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Grocery to Recipe - make recipes with ingredients you already have at home.
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June 14, 2022
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SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk

How again and again have you ever discovered your self on the lookout for that best recipe – most effective to seek out that you’re lacking a number of substances?

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk apk

How repeatedly have you ever opened the refrigerator and idea to your self — what am i able to make ?

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk apk mod

How repeatedly have you ever thrown away an factor, since you couldn’t determine the right way to use it sooner than it expired ?

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk

SuperCook to the rescue!

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk mod apk

Not like different recipe apps, SuperCook handiest displays you recipes that require the components you have already got.

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk free up

All of the recipes you notice on SuperCook are recipes you’ll be able to make at the moment. Not more inconvenient grocery runs for a lacking aspect, at a time whilst you must be house, together with your friends and family

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Why acquire new elements when you’ll center of attention on what you have already got?

SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk apk mod new

Here’s the way it works:
• For Supercook to do its magic, it wishes to understand all of the elements you could have at house.
• Consult with the pantry web page within the SuperCook app and make a choice from a listing of 2000+ substances damaged down into classes like culmination, greens, meats, and lots of extra.
• Get started including the entire elements you’ve gotten at house for your SuperCook pantry – together with oils, spices, and sure – even that previous bottle of Worcestershire sauce at the back of the refrigerator!
• Take a seat again and watch SuperCook paintings its magic via discovering recipes that fit your elements.

SuperCook’s Distinctive App Options:

–Customized Recipe Ideas–
We’ve consolidated over Eleven million recipes from 18,000 recipe internet sites, in 20 languages to create the most important recipe assortment ever. This data used to be fed into an AI device that learnt the intricacies of all substances and the way they may be able to be combined in combination.

All it’s a must to do is construct your pantry at the app – and you’re able to make scrumptious foods with out ever leaving your own home!

SuperCook will in finding you any recipe you want, whether or not it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or perhaps a nighttime snack.

–Easily Upload Your Ingredients–
Save money and time with an clever pantry. SuperCook’s voice dictation mode permits you to briefly upload components on your in-app pantry via merely pronouncing them out loud.
Simply open your refrigerator, click on the microphone button, and get started list the whole lot inside of. The app will mechanically upload the elements in your pantry for a fast and simple strategy to to find recipes!

–Automatic Recipe Recommendations–
The app will robotically to find you recipes to make with what’s to your refrigerator – so all the ones misplaced substances behind your cabinet now have a spot in your desk. It’s that straightforward!
Whilst you run out of an component, merely open the SuperCook app and take away it out of your pantry – and all of the recipe concepts will modify accordingly.

–Get Ingenious within the Kitchen–
SuperCook evokes new concepts and actions within the kitchen for brand new chefs, busy oldsters, foodies, and professional cooks alike.

With over Eleven million recipes to be had in 20 other languages, SuperCook guarantees that you’ll by no means prepare dinner the similar factor two times (except you wish to have to, after all!).

–What’s at the menu ?–
The menu web page is the place you’ll to find all of your recipe concepts. Why is it known as menu? As a result of similar to the menu in a cafe, the whole thing at the menu web page is to be had to you presently. SuperCook immediately analyzes Eleven million recipes and reveals those that fit your distinctive elements.
Perhaps your menu web page will include 1000’s of recipes, however don’t concern, we’ve damaged them down into useful classes like soups and stews, appetizers and snacks, salads, entrees, cakes and extra.

–Reduce meals waste– The general public don’t notice how a lot meals they throw away on a daily basis — from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce. SuperCook is among the perfect techniques to cut back meals waste in the house. It unearths recipes that use as a lot of your components as imaginable, so not anything is going to waste. SuperCook makes meals waste prevention amusing and simple, simply open the menu web page at the app and make a choice a recipe. We let you use what you’ve, so not anything is going to waste!


40 comments on "SuperCook – Recipe Generator Mod Apk"

  1. Xilla Fiske says:

    I’ve been waiting for a phone app of the SuperCook website for a long time. The app works as expected, and does great. I’ve had a problem with my pantry not saving a few times, though. It does become irritating to need to input my whole pantry again, but I imagine this can get patched soon. A feature I would like to request is filtering on available recipes, namely filtering out recipes I don’t have ingredients for. I big part of why I like this app is to make use of what I have on hand.

  2. Caris Nilesia says:

    Thought it was great until I had to close again and again for it to let me keep adding to my list of ingredients. I tried to add an item manually and it suddenly became only voice activated, which didn’t work. It doesn’t recognize my login creds. Tried registering again, but creds were already used. Of course. Closed and opened several times, viewed my recipes from list of ingredients(always there, but lost/found by closing/opening) Sadly, uninstalled the app. Great idea. Please fix?

