VeChainThor Wallet Apk Download New 2022 Version*


VeChainThor Official Mobile Wallet App
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August 11, 2022
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VeChainThor Wallet Apk Download New 2022 Version*

▪️ VeChainThor pockets VeChainThor Pockets is a gentle cellular pockets app. We intention to supply customers with a formidable, protected, easy, absolutely practical portal of the VeChainThor blockchain.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Major purposes come with: VET, VTHO and different crypto property control, X Node switch, pockets remark, praise declare, and so forth.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

▪️ Powerful Safety Protections
The VeChainThor Pockets bas been present process a sequence of safety trying out with relied on 3rd celebration safety companies, together with useful check, supply code evaluate, good contract audit, consultation control audit, enter safety audit, and so on.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

▪️ Sensible Crypto Asset Control VeChainThor pockets supply a protected and efficient atmosphere for cryptocurrency transactions. With the serve as of practice pockets, customers can successfully carry out VET token swap/node switch and follow the stability of your crypto belongings in a chilly garage pockets.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

▪️ Get VeThor Rewards
Node program individuals with required VET lock duration get an opportunity to be node holders with VeThor rewarded in VeChainThor pockets.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

▪️ Node Switch Node holder can switch its node by the use of Designated Switch or Public Public sale;

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Non-Node holder can settle for others’ Designated Switch or acquire a node at the Buying and selling Marketplace.

VeChainThor Pockets Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

▪️ Uncover DAPP you’ll in finding lots of decided on DApps inside of wallet,These DApps constructed at the VeChainThor blockchain,You can use it at once for your pockets.


40 comments on "VeChainThor Wallet Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Jonell Libby says:

    One of the better and more secure wallets available, albeit only for VeChain ecosystem currencies. Great UI, smooth operation, onboard rewards and possibly soon a native DEX (Oceanex) integrated. Great wallet and one of the most promising crypto projects.

  2. Derwin Sylvester says:

    UI/X has improved significantly w/ each iteration. Keeping in mind this is in part a poly-lingual app, VeChain have done well to clean up grammatical errors. Wallet creation/management is fine. VC have made x/Node management fun. Security and backup functionality work well. I’d give it a 5 it it weren’t a persistent bug i often encounter – Thor Balance/ unclaimed often hangs and no data is visible. Force-kill app/ resetting phone network connection usually, but not always solves the problem.

  3. Edlyn Riah says:

    Simple and easy to use wallet. Fast transactions and easy node setup. VeChain will be massive for the blockchain space! Proud to support.

  4. Oona Plys says:

    Can’t open the app anymore after adding more VETs. It automatically exits when launched. Before it has the same problem but on 2nd launch, it will run, now it’s worst.

  5. Melton Lindly says:

    I have the latest version 1.4.6 and I can’t open the application. It keeps telling me that the app has stopped working before it will even open. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. This is a major issue and is making me feel foolish for trusting this application

  6. Cleva Anseim says:

    App automatically updated to v1.4.6 without my permission. It now refuses to open, and there is no way to roll back to a previous version. FOLLOW UP: Have uninstalled and reinstalled app. It now works, but my wallets have been wiped. I was observing a wallet on my Ledger, however I have no way of reinstating this wallet as veforge is offline and Sync offers no way to authenticate observer wallets.

  7. Braydon Rusty says:

    Installed App. Then tells me it will not work because my phone is rooted. I’m more than aware of the issues of a rooted phone, all other Wallet/Apps I use offer me the option of using them by warning me of the risks then allowing me to decide for myself if I wish to continue. I’m a big fan of VeChain, so being unable to use the Wallet is very disappointing.

  8. Max Lewen says:

    Importing a wallet is nearly impossible. The barcode scan are not working and the other option is that you need the json than most wallets will not provide. Support never answer properly or send you just a “copy and paste”. I lost myself money here. Whats if something goes wrong with your money? Ask yourself. this question. Who can assist you? is totally safe this network? The wallet is ok? If you have coins there. Sell it and buy other safe coin. You know what to do.

