Redbox Rent. Stream. Buy. Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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Sep 8, 2022
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Redbox Rent. Stream. Buy. Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The Redbox app has many features that make enjoyment simple, less costly, convenient and private.

• Rent amp; choose up new release movies on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD starting at simply $1.Ninety nine a night time.
• Find a Box nearby to browse and lease films.
• Buy used films to personal forever. Just choose a favorite, pick “Buy on the Box” and pick out it up at a Box near you.
• Stream Free On Demand – and pick out from loads of movies amp; TV indicates to look at loose with advertisements.

Redbox: Rent. Stream. Buy. Apk Mod

No register required.
• Tune into Free Live TV for famous channels offering films, sports, information, track, kids amp; family, lifestyle and greater. Plus, watch our very own Redbox Movie Channels for hand-picked collections. No sign up required.
• Rent or buy new films and lots extra. Simply add them on your On Demand Library to look at instantly within the app.
• Want to watch on the go? Download your On Demand leases amp; purchases to look at each time, anywhere – even offline.
• Sign up for Redbox Perks to earn unfastened rentals, get unique deals only for you, and experience perks like a b-day present and extra promos.
• Add upcoming films in your Wish List – and we’ll notify you once they’re geared up to rent amp; choose up.


40 comments on "Redbox Rent. Stream. Buy. Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Shellie Kristiane says:

    While having Redbox as an app sounds great and very helpful, this app is SO slow, if it even works at all. I can’t search for movies, sometimes they don’t even show up as available even when I know it is because I’m standing at the box. It refuses to accept certain forms of payment, like points I’ve earned for rentals. If they fix the issues with it, then it’d be great.

  2. Cis Hervy says:

    The whole point of using the app is for loyalty points right? I keep collecting them but I can click use points-redeem all I want and it doesnt let me use them. Kind of ruins the whole point! Only happening with most recent updates the past few months. Otherwise its great. Easy to find movies and availability, reserve in advance, add to wish lists, etc. Had some trouble with my Roku and the on demand, they definitely have some kinks to work out there but will stay tuned!

  3. Quera Celiane says:

    It’s just not a fast or easy to navigate app anymore. Its too complicated, isn’t ever accurate for what’s available and makes you search for movies that don’t show up when new releases come out. The design a year ago was better, faster, and remembered passwords so I didn’t have to log in every me. I’ve resorted to driving to actual boxes to find movies over the app.

  4. Emmaleth Kathrine says:

    Okay, but not great. This app looks pretty but isn’t very functional. Extremely slow, buggy and has issues recognizing that my location is on. I really really miss the old app. I have trouble getting my local boxes list to pull up and then it gets really frustrating when I’m finally able to get it working enough to rent a movie and the darn thing freezes. I love redbox, but I hate this new app. I rent less now to avoid using it.

  5. Ceslie Argel says:

    Overall, the app is great, my family and I use it very often. There’s a variety of titles within the available rental library for consumers to choose from, depending upon your taste of movie that is. That said, there are a few CONS to Redbox options currently available to the consumer… 1) DVD/BLU RAY – A lot, if not most, of the DVD/Blu Ray selection at my local Rebox consists of very few newer box office releases. The majority of movies available are made for TV movies or movies from the late 90s/early 2000s that can easily be found in a $5 bin at Walmart. With that in mind, it would be nice to see more rental selections from this year rather than selections from 10+ years ago. 2) STREAMING – The ability/option to stream movies and TV is becoming more and more prevalent these days. Personally speaking, we don’t have cable in our home. We run everything off our Smart TV and stream all of our TV shows via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and so on. The fact that Redbox offers the option to purchase digital copies of a movie prior to the DISC release date and/or the ability to rent digital copies for streaming upon the official release date is a good idea for the most part. However, I think/wish Redbox could do better with regards to pricing their streaming options. As a consumer, I can’t see a reason to pay $5.99 (per title) to watch a movie from the Redbox app when I can simply drive down the road and rent it from a Redbox kiosk for $1.50-$2.00. In terms of streaming only, it would be nice if Redbox offered a monthly subscription option allowing consumers to stream any/all available digital titles so long as their subscription is up to date, much like Amazon, Hulu, and so on. What are the chances of that happening Redbox????