  3. Chanyn Alexandrya says:

    I really really want this app to be good but it’s so much more complicated than the website and since it went live the website has become laggy as well. The app is super super glitchy and if I want to change a single modifier it just freaks the app out so it becomes unusable and I have to restart it. I’ve been using the website in my phone for years and I LOVED it. I wish the app was like the mobile site. And I wish it worked better.

  4. Shelly Lizbeth says:

    The search should give you an option to search multiple key ingredients in case you have a couple things expiring. Or to filter out options since desserts pop up a lot and i don’t want to have to scroll past them or take sugar and other things off. Other than that it’s a pretty great app and easy to navigate.

  5. Elined Ramm says:

    To start, I do think this is a great concept and is well implemented for recipes and keeping track of what’s in your pantry. The only problem I have is that the ingredient list is very limited. I cannot add items it doesn’t have in its system, mostly health and vegetarian food. If there was an option to add your own foods it would be great (or at least more options). It would get 5 stars. I know my diet isn’t conventional! Things unfound include non dairy cheeses and meat alternatives etc

  6. Clyford Vickie says:

    This app is good for finding something to eat when you can’t decide what to make. However, it doesn’t have a way to randomize what recommendations it gives you if you keep the same ingredients. If you use the app multiple times, you keep seeing the same recipes pop up over and over again. It would definitely be improved by having an option to shake things up!

  7. Philberta Ryn says:

    This app is awesome! Even if I don’t choose a specific recipe, it’s great for generating ideas. Especially when it comes to not wasting food (and, therefore, money). Pick a key ingredient (what am I going to do with all this zucchini??) and a course (not another loaf of bread!) and it pops out dozens of recommendations. My only complaint is the favorites tab is not MY favorites. It’s generated the same as the home page.

  8. Cirilla Whitlock says:

    My two criticisms are (1) the app should have the ability to add items that aren’t already in the program; and (2) it would be nice to have the option to search for a whole meal (i.e., main & sides together) instead of individual parts. Other than that, I love this! I’ve made several great meals using what I already had instead of going to the store to get just one or two things to make something I already know.

  9. Alania Jammal says:

    I searched for an app that would give me recipes based on ingredients, and that’s exactly what I got. The ingredient lists are broken down into categories and you can very thoroughly select all of your ingredients, sauces, spices, meats, cheeses, vegetables, grains, etc. Very thorough. Then it gives you all of the recipes you can make with those ingredients. You can favorite the recipes with a very simple sign up process. This is going to make meal planning a breeze!

  10. Cater Madelin says:

    Nice selection of recipes from around the web, and good features for filtering and exploring recipes. My main note is that the provided ingredient list is not vegan friendly. There are many proteins available beyond tofu, the only choice offered. By contrast, the lists for meat, fish, and dairy are extensive. I ended up having to list many ingredients as the closest non-vegan alternative, and couldn’t find anything to approximate tempeh.

  11. Denice Jackson says:

    I am on an elimination diet in the phase where I am reintroducing foods. This app is a Godsend. I enter into my pantry only the foods I am currently eating and have in my kitchen. Links to hundreds of compliant recipes come up. Would like to be able to enter a wider range of ingredients and to be able to distinguish forms (like fresh, canned, frozen, or dried), but for a free app, this is great. Saves grocery trips. Highly recommend for people who get produce or food boxes.

  12. Kendall Smith-Williams says:

    Perfect for the indecisive chef! I enjoy cooking and know which ingredients I tend to like but always have a hard time finding recipes. I end up with tons of tabs open on my laptop and always end up with recipes that I don’t have items I need to complete. This app is AMAZING it is giving me the tools I need to change up my recipes and give new life to my regular ingredients! Would recommend to everyone!

  13. Ann Zaske says:

    This app is easy to use and very helpful for different diets. They make it super easy to highlight one ingredient that you need to use, see recipes to fit specific dietary needs, see only recipes for a specific type of meal, etc. I have only 2 very minor issues: 1) Sometimes it mismatches things you have with a recipe. (pickle is not pickled jalapeno) 2) When scrolling through recipes, it goes back to the first recipes after you click one, which forces you to scroll through them all again.

  14. Alyssa Gregory says:

    I love using this app to plan meals and meal prepping. I never know what to cook ahead of time, so the idea of importing what ingredients I have and getting recipes generated for me is a life saver. So far I haven’t had any issues with the usage of this app. The interface is pretty user-friendly and things are layed out in the open and easy to see.

