Bifrost Wallet Mod Apk


Crypto wallet for decentralized finance on Ethereum, Songbird, Flare and beyond.
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Towo Labs AB
November 22, 2022
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Bifrost Wallet Mod Apk

Bifrost Pockets is the primary cell crypto pockets and dapp browser in a position for Songbird and Flare. Supported crypto property come with most sensible belongings like ETH, XRP and SGB.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk

Bifrost Pockets makes it simple to safely cling, ship and obtain cash, tokens and NFTs. Your non-public keys are saved in your software simplest. Backup and repair your pockets the usage of a typical 12 or 24-word restoration word, suitable with different wallets like MetaMask, Believe Pockets and Ledger.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk apk mod new

RECLAIM YOUR PRIVATENESS Bifrost Pockets is advanced in line with the rules of privateness through design and knowledge minimization. We’re all the time fascinated by your privateness when designing our tool and products and services. As well as, we now have a 0 tolerance coverage in opposition to commercials and trackers.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk apk

DAPP BROWSER You’ll be able to use Bifrost Pockets to browse and engage with decentralized packages (Dapps) like Uniswap, Compound and Aave, whilst holding your personal keys safe and confidential. Bifrost Pockets supplies a complete review of transaction main points, warding off blind signing not unusual in different wallets.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk mod apk

Bifrost Pockets is in a position for the brand new technology of decentralized finance being constructed on Songbird and Flare, together with Flare Time Sequence Oracle (FTSO), Spark delegation, F-assets and decentralized packages from Flare Finance, Aurei and Probity Finance.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk unencumber

SAFETY IS OUR MOST SENSIBLE PRECEDENCE We take safety very significantly and our builders have enjoy from contributing to different wallets within the ecosystem. We often take a look at, evaluation and audit our code base. Bifrost Pockets has additionally been independently audited by way of the well-respected German safety company Cure53, and not using a vulnerabilities discovered.

Bifrost Pockets Mod Apk apk mod 2022

BUYER REINFORCE When you’ve got any questions or want improve, you’ll at all times talk over with our assist heart at or touch us at [email protected]


40 comments on "Bifrost Wallet Mod Apk"

  1. Tropical Breeze says:

    I find it absolutely ridiculous that you need to put your 12 word seed phrase in everytime just to get to the screen where you put your pin to access your wallet. Just ridiculous! If I was actually trying to recover my wallet is one thing but to have to do it everytime just to access the screen for your pin, forget about it.

  2. Gorilla Moon Baby says:

    There is no option for wrapping or delegating when clicking three dots. Only option “open in explorer”. When will xrp be available to wrap and delegate??

  3. Kamaruzaman Muhammad says:

    After installing the bifrost app from Google playstore, I wanted to create a new bifrost wallet. I clicked the icon but nothing happened. Notice says screen overlay detected. Please help. Thanks!

  4. David Rigby says:

    Excellent wallet and so easy to setup and use. Used successfully for the recent Songbird airdrop. Looking forward to additional features as the team develop it.

  5. E Lavars says:

    Im using bifrost on an android phone. Im not able to search for bookmarks. It won’t let me search. Does anyone know why and how i fix this

  6. BigExRP says:

    Desktop version is not working correctly. I am only able to access all of what is released at this point on flare finance on my phone app. 5 stars for sure though when this gets fixed.

  7. Thander Easton says:

    I have delegated and wrapped my SGB, but I can not see my SGB rewards so far. Also there is no update available for me. Any ideal?

  8. NASHEEMA KEMP says:

    Hi, can you tell me why my wallet doesn’t connect to any urls in the browser section. I’m using it through Google Gspace due to Huawei limitations on new devices?

  9. voodrin says:

    Really want to like this wallet, but it doesn’t communicate/connect with dApps I pull up in the browser.

  10. jude michael says:

    the app is amazing user friendly but please fix your sgb app properly its lagging i had to uninstall the app n rekey in my seed phrases becuz the rewards claim was stuck please update n clear the bugs frequently overrall the app is amazing n im recommending this app to all my fb members for sgb n flare on the future 👍

  11. l3358 says:

    Great wallet! Easy to use, and pretty good for the limited features offered currently due to development. question though, is KYC going to be considered as an option for users in the future?

