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With Ubisoft Connect, the more you play the more you win!
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December 7, 2022
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Ubisoft Connect Premium Apk

Access all services and products associated with Ubisoft video games with the brand new Ubisoft Attach significant other App.

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SIGN UP FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF UBISOFT AVID GAMERS – Hook up with all gamers, throughout all platforms, on all video games – See what your pals are enjoying, test their achievements, and make new connections

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PLAY EXTRA, GET EXTRA – Give a boost to your enjoying enjoy with game-specific demanding situations you’ll monitor within the app
– Liberate distinctive rewards: guns, persona outfits, emotes, consumables, and extra – Earn XP and building up your Ubisoft Attach stage to assemble Devices you’ll spend on distinctive rewards and reductions

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– Get entry to your sport stats and performances at anytime.
– Examine your self with your pals, regardless of which platform they play on
– Get Good Intel to reinforce your gaming periods and sharpen your talents
– Keep up-to-the-minute with information and occasions on your favourite video games because of our feed

Ubisoft Attach Top class Apk apk

Having a look ahead to seeing you within the Ubisoft group!


40 comments on "Ubisoft Connect Premium Apk"

  1. Brook Maxton says:

    I would like quicker access to my favorite weekly challenges. I currently have to dig into the app to get to them. The loading times need to improve, there is probably a lot of bloat in the app that needs to go. Also a slight annoyance is the glitchy splash screen that resizes once something loads. Overall useful app, but it takes way too long to get to what I need, especially while playing.

  2. Jerald Jacelyn says:

    complete and utter garbage. it refuses to load,simply being stuck in a perpetual loading screen when trying to sign into PSN. I’m noticing I’m not the only one with these problems,and I think all reviews higher than a 3 are lying out their apps. this app is a horrible waste of time,effort, and storage on your device,and not even worth glancing at let alone taking the time to actually try and use.

  3. Raechell Niles says:

    Early AI, and buggy.This has the potential to be a great app for help while playing, but it’s still early. When asking for help with Odyssey, it tries to give me help for other Ubisoft games. AI dictionary/dictation needs serious work with additions (eg: it can’t seem to say the word ‘at’, spells it instead). If they get these bugs fixed, it could be a fantastic addition to enhance gameplay. Not having to stop play to search Google for help is great. Fingers crossed. App’s a keeper

  4. Aldric Corella says:

    Solid app for keeping track of both personal and friends’ stats and rankings in Ubisoft games. It’s also a great way to manage Club challenges and unlock rewards–especially on consoles. (It’s much more efficient than most in-game browsers.) The experimental SAM bot is equal parts amusing, informative, and annoying. Still, it’s an interesting feature that can be largely ignored if you so choose. TLDR: Official app for Ubisoft Club members. User-friendly/stable.

  5. Garnetta Dickson says:

    I am an Xbox user and when I tap the Xbox icon to sign in, all that comes up is a loading sign that will not go away. It’s interesting because when I clicked on the PS4, email, and facebook icons, I was able to get a sign in page for each. Please fix because I would like to keep track of sales Ubisoft is having without having to use my computer or any other electronic device.

  6. Hal Firman says:

    It’s really good but I’m giving this four stars because I have a complaint. Right there where it says suggested friends, well I click on that, and then when I pick the Xbox option and not the PlayStation, it won’t work. It keeps talking about an error. If there is a fix for this, I will bring it up to five stars.

  7. Halbert Acey says:

    Works great when im able to sign into it using my psn. But it signs me out randomly and when it has me sign back in it doesn’t register my information, and i get stuck at the login screen. I have to uninstall and reinstall to get around this problem and even then it’s only a temporary fix. Super annoying i really like the app, but i would like it so much more if i could use it. If this gets fixed then i would say 5 stars as this is the only problem i ran into so far.

  8. Chris Trinch says:

    I like this app. Most of my very favorite franchises are Ubisoft. If you play any of their games here is some of what you get. And some of it you can even get with no points. Stuff like guns, complete kits for some games (health items, ammo, equipment, etc). And since this is free there is no reason not to have it. And you earn points just for doing what you do anyway. Having extra health from this could mean the difference of beating a boss or beating up your girlfriend out of frustration.