  15. Inigo Montoya says:

    I love that this app gives me recipes for food that I already have ingredients for – also, that I can customize recipes around dietary needs and restrictions. It makes dinner fun for my entire family as the possibilities are endless! Somehow, it doesn’t save the diet information when I thought it would. Not sure if you have to add it each time?

  16. Jxck-in-the-box nimble says:

    Extremely helpful. Let’s me use what I have, save money, better for the environment. Good for ideas if you’re unsure what to cook. Couple things need improvement -more ingredients on the lists, such as more dairy alternatives, baby corn, etc. -making the interface a bit more user-friendly and easier to navigate would be nice! Otherwise I love it.

  17. Jen Brown says:

    I love the app, but sometimes it doesnt save my favorites after I hit the heart, so I have to dig them back up from the list of recipes. I also wish there was a way to save favorites to try and to save that you want to try in separate folders. Love the app, just wish there were a few tweaks to make it take less time to make a meal plan and make sure I have the ingredients and what I dont have is on the grocery list.

  18. Clarissa Gibby says:

    As a college student, this app is really helpful, and I love it. It helps me create greater variety with my limited ingredients. But I wish I could filter results a little more based on appliances I have as well. I don’t have a blender or an oven, so it’d be nice to be able to filter out recipes that require those. Other than that, great app so far!

  19. Christina Leonard says:

    I hate to cook! Since having this app, I have cooked multiple meals. I pick up random things in the grocery store and enter them in the app. Then when I’m ready to cook, I search by the main ingredient I want to use. I’ve created some delicious meals I never would’ve attempted before this app was in my life. Plus, most recipes I’ve tried so far have taken under an hour to make! Score!

  20. Braden Jones says:

    I TELL (as in, no typing, I just narrate ingredients aloud) this app what’s in my fridge and pantry, and it gives me 2,000 (filterable! searchable!) recipes, using those ingredients! Truly fantastic. Also shows recipes that I have all but one, or two ingredients for as well. If you’re not great at cooking, it can be hard to see which recipes are going to work as written, but if you have some experience in the kitchen, this is an incredible source of ideas and inspiration.

  21. Kayla Whelan says:

    I was really enjoying this app, it was super useful. But lately it seems like every time I use it, it shows me a bunch of recipes with ingredients I don’t have. I look under the recipe’s list of ingredients and it’ll show things checked off that I don’t have in my pantry. It used to happen once in a while but my most recent search seemed like every other recipe required ingredients I don’t have. I really hope you fix this, I loved this app before.

  22. Jack Green says:

    After some use, I enjoy this app. However, I do have a couple things that I recommend for ingredients and shopping list. Ingredients: be able to add custom ingredients, with knowledge that the ingredient may not have a recipe. Shopping list: selections like in ingredients, for those that want to checkmark what they want on the list without having to type to add each item.

  23. not bot says:

    We’re often busy in my household and I also have ADHD, so it’s often difficult for me to keep organized enough to plan lots of meals in advance. Being able to just input what I have and then have tons of recipes at my fingertips that use what I already have makes the process much easier, and cuts down on food waste. Super helpful!

  24. Patty Aydelette says:

    Helps me navigate through ingredients I have on hand. Not only saves money, but offers new and delicious ideas I never would have thought of. A little time consuming in the beginning when listing what you have on hand, but the app provides a detailed list to choose from and it is so worth the time. After the initial list, just add/remove as you buy/use. Highly recommended!

  25. Brian Hodge says:

    This app is absolutely spectacular. I cannot believe how functional it is especially given that it’s completely free. The sort options are really good, I especially like the “Cuisine” options for different cultural dishes. If a paid version was introduced, I would be more than happy to support the developers with my purchase. I think the app would benefit from having a share button on recipes within the app, just to save a little bit of time. That’s really the only improvement I can think of.

  26. Z Z says:

    Exactly what I’ve always wanted in a recipe app. It shows recipes using ingredients I already have, and account creation is the simplest I’ve ever done with no added BS. I really love this app. It was recommended to me by a friend after I tried tasty and allrecipes and left disappointed, and uninstalled. Those apps try to shove what’s “trending” down your throat. To the devs, please keep it this way, you’ve made an awesome app! Yours is very different in a very good way and is what we need!

  27. Amber Brady says:

    I had been looking for an app that can suggest recipes from ingredients I already have. This one has worked out perfectly so far! Instead of looking at recipes and having to go buy a bunch of stuff this app filters out the things I can’t make “if you had…” into a separate section that I can browse if i want to but it leaves all the recipes I can make right up front making it easy to decide on a meal!