  6. Kathrine Aleshia says:

    App is very poorly designed and not user-friendly. Unfortunately, you don’t really have another option. Selecting my Redbox location should provide a quick and easy way to tell if items on my Wish List are available at the selected location, but you can’t do that. You have to pick a Redbox location, go to your Wish List, look at each item on the Wish List individually to see if it is available at your chosen location. If it’s not, you have to pick another location and start all over again. This requires bouncing back at forth between screens. The app really wants to force you to look for Redbox locations near your current location. But what if I want to pick a location that I know I will pass on my way home from work? It can be done, but it is not easy. If a movie I want is not available at my selected location, I can choose Find Nearby, but if there’s not one available nearby, I can’t easily tell it to look at other locations farther away…like near my house if I’m at work or near my work if I’m at home. Overall, just a poorly designed app and very frustrating to use. If there were another way to get movies from Redbox through a third-party app, I would be all over it.

  7. Nikky Emlyn says:

    While the app made it easy to find a movie, it failed to relay it to the kiosk for pickup and when I finally overcame the issue, it said the movies were no longer available. The contact phone number was not able to be copied to the clipboard or click able to call it forcing me to try to remember the 866 toll free number to dial it from memory. Redbox gave me a free movie for the incnvenience, but now I have to scale to find another kiosk elsewhere.

  8. Irisa Athelstan says:

    This app is very useful with reserving DVDs at a kiosk without having to stand outside browsing or go hunt down a movie from location to location like we use to. It is user friendly, you can add to your wish list, and check the reviews. I would have given 5 stars, but the redbox on demand has been nothing but a headache so far. I have issues downloading movies, then have to contact customer service which always ends in a refund and the movie unwatched.

  9. Jager Sior says:

    Great movie information and a heads up on when new movies are coming out. I enjoy getting the free rentals for renting movies and the special coupons. What I love the most is the convenience of being able to take my time to choose a movie without someone standing behind me or freezing during the winter. Then we just go pick them up at the box, quick and easy! I HIGHLY recommend this app!! (Oh yeah, very rarely is there a problem with it and customer service is great!)

  10. Mable Chap says:

    This app is functional, but clunky. Difficult to navigate in a way that feels natural and clear. Hard to find specific boxes, hard to find specific games, and really hard to connect the two. Also, it uses an INSANE amount of data running in the background (14 GB from May to August), so change your settings accordingly. Personally, im just uninstalling.

  11. Brytanie Shireen says:

    Movie selection has really gone down hill this year! I have a hard time finding good movies to watch. Doesn’t seem to have as many movies that come out in theaters. Another annoying thing, a lot of movies sound good based in foriegn countries. Problem is it’s COMPLETELY, all foriegn language, subtitled with NO warning. (All movies say they have subtitles but I believe that is a choice you can choose as an option on your viewing device.)

  12. Cassibellaunus Bond says:

    Great app. Once in a while, it crashes or does something janky, but that could be a function of my phone running low on space or of the operating system acting badly… which is true of nearly every app. It would be great if Redbox had a better selection of movies at the box, but I see that as a move toward a preference for more streaming on their part.

  13. Taite Stamford says:

    App is good. No big issue. I would like to be able to have the store that I always use on top when choosing a store. I hit the favorite button, but I still have to scroll through a list to find it each time. Tiny issue. Other than that, cool app. You can make sure the movies you are looking for are at a box of your choice and reserve them. No driving to different boxes looking for one movie anymore.

  14. Wardell Antiono says:

    Love it!! My experience has always been great, the movies are in great shape no skipping or flaws and I have made quite a few purchases for newer movies at unbelievable prices. Those movies were in great shape as well, I had one I got with a scratch on it but I watched the whole movie and it froze once, didn’t affect it that much. Overall I have a great experience and continue to do so!! 😀

  15. Leland Jonthan says:

    Overall the app itself is great, the ability to reserve movies and win extra points with different games on the app. The kiosks are a different story entirely, I cant even count how many times all of the kiosks in my area were damaged and I couldnt return my movies. That should be a feature on the app as well. Customer service has been both the best Ive had and the absolute worst. Redbox is a luxury, sometimes though its the bane of my existence, the new app update is for the birds too

  16. Lindisfarne Maddie says:

    I went through the time to pick a location for pickup. Then, pick from the movies available. Put in my payment information. Then, told that that location wasn’t taking reservations at this time. This happen for two different locations. This is the reason I stopped renting from redbox. The app doesn’t make it convenient. Why go through the hassle? Amazon prime or Netflix is more convenient.

  17. Chauncey Aadan says:

    For me Redbox has always been great. I would like a bigger selection but usually they have what I want to see. I’ve heard of people having problems but have never had a problem thet couldn’t fix. The perks are great, I get a lot of free rentals and discounts. I have rented and beat games that were basically free. Also wish they had one closer to me, other than one town over.

