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Manage your money anytime, anywhere, with the Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App
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Citizens Bank N.A.
November 19, 2022
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Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Apk Download New*

Get in a position to control your cash – anytime, any place – from the ease of your cellular software.

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Set up Accounts

Electorate Financial institution Cellular Banking Apk Obtain New* apk mod

– See up-to-date balances and account task – Freeze and unfreeze debit playing cards

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Deposit Tests

Voters Financial institution Cellular Banking Apk Obtain New*

– Snap pictures of your exams for simple deposit
– Get same-business day credit score on deposits made via 10 pm ET

Voters Financial institution Cellular Banking Apk Obtain New* apk

Switch Cash

Electorate Financial institution Cell Banking Apk Obtain New* mod apk

– Make transfers between Voters accounts and to non-Citizens accounts
– Ship cash securely with Zelle®

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Pay Expenses
– Arrange your whole expenses in a single position – See fee historical past – Upload and pay any corporate
Plus, your budget are safe with the Electorate Financial institution On-line Ensure.®


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40 comments on "Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Apk Download New*"

  1. Tina Demitris says:

    This app is horrible. It’s always crashing. I have trouble opening the app 70% of the time. I have trouble logging in 80% of the time. It doesn’t give any details to a purchase. It’s worse than looking at a paper statement. It’s sooo slow. And every month I’m FORCED to download the “new” version that is ALWAYS the exact same boring, basic, unimpressive app that’s full of bugs and always makes me regret citizens bank

  2. Kailyn Marsden says:

    The worst feature is the mobile check depositing. It doesn’t give you any time to center the check. It just instantly takes the photo. Then I have to retake it several times. It’s almost impossible to center the check for the camera before it takes the picture. It’s so frustrating. I wish it had the option for me to manually take the picture once I have the check centered correctly. And, when I use the check depositing feature, it automatically rotates my screen and doesn’t go back to portrait mode until I exit the banking app. I hate that.

  3. Abergavenny Taralyn says:

    What I would really like changed is an option to temporarily freeze or unfreeze a card directly from the app instead of having to call customer service. Most major mobile banking apps have this, including Wells Fargo. It’s frustrating having to wait on hold for up to 20 minutes thinking your card is lost, by the time they answer, the account could be wiped out. That is truly the one feature I would love to see added and why I only give the app 3 stars. Fingerprint recognition would also be helpfu

  4. Marleene Jennalyn says:

    this is the only banking app that I’ve used that gives constant problems. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall it many times. I checked my phone. phone is fine. checked other similar apps. all of them are efficient as expected. only this app freezes, doesn’t recognize usernames and passwords, and has to be reinstalled over and over again. To say I’m unimpressed would be a severe understatement.

  5. Charleston Nicolaza says:

    I’ve been using this app for many years to keep a close eye on my account. And recently I’ve had issues logging in. When it first started happening I thought it was me entering the incorrect info or maybe the app needed updating. But neither was the issue. I enter required info and I am continuously rerouted to the log-in screen. There are times I can log in and receive error message stating data not available. I usually have no other issues. Please fix this bug.

  6. Ebba Avrell says:

    Love the app once you get in there, IF you can get in lol. I’d say about 75% of the time an error message appears saying “sorry this service isn’t available at this time.” Then you try again, and it lets you in. No it’s not an incorrect password error cause that’s different. But they really need to refine this and figure out why that error keeps happening. Also once you’re in, it’s easy to navigate but still could be more customer service options.

  7. Thorpe Beauty says:

    OK for checking balances, but the reason for having it–mobile deposits–stopped working. Customer service failed to fix this months ago, only telling me they were going to revamp the app. When I attempt to view the check to make sure the photo is clear, a blank screen appears. At one time it worked, but stopped months ago and is now worthless, because I have no way of knowing if the deposit will go through or not.

  8. josh vasquez says:

    Too much to explain, but I’ll give you one of the more frustrating tedious ones. Say you log in to check your balance, and your boss walks in. You just lock your phone, and after your conversation, you come back. You unlock your phone with the app still open, and it brings you to the main log on screen where you promptly attempt to log in. Only for it to constantly tell you their service is unavailable, and to try again later. The way to fix it is to completely close and reopen the app.

