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Sep 14, 2022
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Peacock TV Stream TV Movies Apk Download New*

Download Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock has all of your favorites, multi functional area.

With Peacock, stream new movies and heaps of TV display episodes — consisting of Parks amp; Rec, Yellowstone, Modern Family, and each episode of The Office — plus distinct Originals and contemporary collection from Bravo and NBC.

Stay up to date on stay news and stream all of your favourite stay sports activities including WWE, NFL, MLB, Premier League, golfing, and greater.

Here’s what you get with PEACOCK:
• Instant get right of entry to to masses of films from main Hollywood studios consisting of Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features.
• Thousands of hours of TV series, together with full seasons of buzzworthy faves, bingeworthy classics, and contemporary-season NBC hits.
• Peacock Channels – playing your favourite amusement, 24-7. Scroll less and watch greater with the SNL Vault, Fallon Tonight, NBC Sports on Peacock, WWE, NBC News NOW, TODAY All Day, True Crime, and Dateline 24/7.
• A daily dose of stay information with the pleasant of NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, and E! News – plus Late Night, SNL and more.
• Hit Spanish-language TV indicates and information from Telemundo.
• Up to 6 private profiles to optimize your viewing experience.

Upgrade to PEACOCK PREMIUM ($four.99/month) for an all-get right of entry to pass to the entirety Peacock has to offer – watch every movie, episode, and season, plus movement your favored live sports and events. More to watch. More to like.

• Stream the entirety— together with new movies, complete seasons of unique top class TV like Yellowstone, and your NBCUniversal faves from Bravo, SYFY, USA, E!, and Oxygen.
• Every WWE Premium Live Event —which include WrestleMania—plus series, medical doctors, and the WWE Vault.
• Exclusive Peacock Originals, along with Bel-Air, Below Deck Down Under, The Resort, Girls5eva, Dr. Death, Vampire Academy, Love Island, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, and greater.
• More stay sports activities, inclusive of exceptional Premier League soccer matches, football, golfing, MLB Sunday Leadoff, and IndyCar.
• The streaming domestic to your Bravo faves, such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Top Chef, and more.
• Current-season NBC hits just like the One Chicago franchise, The Voice, Law amp; Order: SVU, Young Rock, and Grand Crew.
• Unlimited get entry to to the complete library of Kids and Family leisure.

With PEACOCK PREMIUM PLUS ($9.99/month), get the whole lot blanketed in Peacock Premium as well as:
• Stream Peacock ad-unfastened*.
• Download available titles to your cellular device and watch later, everywhere.

Peacock TV: Stream TV


40 comments on "Peacock TV Stream TV Movies Apk Download New*"

  1. Melanie Gonzalez says:

    Ridiculous. I enjoy the content a lot…when it works. Its constantly stopping, restarting and buffering when I try to watch it on a device other than my phone regardless of bandwidth and signal. So its constantly interrupting movies and tv, and on top of that, it’s been forever since it would let me save to my watchlist without an error popping up saying theres a problem and it couldnt be saved. I’m so annoyed. Update*** developers got back to me and helped me get the problem fixed.

  2. S H says:

    I like the content. The app is slow and messes up all the time. It will skip and not sync. The lack of subtitles (even on their own original shows) is more often than not, which is not good! People like subtitles! The way they have it set up is dumb too, there is no section for new episodes of the shows you follow, just a section for new episodes of all the shows on the platform. You can expect to have 5 commercial breaks per 45 minute show. That’s with a paying account. Be better, do better.

  3. Chris Wein says:

    Takes a couple minutes to play at full quality, even with internet speeds 200+ Mbps. Crashes all the time when skipping backwards or forwards. Always defaults to “English – Audio Description” every time the app is opened or a new episode starts. Also if screen is turned off, or I jump to a different app for even a few seconds, it restarts the episode at the beginning.

  4. Shellie Ripley says:

    Worst streaming app I have used so far. While there is a good selection of content to watch, when trying to do so, it tells me I need an active internet connection. I am connected to WIFI and have mobile data so clearly I have an active connection. When I miraculously do connect to a video, if someone text me, instead of the video picking back up where I left off, it starts me back from the very beginning. I don’t understand why the streaming apps can’t get a decent video player.

