLEEEEE….

  18. Jennifer Borne says:

    App doesn’t work. I activate the deals available to me every week and every week for the last 6 months it doesn’t come off my bill. When I ask the people at the store I’m told to delete the app and reinstall it but that never works. It’s very frustrating as I order every single day and can only take advantage of the points rewarded. Fix the app please

  19. Corey Walendzik says:

    Doesn’t connect to the store. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. That said, once selecting my breakfast and clicking on the cart, it gets stuck on checking with the restaurant. Not for just a minute or two, but for several minutes or longer. If fact, it just will not connect. This makes the app unusable. I hope the correct this soon.

  20. William Tran says:

    Placed order at the wrong restaurant since it doesn’t pull up the closest one and can’t cancel it. Also tried to use points for a purchase but was told it doesn’t register until 30 or 40 minutes after you pick it. Maybe add that notice when selecting rewards so we know to plan in advance or create a system that actually updates in real time like every other app.

  21. Dave Hall (lllNiaNlll) says:

    A good app. Does what it needs to. Lets me see my points and stuff. My only real gripe, I suppose, would be that to order through the app to pick up in store requires you to pay when you place the order. I’ve been double charged or falsely charged before by different apps for payments, so I don’t do that at all. Should pass along the feedback that people would probably enjoy the option to pay at the store when placing an online order. Won’t be using that feature until the change is made.

  22. Yolanda Owens says:

    Half the time I open the app it’s updating. You can personalize things like Tim Bits and what is the point of ordering through the app if they only sometimes are open for pick up inside, so then is have to still wait in line. Heck, I can just order when I get there for that. Also, if you forget to scan (or can’t because the app is updating and you don’t want to hold up the line) you can’t add those points to your account with the receipt at all. This app and its processes need some work.

  23. AbiGayle Lee says:

    I used the app to order for delivery and when I try to go to my recent orders and view more details it keeps saying an error on their part. I was trying to say that this is at least the 2nd time I haven’t received an expresso shot even though I pay for it. Also half the time the app doesn’t work. It won’t show you food options and when it does its slow as heck and will take forever to load and don’t even try to remove the item because that takes forever too.

  24. Jonathan DeVowe says:

    Pop-up ads, broken ordering. Ads kept popping up when screens transitioned for other items on their menu. I’m already trying to buy your product, stop annoying be with ads. On top of that, I tried to select special offer items, but couldn’t add to my cart without selecting options that were not in the offer to select. When I finally placed an order, I went through the purchase, had my payment charged, but order was not completed and not available sat the store.

  25. Beth Barkley says:

    The coupons are a nice touch, but I’ve never been able to successfully place an order through the app. Gives me an error every time. Edit: Customer service was very helpful in resolving the issue and resetting me as a US customer (was defaulted to Canadian). Haven’t had any issue since, app performs as expected.

  26. Mary Hand (Mely) says:

    I love being able to order in advance. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have real-time inventory at the stores. It also doesn’t allow the stores to make any changes to the order AT ALL! They can’t substitute items, or make refunds on items. Usually it’s on the customer to contact the store and ask about the problems with the order. The store can only make a note of the issue and add it to your next order OR substitute for an item of same value/price. Some major changes need to be done!!

  27. Emily Tse says:

    I use the app to order in advance sometimes and it’s nice to be able to skip the line in store. The “free delivery” over $9 is a lie though. The base price of the items is inflated when you choose delivery on top of the minimum order being $9 for delivery.

  28. Sh an says:

    Unable to order delivery to my home for a few months now. I have 0 issues with my adress. Ordered many times before, never any issues. Suddenly it will not let me and they have not found why! Super unfair. I cannot walk and order. I want to use my points and my account for delivery. Not only that, when I did order instore. Their point offers did not work. Unistalled the app many many times and followed all directions. I live near multiple tim hortons. I cannot walk there right now!!

