Ivy Wallet: money manager Mod Apk New 2022*


Personal finance and spending tracker app which helps you manage your money.
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November 14, 2022
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Ivy Wallet: money manager Mod Apk New 2022*

Ivy Pockets is a unfastened finances supervisor and spending tracker app that’ll allow you to arrange your individual budget comfortably.

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Believe it as a virtual monetary pocket book (handbook expense tracker) wherein you’ll observe your source of revenue, bills, and price range.

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022*

The merit that our cash supervisor provides you with is that you’ll monitor bills at the pass with an intuitive and easy consumer interface (UI).

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

As soon as your transactions make their manner into Ivy Pockets, the spending tracker app gives you perception into your per 30 days spending and will let you plan your budgets.

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* release

Whilst you input extra source of revenue and bills within the cash supervisor app you’ll have a solution to 3 very important questions:

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

1) Precisely what quantity of money do I’ve at the moment in all accounts mixed? (cash supervisor)

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* apk

2) How a lot did I spend this month and the place? (expense tracker)

Ivy Pockets: cash supervisor Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Three) How much cash am i able to spend and nonetheless achieve my monetary objectives? (finances supervisor)

$Track. $Budget. $Save

Ivy Pockets is an open-source mission.
Intuitive UI & UX
To expand a long lasting spending monitoring dependancy you’ll want an easy-to-use non-public cash supervisor app. That’s why we put numerous effort into perfecting the best way customers engage with Ivy Pockets.

Accounts Observe more than one financial institution accounts (together with crypto ones) in a single position. Report earning, bills, and transfers between them to successfully organize your cash.
Classes Prepare your bills in more than one personalised classes to raised analyze your spending and achieve non-public finance perception.

Ivy Pockets helps 180+ currencies together with all global (USD, EUR, GBP, and many others) ones and most sensible 20 cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL) to regulate all your property with one cash supervisor app.
Deliberate Bills Look ahead to upcoming bills (hire, subscriptions, expenses) and one-time spendings (e.g. holiday, new automotive) to proactively create your own monetary long run.

Plan your spending exactly through atmosphere a couple of budgets for various classes to leverage our intuitive monetary planner.

Offline Account (Privateness) For additonal privateness, you’ll be able to select to make use of an offline account to trace spending with which your knowledge gained’t go away your software.

Backup/Export to CSV You’ll be able to export your transactions information to CSV and backup it on Google Force which comes in reality at hand when the usage of the app as an offline expense supervisor.

Graphs & Charts
See your per month bills in an exquisite Pie Chart via classes. This manner you’ll perceive how much cash you spent and for what.
Studies Seek via your transactions the usage of robust filters and generate concise monetary stories which may also be exported to CSV, Google Sheets & Excel.

Spending Monitoring Widget Upload earning, bills, or transfers with one click on at once from your own home display to trace your cash comfortably.
Bills Calculator Profit from the in-app calculator to do the mathematics required to trace your bills (or source of revenue) when the use of money or splitting expenses with pals.
Complete Customization & Personalization
Make Ivy Pockets yours! Your individual finance supervisor – the best way you wish to have it to appear. Outline customized colours and icons to personalize your accounts and classes.
Darkish Theme
We consider that a dismal theme will have to be an integral a part of each and every trendy expense tracker app. That’s why we pay particular consideration to it.

– Expense tracker
– Observe source of revenue – Non-public finance app
– Arrange cash – Budgeting
– Non-public funds supervisor – Get Monetary Savings – Monitor crypto portfolio

For questions, problems, comments or concepts don’t hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected]


40 comments on "Ivy Wallet: money manager Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Ibrahim Ibn Ahmad says:

    Alhamdulillah. It is amazing. I already own the paid version for Monefy but the design of this app is just too beautiful. it prompted me to get the upgrade. The UI takes a little bit of time to get used to. For example I often forget where to bring the Pie chart for the expense from. I keep pressing in random areas as they all somewhat expand to reveal some sort of information. But once you get used to it, which the design compels you to, you will love it. Great work Team!

