Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Wallet Mod Apk New 2022*


The blockchain wallet trusted by millions. Bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins Tokens NFTs
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March 19, 2022
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Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Wallet Mod Apk New 2022*

The blockchain pockets depended on by way of thousands and thousands.

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Securely retailer, arrange, and change Bitcoin, Ethereum, and greater than 1,770 Tokens and Altcoins.

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022*

Local strengthen for over One hundred twenty five blockchains, together with:

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* release

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Money, Bitcoin SV, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Monero, Tron, Ethereum Vintage, Sprint, NEM, ZCash, Doge, Decred, Bitcoin Gold, Algorand, MonaCoin, Horizen, DigiByte, Komodo, Verge, ZCoin, Aion, Stratis, Syscoin, PIVX, Vertcoin, Einsteinium, NavCoin, SmartCash, Peercoin, LBRY Credit, Viacoin, FIO and lots of extra.

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Strengthen for each asset on Ethereum (ERC20/223/723), Omnilayer, NEM (Mosaics), BNB (BEP2) and Tron (TRC10), together with:

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

ChainLink, Compound, Aave, Elrond, Kava, BAT, Ren, Yfi, Zrx, Band, Augur, Enjin, MCO, Aelf, Standing, Matic and plenty of extra.

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

A rising checklist of natively supported Stablecoins together with:

Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Pockets Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Tether, Carbon, Maker, Gemini, Paxos, Reserve, Solid, Stasis, Synthetix, TrustToken, Circle and lots of extra.
Enhance for primary testnets reminiscent of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Monero Level.

•Superb Safety: Your personal keys by no means go away your tool. Sturdy pockets encryption and cryptography make sure that your price range will stay secure below your final regulate.

•Enhanced Privateness & Anonymity: No KYC paperwork, no IP affiliation, no id linking, no transactions monitoring. Our servers anonymize your requests by means of hiding your IP from prying eyes.

•Exchanges & Products and services Integrated: Convert between property right away, purchase main cryptocurrencies the usage of your Bank Card and briefly convert Crypto into reward playing cards on your favorite shops from inside the app, thru our strategic companions.

•Native SegWit: Revel in quicker confirmations and decrease charges for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and lots of different cryptocurrencies. Transfer dynamically between Bech32, P2SH, and legacy modes.

•One-time Backup: Hierarchical Deterministic manner (BIP44) allows you to stay the entirety out there and protected with only one super-passphrase which you best must back-up as soon as and for all.

•Multi-seed give a boost to: Retailer and organize a couple of accounts in the similar app, every with its personal encryption settings for optimum comfort.

•Custom & Dynamic charges: Transaction charges are calculated dynamically, permitting you to get the most efficient price for cash always. On the other hand, you’ll set and use your personal charges, in all supported cash.

•UXTO Keep watch over: Dusting assaults coverage and Do-Not-Spend flags. Make a selection like-type trade addresses to scale back transaction linking.

•Trusted node: Achieve whole monetary sovereignty by way of connecting in your personal complete Bitcoin node.

•Collectibles: Complete strengthen for NFTs, ERC721 tokens – retailer, get entry to and set up your ETH collectibles with peace of thoughts and safety the use of Coinomi’s cutting edge interface.

•DApp Browser, Web3 and WalletConnect give a boost to: Seamlessly get admission to your favorite DApps by way of the built-in DApp browser and Web3 reinforce with none compromise on safety. Simply and securely get right of entry to DApps at the big-screen with the usage of WalletConnect.

•Crypto DNS: Put an finish to imprecise addresses via changing them with human-readable aliases throughout other services and products and blockchains.

•Cold Staking: Let your crypto be just right for you. Chilly stake supported property with a unmarried click on and earn rewards even if offline.

•Lightweight & Group Pushed: Best engineered, runs easily even in older, low-spec gadgets. Diminished energy intake and information utilization. New options are repeatedly crowdsourced.

•Multilingual & HyperLocal: Improve for over 25 languages.

•24/7/365 Buyer Toughen: Arms on make stronger with the most productive reaction time within the trade.


40 comments on "Coinomi: Crypto Bitcoin Wallet Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Constance Royce says:

    Nice app. Accurately records actual time of transactions and even knows whether or not coins mined. Exodus and digibyte wallets record incorrect dates. For example, Exodus will record the same date and time of various transactions, even though they were not all received at the time recorded, which happens to be the time the wallet is opened. Digibyte wallet is faulty too.

