Affinity Plus Mobile Banking Mod Apk New 2022*


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September 6, 2022
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Affinity Plus Mobile Banking Mod Apk New 2022*

Easy, protected get right of entry to to the account information and banking transactions you wish to have maximum. It’s all at your fingertips with the Affinity Plus cell banking app.

Affinity Plus Cellular Banking Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

• Set a bank account to spherical up all debit card purchases to the following complete greenback, then mechanically switch the variation in your financial savings; organize Stash Your Money from the Transfer Cash display • Choose between as much as Sixteen Account Signals that assist you to stay observe of your financial savings, checking, and loans with reminders and confirmations that you’ll customise • Simply transfer backward and forward between separate memberships via tapping your profile image (Fast Transfer login shortcut)
• Get assist over video (after logging in, you’ll see the Video Banking choice at the Touch Us display screen)
• For added safety, peace of thoughts and lend a hand with budgeting, use Card Controls & Indicators to set spending limits (in step with transaction or per thirty days) on your debit and bank cards; or simply get transaction signals for consciousness • Get loose and simple get right of entry to in your credit score ranking, your complete credit score document, day-to-day credit score tracking for fraud coverage, and tips about conserving an excellent credit standing • See your MyPlus Rewards issues proper to your Accounts display screen, find out how this system works, and redeem your issues for a wide variety of serious stuff
• Rename your transactions (in non–credit card accounts) to no matter is helping you stay higher monitor of your cash
• Simply navigate a display reader–friendly and available enjoy
• View your Virtual Statements & Notices (and sign up for those who haven’t already)
• Join in Invoice Pay from the app, and spot your eBill quantities and due dates
• Upload different members’ accounts for simple transfers
• Use Stability Switch to simply carry an exterior bank card steadiness over in your Affinity Plus bank card • Organize all of your non-public, bank card and trade accounts, or even view your Affinity Plus loan • Deposit exams from any place, and right away get admission to as much as $1,500 of the budget • In finding close by ATMs and branches proper from the login display • Name from the app to talk with an marketing consultant • Get a pre-login peek at balances and scheduled invoice bills (Fast Steadiness)
• Arrange Invoice Pay
• Log in speedy with a fingerprint for additonal safety and simplicity
• Take a look at contemporary transactions and begin new ones
• Agenda and edit one-time or ordinary transfers
• Follow for loans and bank cards, or open any other account

Affinity Plus Cellular Banking Mod Apk New 2022*

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St. Paul, MN 55107

Affinity Plus Cell Banking Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Your financial savings accounts are federally insured to a minimum of $250,000 and sponsored via the overall religion and credit score of the us Govt. We do industry according to the Federal Honest Housing Legislation and the Equivalent Credit score Alternative Act.


40 comments on "Affinity Plus Mobile Banking Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Deara Rigby says:

    The redesign has been great so my. My only complaint would be when trying to take a picture of a check to deposit, it never picks it up automatically and I have to wait for the manual picture button to appear over time. Please enable the button from the start. Other than that, it’s amazing and well worth the wait.

  2. Mercher Deara says:

    It’s easy to use and it streamlines everything. I love the fingerprint login and mobile checking. It’s really easy to transfer money especially now they’ve added that list of my people so I don’t even have to find and type in they’re info anymore. The interface is nicely designed and is pleasant to look at while being very intuitive.

  3. Jerron Darleen says:

    Exceptional! My wife and I have been members since 2010. Each and every interaction has been painless. Even after lost and broken(my fault, not theirs) debit cards getting a new one sent out was fast and easy. We’ve had four loans through them and they have been very simple to manage through the app. Transferring funds is also quite simple. The rewards program is really great, gift cards and discounts! Thank you for being standouts in a sea of banking options.

  4. Ellyson Albern says:

    I like the app because it allows me to deposit checks from afar. But on more then one occasion my deposits have been reversed and I was charged overdraft fees. The deposits were accepted, and two days later reversed because the image wasn’t clear enough. I don’t understand why they are accepted to begin with. When I deposit them the 2nd time they go through fine.