  2. Fathia Salma says:

    The best money managing app I have tried so far. The design is simple, yet stunningly functional. No ads or pop-ups. As per today, it doesn’t force me to do premium upgrade in order to gain another facility and such. Although we need to write down our income and expenses manually, I personally don’t mind in order to keep my data privacy safe as possible. Thanks for inventing this!

  3. Rory Dean Thomas says:

    The best app of its kind. The UI is a little difficult to understand but once you get the gist, it’s simple and intuitive. The app is incredibly fast – even opening from the widget. Clearly well designed. The only improvement I could think of would be to add a very short animation when clicking individual incomes/expenditures – a short zoom in to show you’re going into that particular ‘folder’. This is why it took me a short while to understand the UI. Thanks Devs, 100% going to donate. ♥️ 10*’s

  4. Melissa says:

    It took a minute to get the hang of the operations. It’s the best app of this nature I’ve ever used! No glitches, no ads, very easy to use and amazing design. One feature I would love to see would be the ability to turn off accounts from the home page totals, like my savings account. Worth a donation for this excellent app.

  5. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    Best money tracking app out there. Been using it for a year now and I could not go a day without it. Have been sharing it with everyone around me! Simple, clean and smooth interface, perfect color contrasting, dark mode is stunning, and all the amazing features are free to use! What more could you possibly want?! P.S. the developer is always available for support through the Telegram channel Keep it up!

  6. Rodvic Diaz says:

    Loving this. Everything about this app is great, and it’s open source! No features hidden behind a paywall. However, it would really level it up with even just a graph of how much your wallet has per day, seeing it increase little by little everyday would be extremely encouraging for saving up, rather than just summarizing the entire month. Not sure if this wallet already has that feature, but so far I don’t see it anywhere.

  7. Fatma Gamal says:

    Like seriously, the best money manager app I used, I am still a new user but I like it so much, very clean design and good UX. It has essential features that weren’t accurate or available in other apps. Thank you so much for the widget, it makes the app easy to access! I have 2 wishes if possible: 1- having an end date to a planned payment or a budget. 1- when i am lending in the loans sections, remove the lended amount from the account value as it’s not something i can spend at the moment.

  8. sheik baqthiar says:

    This app is unbelievably beautiful. Especially the planned payments feature. If you are looking to keep track of your monthly expenses, this is the best app you can find. It has next level UX. Superfast navigation except that keyboard input is slow sometimes. You can use planned payments and keep track of all your regular payments that you make. You can add your income/expenses manually. It doesn’t track your bank account or sms, so privacy wise you feel more secure. I have experienced zero ads.

  9. Robert Palomo (Musician) says:

    On first launch the option to store data locally is disabled. Thats the main reason I got the app. Using unsecure Google is the only option. I refuse to be forced into that. Uninstalling. UPDATE: Developer very responsive. Found a bug – interface didn’t scale when phone has larger default font in Display settings (many older & sight impaired people set larger font). So offline option did not appear. Smaller font exposed the offline option. Ok workaround til fix is released.

  10. Mohammad Gamas Lazuardi says:

    15-minute into the app, i was very happy especially with offline login option, other apps force u to login with email which i dont like. the design, flow, ui/ux I LOVE IT. I think this is the perfect app for me. suggestion: when i open the quick button for transactions ‘+’ on home, i wish i could tap alternatively other screen area and didn’t have to tap the ‘x’ to close it. BTW great job devs.

  11. Adriana Sitaru says:

    Truly easy to use after you spend a bit of time understanding it. Very clean and straightforward interface that I ❤️. The only thing I can think of in term of improvements is maybe the split of total income/expenses by accounts/sources.

  12. Mark Balazo says:

    So far, so good. I love the features available and how the details for every income and expenses are laid out. And the UI and animations are modern and slick!