  2. Edison Gregson says:

    Coinomi is an amazing universal wallet, where you can buy, store and exchange hundreds of coins and tokens, with an ever expanding list. In addition to being very secure (you and only you know your private keys), anonymous (no KYC, no identity tracking) and feature rich, it is also intuitive & user friendly, making it ideal not just for seasoned cryptophiles, but people who are just beginning to invest. That is why I’ve recommended this wallet to friends and family over the past months.

  3. Reginal Grendel says:

    I cannot do any transactions on this app. I could load money until I realised it cannot be taken out. Always displays a transaction error. I tried all the fixes and it’s starting to feel like Coinomi is a scam app. Even tracking the BTC price, it’s 5% lower consistently compared to any other exchange/wallet setup. It price increases seem intentionally delayed, but decreases are not. How can that be trusted? My coins are still there luckily, just can’t use them at all.

  4. Caldre Barkley says:

    Great with economic fees. I’d really like to have the value in the default currency below the BTC spend in the transaction history screen. It would be nice to have the value at the time of the transaction since it keeps changing every second.

  5. Cescelia Zelene says:

    Top notch app. Does very much with minimal effort. extremely reliable. as private and secure as you choose, it’s up to you to keep your device secure rather than depending on a custodial wallet to keep you safe which is often annoying making you identify yourself & riskier than controlling your own private keys. keep you device secure and understand some crypto basics. That’s all you need to do. Coinomi is plenty secure as is. The rest is up to you. I believe it’s the best there is. Outstanding!

  6. Kristiana Abbot says:

    Transferred 25 BATs from Coinbase into it and can’t get them out, keeps saying “Transaction broadcast error”. It should be a simple operation really, not one that would require tons of troubleshooting (google the error and you’ll see their help page). 30mins on this and I still haven’t figure out how to get my money out. I honestly can’t recommend this wallet.

  7. Delice Gwenddydd says:

    reading all the bad reviews. I don’t understand how so many people have these problems. People need to read the help page and go to support if you can’t figure out this wallet, easiest wallet to use. changelly and shapeshift work. ERC token wallets need to be added before you try to get a token, it doesn’t go to your ETH wallet. common sense issues if you take the time to read. I love this wallet. keep up the good work.

  8. Laureano Natasza says:

    Coinomi is honestly one of the best crypto wallets I have ever used, because it supports countless cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to use, and it has built-in support for exchanges and all the latest standards in the crypto world. My only gripe is that it doesn’t support Skycoin, but that can be added in the future. I also wish that it would add a feature that would check that you typed in a wallet address right, but that might be hard to accomplish. Overall, it’s a great wallet and I highly recommend it.

  9. Wyndell Elma says:

    Makes you confirm recovery phrase… waste of time. It’s not the fact you have to confirm the recovery phrase, it’s that it takes time to do so and if you make a mistake at the start you have to delete everything and start again. I have used a different app that was much easier and quicker confirming the seed.

  10. Ansley Jerrell says:

    As buggy as an app can get. Attempted my first purchase of Bitcoin using a debit card. Inputted all my bank and personal info and it wanted to verify my cell number and email. After I verified I was taken back to the main home screen with no evidence of a transaction. Tried again. Made it to the place where it wanted my photo ID. Would not allow me to take a photo. The button simply didn’t work. Tried again. This time I was able to take a photo, but was immediately returned to the home screen!

  11. Mills Georgianne says:

    One of the best wallets, bar none. Allows you to store multiple coins and tokens and convert between them using changelly or shapeshift seamlessly without leaving the wallet to do so. For bitcoin, the latest bech32 wallet is supported to get you lower fees and faster transfers with backwards compatibility for those still in the dark ages using the original 1 addresses or the 3 compatibility addresses. You can create multiple bitcoin wallets as well simply click add and pick bitcoin and the wallet will create additional bitcoin wallets. You can rename the wallets easily. There is an export function that is handy as well to export all your transactions too. Occasionally the wallet gets stuck and I have to reboot my phone…

  12. Cartwright Christoforus says:

    I love coinomi and have been using it for years. Great security many many coins. Advanced features. Can easily sign transactions import or export keys. However, lately i have been having problems with the app not responding and crashing. I dont know what happened!? It was working fine until the recent months. Ive waited this long to mention it because i hoped that these bugs would be worked it in the updates but have not. I use a galaxy s10+.

  13. Gerrilyn Tylee says:

    No complaints at all does everything I need it to do. Always make sure the green dot is on to make sure your wallet is online. If you can and if they have them in your area use a BTM instead of credit/debit to purchase crypto also make sure your phone has a decent OS or else you will run into performance issues in general.

