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October 17, 2022
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MySynchrony Apk Download New*

Our Synchrony HOME™ and Synchrony Automotive Care™ apps can be going away on the finish of December, on the other hand account holders the usage of the ones apps can nonetheless get entry to all of the nice options within the MySynchrony app. Make the transfer nowadays the use of the similar login credentials!

MySynchrony Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Obtain the MySynchrony App nowadays to soundly arrange the similar personal label bank card accounts that you simply set up on briefly and very easily!*

MySynchrony Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

You can’t get entry to Synchrony Financial institution Financial savings accounts and a few non-public label nationwide logo bank cards in this app.

MySynchrony Apk Obtain New*

With this cellular app it is possible for you to to:
• Log in securely the use of TouchID/Fingerprint Authentication
• Make bills on your account
• Test your stability and credit score prohibit anytime, any place • Overview your transaction and cost historical past • Make adjustments to scheduled bills • Securely upload a couple of financial institution accounts that you’d like to make use of to pay your invoice • Supply us comments in your cellular app revel in

MySynchrony Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

*Private label bank cards issued through Synchrony Financial institution.


40 comments on "MySynchrony Apk Download New*"

  1. Sar Kendall says:

    I downloaded this app to manage my accounts, as I have several store cards financed by Synchrony Bank… Deleted it after 10 minutes. It ran very slow, would not load certain menu choices, and I could not figure out how to log in or set it up anyway! My guess is there is entirely too much stuff going on within the app for it to work properly on most people’s phones. What a bummer, I would have really liked to have combined all my accounts into one app.

  2. Kayce Harlowe says:

    I’m not sure exactly what is the problem most of you are having. We have CareCredit, Ashley Furniture, and Discount Tires credit cards through Synchrony (which were already previously registered online), and are having no issues with the app. Literally just downloaded the app, logged into both our accounts instantly. No problems! The app was fast and accurate. Less bells and whistles than the website, but i just downloaded app for making quick payments on the go.

  3. Candis Myrtle says:

    Absolutely horrible. Worked fine for about 9 months. (I only use it when I have to make a payment) Now I cant get past the sign in screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it, I’ve changed my passwords etc. etc. and I still cant get past the damn log in page. Their app works like the company itself works. It’s all good at the beginning but after a while you realize what a horrible mistake you made. Just save yourself time and trouble and log in through a website. Wouldn’t surprise me if its hacke

  4. Tedd Cassey says:

    Rarely opens properly. Freezes on loading screen even after a reinstallation, which indicates either poor design or inadequate server bandwidth. Functional enough for making payments when I can get into it, but not especially easy to navigate. Too few options and records presented. Payments take too long to post, and balances take too long to update. I generally end up forced to log in through a PC to make my payments or even to just get any idea of what’s going on with my accounts.

  5. Lea Lavender says:

    like the app, but would be better if i could see my stmts in the app instead of having to go online. Also only thing I can do in settings is turn on fingerprint scanner. Can’t logoff or change passwords, etc. Plus a few years ago my friend had multiple accounts with you guys and an app that let you have all of them on the same app. haven’t been able to do that now.

  6. Averyl Riah says:

    This app was installed long ago on my cell phone although I have never been able to use it effectively. Actually, I cannot use it at all. I’ve changed my password several times and am successful when prompted to log in, however, unfortunately I am unable to acquire any services including my necessary billing statements. I am extremely frustrated with this app connection.

  7. Toddy Holden says:

    Great app for my account. It’s easy to view the things important to me. Such as my statements and transactions. I also get notified of activity on my account. Security seems tight. I just recently forgot my password and it was easy to change compared to other accounts I have. And it was a secure process. Overall, it’s a great app that’s easy to use for its purpose.

  8. Crespin Beamer says:

    I wish this was available the first time I used CareCredit, it would’ve made my life so much easier. CareCredit is a nightmare to deal with and always said they never received my payment. With the Synchrony app, it’s easier to make payments, reminds me when they’re due and my payments go through really fast. Not a complaint with them yet.