  18. Mya Audrey says:

    Very frustrating app to use. I only use to reserve movies to make it quicker. Not a very easy to use app, impossible to figure out how to leave reviews on movies and the help page is less than useless as it only wants to help with a few select things because when you search all you get is the same 3 topics. Needs some work could be good with some time put into it.

  19. Lousie Cyrus says:

    Love the app! Before, we used to spend time at the box browsing thru the movie list trying to make up our minds. Even worse was when someone was in line behind us, we felt hurried and pressured. Now, with the app, we can browse in peace, not pressured, watch trailers and reviews and best of all, if we’re looking for a particular movie the app searches several red boxes to locate it. The days of hit or miss are over. We even pay on the app and only walk up to the red box and pick up our movie.

  20. Dotty Caldre says:

    The app is great & easy to use. I don’t stream so no opinion on that. The point earnings is a nice perk because we rent quite a bit. Like that I can have my ❤ saved so its simple to find a movie I want. Also like that I can log in with 4-digit pin at the box. The star deduction isn’t really for app. It’s the box. When it’s too cold or too hot the screen quits working. Very weird.

  21. Erica Hadley says:

    This app is great for making reservations, and makes it super convenient to know which kiosk has titles I want in stock. I have some compatibility issues with Pixel. I’m not sure which end the issue is on, but I cannot seem to set the app as the default when viewing links from email. My phone asks me every time, even though I have updated my settings. I think my preferences reset every time the app updates. I finally gave up and just choose to “open in app once” to save time in the long run.

  22. Christopher Brown says:

    One of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Constantly crashes, promo messages won’t load so I can’t use the promos, and almost every time I add something to my “bag,” as soon as I press continue, it says my session timed out and my bag has been emptied. The only reason I gave it two stars is because of the ability to (eventually) reserve a movie for pickup before I get there. EDIT: While they weren’t able to currently fix the issues, they did help me to my satisfaction. 5 stars for customer service.

  23. John M says:

    Downloaded app, watched a free movie, then uninstalled – this app is just too glitchy. 1) After first commercial break, the movie resumed at the last commercial break. Phone was untouched on the table when this happened. 2) The subtitles kept turning off, and eventually I gave up trying to turn them back on. Seems to happen at commercial breaks. 3) The commercial breaks are VERY loud. Need to keep TV mute button handy. 4) The movie just stopped playing stopped midway. Took a long time to restart and locate correct position in movie. I get ads are required – but it just isn’t worth it. Amazon offers movies with ads, and they do a much better job. I’ll pay for the kiosk.

  24. Rich Hammervold says:

    Support team recommended delete and re-install. That seemed to work. I’ll need to do that as well to my other Samsung device. Thanks for the solution! The commercials always play just fine. However, the show video content often has unrecoverable errors. Often have to wait for another day for the video content to come without error. This happens very often.

  25. Don Mowzoon says:

    I wish the transaction history went back further (and was easier to find). I’m often not sure I’ve rented a certain movie. If so, I don’t want to rent it again – but it sounds familiar, like I might’ve previously. But the transaction history doesn’t go back far enough to know. Previous versions of the app did go back further. Also, Redbox shouldn’t list as New Releases movies that aren’t available at the box yet – or they should at least be in a different category.

  26. JAS0N L3GACY says:

    I definitely have to give this app a five stars!! It is really well designed, the app always runs smooth. Transactions are always easy and seamless. You are able to filter kiosk locations and choose dvd or blu ray and that makes it way easier to find what you are looking for. And they have a great rewards program as well! However I must say Redbox, I have been disappointed with the selection of new Blu-Ray’s here lately. It would be great to see way more titles being available on blu ray.

  27. Kalah Black says:

    Ok app. Needs improvement. I like being able to reserve movies, to return movies to any location, and the rewards! But when you get a dvd that last customer abused and you can’t watch it for all the scratches it’s frustrating. And all the “hoops and loops” you have to go through to get a refund are redundant! The app is slow and not very “user-friendly”!

  28. TJam C says:

    ABSOLUTE DOG WATER!!! Downloaded the TV app on my samsung and it was the worst viewing experience I’ve ever had. Spent almoat 3 hrs to watch a 1hr and 40 minute movie. CONTSTANT buffering. And yes my internet connection is fine, it’s plugged stright in with the ethernet cord. All other devices and streaming apps work fine. Even turned off wifi on all other devices, but yet it was still buffering constantly. I would give a “0 Stars” if I could.