  9. Pokemon Trainer Link says:

    I’ve been blasting through the Assassin’s Creed games for the first time ever for around a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed them, and the bonus content from Ubisoft Club. But ever since Ubisoft Connect was announced, many rewards that I haven’t redeemed yet have been removed. Unity and Syndicate now have barely any, although most of it was limited for me, because I don’t have Xbox Live and can’t do the challenges. Origins has lost most, and Odyssey now has nothing. I hope all that gets fixed.

  10. Kristina Hammer says:

    I would have given this app a 5 star but with the most recent update everything disappeared and went sour. achievements that I sought and fought for no longer matter or even exist. It’s disappointing. I loved being able to get bonuses from ubisoft coins and have something to strive for to become better in each game and I feel let down and less inclined to work as hard as I did in recent games. I have had an account for about 8 years and I feel like none of it mattered.

  11. RedpandAaron says:

    It’s a good app. I can see when people are online, and claim rewards from the app. But there is one problem. The smart stats aren’t always accurate. My smart stats said that I’ve won over 1600 defending matches and that I was in the top 10%. But the next day I had apparently won 749 matches in my lifetime. If the stats aren’t accurate, don’t show them.

  12. Brian Bowman says:

    Works really well and in well organized. I’d like a “clear all notifications” option as it’s annoying having to select each one just to clear the alert (I know, OCD). I use it for Fenyx Rising (a masterpiece, by the way) and the awards are added in what seem like 5 minute update cycles. Again, well done. The survey is asking about ads, but I don’t even remember seeing any so they’re either non existent or very subtle.

  13. Jesse Catamount says:

    This is the only app I have that requires me to fully sign in daily, regardless of having checked the Remember Me option. It doesn’t even save my email address. Plus, there is at least a 50% chance when I reopen it later when I am still signed in, that it will load up and them immediately automatically close itself down fully. Very frustrating to use.

  14. Night Knight says:

    Amazing app! Helps me keep track of things and achievements I wouldn’t normally see in game and the connection between the AC games, as well as some of the amazing pictures, art, and hints to help you along the way, as a streamer I love seeing this to help give more to the audience then just the base game, well done and can’t wait to see how it improves.

  15. Tasha Hall says:

    I can’t view anything at all. Everytime I go into the app it tells me that the Ubisoft Services, Feed and everything are unavailable. I tried going to each page and it would not load up. This has been going on for the last few months and the weird part is that my app is already updated. So why has it been like this? Has anyone else experienced this? Ubisoft, if the app keeps doing this just take it down, it’s not worth people downloading it and constantly running into this issue.

  16. Jared Degruise says:

    Constant loss to my accounts, always stuck on the home screen and can’t see the games, friends online, or anything else. Can’t use my back button on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ phone to even try to back out of it. It was a great app when I first had it installed, now I’m thinking of deleting it because of this ridiculous issues.

  17. Brandon Coburn says:

    Pretty glitchy, pretty buggy. Giving it 3 out of 5 stars because it works as intended 3 out of 5 times. Sometimes I’ll load it up and be unable to use any features. Other times I can access the games page but not the main feed. Today I pulled it up and could interact with neither. Appears to be the best companion for the rampant bugs in FC6.

  18. Shawn Tackett says:

    I’m a big fan of the bonus gear and Smart Intel. Including stats, comparing to friends, and it launching whenever I launch a game. Literally the only downside is the slight sluggishness when transitioning within the various menus. Otherwise, stellar app! Thank you, Ubisoft, for publishing one of the best franchises in gaming history (Assassin’s Creed).

  19. Sam Baker says:

    Ubisoft does zero maintenance on their software. I wanted to play a game, but I needed to sign in. In order to sign in I needed 2-step verification (witch I don’t even remember setting up mind you) however the login on this app refuses to recognize my security codes. And in order to disable 2-step verification I have to sign into the same app that won’t let me sign in, in the first place. My views on Ubisoft we’re low before this. But now I don’t think I can get much worse.

  20. Louis says:

    The app works quite well, but when you run into a problem, Ubisoft will provide no support. It currently does not seem possible to turn off notifications for specific games. Setting your online status to “do not disturb”, which the app claims would also stop notifications, doesn’t work.

