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Authentic Meals. Homemade. Delivered.
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Shef Inc.
November 8, 2022
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Shef – Homemade Food Delivery Premium Apk

Shef provides the best number of unique, do-it-yourself dishes from world wide by way of connecting you with gifted shefs to your community. All dishes are made to reserve, with freshly sourced substances and the care that may most effective include a do-it-yourself meal. Dishes arrive refrigerated — simply warmth, devour and repeat!


40 comments on "Shef – Homemade Food Delivery Premium Apk"

  1. Tim Brown says:

    Amazing selection of local food by your neighbors. I’ve been using the service for months and so glad they finally have a mobile app! I’d highly recommend checking out some of the Indian chefs.

  2. Matthew Saporito says:

    Most authentic and tasty food I’ve ever had delivered in US! Can’t wait to eat more.

  3. Leonie Grundler says:

    Such great food you cannot find in restaurants. Convenient and delicious!!!

  4. J Austin says:

    Such a great idea for finding fresh, unique and local food!

  5. Indranil Bhattacharya says:

    Close to zero order tracking. Had an unfortunate experience today, delivery executive didn’t deliver my food, and there was no way for me to contact that person. I had to text/email shef support to get to know that the Doordash delivery agent didn’t deliver (reason unknown to me as of now). Silver lining – got full refund and a coupon code, but my food for the next 2 days is gone (which i had scheduled a week back from my favorite shef), and now i have to wait for a slot next week to order 😡

  6. Cameron Moss says:

    The app is ok but I want to know more about where the order is coming from. No one should be driving an hour to deliver food. Also, discounts advertised for performing actions like ordering within a certain time should just be applied without a promo code, or it should be auto filled. I didn’t even see the promo code and wouldn’t know where to find it once I dismissed the message. Customer service wouldn’t acknowledge this as a problem.

  7. Eswar Lakshminarayanan says:

    Search experience isn’t great – back button button refreshes the whole page. Can’t click on chefs profile to see chefs offering

  8. Arijit Sen says:

    Very usable app. Navigation is also fluid

  9. Joe Munson says:

    basically the price of ubeareats but 2x better food. the downside is you have to wait a bit longer but not if you order in advance.

  10. Katherine B. says:

    The food was good, but delivery was unreliable. There was no way of tracking it or knowing where its coming from. I got a text saying its will be there soon, but it came one and a half hours later. we had to make last minute dinner changes because we weren’t sure if we would have dinner that day otherwise.

  11. Hue Barclay says:

    Jo makes ALL of my food…literally every day. I am handicapped and can’t cook so I depend on her. I make rice at home. Then I split the 16 oz. containers in 2 and have huge dinners. I’ve counted on her for like 6 months. I’m American but have become an Indian!

  12. Albin Son says:

    Sign up with Google didn’t worked. After selecting my email, nothing has been happening.

  13. romi shrestha says:

    Exceptionally well prepared, absolutly delicious and affordable price. I would like to recommend everyone who prefers to eat healthy vegetarian food.

  14. Kashmira Rajan says:

    it’s good but as expensive as restaurant food and it’s not always we get good food. it’s an expensive risk which pays off sometimes and does not at times.

  15. Lisa Baker says:

    food is reasonably priced, excellent quality and so tasty! it’s also good to know I’m supporting local chefs!

  16. Nature Lovesyou says:

    Poor customer service.They do not have phone support.They automatically rescheduled my order to a week after my order date and just sent an email an hour before delivery time .If customers have a cutoff to edit order,same policy should apply to shefs too where they give enough notice if food will not be available.Highly unreliable team.

  17. Raja K says:

    Can’t use any coupon code, though the app prefilled the codes. It stopped applying it lately :(. Doesn’t give the discounts.

  18. Bubul Chandra says:

    Find the delicacies that you crave but can’t find in restaurants. Waiting for delivery of my first order and look forward to it.