  29. Gah-ishida says:

    It’s a great app for the kiosk. Redbox is awesome at sending promo deals stating that you can either do, kiosk or on demand. But when you go to check out for on demand, there is no way to enter any actual ‘plus ultra’ promos. (2 4 1 deals) Keeps sending you to all those points you have and how to redeem at a kiosk but not online. So keep racking up those points you can’t use for actual on demand rentals. And don’t bother trying to get any kind of customer service help cuz there isn’t any.

  30. Phil Woods says:

    Have been renting your dvds for many years on occasion it’s nice to be able to stream a movie , but through the app it never plays, I always get an “unexpected error” message and movie won’t play, I closed it restart same thing no change! Closing note when I am able to pay for streaming they overheat my phone believe it or not I get a warning saying Redbox is overheating your phone! Oh boy bring back the good old days!

  31. Jennifer Drogose says:

    This app has a free streaming section that’s updated monthly! There’s also a rent option. It’s so affordable! If you have a normal mobile phone 🤳 , computer 🖥️ , laptop 💻 , or another device that supports streaming, you’ll have so much fun on this App! Whether you’re using mobile data or wifi, you can download this app and use it on multiple devices. Redbox has a massive library, including new releases. For the price, it’s way cheaper than the movie theater, and great to stream with people

  32. Tammy Burchfield says:

    I love this app! It makes movie night so simple. I can browse the available movies, watch trailers and decide which movies I want to rent or buy from the convenience of my home (or anywhere!) I also like the stream for free selections. I just wish I could do the same from my smart tv. For some reason the mobile app is different than the one on my TV…??

  33. Heidi R Presson says:

    Redbox was simple and easy to use. Has a large selection to choose from between older and newer movies, plus various formats, streaming to DVD, they make watching comfortable for everyone. Prices are completely affordable and approachable to start with them they add deals and discounts on top of them. To add to their value they have a reward program. I highly recommend them.

  34. Michael Williams says:

    I was unable to finish watching a movie. I planned to finish watching it after coming back home. When I reactivated the app there was no selection to allow me to renew the movie from the last place I’d left it. I then had to watch about 15 minutes worth of commercials as I kept trying to fast forward to the spot where I left the movie. I’m finishing the movie and then deleting this app. Seriously, ridiculous, considering the other three movie streaming services

  35. Be Ve says:

    Hangs up frequently. Gets stuck playing commercials halfway through the movie. Played “4 of 4” 5 times until I exited. Restarted app and of course it started the commercials over again, then played one second of the movie and started the commercials again, got hung up again playing multiple commercials. Finally quit trying to watch after 21 commercials in a row and hung up buffering.

  36. Debbie says:

    I can’t say I like the app. I rented on demand. My car is in the shop so I couldn’t use the kiosk. It skips and drags. I tried other devices and found out they are also incompatible. I have a Polaroid TV and Amazon Fire Tablet. My Android phone is the only thing that the app works on. I don’t know if the movie would play on it but the battery would run down fast. A Fire stick App would be great. Amazon movies, Netflix etc work on my tablet but not Redbox 😕🙅

  37. Eye of Abaddon says:

    It has one very annoying problem. The app sends notifications offering coupons. When I tap on it, it simply takes me to the home page of the app. I add a movie to the bag. When I go to check out, the coupon isn’t there. I have to back out of there & search for the coupon. It’s in messages. Half the time the coupon doesn’t work. Then I have to search my actual email for another coupon that hopefully works. WHEN I TAP THE NOTIFICATION I SHOULD BE TAKEN DIRECTLY TO MESSAGE CONTAINING THE COUPON.

  38. Brittany Windham says:

    it’s kind of hard to navigate the app – when I am trying to edit cards, change locations, etc. I have even ordered with a card I didn’t mean to because I didn’t realize there wasn’t going to be a next step in the order process (I didn’t see the card selected below on the screen). I just think the app itself could be more user friendly.

  39. Samantha Maestas says:

    There are so many longer ads, that the ads will work perfectly fine. It will finally get back to the movie and buffer through out the whole movie. A movie that is 1.5 hours will take 3.5 hours after having to constantly restart the app multiple times. This is from a cell phone with perfect internet connection. Fix this and I will change my review.

  40. Bryant Steele says:

    Streaming free movie are a pain. Out of 4 streaming services I have. This is the only one that constantly has problems. Even after update. Constantly gets stuck buffering between commercials or trying to resume. I had to restart 4 times trying to get movie going after Commercials. Never would stop buffering. Had to watch all the commercials over & over. Finally gave up. Streaming is useless

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