  9. Enoch Sackey says:

    It is good wallet and easy to use. My only issue is that it does not have wallet for the major crypto coins. They allow that through 3rd party affiliate. I wish I can do most my transactions on the up itself.

  10. Evan Richard says:

    I’ve used a lot of wallet apps and this one is not so great. The “security keyboard” security theater damages UX a lot for little to no security boost, as well as the in-app password control. The messages and errors are unpolished, and the way it runs in the background defies the patterns of other apps and wallets. Poor UI and UX overall.

  11. the loosegaskey says:

    Was working perfect until the new Android update. Not sure who is at fault for this but doesn’t matter. This is a finance app and unexcuseable that it has not immediately been fixed. Lesson learned about keeping investment assets on an app.

  12. drewzy A says:

    kept crashing, uninstalled then reinstalled, totally forgot about the mnemonic phrases, lost everything, yea I shoulda saved the phrases, but shouldnt be crashing in the first place. smd.

  13. Joey Quezada says:

    Just had a update on my android phone and now I can’t get back in to my wallet, I tried deleting the app and redownloading I placed the correct mnemonic phrases and it keep saying is in correct. Right after I email customer support and it says that it takes them 30 days to get back to me. The worst experience ever especially when I have some of my savings into this wallet. Please someone help me need to get access to wallet.

  14. C R says:

    Worked great until I upgraded to android 11.. now it force crashes upon opening :/ Update : Uninstalled, reinstalled, imported thru mnemonics key, all good to go.. maybe an update from team would be helpful, only found out solution from playstore comments

  15. Aa Yaan says:

    I actually don’t like this private wallet.. they have set their keyboard for security purpose.. but for a user it’s not good they are habituated with their own keyboard.. and another thing they ask for password for fund transfer but not deposit… similarly it ask digit password firstly to open(first password) which should be work while on transfer fund too… Like those thing there are more to work on this wallet..

  16. Erric Z says:

    Needs a serious fix! Everytime I close it, I have to redo my secret phrase? Not good since last update. Resolve asap please. Edit: new update to android let me get a pin prompt finally. Shows the assets and then closes. So close. Edit: working … For now.

  17. istvan kenyeres says:

    Been using it for quite some time now. No issues so far, everything works as expected, the only thing that it needs I think is multiple currency rates so it doesn’t show USD only.

  18. Ron S. says:

    Edit 4/5/21: Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s working. Just updated Note 20 Ultra 5G Ave now the app crashes. I assume it has something to do with Samsung as it was working before the system update. Please fix.

  19. Brian says:

    See previous edits. Infinite wallet crashing loop? 1) go into airplane mode 2) run the app, it should work now… 3) export your keystore somewhere private (which you should have done in the first place…) 4) Exit airplane mode, uninstall and reinstall the app 5) The app will ask you to restore your wallet. (This is where your backed up keystore comes in to play) 6) ???? 7) profit

  20. Jeremy Stubbs (Wolfstubbs) says:

    App doesn’t open at all. Crashes immediately. Edit: For anyone having this issue, try putting your phone into airplane mode. App will open and you can get your keystore file if you have lost your pass phrase. Second edit: App is working fine now, updated review.

  21. Eunice Kim says:

    I love VeChain but this app needs some work: 1) Add current price value of coins on the main portfolio page 2) Add live charts & key stats, along with detailed info about the coin and links to the coin website 3) Add dark mode 4) Allow the use of fingerprint scan for Vexchange. With the paste ability disabled, it’s a pain in the butt having to type in my password for every single step during the swap 5) Node reward program minimum number is too high

  22. Alex “Alex” Moore says:

    This app works well. I just feel like it’s missing some basic features. I’d love to see it showing the current price for each asset. In addition it would be helpful to have information or a link about each asset to inform users about the different features and projects. Biometric signin would be great too!

  23. Swamp Yankee says:

    Top class wallet for some great coins and a fantastic community. Edit: reading all the reviews makes me glad I wait a few months before updating anything including my phone. 1 star because I have not seen A SINGLE RESPONSE FROM DEVS! UNPROFESSIONAL isn’t the word. Losing faith in Vechain ecosystem & Devs.