  9. Lorrey Moe says:

    Making payments on my CareCredit card used to be very easy. Now, a strange bug is happening. When I try to type in the amount I want to pay, the numbers don’t stay in the entry field. They disappear immediately/don’t appear at all, leaving the default amount of $0.00 in the entry field. As a result, I’m no longer able to make payments on the app. The only way I’m able to make payments is through the website. I used to enjoy the app but now it’s useless. Uninstalling & reinstalling didn’t help.

  10. Tremain Widaliz says:

    Recently 2 accounts were closed without any notification & without cause. Both were paid on time & closed with a zero balance. One of the accounts was for Discount Tire. The day before Christmas my tire pressure indicator went off. Since this was the second time in a week, i left work early so I could get the tire repaired at Discount. Was very surprised when attempting to pay for new tires, (both front tires had to be replaced) that Synchrony closed my account. SCREW SYNCHRONY!

  11. Sukie Cyanne says:

    Update: This app cannot be used with the PayPal Synchrony Mastercard. Lame. I was excited to have a single app to help manage all my synchrony credit cards. Unfortunately, I’m unable to use it because every time I try and register with one of my accounts, I receive an error message. The app sounds great in theory but since I can’t even make an account on it, it’s completely broken and useless for me.

  12. Kaye War says:

    Synchrony Sucks. Synchrony Bank is the worst. When I got the alert of the change I had a feeling it was not going to be good. My limit was increase about 3 or 4 months ago fast forward to today, they decreased my credit limit to my balance amount. Keep in mind my accounts are up to date. I pay on time, been with hsn for years. I don’t like the fact that they increase your limit one month then 2 or 3 months later they decrease it. That affects your credit . Just wrong, once I pay it off I’m out

  13. Maurice Seymour says:

    The app is great! I’ve only had 1 problem with it though, which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. The app has said that my bill is “due soon,” rather than due now or past due causing a late charge. This is something that I hope will soon be corrected. Possibly even getting a refund of said late charges? Anyway, I’m also curious as to why only 2 of my 3 Synchrony accounts are accessible through the Synchrony app?

  14. Heather Moghaddam says:

    I dont understand how there is so many different pages for one credit card. I have care credit and I can never find the original synchrony page I used to pay with, and I have no idea if the many others are legit. So I decided to download the app, it’s even more useless, I can never get in, and get locked out continously. This is the only account I have so much trouble with paying!

  15. P Stash says:

    The worst company to deal with! EVER!! They will mess your credit score up!!! I had a balance of $2,000. I used $1,200 of that balance. After two payments, they lowered my total from $2,000 to $1,300. Causing my credit utilization to skyrocket!!!!! After a few more, on time payments, paying more than requested. They cancel the cards. This is a trap, scam. Dont deal with Sychrony!!!

  16. Nikki says:

    Update: Still useless after THIRD ATTEMPT. I have three Synchrony credit cards and not one of them is able to be registered within this app. I tried twice, several months apart, in 2019, to no avail. Today, I decided to give it another try, as it’s nice to consolidate banking. Again, just like my two attempts last year, not one card registered. Each attempt resulted in the same “failure to register” message with an error code. This app is truly an utter failure. –Samsung Galaxy S10+

  17. Mike Cochrane says:

    About every two months since June of 2019, I have tried to setup this app with no luck. Last night I finally called Synchrony for help. They verified I was putting in all the right information, but I still kept getting error after error. They suggested that I continue to use my computer to access my accounts and give up on the app. They also claim, “They have never heard of this problem before”. I told them, maybe they should read the comments on the Google Play app page. Samsung Galaxy S8.

  18. Nae S. says:

    Never Again!! The App is great however I will NEVER do business with this bank again! I haven’t missed a payment since I opened my account and they dropped my credit limit over $800 saying they “Reviewed my credit worthiness” gtfoh. I haven’t missed a payment or been late not once during this pandemic! Dropped my limit made my Fico score drop as well! They didn’t even email me to notify of the drop in credit limit, I just happened to notice when I made my payment. Beware of them!!