  19. Kiran Kashalkar says:

    This is an absolutely useful service and I’ve used it for months but I am now reconsidering since their bag recycling policy changed. I feel bad for the chefs on this service who because they are fantastic but the company needs to show better social responsibility and offer a bag recycling program. I even offered to drop off all the bags I collected over the last few months to any location but was shot down. The company needs to care about sustainability

  20. gargi datta says:

    Promo codes are not working.. previous redeemed promo fixed there.. Unable to remove

  21. Mahdi Ahmed says:

    GOOD SIDE: 1.I love the way they’re delivering homemade food to the customers. PROBLEMS: 2.They don’t show any tracking of delivery. 3. They don’t share any information of delivery man. (name or number) We need that cause when I lost my food neither I couldn’t reach to driver nor Shef. 👎 4.Each menu should have different portion size. It’s easy to order. 5.You can only pay by Google Pay. There should be an option beside Google Pay who doesn’t use it. 6.The app doesn’t have any report option.

  22. Gary Schoenbachler says:

    first time ordering the mole. Very tasty, complex and will order again!

  23. Javier Mendezona says:

    Great homemade food options from a variety of interesting local chefs. Love this app

  24. Jule Wilferd says:

    We ordered a bunch of goodies and everything was utterly delicious. It was funny because my husband, my son and I all had different favorites. Everything was so tasty, fresh and perfectly spiced. We will be certainly be ordering again!

  25. Sue Edlin (SueWhoKnits) says:

    My first time with more to come. The Italian food was delicious and the delivery fellow was friendly and courteous and had no trouble following the convoluted instructions to find my apartment.

  26. Adrianne Flores says:

    I have ordered from her before. She is fantastic. I just placed an order right now to try more of her foods and I cannot wait!! She is amazing! 100% reccomended.

  27. James McNamee says:

    Easy to use and browse. Great food, too!

  28. Anna Carlino says:

    I think Shef is a great concept, good value (my order was) and a good way to get homemade meals. Excited to try Indian cuisine next!

  29. Paul A. says:

    The app only works in portrait mode, which is highly inconvenient when using a tablet. I love the company and the service, but won’t be using this app on my tablet.

  30. Darra Wilcox says:

    The food is awesome and doesn’t have that factory feel of take out or fast food. Love this

  31. Daniel Robbins says:

    Awesome food, taste home made by someone yhat knows what theyre doing. Fairly decent prices. Love that there isn’t a contract to use. Food comes tightly packed in thier own shef bags that you send back on your next pick-up

  32. Alix Alias says:

    Not only have I enjoyed every meal I’ve had from here but I’ve also been able to experiment with new types of food – and I’m helping local people in my community at the same time! I highly recommend this to everyone!

  33. Alexander Magrino says:

    I enjoy it. tasty food for me.

  34. Sananda Adhikari says:

    Saneyee is an amazing cook and all the items that we ordered reminded me of my mom’s home cooked quintessential Bengali taste! Being hardcore foodies, me and my husband were happy souls after having chef Saneyee ‘s food. We would highly recommend chef Saneyee if you are looking for authentic Bengali cuisine. I can vouch that you will no longer miss having a proper Bengali restaurant in the Greater Seattle area once you taste chef Saneyee ‘s food! Kudos Saneyee…may you soar higher and higher..

  35. Chiranth Prakash says:

    Wow! What a stupid app. You can’t contact the delivery person. If you are not at home, forget the food it’ll be stolen for sure and we can’t contact Shef either since you have to answer a zillion questions and still won’t get hold of them. Now I lost my food and money. This is what technology is doing, ridiculous! It’s so frustrating!

  36. Manmeet Chatha says:

    At one point shef was great. On the date of this review, that they have grown, but customer support is absent. You will place an order, shef will cancel it and you’ll never receive a notification. Sometimes the order will be delivered to the incorrect address and you’ll never get a response or refund from their support team.

  37. Avanti Hall says:

    Great App so far, however it isnt letting me save my profile picture.

  38. joni nakamura says:

    Great options and fantastic food!!!

  39. Zahid Aslam says:

    My 1st attempt at using this service. Had ordered 2-3 days worth of food in anticipation of Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I got someone else’s order delivered to me that I cannot eat and there’s nothing Shef can do other than provide an “apology”. Definitely not going to bother with this service again.

  40. Elana Behar says:

    Food is amazing, price is right, sooooo convenient. I feel like a princess.

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