  29. Wil says:

    Broken app. Even after a fresh update did not put my order through to the store yet billed my account twice for items. Store told me I had to deal with it through the app. I sent in my issue complete with screen shots showing the problem and zero response. Next step is to deal with it through the bank. This was the last straw with them and their burnt coffee

  30. Abbi Oddson says:

    The worst possible app. No items are ever available, can’t change your region and contacting support is useless. Their email address was unavailable. You can only delete your account by contacting support which is ridiculous. And, the app has very little options, aside from those options actually being in stock there’s virtually nothing you can order. For donuts, the only option was a 40 dollar pack meant for many people. Ridiculous.

  31. Ethan Jerome says:

    When it works its fine. Pretty standard delivery app. But that’s only when it works. Sometimes the app just won’t let you add any items to your order, or it’ll let you fill a full order before having errors in submitting the order. Overall, pretty buggy.

  32. Alynne Linden says:

    This app is fantastic for placing your orders ahead of time! You have access to your local menus, can customize your order, and pay directly with your credit card. However, the functionality of the app is lacking. I will select “prepare in 10 minutes” and it will give me a “ready” time of one minute. No, that’s not what I wanted? And in order to add your “favourite” items to your “favourite” restaurant, there are so many additional clicks on the UI. Please add multi-select, and streamline!

  33. Fahad Shafique says:

    Had the app for a long time. Don’t recall why I didn’t sign up before. Opened it up recently. Signed up. Entered in the validation code it sent me in the mail. Invalid code. Had it resend code. Entered that. Invalid code. This went on for 2 more resend codes, each time trying a new one, and always failing. Now I remember why I didn’t sign up before.

  34. Kayli Even says:

    Everytime I use the mobile app something goes wrong with my order. It either takes way longer then ordering in person, or I get there and they don’t have what I ordered, or they can’t find my order. And that’s not just one location that’s every location I try to use the app for. They need to adapt Starbuck’s system where if they’re out of an item, that item on the mobile menu needs to say ‘out of stock.’ If a location doesn’t even sell that item ‘not available at this location.’ needs efficiency

  35. Ze S says:

    Buggy, laggy, slow, and bad user experience design. Much slower to use the app than to just go and order. Also several times the employees messed up my order if i added a few special options to it. Its actually a good example for showing university software students what a bad app filled with design flaws is like and things not to do!

  36. Nicholas Vieira says:

    Awful app, was given reward points from customer service for a moldy English muffin I had received. Attempted to redeem some points this morning and it was by far the most frustrating experience I’ve had on a mobile ordering app. I seemingly cannot redeem points for more than one item in a single order, and when I tried to make a separate second order to redeem more, it wasn’t working and charged my bank account in full. To top it off these points expire? Silly.

  37. Wayne says:

    Terrible app thats completely inconsist with the store menu. The store menu has all those combos, but this app does not. Tim Hortons has always been very bad with its ordering process; ordering has always been so inconvenient for decades. This problem also reflects in their store menus on display that changes every few seconds that there’s no time to read all those texts. This app is just useless if you want to order store-specific combos. McDonald’s menu and app are way better.

  38. Terry Crombie says:

    New signin experience is terrible. You don’t have a password, you input your email and wait for a code to be sent to you. The problem is that these codes are not sent quickly or reliably. I’ve miss out on points or offers several times now because I am waiting in line for an email that arrives 20 minutes later, or never. Just let me use a password!

  39. Tom U says:

    The app is ok. Can find stuff in menus but they’re order is cumbersome. Have to scroll to end for bagels. App sometimes crashes while I’m trying to order. The support is very poor. Have msg several times about missing items and they haven’t been added over 2 yrs later.

  40. Jade H. says:

    App is fine, so far, I guess. I definitely don’t enjoy that it makes a purchase from my credit card every time I go. I’d rather load $ onto it like other apps, and not have to buy a gift card to do so. Also support staff don’t actually read the messages they receive in order to fix issues.

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