  5. Arlinda Beronica says:

    Love the credit union. Not happy with mobile ap. It takes a pic of front, then cycles back to beginning deposit screen. Never lets me photo the back and complete the deposit. Grrrrr. When I asked customer service about it they said they had no idea why it was happening. which doesn’t help me much. I downloaded the most recent version see if that would help but it didn’t. Now I have to make a trip to the bank which defeats the purpose of having a mobile app.

  6. Raynor Carlis says:

    Love the app when it works- it’s useless at the moment, there’s a major bug where it won’t let me past the security questions because it won’t properly process the answers. I keep getting an error message saying that I can’t have duplicate answers when I’m answering them properly without duplication. I’m able to log on through the website just fine, so I know for a fact it’s the app that’s not working properly. Very unhappy, the app is very convenient when it actually works.

  7. Tommie Geoffrey says:

    App stopped working. Called Affinity, they said delete and download again. It won’t download. Spent over an hour on the phone with them. They said they’d check their tech department and call me back. They never did. Bad app, bad service. Update: Kaye from Affinity contacted me and was very helpful. After several attempts it still didn’t work. Then they updated the app. Kaye reached out to me again and this time it worked. Stellar service from Kaye. Update to 4 stars.

  8. Janice Raybourne says:

    The new app is a lot better, but there is still a lot missing features you get in the online banking. There should at least be button links in the app that bring you to the feature that the app can’t handle. Also it should allow ACH one time payments so I can pay my bills with my cc or accounts.

  9. Rob Fraine says:

    I absolutely love this app! It’s very very simple to transfer or move your money, to see transactions on your account, to pay loans and deposit checks into your account without having to go to the physical location! Again, simple to use – I can bank now, 24/7! Love love love the app and Affinity Plus, too!

  10. Scroop Silver says:

    Affinity Plus has never fallen short of excellency. Professional & helpful staff are always at hand to work with you – in person and by telephone – and most issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Plus, the app runs smoothly, and works exactly how you think it should. If you try it, I think you’ll develop an affinity for this easy-to-use, effective credit union.

  11. Easton Carlisle says:

    After many updates and use, the app is still very slow and buggy. Takes way to long to log in, transfer money or do anything. Even during non peak times the app is terribly slow. Also, the app does not show pending deposits which is odd and would be a good feature to add. Overall, cannot trust the app to ever work that well, higher traffic times it is impossible to access online banking period with this credit union overall

  12. Wilona Sonnet says:

    I hate banks and having bank accounts, but this app definitely makes it a lot easier. I use it almost every day; just to check my balance, I can move money from checking to savings, and vice versa. This app has also never once been wrong about my balances. It always tells me my “available balance” and then current balance; meaning it keeps track of my pending purchases for me and helps me not overspend. I love this app.

  13. Marilynn Tarian says:

    I use this app every day, the only problems I have is I can’t seem to add a Payer on Bill Pay, message pops up saying an unexpected error occurred. I also had problems logging into the app with the same error message, but I figured that one out already. I tried accessing Bill Pay on the website and it wouldn’t work either even after clearing all cache, no pop up blocker in use, and tried different browsers. I’ll call in and talk to someone, maybe they can figure it out.

  14. Martin says:

    Affinity Plus FCU mobile app stands as a shining example to all how you can turn around a digital experience. When I first became a customer back in 2016, the app was one of the poorest around (ie 2.5 stars). Shortly after, they did a total revamp to a new platform and it has been my favorite banking app across several accounts I own ever since. Beating heavyweight commercial banks on the digital front really illustrates the unyielding commitment that Affinity Plus FCU shows their customers!

  15. Arie Copley-Radder says:

    Unfortunately, any app that uses SafetyNet gets an automatic one star, no matter how good it might otherwise be. People have the right to do what they want with their devices without having to jump through hoops. Additionally, it’s not custom ROMs that compromise security (GrapheneOS actually significantly increases it), but rooting, and even then it should be up to the end user, not Google or app developers.