  13. Shaz X says:

    I love this app, it’s a lifesaver. The interface is clean and simple. You get to add multiple accounts to track and I love the account transfers options because I always immediately distribute my salary to certain categories (travel, savings, expenses). Other apps are too complicated for me tbh. Would love to see a time frame filter in budgets section so I can see if I exceeded my expenses monthly or how much excess I have at the end of the month. Thank you for this app!

  14. Suman Das says:

    Marking it as a 5 star, not just because it’s completely free, and completely means no hidden charges. and features are already loaded compared to all other apps I have checked about more than 50 apps. why additional feature it could have is auto recording transaction from SME, which is a compromising feature to data privacy. otherwise Everything you could find in it!!

  15. Tanish Pashte says:

    Great app with probably all the features you need !!! The UI looks so stunning and its minimal at the same time. Can’t believe that this app has no ads. Oh and yeah its completely free !! Great work developers.

  16. Dishan Jeremiah says:

    After fiddling return more than tens of money managing apps out there, i keep coming back to ivy!! One of the best to track all my accounts and balances. Improvement suggestion: Can we add a feature that can read messages or emails to get income and expenses automatically? This can be opted by the user rather than a default feature. Most often i set the app, but miss to update my expenses for a few days, and i have to keep going back to update them. If only the app can read it and keep.

  17. James Toogood says:

    It’s a great app with a nice design, some good customisation & auto theme switching. The only drawback is the app refuses to rotate when on the internal ZF4 screen, which does bother me, so still potentially open to looking elsewhere but everyone’s mileage will vary re: rotation

  18. Salamun Koulam says:

    The UI of the app is great. And using it is easy as well. However, the animation and transitions are jittery and laggy. It makes the overall experience suboptimal. It this issue is fixed, I think this app will be the best in this category.

  19. Nour Zahra says:

    It’s different from other money tracking apps with its simplicity and detail. I used another app for a while and when I was adding my spending I always thought it’d be nice to have a calculator within the app so I don’t have to go back and forth, today when I was using this app I had the same thought but the difference was I actually found the calculator. It’s a really nice app so far and it looks good and easy to use and I liked the homescreen widget too.

  20. Eric Benjamin says:

    Highly recommended! I’ve wallet is probably one of the better finance and budgeting apps that I’ve come across in a while. The way to integrate accounts is seamless and the breakdown of your information to help me get a better picture of where my money is going to really helps. Kudos to the developers. Great app.

  21. Fatihah Prima Ully says:

    I went around and tried 10+ similar apps but returned back to this one. It is simple to use and the UI is simply the best one out there. One thing: it would be nice to be able to hide transactions and automatic fees when transferring funds. Overall I live it and would definitely donte after my next paycheck.

  22. Bogdan Nosach says:

    Oh no! Looks like the support for syncing / backing up to Google account is going away 😢 That’s the main reason for me to use the app. Why is it going away? Can you just make a paid version of the app and charge for such feature? Otherwise it’s a great app!

  23. M M says:

    Great interface, simple and easy UI, but could benefit from more robust features such as sub-categories for Expenses.

  24. Igor Byrko says:

    Excellent app! Perfect match between the available functionality and my needs. A couple of requests. 1. The ability to specify an amount in any currency when adding expense/income – with automatic conversion according to the source currency. 2. An option to split expense by multiple people. This will help to display personal expense statistics more accurately (especially in graph widget) in case of group spending. I’m solving this issue now by adding income for each group spending.

  25. Feroz Khan says:

    The best budgeting and accounting app so far. no ads. no subscriptions. great UI. unlimited accounts adding features. Awesome widget to quickly add any income or expense by one click. I hope they don’t make it a paid app in future. Thanks developers.

  26. Amanda Amaral R. says:

    Honestly, the best budgeting app I’veever used. I tried a buch of them, they either were too complicatedor too simple, this one is perfect, if you wanna go a little deeper you can, if not you can just categorize your spendings. Really great app, love the looks of it too!