  24. Paul_DCh says:

    Won’t install on my note 10 plus at beginning, then it does not show mnemonic phrases to create a wallet. Edit: Actually, its working fine now. I was confused at the beginning with setup. Few minor things now that bothers me. Actual price per coin/token is missing and would be handy next to a balance. Also phone widget would do great. Edit: looks like few tokens in wallet are dead.

  25. Dai Watson says:

    Its awful. I cant access my funds. I can see them in the wallet. I cant remember the password to get them out. I have the seed phrase but it does not reset the password as it should, it seems to be a fault in the app. Zero support. I’ve emailed, I’ve used twitter. Just ignored. The app is clunky and difficult to type with. The staking apr is poor. Very unhappy experience and i fear I wont get my assets back.

  26. stuart corbett says:

    Got hacked by fake website, lost a very large amount of tokens, website still up and running ready to hack others but can’t report it to anyone at vechain as there is next to no contact, emailed them but days have passed and still nothing. Hacker was able to transfers all my assets without me having to confirm the transfer even though it was a very large amount.

  27. H Xiong says:

    App is very slow at startup before pin security. For the user experience, is pretty much slow responsive and icons doesn’t load.

  28. Henry Chu says:

    The Wallet it self looks nice, but not stable. I made a coin transaction, i received a message that the transaction was successful but i have never received any of my coins, i have emailed them more than 6x times, no reply/support. I really feel scammed!!! It’s been a couple months now, no reply. Please beware when u using this wallet!! I want my money or coins back asap Vechainthor support!!!

  29. Steven Kohlmeyer says:

    Pretty decent, but please get rid of requiring a password for everything. Why does it even use the fingerprint reader to open the app if it requires a password for literally everything else? This makes this app much more difficult to use. Let me use my fingerprint!

  30. Brandon Steele says:

    Awesome wallet to store your VET and the coins associated with the VeChain blockchain (for example Safe Haven (SHA), JUR, VEX, HAI, etc.). I’ve used this for years with zero issues. When you store your VET in this wallet you get your free VTHO every few seconds. You can also use dapps from the discover tab. Vexchange is a dapp where you can swap your free VTHO for more VET, SHA, etc. You can also access NFTs. This app is fast and secure.

  31. D T says:

    Great app but why is there no Dark Mode? Please add a dark mode and some performance fix’s. This app haven’t been updated in a while? 🤔 Also this app needs an UX update as it looks dated.

  32. Jorge Sevilla says:

    App crashes during launch of app. Used to work just fine. Waiting for bug fix update.

  33. LOBEZTAR says:

    Best place to store your Vechain Tokens – Vet + EARN VTHO for FREE (just hold and watch it grow!) 9/10 I believe it needs a freashing update to the interface and more token earn programs

  34. miguel marquez says:

    App was crashing. Team got right to it and updated the app. Works perfect.

  35. Will Cureton says:

    I am having the same crashing on loading error as others have reported. Just started. Pop up message says there is a bug that needs a dev fiix???? Was working fine.

  36. Eileen Dover says:

    Crashes, doesn’t work. Edit: working great again!

  37. Test only Jason says:

    Super Bad wallet. This is the only wallet that is too complicated to create wallet need strong password for a blockchain really? Cannot paste super hard password. Why not just let us use the same way metamask and trustwallet.

  38. syed faisal says:

    Bad experience to use so I delte it after downloading immediately, irrational app not good not easy bad bad bad verry bad Most bad app till I downloaded

  39. Sepehr Shafiei says:

    This app rarely works properly. Usually just stays frozen on the loading page without letting you access your wallet. 🤦‍♂️Team VeChain…fix this!

  40. Jstation says:

    The experience has deteriorated significantly. Many glitches and the dapp tab fails to load on a regular basis. It’s slow and crashes way too often. Sad to see Vechain’s flagship mobile wallet performs like this.

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