  16. Kathy Hoose says:

    Love Affinity Plus but they used to look at your situation! If you haven’t mistreated your loans with them in the past, then they would be more apt to trust what you are proposing now! Now it’s just like other banks & is decided by guidelines. No personal situation matters…just the credit report & check stub! Also, no balance total after EACH transaction on credit cards…just a grand total at the top! I would like it just like the checking account showing a running balance per transaction!!!

  17. Anna Kendig Flores says:

    This app has always been quite good, but also has improved over time, and especially the deposit check function works much better. I find that it covers most of my banking needs, including being able to contact a banker or teller as needed. I even handled about half of getting started with a car loan through the app with no issue.

  18. jose ramon says:

    great app,love the bank as well. I love that you can transfer to your friends or family and they receive the money instantly and without any fees. I also love the depositing your check feature where if you were to enter the quantity wrong (comparing to the check) it will let you know before submiting it. ( New update: makes depositing checks through the mobile app more annoying. The pictures when I take them the checks are centered with the square but the verify option are off centered. )

  19. Milies Yang says:

    I have been a member since 2013 and have seen changes within the app throughout the year. The app works and functions as it should. I enjoy the ability to review my accounts, credit score, reviewing and maintaining my credit score and the messaging system. The my plus rewards are also very awesome! I can earn points and redeem for larger values.

  20. Northwoods 55 says:

    I loved this app prior to the security update. It says we only have to verify once from a new device – but on mobile I have verify to every day which defeats the purpose of a username & password. Otherwise, it’s awesome. It would be great if there was a place to see future loan payments you’ve set up! Right now, it’s a guessing game (if you can’t remember if you set one or not, like me lol). Otherwise, smooth sailing and easy use.

  21. Luke Matheson says:

    Needs some work please! Samsung s21 ultra, having issues with the app screen going black when I try to change the name of a transaction. Won’t respond unless I push back, and then I’m at the home screen logged out. Is a minor problem but is very annoying. Please look into this! Worked perfect on my S8 before this. Update: was contacted by the developer and they have duplicated the issue and are trying to fix it. Thank you.

  22. Lisa Volkman says:

    I can get whatever I need from the app, I can transfer money if needed, even to outside financial institutions or to other people. It’s come in handy if the kids need last minute funds. I’ve been able to manage all of my loans as all well. Since the last security update I’ve had to have codes sent to via text messaging and it was happening every time I wanted to log on, that can get very frustrating. Especially if you accidently tap the wrong number, then you are forced to have a phone call.

  23. Jack Marek says:

    I’ve been doing nearly all my banking with Affinity in the app since last year. The branch closest to me was temporarily closed due to the pandemic and with the app I’ve been able to watch my balance, deposit checks, access my statements, find ATMs that won’t charge me a fee, and pay my credit card bill in one easy step. Thanks guys for a quality app!

  24. Jamie Bergwick says:

    easy. has all the basics I need in an app. bill pay. deposits. it’s awesome. Edit after time. Some bugs are appearing. I constantly have to send text codes to myself to confirm my identity. They offer your credit score, but the link it broken, no web page exists. Try to message them, link is broken, no web page exists. I’m not so happy anymore.

  25. John Hernandez says:

    The mobile deposit system just doesn’t work. I’ve tried taking dozens of photos of a check from the state of MN and it gives me an error of some sort every time. Sometimes I can take a photo manually, other times it won’t let me. Most of the time that it tells me it’s in the frame or it takes the photo automatically, it actually cuts off a part of the check. Can’t upload photos either and because it asks me to sign the check as “affinity plus mobile deposit,” I can’t deposit elsewhere anymore.

  26. Nicole Stegmeier says:

    The app used to be fantastic… not any more. The credit score feature always errs out. It takes 3-5 minutes to log on. Mobile deposits take numerous (a dozen or more) attempts before it works. The image will be centered when the picture is taken but then will show cut off and not in frame. It is unresponsive and only a small fraction of the features work as expected. Fix the app and I will increase my rating. It used to function and was a great resource but it has become unreliable.