  9. Eli Moses says:

    Horrifying, the new update has ruined what used to be an amazing app. It boasts performance but runs slower. Easier to navigate but more difficult to make transfers. It could’ve been a good update. If they paid more attention to the details. If the performance is fixed, and transfers are no longer delayed by 2 whole weeks of grayed out dates. I’ll change my review. Till then, I’ll struggle to make transfers on time (after waiting 10 minutes) as my phone is more secure than a pc.

  10. Annmarie Simoli says:

    The bill pay has become horrible. It’s very slow or unresponsive. I put in the amount to pay, but when I try to change the date the calendar does not respond. On the occasion that it does, it goes to black screen, takes almost a minute and then crashes the app. It no longer works well. Also where is the feature where a long hold on the opening screen displays the balance? Another feature gone!!! This upgrade has made the app pretty useless.

  11. Steven Kantrowitz says:

    App used to work really well, but ever since the recent update, it lags twice as much as before, and I’m unable to transfer money. It simply will not let me click the “transfer to” button to do it. I get that it looks prettier now, but form should NEVER sacrifice function, especially when I may need to access something rapidly without use of a desktop computer.

  12. Michael Pavpertov says:

    The app became absolutely impossible to use after the major update! It logged me off and wouldn’t let me back in, saying my ID and password didn’t match their records, even though logging in via the web version worked ok. Had to change my password twice to make it work. Deposits don’t work at all, no matter how good and crisp the picture is, the app keeps saying the image quality is unacceptable. Terrible!

  13. Holla Johanus says:

    Well… The last version of this app worked perfectly fine. Coming from a UX/UI Designer, it is visually pleasing and the some of the slight animated transitions is a nice touch, but that’s it. Certain important text buttons are not clickable like checking your account balance(s) or messages in your inbox. This seems like just a hi fidelity protoype that got push through before checking to get feedback from usability testing. Not a good user experience. If you need a new designer, I’m for hire.

  14. Jeff Guciardo says:

    This app needed more optimization and more testing. It’s slow, and there’s no visual feedback at all when I press a button. There are often times when I don’t know if the app is frozen or if it’s just loading the next screen. When you mobile deposit, pushing the submit button brings up a nag message that you must dismiss. Then it takes you back to the screen and you have no idea if you have to push submit again. There’s no indication of what to do, and if navigate away you lose your progress.

  15. Philip Samuels says:

    Citizens Bank used to be one of my favorite apps. Then they revised it and it’s terrible! It’s quirky and difficult to navigate. Mobile deposits take longer then ever. I have multiple accounts, which used to be easy to switch between. Now, it’s just impossible. I generously gave it 2 stars because it doesn’t lock up, but, really it’s a 1-star app. I’d love to meet the programmer who took a near-perfect app and created this mess.

  16. David Emenheiser says:

    This app is horrible compared to the last version. It requires more steps to complete a transaction. Biggest issue is for business users they removed the ability to send a confirmation of a transaction, such as emailing a copy of a transfer to my accountant. But at least I can check the photos of checks being deposited since that feature showed working in the last version.

  17. janice bernard says:

    The new app is an improvement over the previous version! Sometimes I encounter the “session has expired” message while signed in (even if I’ve just signed on), which can be annoying when I’m paying bills or transferring money and have to sign in and start over. But overall, I like the new format and functionality much better and I am able to do all of the banking tasks I need to do. The running balance is very helpful! I’m very satisfied with the functionality of the updated app!

  18. Joshua Danridge says:

    The new Citizens Bank App is much more stable, intuitive, and user friendly than the previous version. The user interface is much more streamlined and efficient also. There were constant struggles for me in the past where my account would become locked inadvertently because the finger print security scan was not synced with the application after changing it due to the account being locked – became a vicious cycle. Thankfully have not had this issue since the changeover.