  5. David says:

    I love the options it has for shows. But it always crashes and then starts me on the last episode I watched. And to get to the episode I wanna watch I have to search for it. You can’t click it in the “continue watching” section because it’ll start you at the last episode. I watched the ads then paused it to grab a drink. When I came back and played it it gave me more ads. This app needs to take some advice from other streaming services badly. It sucks. Wish they didn’t hog so many good shows.

  6. Erik Holt says:

    The one star is about the technical issues not the content. But while watching shows is won’t continue onto the next show it brings me to a screen that says oops something went wrong! Now I can’t even watch a movie because I keep getting kicked off. 30 minutes into the movie and it’s already happened 4 times! I’ve tried to email them but it keeps saying there’s a technical issue! I’m beyond upset and not far from canceling my subscription

  7. Leah McCrobie says:

    Love this app, has tons of my faves…BUT. A lot of times when I bring it up to resume watching after sitting my phone down it seems to not hook into my wifi or something. It will just load and load and load and then I sometimes get an error message saying that Peacock needs an internet connection to work. But it’s always connected to my home internet when it says that! The only fix I’ve found so far is to uninstall the app and then install it again. If it wasn’t for this issue I’d give 5 stars.

  8. Jill Nadler says:

    Cannot believe the NBC network has the worst app! I purchased it to specifically watch Days of Our lives now that it can only be streamed. Well, I can’t just sit back and enjoy the show like I used to when it was on TV. The app rarely opens. When it works it defaults to the narrating feature for sight-impaired people so I have to change it every time. There is also no PIP option! Can only watch horizontally in full screen. Have it a very short time and frustrated! Come on NBC!!

  9. Kenneth Misiewicz says:

    The app opens in the “English Ad” version. If I switch it to the normal “English” setting and I watch multiple episodes of a TV show, it will switch back to “English Ad” with each episode transition. It ruins the whole experience of watching the show. I do not need this function and I can’t get it to stop.

  10. Chris C says:

    I like the content but this is a badly architected app whose issues conveniently benefit NBC. If I pause viewing or exit the app mid-episode it restarts at the beginning. This means not only do I need to again find where I was but also that I need to rewatch commercials. My account also does not sync across different devices. So I also need to figure out which episode i was last viewing. I have numerous streaming apps and services and this is far and away the worst from a technical perspective.

  11. Chris Ziegler says:

    It’s been great, haven’t had the issues others have complained of at all. My only complaints are that 1) I can’t watch in PIP like I can w YouTube or Netflix, etc. If you open any other apps, it just closes this one. And 2)sometimes it struggles to accurately find where I left off. But no major issues, content is good & it has always worked reliably for me.

  12. Chris A. Gerlt says:

    Y’all are lucky to even get three stars from me. You all still don’t have a skip intro feature for most content like Hulu and Netflix and even Paramount Plus. There’s no way to turn off autoplay yet so it just goes straight into the next one which is annoying. I hate waking up and being 10 episodes into the next season. They’re also isn’t a way to take content off your keep watching either via TV or the app. Please get these things fixed. I’ll give 5 stars then but not until then.

  13. Amanda M says:

    This app is absolutely God awful. It crashes far too often. When I watch a video, if I have to step out of the app to take a phone call or reply to a text, it starts the episode or movie over from the very beginning instead of saving where I left off. None of my other streaming apps have this issue at all. It will also not save my progress if I pause something and go back to watch later. Then it crashes multiple times a day. Just horrible to use and takes forever to load.

  14. Kaleb Sean says:

    The service itself is actually nice, a bunch of classic binge-worthy shows and a decent selection of other movies and shows. But the app itself is horrible. When exiting mid-streaming for any reason (texts, etc) and opening the app back up afterwards, it starts from the beginning instead of where you left off. Also: any bluetooth headphones that can usually pause/unpause via buttons dont work, meaning you have to phsyically do it on your phone, which sucks. The app needs a lot of work!!

  15. Mark Tangard says:

    Way too clumsy. We bought Peacock Premium, installed on Roku. A while later we added Chromecast (same TV) and it wouldn’t recognize the subscription. All other apps transferred just fine. Incompetent app design seems to be a pattern with many streaming apps from older companies that used to be giants of broadcast TV. UPDATE to answer Peacock customer service’s recurring “we want to help!” reply: No thanks. Already spent way too long with your chat agent who could offer only a free month, no fix.