  27. Umair Babar says:

    This is the best app in terms of design and features. But I lost my data twice, and had to put manually again. Bring cloud sync, make paid version of this or whatever, but bring cloud backup.

  28. Mohomed Fouzan says:

    The experience has been very exceptional. I’ve been a user of a different money management app. Though this app lacks few of the features compared with that app, I’m still convinced to keep using this. It’s a fair trade given with the facts that how cool is UI/UX. Everything is so smooth. And for a team of 2 developers to develop such an app and give it away for free, it’s a big deal! Huge deal! Keep up the good work Ivy Apps team! You guys are helping us to be better in our money management!

  29. Abey Mathews says:

    The UI is easily one of the best I’ve seen in the ‘Money Tracker’ category. Will definitely be using this for my money manager. Edit (01/12/2022): There seems to be some calendar issue. I created an entry at 1st December 12:20am, but the app still opens up to November and shows the 1st December entry as ‘Tomorrow’.

  30. Ahmed Adejumat says:

    Almost perfect! I’ve just installed and setup this app. So far, I’m happy with the feature set and design. Let’s see where things stand in a couple months. Kudos to the developers for making the source open 👍🏽 Edit: Still five stars, but I wish it gave notifications when (or before) recurring payments are due instead of just putting it under overdue.

  31. Samit Paudel says:

    If you want a no nonsense money tracking app, this is it. If you want something full of features like linking to original bank, too much categorization and all look somewhere else.

  32. V V says:

    It’s really simple to use and has a beautiful user interface. I was doubtful in the beginning but after using it for about 1week, I love it! Would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a neat, accurate and reliable money tracking app! Kudos to the developers! Totally deserves 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  33. Prabh Singh says:

    Having used and tested money management apps for a while, came across Ivy and the first week has been a good experience. Easy to update, and particularly to set up and start using. Account management is straightforward with basic reports providing helpful insight. Mor expanded user review to follow. But definitely give this a try.

  34. Michelle Avendaño says:

    Loving the UI/UX so far. However, I wish there wasn’t so much focus on the bank balances. I really only wanna use the expense/income tracker and not have to input my bank accounts’ balances. From experience this can never be accurate and I just hate seeing it. Wish there was a way to turn it off and to keep the focus solely on tracking expenses and income. Hope this suggestion can be considered.

  35. Leonardo Gualandris says:

    The app is amazing. There’s zero ads, the UX/UI is beautiful, super simple to use. I have a complaints though: when setting up the app, there are a few category suggestions. I can’t find a way to add those categories later on without having to recreate them from scratch. Other than that it’s perfect! Easily the best money manager on Google Play.

  36. Anees Mufti says:

    Amazing app, beautiful interface and easy to understand. I do have a suggestion however if somehow you guys can make a web version aswell so we can control our budgets from either laptop or phone that would make it even better!

  37. Shamsad Tabrezee says:

    Highly recommended. The UI is great even though some people might find it a bit complicated but once you figure out, it’s a great product. I like the transparency and the community driven approach. Only missing feature is the cloud back up but that’s okay, I don’t expect to get everything for free. Thank you Ivy Wallet team for keeping it free of cost and ad free. I feel sorry for not being able to financially support you guys.

  38. Joshua B says:

    A great budget tracker app. I would highly recommend this app to all who would love a minimalist budget tracker. I use it to track my various incomes and expenses and this app can be used by anyone with little to no experience in budgeting.


    It is superb app but Categories feature in the app is confusing. For example, I have added categories like Groceries, Car, Gifts etc. App is displaying Income and Expenses both for these categories. Instead, there should be only two categories- first is Incomes and second is Expenses. For Incomes, we can add different accounts like Cash, Bank, Wallet etc. Further there should be options to create sub categories in Expenses. For example, Expenses- Groceries, Expenses- Car loan, Expenses- Health.

  40. Umair Yousif says:

    I’ve been looking for a wallet tracking app for quite some time and was always turned off by the design of many apps. That’s where Ivy wallet comes in. It has great looks and over all built very greatly.

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