  19. Linda Frost says:

    I’ve had this app for a long as i can remember. I loved it. Everything was easy to read, I knew where to find everything, it had the one-touch quick balance. Then a few months ago they changed it. I HATE it. I truly HATE it. It’s difficult to read. I’m constantly going back and forth to determine if something was withdrawn, on hold, etc it’s hard to tell. Very frustrating. The one touch quick balance is gone. I find the screens ugly and not use friendly. I can do what I need, but not happy.

  20. Susan Lailer says:

    In general, I like the app. Different tabs load pretty quickly once signed in. I can find the information I’m looking for efficiently. When it updated from the old version, I was required to create a new username and password. They are completely different from any others I have, but I was, and intensely dislike that, unable to use special characters in the password to make it more difficult. I feel like the password security requirements could be stepped up to allow special characters.

  21. Brian W says:

    Love the bank, hate the app. Last version was much better. They dropped the swipe option to open the app, and fingerprinting doesn’t work. So I am left with poor vision, tiny fonts, and tiny keys. Locked out? Oh, yes four or five times in 2021, and it’s only the Sixth of February. Getting back in is a time-consuming nightmare. Security yes, but you got it all wrong this time around. I dread using your app but sometimes I have to. What happened? This round of the app is a real clinker.

  22. Tatiana says:

    The new app is horrible. I loved the old one, was able to do all my banking on it including Mobil deposits. The new app doesn’t recognize my user id/password. I called support and they were able to set me up. But it lasted just few days until they upgraded it again. I give up… 2/9/2021 Finally, the app is fixed. I can use it again and do basic tasks without going to the branch. I would like to be able to sign on with my pin like I used to, but it’s a small inconvenience. Thank you!

  23. Cup Cake says:

    Overall I like the Citizens Bank Mobile app. It’s easy to use. Depositing checks is a breeze especially doing it by phone, however, that’s not the case doing it with my iPad. The landscape is weird. It’s a lot harder to capture the image so the auto capture times out constantly. I think the last upgrade to the app messed that up but that’s the only reason I didn’t give it five stars.

  24. Les Papp says:

    It’s slow. Mobile deposit you have to type each number with an almost 1 second delay before you can type the next number. It won’t email you your receipt automatically, you have to hit a button, and it opens you email, no check image is attached or check number recorded (like you would get at the ATM), doesn’t let you preselect your email, just uses your default. You can’t even get an emailed receipt if you do a transfer from one account to another. Not a terrible app. They made it worse

  25. Jerry Gilmore says:

    App is ok but gets forced updates so often it’s very annoying. App will not function if you don’t update it when it demands it. If you’re on a cellular connection this can be slow and costly. App functions OK, but honestly, I liked it better before it was updated recently. I realize implementing an app on a small mobile device is challenging for the GUI designer but there are plenty of well executed models to follow. Often the responsiveness is not optimal: it waits and gives no feedback.

  26. Jon Kolenchak says:

    Slow, very slow. The app freezes frequently. I can honestly say that it is the slowest running app on my device. I have considered changing banks due to this app if it were not for the hassle that would entail. 7/26/2021 Edit. I can honestly say that this is the worst financial app that I use and I use several. The app only works occasionally, still freezes, takes a very long time to open, and most disturbingly, shuts off halfway through making mobile deposits.

  27. Sam W. says:

    It used to be better before the bad UI redesign. I like some of the new features, but it seems to work slower, and also the quickview for balance is gone/non-functional. You used to be able to tap and hold on the home screen, but it doesnt work anymore. Idk why you’d take this away. It was a very handy feature to be able to quickly see balance. Please bring this back. But I’ll upgrade to 2 stars since they at least fixed the crash at login issue lol.

  28. Adi Adic says:

    The app itself is good, however it definitely feels like it needs a major upgrade in terms of UI. Pressing on options within the app feels very unintuitive, with hardly any transitions or animations to really signify whether or not your input was recognized. Also, I wish that there was an option to enable a pin like before in order to get into your account. Typing in my password can be a chore. Otherwise, the app works well for what it needs to do; I just wish it didn’t feel so outdated.