  27. Anastasia Walhovd says:

    App started acting wonky when my phone had little storage and I had problems getting the mobile deposit function to work. I just deleted a bunch of stuff and then it was fine. Other than that, this app is great! mobile deposit is awesome. I can easily switch between my business and personal accounts.

  28. Rich Milovich says:

    It’s okay. App Is a little difficult at times 5 stars would be if app was improved. Maybe its a phone compatability issue but . when I click on the Affinity APP icon it always sends me to the google store to update the app even tho it’s at the current version. Another complaint is the Check deposit feature is very frustrating hardly ever works. I gave up trying to use it; until it’s fixed and working used to take me 15 mins and multiple attempts to get 1 check deposited.

  29. Molly J says:

    Love Affinity, love the new version of the app. The layout/colors/formatting make it easy to navigate and use different features. A glitch forced me to change my password, which is irritating, but in the end, it’s still good. Doesn’t take too much space or processing power. Safe, secure and always old-world excellent customer service!

  30. Brianna Caneff says:

    The worst app ever. Every-single-time I try to login its says that my username/password dont match and that I need to just change my password. I have changed my password about 20-30 times because I have to change it literally daily. I have run out of passwords. I have called and they tell me everything looks fine on their end….

  31. Nathan Adam says:

    App kept saying username/password was invalid. Called support and was told my username is now “insecure” and I need to change it. Affinity, please stop inconveniencing your members with ridiculous security policies, this new issue and the near-constant text message verification, and the inability to take screenshots have me hating using this app. Just because Pam in Circle Pines doesn’t know how to keep her account secure doesn’t mean I should be brought down to her level.

  32. Jennifer Bartley says:

    I have enjoyed this app, but for the past few months I’ve been receiving error messages every few days saying there’s an error with my password and it won’t recognize the password I know is correct or my fingerprint. It’s very frustrating having to change your password so often.

  33. Darrell Drinkwine says:

    Biometrics: Accessing the account via the fingerprint is really sub par. Fail a few times and you’re forced to reset your password. Then they store old passwords, so your forces to come up with another one that you’ll forget right after putting it in. There should be no lockout while using the fingerprint option!

  34. Lindsay Rose says:

    Update: My husband and I keep getting forced to change our password multiple times a week. It’s absolutely ridiculous and frustrating!!!!! 10/10/22 Great when you can login. I have had to uninstall and reinstall so many times over the last week, just to be able to login. It’ll work great a few times in a row then suddenly have an error occur and recommend that I call member services. Uninstall then reinstall and it magically works again. It’s extremely frustrating.

  35. jon hess says:

    Safe and secure,even from yourself. Log on issues continue after multiple phone calls, and messages. perhaps rotate the Security team with customer service. This is bad.

  36. Ryan Anderson says:

    Makes me reset my password everytime I login and I can’t reuse passwords. I’m running out of passwords, please fix Edit: if you’re seeing this then it’s probably too late, but don’t use this bank. Not worth it

  37. Logan Schlader says:

    Does exactly what I need, very well. Only complaint is when doing certain things, such as applying for a loan, sometimes it can be a bit glitchy.

  38. Austin French says:

    Bad app it makes me changed my password everytime I try to log in. I don’t forget my password I write down and it tells me I can’t used the same one If I put the same password i used. I understand that changed password for security but not everyday you log in. I tried calling but they didn’t know what there where doing and got turn away.

  39. mamata guragain says:

    It had been good and snooth for so many years but since last month, the app keeps making me change password every time I try to log in. It has been very irritating to use the app at all.

  40. Bikrant says:

    This app has gone from bad to worse. it is 2022, high-school kids can manage a proper hybrid application with full security. What has been going on for last one month is completely un-acceptable.You guys know what the problem is ( any latest review shows the exact problem ), but the inability of the company to solve this minor issue raises so many red flags. Can someone from dev team reach out to me. If possible i’d like to talk to your CTO who has let this happen for months.

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