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Place delivery, pickup, or in-store orders with Newk's Rewards points.
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Newk's Eatery
November 27, 2022
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Newk’s Eatery Apk Download New*

Newk’s Rewards is right here! Join lately to earn issues and get UNFASTENED Newk’s.

Newk’s Eatery Apk Obtain New*

Right here’s the way it works:
Earn issues whilst eating in, selecting up, grabbing curbsiote, or getting supply throughout the Newk’s Eatery app. You’ll earn 10 issues for each and every $1 you spend. Then, liberate UNFASTENED Newk’s meals along with your issues – Rewards like LOOSE Sandwiches, Soups, Pizzas, Truffles, and extra!

Newk’s Eatery Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Plus, get unique offers out of your favourite Newk’s Eatery location. Whilst you sign-up, you’ll get an quick be offering to make use of in an instant. You’re going to additionally obtain a birthday praise the week of your birthday, unique information, and perks for referring pals.

Newk’s Eatery Apk Obtain New* liberate

With the Newk’s Eatery app, you’ll position sooner orders for pickup, curbside, or dine-in with new options in order that you don’t have to attend in line.

Newk’s Eatery Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Browse our menu of toasted sandwiches, home made pizzas, recent salads, scratch-made soups of the day, and Newk’s well-known fresh-baked muffins. Seek advice from “My Newk’s” within the app for dietary data on our whole menu.

Newk’s Eatery Apk Obtain New* mod apk

In fact, our app can even will let you to find the Newk’s Eatery location nearest you, anywhere you’ll be.


40 comments on "Newk’s Eatery Apk Download New*"

  1. Alwin Tessa says:

    Poor programming. Easy to get stuck in selection options with no way out. Too frustrating to waste my time using.

  2. Jefferson Arnelle says:

    Terrible app. Couldn’t even place an order from it. Got e mail asking me to load app and get free slice of cake with first order. Couldn’t even complete order. Uninstalled it.

  3. Sar Blayr says:

    If the app offered an option to place notes in customization that would be easier. I have a hard time selling an item out that you have that’s not on the list.

  4. Roden Sonnet says:

    When they ask you to join the round table and you fill in the information it states your credentials are invalid. It doesn’t tell you what the problem is and all of the information is correct.

  5. Aeker Forestine says:

    I read the other Dreadful reviews for this app. The restaurant is great by the way. But this was a new updated app it said. So I installed it. Like everyone says it is useless. I try to register my email with new password and it says invalid credentials. Ridiculous. Terrible programming. A week later I try to use my phone number instead of my email address. To register. I still got invalid credentials. Ridiculous. You need to get a real programmer to fix this

  6. Holen Ivia says:

    Who is Ron Ohio? I filled out my profile and continued and I see Ron Ohio’s profile! Odd. I tried to enter my family’s info as well, but the app would not accept it. One more thing, the closest NEWK’s to me is so much closer than the one offered for delivery, but it is not here as a choice. Doubtful your choice will deliver to me. 1 star for the app; 5 for the restaurant.

  7. Georginna Brun says:

    I just tried to install Newk’s App three times. It kept saying “invalid credential” What the what! I wanted my free slice of cake! #forreal Uninstalling

  8. Briant Arlean says:

    Somewhat an okie-doke — there are ads throughout the restaurant that prompt you to download the Newk’s app and enjoy a free slice of cake. You later face the harsh reality that you CAN download the app…but you CANNOT enjoy a free slice of cake — not today anyway. Sucks for me because there is no Newk’s in my city, so I downloaded the app for nothing. *Waste of data & time

  9. Tianna Aetheston says:

    the free cake is a lie dont bother downloading the app if you are just doing it for the misleading promo. it is really annoying when companies do this. makes me want to go somewhere else

  10. Elvina Jacquanette says:

    I installed the app. Tried to sign in. It just kept telling me that birthdate format was wrong no matter how I put it in. Truly frustrating. Uninstalled app.

  11. Jim Lucianne says:

    Payment method would not process my card. It keep declining it. Plenty of $$ in account to cover. Now they have my card info and I still had to go in and order and pay for my food…and I used the same card to pay. Ain’t that some $?!*.

  12. Milde Brittni says:

    Newt’s is a great place to eat. One of my favorites. But when they get your order wrong for the first time and only got it wrong because I used their app, it kinda makes me never want to use it again.

  13. Demey Acwellen says:

    Really need to let us update our payment options. My debit card that I had expired and they sent me another one with the same number. There is no way that I can find to update my payment options. Every time I try to use my debit card it says it’s expired. I had to put a different credit card on here just to order food. It would be nice if I could delete my old cards.