  19. Bronson “Brisket” Garcia says:

    Makes paying my loan incredibly easy, so I have no late payments, and I’m able to make small additional payments on demand. So skip the drive thru, and pay 7 dollars on your loan. Having the app on my home screen puts my debt in the forefront of mind, therefore I’m making progress faster. My only reserve for the 5th star is the ability to add additional Synchrony bank loans directly from the app or maybe at all. If the feature is available it isn’t easy to operate, unlike the rest of the app.

  20. Ronda Odom says:

    I borrowed $1200 May 2020. Set my payments up on bill pay, made a couple of advanced payments and paid more than the minimum amount due only to receive a letter, they were lowering my credit line to $800 because I don’t own real estate and my only credit card has a high balance (limit is $800 on the credit card). Punished for doing the right thing? Guess they would double my limit if bailed altogether and stopped paying. Unbelievable!

  21. Brian Kendall says:

    serious issue with last update. I have 3 accounts listed to pay my bills with. I chose the second one but the app selected the third one which is incorrect. I had to cancel and then I tried again to be sure I hadn’t made a mistake and the same thing happened. I had to login to my synchrony through a browser on my laptop to properly pay my bill from the correct bank account . I called and reported this issue to customer service as this is a very serious issue!

  22. Patti DeMatteo says:

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else. Can’t log in to my acct at all and can’t uninstall the app. Works great with one account, but still unable to load my others. I’ve had to phone in my payments last couple months since they changed the app. No one seems able to solve the problem. So it looks like I’ll be phoning in payments from now on, which I hate doing.

  23. Jessica Vollrath says:

    This app makes accessing my accounts and making payments so easy. I can review my payment history, make additional payments, set payments for auto or manually make them when I please. Really like the fact that I can see all of my synchrony accounts in one place. Also super easy to navigate. If you have (a) synchrony account(s), this is the most convenient way to manage it/them!

  24. Jeff Marshall says:

    The more you use it the easier it gets to use. Could be 5 star but I would like to be able to a list of due dates and date I pay the bill. The first screen you see lets you know that you have a payment is due. Sometimes I pay pretty early so when I go to pay the bill based on the first page and the second will say no payment due. Link them up better or show some sort of confirmation.

  25. Bosco & Boa's Dad says:

    It is totally difficult to find on the phone. I have homepage shortcuts for my other banks, but none seem available for this. I have had two separate accounts with this bank and it just does not have the strength to override Google’s restrictions. There are instructions for how to override, but they don’t work for me. Even when I get the app open, it takes forever to get my login to take. I do have an unusually troublesome phone One+, but I think the App is the main problem.

  26. Melody Ravenwolf says:

    This app does not work. I can log in on the website just fine but when I try to log into the app it says info does not match their records. Worst app ever. But yet I keep getting emails and even regular mail to please download the app and how easy it is to use. I have it but you can’t log into it so they need to quit hounding people to use something that doesn’t work and they won’t fix.

  27. Swamp Medusa says:

    Triple check your auto payment schedule, I questioned whether I even set it up the first time I missed a payment and set it up again. Then I missed another payment and I realized one account was stuck on “activating” which I had to call to activate it even though the first one activated without me having to call at all. So aggravating! Enjoy my two missed payment fees, Synchrony. Their phone system doesn’t work either – pay by phone drops the call. Feels like it’s a feature, not a bug!

  28. Benaiah Phelps says:

    Great Interface. Of all the credit card and financial apps I have and use, this is the cleanest and simplest one of them all. No fluff or ads trying to clog the screen with offers. Just obvious buttons to navigate and perform tasks and clear information about my account. As a programmer myself, I just love seeing such an easy to use interface. Thank you

  29. Matthew Hatfield says:

    I have multiple accounts with this Bank from Dell to Google, Amazon and and ab few PayPal credit accounts. Even Care Credit And Verizon. I think there’s one or two more. Forgetting. Their apps aren’t that great. kind of hard to get it an overall view in one spot. One account the could show three or four of them. another account will only list one. Can’t seem to find a way to get all my accounts with one app versus 7 apps

  30. Jared Miller says:

    The app works, that’s about all I can say about it. As others have pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get all synchrony accounts into the app under one user. I have an account with the Google Store, Lowes and a Music store, only one shows in the app. To pay the others I have to login to totally separate web apps. Synchrony needs to fix this or provide instructions on how to consolidate accounts into one somehow. This seems like basic functionality to me.