  29. Jaydine Lee says:

    It’s pretty great, for the most part. Easy to cash check. Easy to access account and routing information. Some transactions I make do not show up in my account for a day or two. This is inconvenient because the money stays available. If I forget about it and end up spending more, when the transaction clears, my account goes negative. Please help. I would like it if I could see more detail about my transactions. For example, the time the transaction is initiated and the time it is finalized.

  30. Steven Johnson says:

    Wonderful interface. Simple access points to everything someone would need for their banking needs — just a couple of issues that may (understandably too) be problematic. When I move money, sometimes it takes a non-descript amount of time for it to process on my statement — simply because it hasn’t been moved yet. And if someone doesn’t understand that it isn’t going to do that — a simple mistake of moving too much money can occur. Simple to fix from the user’s end, but annoying nonetheless.

  31. Al Lewis says:

    The app has improved, and their service has been decent up to now. I recently took advantage of one of their CC offers, applied and received card, but my first three purchase attempts were declined, as were my first three calls to service, and being told each time there would be at least a 10 minute wait for an available rep. Nope. Back to reliable Old Bluey (Chase Card) so far the best financial institution out there.

  32. Matt Serianni says:

    This app is garbage; it doesn’t have most modern conveniences that almost every other bank does. I was automatically logged out 3 times while actively chatting with a live agent, having to restart the process and wait at the beginning of the queue each time, even though I was within 2 or 3 exchanges of being done Infuriating. All I wanted to was put a travel notice on my account, and at the end of the day I still had to call and wait on hold, never even got to complete the process online.

  33. Tina Monaco says:

    For the most part the app works pretty well. However, lately every time there’s an update you can’t log into your account for a few days afterwards. The app will let you go through the process of completely signing in & then just when your accounts are starting to come up the app closes. I’m either going to stop updating the app or uninstall it completely. They really need to fix this issue & all the other buggy issues I have been reading about in the other reviews.

  34. Rachael Paterson says:

    This app has been bad for the last 5-6 years of me having a Citizens account. Something always screws up. It tells me all the time that my account is unavailable and I’ll have to waste time trying to get on the website. Now it’s even worse because everytime I try to transfer money – “pardon the issue, try again in a moment” and that continues until I get irritated and leave it. For all the supposed updates this thing gets, you’d think they would actually fix something.

  35. Ms. White says:

    The older version made it much easier to see past payments on bills. Not sure why they removed these really useful features. Every time I try to pay my credit card bill the payment won’t go through and then I get charged late fees. It is starting to feel more like a scam than a banking app.

  36. Jordan Siniscalchi says:

    This app genuinely is enough to make me consider switching banks. 1. Text is jumbled, buttons overlap, and things are constantly off-center. You would think a mobile phone app might be adapted to fit a mobile phone. 2. And most infuriatingly, I’ve been locked out of my account multiple times because my biometric didn’t read my fingerprint the first few times. The unlock feature on the app doesn’t work, so I have to call customer service. Every time. No other app in the world does this. Awful.

  37. Chris Maria says:

    The app is much improved from previous versions, but their backend systems are really slow and I get transactions limit notifications super late and new transactions take too long to be visible in the app. It should be nearly instant, other banks do this no problem. Everything’s electronic and there’s no good reason for this latency.

  38. Robyn Andreoli says:

    For the most part app is pretty close to perfect. The option to handle disputes through the app instead of call the bank directly. In some cases yes there needs to be certain situations where u need to call CS but when u call it takes a very long time to speak to anyone. Just my thoughts.

  39. Anita Justiniano says:

    I like being able to look on the phone, move money, transfer funds, pay any bill I may ever have with Citizens directly and immediately. The mobile app does not allow the interest payment on a payoff. That can cause a delay and increases their revenue or return. It is rarely down but when it is, it is somewhat disappointing.

  40. Hartey 33 says:

    Edit: it’s gotten much better & I use it regularly again. But still no widget☹️ Bring back the widget! I’ve never seen an update take an app back so far. I don’t see how this even looks better but it definitely doesn’t perform. Since the update my login is always an issue, my widget disappeared & is no longer available, & the app just looks bad. It went from great to basic & frustrating. I also consistently get the “contact us right away to access your account” message when signing in.

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