  21. contoll gaming says:

    Useless. Tried to make an account though steam game, through Ubisoft website and through this app. Online and through steam it just said an error has occurred please try again later. When doing it through this app it sends a code to my email that I input within 30 seconds but it tells me the link is expired. Tried that 4 times, no other options, so right now I’ve paid £25 for a game that I cannot access because the Ubisoft software is not responding. Please help or formal complaint incoming.

  22. Jody Delport says:

    Meh, it keeps crashing, not a stable app. It’s freaken useful and I use it alot, but it keeps on crashing. Stil crashing, [email protected] app. 30/09/2022 the app is unusable…..Ubisoft, seriously, the quality of your app is like your games lately.

  23. Dominique West says:

    I open it up for one sole purpose and that was my stats…and the stats never showed just kept loading. Please fix, I really want to like this app.

  24. Dylan Lee says:

    It’s a great way to keep updated on your challenges for Ubisoft titled games and cool ingame purchases! The only draw back is how much some of them cost.

  25. Aaron Stearns (Ralinos) says:

    The mobile app works beautifully. The Xbox app needs to be discontinued, when on xbox it says “not available”(always) just keep clicking refresh until it loads.

  26. Eric Stewart says:

    Ubisoft Connect Application is great for keeping players informed about how many hours they have played a game and gives stats on say your critical hit damage and head shots you have taken while playing the game. I love getting updates after I play a 🎮.

  27. Brad “Loki” says:

    Great features, very slow doesn’t update game info sometimes, the challenges often don’t count or take minutes, hours, or even days to display.

  28. K P says:

    Good but the main reason I downloaded it was to see my achievements I have completed on games which I can not see. As they don’t come up on my computer when playing games even though the box is ticked. Could use a few adjustments…

  29. marilyn ring says:

    I actually really like this. The stats. The challenges. The rewards. I’ve been really getting into AC Valhalla lately (my first AC game) and I’ve found the in game page for rewards to be a little clunky, but cool. Though I had worried I’d forget to check in with it frequently. Learned today there’s an app for that lol. Works smoother than the in game page, and is super easy to use the app. Wish all games had something like this. It genuinely adds to the experience imo. And works well. Congrats.

  30. Seth Madole says:

    I love the layout and how easy it is to go through. The recommended vidoes are great when you are first starting a game because it really knows what you’re looking for to get committed and hype!

  31. Keishon Harper says:

    Pretty decent as far as navigation, but the app doesn’t even load anything anymore. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if the app stopped being updated, but I can’t load stats, or any other folder outside of the challenge folder.

  32. Jennifer Oulman says:

    I love the easy access that I have to veiw my weekly challenges on all of my AC games. This app makes it super easy to navigate the different challenges and rewards.

  33. Lucifer satan says:

    Usually I like the app. But, when all the sudden, y’all think I’ve been compromised, you want me to change my password. I’m one of those dumb people that use the same password for literally everything. If I change my password, I’ll never remember it. Because I’m being required to change my password to use the app, you get 1 star.

  34. Bromon Diction says:

    Literally garbage. Why should I have to download a mobile app, just to message someone on my pc???? You used to be able to Shift F2 and click chat and boom easy done. And also see invites. Now i can’t check chat for invites or messages. What a waste.

  35. Kaeden Abbott says:

    Tried to play r6 with a friend who plays on PC. Made an account, verified it and added him. I cannot message my friend or share invites into the game after hours of trying to get it to go through on my Xbox. Still have not resolved the issue so 1 star.

  36. Yau says:

    What an obsolete application. Can’t change your username through the application nor any account management. Everytime I see anything regarding Ubisoft Connect I groan and contemplate never buying a Ubisoft product again. As if the games haven’t been bad enough already.

  37. The Cheese says:

    You should’ve just left it the way it was. This version won’t let me do anything and now I can’t access the rewards I’ve earned on old games. It’s completely pointless now

  38. Matthew Molloy says:

    Easy to use and great to communicate and edit my account with my friends when playing ubisoft games. I love the fact I get daily Intel from R6 in the app and its like a little story. I think this is amazing.

  39. enderborndragon says:

    I’m giving this a one star due to the fact that I can’t access my playstation linked account and that I need to reset my password but when I try to put my email for that said action it won’t pull up a keyboard for me to type the password in.

  40. QuestorWI says:

    Not worth the space it takes on my phone I can do the exact same damn thing on my PC and since I can’t play the one Ubisoft game that I play on my phone not really worth it!

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