  14. Larry Jenkins says:

    What can I say, probably one of the best wallets for mobile that I have used. I was using another wallet that I liked, the mobile app was lacking so I really wanted something better. I then ran into a situation where the previous place could not accommodate me. I was in a pickle and had to sign a message to verify an account for one of my pools. Someone suggested Coinomi, and I was glad they did. I imported my keys and it synced right up. Its easy to use and packed with features!

  15. Adrian C says:

    I tried it now and it seems very nice and reliable. I picked it mostly for the availability of many different coins. Fees are OK too, not sure why other wallets can charge much higher transaction fees. The only thing that is irritating a bit is the partner offers on top of wallet buttons on menu.

  16. joseph ighiriaro says:

    Great app, safe and secure. Never had any issues using it for the past 3 years, lots of my friends are using it too cos I recommended it to them, easy to use, straight to the point, no complications. Keep up the good work team COINOMI, you are great.

  17. Jahdiel Hernandez says:

    Pretty cool app. Just keep forgetting that I always have to hit the reconnect button all the time and I sit just sit there waiting for ever wondering why it just freezes on a load loop every time I open the app or come back to it while multitasking in other apps. Almost always I get frustrated and I’m about to try and find a way to contact support I remember to hit the reconnect button. Why do I have to constantly do that?

  18. Clifford Riley (Sekioh) says:

    Local key control so it’s secure and self-hosted, but does rely on their servers to get pricing and fast history/updates without being full nodes. The docked star is for issue that a few coin types get connection lost and means you don’t see new transactions or balances even though they’re safe and delivered there.

  19. Huey says:

    Great app that has been the only wallet I’ve used and needed since I first discovered Bitcoin. Sometimes has the odd glitch of taking a while to sync with the Eth Blockchain but is otherwise fully functional for my needs. Could do with a few icons being updated eg BAT just shows the generic eth token icon despite being around a while and highly popular but I’m not going to dock a star for a bit of cosmetic work needing an update. The app works, it’s secure, integrates with Web 3, and more.

  20. JUNAID HUSSAIN says:

    It’s a curious app. Very robust, clean and minimal interface. Could maybe do with the option of a guided tour on what is what. But you do get familiar with options quick. Like that it allows you to buy currencies from within the app from exchanges and more. I can’t fault the app, it does as it intends to work and I have nothing negative to say at this time. Comes across as more professional than other apps I’ve tried on the game Google play store for crypto.

  21. ArimaSensei says:

    This is from my personal experience with the app, very nice app and nice user interface. Easy to use and secure. I had a small transaction so I needed a wallet just for that transfer, I was hesitant at first because there are many wallets and this was one of the choices but in the end I don’t regret choosing it!

  22. J L (JL) says:

    Yikes. Used to use this wallet back in 2017 and it was fine, tested it the last few days and had constant connection issues, balances not updating, failed transactions, not receiving transaction confirm reqs, etc. Sometimes the mobile app would work and not the desktop app, sometimes the desktop app would work but not mobile. It looks like this may be due to the insane traffic lately, but my other wallets are fine. The UI is decent.

  23. WOLFDADDY-O says:

    I just fresh installed with seed on Samsung tablet tried to send after adding back coins to wallet and no joy…can’t get a confirmation message after password entry to send. It basically crashes blank pop up. App still open but loops back to confirm tab to re enter in pw. Broke af. Not good for the peeps who need that money moved. So what’s wrong with it..!?!

  24. Dan Friedman says:

    Coinomi advertises no fees, but if you make a purchase via their Simplex in-app link, there is a 13% fee that they don’t tell you about. Granted the fee is from Simplex, but this seems like a classic bait and switch. Update: the fee is hidden in the exchange rate.

  25. Anarchy says:

    Don’t listen to all the negative reviews saying they lost funds, I assure you they are all just using the wrong recovery phrases. I had the same problem, and was still able to recover funds years later when I finally found the right phrases. I thought for sure by then they would have taken the money and ran, but coinomi did not. This is an exceptional wallet that I 100% recommend to anyone looking to store these coins.

  26. Chris DeBord says:

    Overall. Great! Only 2 small issues since having the app and now on my desktop. I couldn’t do 5 ⭐ because the app and desktop are usually never synced together. The app shows one amount and PC a totally different amount even if I was to sync them at the exact time. That’s probably my biggest issue. Other than that an awesome and secured wallet. Oh and it would be nice for the tokens to be updated and not have to manually put them in. That’s all…

  27. Matthew Wallace says:

    The app is a great wallet and supports alot of coins. But for it being the year 2021 the app UI looks like it’s from 1997 you need to fix that asap or hire new developers it looks like a school child did it, and you need to make it easier for us to find what were looking for because if your looking to attract new customers alot of us will download a wallet check it out and uninstall it if it’s lagging behind the pack in UI/ maneuverability.