  12. Jack Malone says:

    I am impressed with the ux, and I am looking forward to the features that are yet to be built out. My one request is some added security, such as an authentication option. Thank you, BiFrost! Your FTSO is very good as well ^_^

  13. Darrens Samsung says:

    Absolutely love it. Using for Songbird delegation.

  14. Alejandro Araujo Phillips says:

    Awesome user experience. Everything works so smooth!

  15. Iceman says:

    Can’t connect to my URLs doesn’t allow connection, I get no web 3 wallet , download web 3 wallet to connect, I’m have a Samsung 8+

  16. Luke Mortison says:

    3 star – the functionality is great. Delegating is easy for SGB for a crypto noob like me. It’s missing 2 stars because the app doesn’t do very basic accounting for you. It doesn’t have the price you got your delegation rewards and doesnt let you download or save your basic records for tax time. I’m not asking for anything special just date, price recieved delegation rewards etc. My accountant will hate me come tax time without it all. Otherwise this is honestly a great app.

  17. David Nelson says:

    Looking forward to WalletConnect integration or bifrost chrome extension

  18. Musa Hlatshwayo says:

    Best wallet I’ve ever used. I’m happy with each and every upgrade. Don’t stop

  19. Alex says:

    Amazing job, awesome wallet with easy to use features!

  20. Tong Le says:

    Nice design simple and easy and friendly to use! Congratulations to Bigrost teams hard work. Cheer

  21. Joshua Symes says:

    Bifrost is a fantastic wallet 👏 I am using it primarily to interact with #FlareNetwork and #FlareFinance. Looking forward to dark mode? Plus an icon for $SFIN would be appreciated.

  22. Trever Swelland says:

    Love the app! Please, when will you finish the collectibles section? I have several NFTs that I am not able to view at the moment. Would love an update!

  23. D1210 says:

    Customer support is non existing at this point no response. I deposited my sgb from a CEX and it was confirmed on the block. I even see the deposit but it doesn’t reflect in my account. It’s been over 5 hours. Fix this app and it’s very laggy and non responsive

  24. Bryan Carl Fronda says:

    got a confirmed transaction of 161sgb but my balance did not show it.

  25. Chi Chi Giroshi says:

    Love the wallet been using since day 1. The only thing if possible for the devs to add a way to import the csv file for tax purposes. Then 5 star for sure.

  26. Jo DXB says:

    So far so good, very easy to use interface, was easy to use with songbird for delegation. Looking forward to developments and more use with the app. I do have a question, why have you got 20xrp fixed for the account when the ledger has already reduced that to 10xrp?

  27. James s says:

    It’s brilliant and can only get better. Easy to use and Polished nicely.

  28. Cort Pearson says:

    Love the Bifrost wallet. Works well, no problems so far and started using it when it came out. Greatful. Thank you.

  29. D S says:

    Started off great when it came out, now loading times are terrible, click to claim an nft and nothing happens and still not showing my nfts that I own

  30. FRANCIS BRYAN says:

    Seemless user experience. Excellent functionality!!!!

  31. XRP believer XRP believer says:

    App is still not working cannot open just freezes on the logo

  32. Austin says:

    Best wallet for songbird and soon to be flare. Very easy to use

  33. Ibrahim Muhammad says:

    I love this app, goes well with Flare network, songbird and Exfi

  34. Fun Times Ahead says:

    This wallet is simple, reliable and I have had no issues with it at all.

  35. General Truthseeker says:

    I just sent my songbird to the Wallet from bitrue and so far so good

  36. David Kent says:

    Love the app but when are we going to be able to set different currencies? USD is the only one.

  37. Luigi says:

    So user friendly!

  38. David Armijo says:

    Great wallet! Easy to use and trustworthy! Thank you Bifrost!

  39. David Dibean says:

    I had a grip, it was resolved quickly. Makes me think that sometimes bad reviews are simply because it can often be difficult to interact with some of these projects simply because this is all new and most people don’t know who to call or achieve resolution. Bifrost excels in this area so I improved my rating. Thank you!

  40. Home Is Where My House Is says:

    Love the Bifrost Wallet! Been using it since Songburd was released and watching it grow has been awesome. Would love to see a dark mode but definitely suggest the wallet.

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