  28. Jackie Pierce says:

    Already loving this app! It makes it so easy to use up what’s left in the kitchen, and I’ve been able to try so many new recipes. It really comes in handy when sticking to a diet. My only critique is that low carb isn’t an option under diet type. I imagine lots of Keto-friendly recipes exist that aren’t labeled as such, so searching by title feels somewhat limiting.

  29. Degenerate Sphagetti Man says:

    This is a great app that provides tons of recipes. I can put in all of the ingredients on my diet or in my kitchen and it gives me lists of recipe ideas. Only major downside for me is you can only save 1 recipe at a time. I like to plan my meals for a week at a time, so it would be more useful if they would let you organize and save more than 1 recipes.

  30. emily taylor says:

    I have been having a great time using this app. It has actually been very helpful. The only improvement I suggest is adding more ingredients which they give you a “suggest ingredient” option which I am glad for. I downloaded it and within the first week I tried 3 separate recipes using scraps around the kitchen and they were all great. Can’t wait to try more!

  31. minutes ago edited says:

    Although it is heavily ad laden it’s a great app for recipes. Well designed, it seems to choke on the massive advertising attempts. I was surprised to see the huge quantity of seemingly worthy recipes one could follow by just using only what is currently in my pantry. The ad thing is the only drawback. And I don’t tyits the fault of the developers. I like it best as far as recipe apps go!

  32. K G says:

    This is my new favorite app. It’s so helpful to be able to add what ingredients you have on hand and have it generate so many recipes and meal ideas for you. And what I like best is most recipes I’ve clicked seem like they don’t have a lot of oddball ingredients, not too complexto make. Actual meals I can see myself making and making meal planning easier and faster. Great app!

  33. Amethyst Larkey says:

    Extremely helpful, thousands of recipes even when my pantry is full and I truly have no idea what to make! I absolutely love this app, it’s super easy to use. The only down fall I’ve noticed so far is that the recipes seem repetitive in the suggestions and not everything is available to add to my pantry, but they do have a “make a suggestion” button whoich is super cool.

  34. Megan R. Woodcock says:

    I have downloaded numerous pantry, cooking, and recipe apps. SuperCook is by far the best to navigate and utilize hands down! This has made cooking with allergies an absolute breeze. The in app pantry list is surprisingly SUPER easy to both fill out and update. *Edited* 9-29-22 I’m having sudden difficulty printing recipes from within the app. I haven’t noticed a contact section in the app… So I’m hoping there might be some troubleshooting advice by commenting here. Thanks in advance.

  35. Shamon Duncan says:

    Just…. WOW!! It has almost all of the ingredients and dishes from multiple countries as well as tells you if you are missing any ingredients for the dishes that you want to make. It also gives you step by step instructions to make the meal that you choose and gives advice on the replacement ingredients for those who are vegan, vegetarian etc. I LOVE this app 😂

  36. TaLysha Gutter says:

    I adore this app! I have a healthy list of food allergies and it can be hard finding new recipes to try. Supercook has been able to provide hundreds of recipe options from my eclectic collection of food items. I’m excited by cooking again. Being able to favorite recipes and search by ingredients, makes it easy to determine what to cook and always make sure food is used in time.

  37. Mani says:

    Super helpful, saves money, gets me in the kitchen more often. I downloaded this after I moved to an apartment alone. I know how to cook but didn’t do it often. Now that I live alone, I sometimes just buy ingredients I want to try and put them in the app’s pantry. I’ve found all kinds of recipes I didn’t even know I had the ingredients for. Saving me from going to the groceries as often and using all my ingredients with little waste. App could use a better UI and easier input/search system.

  38. Julisah Delvalle says:

    It’s very good, it’s helped me ALOT and in the beginning it ask what you have in your kitchen it only took about 5mins to do that part and then you can chose what kind of meal or snack you want and you can take any item off at any time & you can add anything in your shopping cart, I love it so much and I don’t think there’s ANY adds, I definitely recommend!

  39. Jasper Valery says:

    Almost perfection. The ultimate app for struggle meals, especially as a vegetarian. I’ve learned a lot already. It’s just a shame that many of the pages are very old, even a decade or more, some broken links and some unhelpful duplicates of essentially the same recipes. A few pet peeve grammar mistakes here and there. It could use some cleaning up.

  40. Kim Lindsey says:

    I enjoy the large list of items for “pantry list” and it tells you what else your missing. However some recipes come without a proper link. Wish it was easier to navigate, I keep forgetting I’m in the recipe vs. pantry search engine because it’s all looks the same. When your in a hurry, this isn’t ur app, It’s kinda slow.

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