  31. DM Cartwright says:

    This app doesn’t show three of the five accts. I have, including Amazon, which is the one I use regularly. All five accts show up on the full online version with the same login steps. Also, half the tiles are off the side of the page and can’t be rotated or resized. It’s basically useless as I have to go to the full site anyways and repeat the login. I’ll be uninstalling.

  32. Johnny Rigsby says:

    UPDATE: YEAH, THIS APP STILL SUX!!!! Even after my original post, nothing has changed. Still no ability to get all of your Synchrony, barely one, Sweetwater and I rarely use this acct. Any attempts to use the app to link to other Synchrony services is a complete fail. Have uninstallef and re-installed many times…useless. Would rate 0 stars if I could! No response to any reviews by the way.

  33. Theresa Kendricks says:

    Getting easier to use. I’m discovering things I hadn’t tried, like viewing my statement. Normally you have to go through hoops & leave your original page to view. As soon as I selected my choice, it popped up immediately. It went right back to what I was working on in the previous screen when I finished viewing it. I also like that this app shows your balance breakdown and if you have promotional, it shows when you promotion ends. That makes it better to manage,instead of having to call in.

  34. William Groves says:

    Difficult to use app and make payments. I work a lot and its easier for me to have an app and do autopay. This is the worst app for even trying to register and set up. My wife contacted customer service. They say they have my birthday wrong. Sent me a link to correct. I hit the link. It takes me to the beginning of the app that won’t let me log in because my info is wrong. No time for these circles. Sneaky way of trying to get late payment fees. I payed in full. Trashed the card. DON’T DO IT!!

  35. Brandon Coghill says:

    This app is terrible. It never remembers me or my passwords. Doesn’t recognize any of my account numbers when I try and recover username, password, or even trying to register as a new account. The customer service constantly tells me that I have to use the apps or websites of the cards I have. Then what’s the point of having an app then. Also, their website does the same. Synchrony is horrible over all.

  36. Steven White says:

    Synchronys whole goal is to as difficult as possible. If you try to make a payment it better be more than a week before its due because they won’t process it any quicker and then arent open on weekends to tell you why they won’t take your money. Then they charge you a late fee when they take way too long to take your money. Also if you want a paper statement you can only see your statement when they get around to sending it. The only way to see it in the app is to only have an e-statement 👎

  37. Tee Tee says:

    The app was working great. I was able to take care of 3 out 5 accounts I have with Synchrony. Ever since the update it won’t even log me in anymore. Can’t get past the log in page. Ive tried everything from uninstalling, clicking help with logging in nothing works. Hope there’s plans on fixing this error or should I just uninstall to regain space on my phone.

  38. Andreas Fuchs says:

    Update for Nov: Well I can reliably log in now, but the app only shows one of my accounts. Despite all attempts I can’t access any of my other accounts I have with them. Also the redirect to the full site (the only way I can see the other accounts) consistently fails to connect and occasionally crashes the app. Still worthless as a banking app if it can’t properly display ALL of my accounts with the banking firm. Affinity had this figured out Day 1, not sure why Synchrony can’t get it together.

  39. figgvie says:

    The app used to be pretty decent, there were some issues but at least I could make my payments! Now it just keeps crashing, wont even let me open up the app anymore without crashing and giving me a notification telling me it has to force close the app. Sometimes that happens even when I dont have the app open. Really need to do some bug fixes for these issues.

  40. Cindy Sanborn says:

    I’ve never experienced any trouble with the app, but recently it isn’t working at all for me. I am not even able to open it. I thought bug’s were fixed with the recent update. Updating to one star. This app continues to crash. It is getting to be very inconvenient to use. I have multiple accounts that I pay through this. I’m so frustrated!

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