  14. Lomar Suzanna says:

    The app was easy to do. Email confirmation was informative. Arrived at Newks, no one was at counter for online orders. We made eye contact with employee who turned and walked away. We waited a bit to see if anyone came over. Nope. Went to register and told cashier we had a pick up. No one came. Went to the side area where they come out with food to tell them what we were there for. Was told we had to wait in line and the cashier would help us. So much for their skip the line order onlin

  15. Robbie Jonelle says:

    The app never saves my card, even though I ask it to remember my card details. Quite frustrating to have to enter my card details every single time. Please correct this bug or offer Google Pay.

  16. Peaches H says:

    There should be an option for substitutions of items at no extra charge. Example would be extra cucumbers instead of tomatoes. I can do this in-store.

  17. David Reads says:

    I didn’t even get past account creation. This app is built terrible. 2005 called and want their app back. The password field dosent allow special characters and you want to hold my personal information behind that? Suck it up and pay a good developer to fix this. Instead you get to pay someone to enter my order for me now. Not smart.

  18. D Puorro says:

    Every time I try to update my account I receive a message that states, “warning invalid scope.” This isn’t the first time I’ve had an issue with the app. I don’t understand why they’re such a lack of testing and it’s extremely frustrating.

  19. SilentDream1989 says:

    Can’t update anything on my account! All I keep getting is “warning, invalid scope” over and over again even though it let my log in fine the first time. Useless app

  20. Josh Thornton says:

    When you choose to pick a pair it doesn’t give the option to pick a side, but it won’t let you continue either. Broken app

  21. Donna Redder (Redlynne) says:

    The previous version of this app was high key traaaaash. Since the new update, it SO much better. Much nicer UI, cleaner and easier to use. Great job on the revamp!

  22. Anderson says:

    when a order is messed up (and it does happen) there is no way to let a manager know about it for a refund or some form of credit for it. also, quit with the “fine line” when trying to apply any promotion coupon for a drink or meal, makes getting rewards pointless. besides those things the app does work well, and has images with detail about the dish you’re choosing.

  23. Peter Dyer says:

    The rewards program is based off your phone number at the time of purchase. You can’t use your receipt if the phone number wasn’t taken. Sad when you loose points because the register person ‘forgets’ to ask.

  24. Javi says:

    I downloaded the latest app and it’s not intuitive to use at first, you have to click through 4-5 menus each time just to add one item. So to order a pizza/salad combo I have to press through 10 menus. It was way better before. 2 stars

  25. GottaPlayBlue :D says:

    I like the update, the points system is a win. They need to do better coupons imo.

  26. April VanGieson says:

    This app requires me to put my birthday in. The method of putting it in doesn’t work. It won’t stay where I put it. I guess I’m not ordering from Newk’s.

  27. Dawn Cope says:

    I downloaded the app about 10 minutes before going to Newk’s. I activated my free drink code and the girl at the counter told me it wasn’t valid because I had just downloaded the app and I lost my free drink.

  28. Travis says:

    Last 2 visits in store I received 0 points. I’ve tried several times to order through the app but always receive an error message. App is only useful for seeing the menu. UPDATE. still not awarding points. Useless App.

  29. Jamie Marboe says:

    Very easy. I only wish that at the checkout, it showed you what side you ordered just to make sure!

  30. Tyler Hewitt says:

    So far it’s been really easy to use. I havnt ordered anything off of it but I have used a couple rewards and looked through it for menu items several times. Very well put together!

  31. Brian Eads says:

    Nothing works like it is suppose to work. Can not scan receipt, orders take to long to process….. back to the drawing board

  32. Rj Ortiz says:

    Super easy to use; ordered my food within a few minutes. I saw a few people have complained about having to go through a few menus to get to your cart, but I rather prefer this method to ensure you get exactly what you’re asking for. Also I Appreciate the Free Drink for joining 🥤😎

  33. Shelby Holcomb says:

    I had an easy experience ordering on the app. However no so good on the pick up from Newks. My food wasn’t delivered to my car until 3:30.

  34. Carmen Anderson says:

    App pulled up specials offered one day but would not pull up the next day which was still in the offer available time frame.

  35. cleveland daniels says:

    Excellent overall. I couldn’t ask for more, as my order was as advertised. Turkey Swiss cheese sandwich and chicken tortilla soup are delicious combinations. Definitely a must try.

  36. Debbie Schwartz says:

    The restaurant is great. Service is ok. The app is hard to get into. Not sure why

  37. Gentry Matlock says:

    It wouldn’t let me log into my old account and made me make a new account. I don’t appreciate that when I already had orders (points) from the old account.

  38. Jessica o. says:

    It’s good to put the order in and pay for it but the curbside pickup sucks. When you say you’re there it doesn’t notify the store

  39. Teri Lynch says:

    The Pizza and Salad is exceptional the portions are generous so pleased never heard of this place will return always

  40. C B says:

    It works nicely, and starts MUCH faster than other fast food apps that will stay completely unmentioned. Right, Mr. PHut McKing?

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