  28. Chent Jacobs says:

    Bad to the bone, been with since day 1! And in response to your response: one thing I really wish was a “select all” for coinstokens to be added rather than having to individually select each one. I’ve had to reinstall this app several times over devices and it takes so long to manually select each one to be added. Blessed to be apart of the Coinomi gang, it’s the go-to app I suggest people! (And I’ve tried many!)

  29. Brian says:

    This was the first crypto wallet I downloaded when I started dabbling in Crypto Currency & learning about Blockchain Technology. It’s still one of the best in my opinion. It continues to have support & active development & it has large selection of tokens you can add to the wallet. The UI can be a little confusing for beginners but it gets easier as you navigate the wallet & get familiar where everything is located.

  30. Cara Cruise says:

    Been using it for a couple of months and it was flawless…. but my wallet got hacked and lost all my coins…I only have the app on my phone, I don’t know how the back was done but I do know it needs my password to effect any transfer from my account to another… but it happened without my authorisation. So disappointed. Don’t download this app until they get this important issue in their security fixed. 😒

  31. Justice Ehiz says:

    Its a very good app in terms of security and support. If you wanna make a quick transaction then coinomi isn’t the app for you, it gets too slow sometimes and takes a longer time to show balance, all it shows is blockchain synchronization for a long time. This already made me lost several things supposed to be done quickly. Trust wallet is easier to make quick transaction than this

  32. Stephen Baker says:

    This has the potential to be an excellent multi-coin wallet. It is unfortunate the answer to any problem is “uninstall and reinstall.” (Make sure you saved the seed data – only available during wallet creation. You will need it to recreate the wallet.) All other data – account names, send to addresses, etc – will be destroyed. The best support I have received has been from the individual coin teams, who don’t even know the app, but can help you port the seed into a native wallet. Support sucks

  33. David Drake says:

    There really is no wallet like Coinomi, that lets you control your private keys, and has such a diversity of coins. The app now shows the percentage increase/decrease for your coins, which is awesome. There’s an integrated coin exchange, and you can use Wallet Connect to use token swap dApps, or any of the the DeFi Dapps. One downside is in the last 4 or 5 years, no new coins have been added. ERC-20 tokens can be manually added, but the prices for many aren’t available. Support is awesome!

  34. Gilbert Chilando says:

    Good and easy to use app but… made a bank deposit 6 days ago it went through but the problem was when I was transferring the funds from Coinomi Wallet to another Wallet. It took time to confirm almost 3 hours and when the transaction was finally confirmed to which I sent the funds to never received anything. Been waiting for the confirmation from other end, I don’t if my are lost or are somewhere in between.

  35. Joseph Armitage says:

    I’ve been a long time user of the 2 biggest crypto apps and this one blows them away. It’s does everything that they do and then some. Fees are a little high but imo you get what you pay for. Definitely worth the download.

  36. Duke Whipshaw says:

    A year back I switched from Coinmoi to Exodus because the Coinomi app kept crashing. Fast forward to now. It’s the complete opposite. Looks like Coinomi pushed ahead. Great job guys keep it up. Give me a few more months of smooth sailing and I’ll bump it up to 5 stars.

  37. Hilton Kuykendall says:

    No longer useable. I’ve been using coinomi for almost 10 years. And the app has deteriorated into a useless place to get your crypto stuck. Every time I need to withdraw, there is some issue that I have to figure out. Support isn’t supportive. They just tell you the same thing over and over. It’s possible they are stealing funds in my opinion. Probably a scam at this point. None of my withdraws are going through and support won’t reply. They just blame it on me for not using a VPN but I tried

  38. Dreamworld Exposed says:

    Avoid using this trash app. It still has problems with Algorand transfers that they had two years ago. I lost over 100$ of completed transfer that never arrived using the address from this wallet. Their support is ignoring the ticket and Algo foundation does not even care to remove this wallet from their recommended page. Disgusting.

  39. Redneck says:

    I had gotten the coinomi wallet for my Horizen (ZEN) coins, BUT half the time synchronization problems make my coins completely unaccessible and even balance doesn’t show on the app. And now the help department says it’s going to be weeks before it’s fixed. That is completely unacceptable and ridiculous to not have access to your funds for weeks at a time. !! update- so it’s been two more months and still not fixed, unacceptable

  40. Pants Under says:

    Contacted support about one of the supported currencies not syncing and being told they are working to fix it ASAP. 2 months later they still have not fixed it. Otherwise good app with fast support responses.

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