  16. Ralf Hollander says:

    Peacock recently made some changes to their service and unfortunately, not for the better. Some of the older shows are now hidden behind the pay wall, which were free several months ago. While that might seems feasible for newer content, it’s confusing why they would do it for stuff that is 40+ years old. Sadly, there is no way I can recommend this service anymore. The app has become very confusing with the live channels and it’s difficult to navigate.

  17. Summer N says:

    This service breaks all the time not just the app on the phone but on smart tvs and consoles. Every episode is ended with something had gone wrong. Sometimes it break in the middle of the episode saying “something had gone wrong” and won’t let me finish the episode, so I have to move on to the next one. Movies feels like stops every 15 mins. If certain shows were not on this service, I would drop them. Would not recommend. 100%.

  18. cortney s says:

    Terrible streaming app. If I pause, close out, then re-enter app, it starts over the entire episode im on. It would be lovely if you all caught up and had the small pop up window everyone else has but if not, atleast fix that issue. The skip intro feature has also disappeared. Just not a good app which sucks because I really love peacock and went for the higher subscription but I swear this app is getting worse, not better.

  19. Echo says:

    I greatly enjoy the shows on this service, but it is extremely frustrating to use. The app does not keep your progress on a show, so if you receive a call, text, etc… anything that takes you out of the app, it immediately restarts the show or movie you are watching. This also means that it restarts all of the commercials over again when you try to go back to were you were on the show/movie and you are forced to watch them all again.

  20. Nathan Drawbridge says:

    Not going to lie I always took this app as kind of a joke attempt to be a streaming service. I was thoroughly wrong which is why I gave four stars. I didn’t give five stars however because I paid to have no ads, yet because of that I get awkward gaps in between scenes where there are supposed to be ads. Don’t do that. It reminds me that the movies and shows are incomplete and someone else is paying less and getting the same experience basically, with the same gap in the movie I’m getting.

  21. L.T. W says:

    Wow is this terrible. You need to fix the bugs in your system. Strangest thing is happening. A voice over of the script is in the latest episodes of Chicago PD, med, and Fire. I’ve never seen this happen before anywhere. Also, you need to look at what Hulu does because not being able to have the new episodes pop up to the top of my stuff is a problem and annoying. Good thing I only paid $20 for one year. I am going to remove the app and then put it back in. See if that works. I don’t know

  22. Eric Brown says:

    Very clunky experience. Very clear the developers spent as little money as possible developing the app. Basic functionality like being able to go into a show without having to re-search for it (if needing to go back an episode) isn’t present. Also, does not pause on Bluetooth disconnect. Overall, seems like an app that was developed at a 2 day summer camp about creating Android apps rather than something that was seriously developed.

  23. nakisha crockett says:

    The issue that I have is that every time I start a show or if my tablet times out, the audio narration automatically starts. I have to turn it off every time. I don’t need narration and never turned it on to begin with. I don’t understand why it is defaulting to it. I’ve tried different ways to correct it, but nothing is working. I even uninstalled and reinstalled…can anyone help?

  24. Ravi Mathur says:

    Good content, but buggy app. It always starts a show with Descriptive Audio enabled, regardless of whether I turned it off last time I watched that show. It’s also impossible to see other episodes of a show while watching that show, even though there is an “other episodes” button (the button just doesn’t do anything).

  25. Rachel Xenophon says:

    Quality and sound and subtitles work well but it’s very frustrating if you have to pause and come back to the movie or show because every single time it goes back to the beginning of the episode and then you have to try and figure out where you were and watch 60 second commercials until you figure it out. This really needs to be fixed. It doesn’t happen on any of my other streaming apps.

  26. Allyssa (LyssaMarie) says:

    The app has definitely added some great content but compared to other streaming apps it functions poorly. I have also spent hours trying to take off the setting for Audio Description but can’t seem to. Everytime I pause or start a new episode it turns back on. Audio Description is annoying to me as a sighted person so I hate it’s set for it an have to go in every time I watch something to turn it off.

  27. Jade Howard says:

    I enjoy watching Peacock when it is working. Almost every week I have trouble with the app. Sometimes I have trouble opening it and streaming shows and movies. Sometimes I reinstall the app and restart my tablet. I watch Peacock on my tablet. I read other people’s reviews and they said they are also having problems and it one of the most terrible streaming apps. I agree.

  28. Trevor Cline says:

    When you cast to Chromecast, autoplay doesn’t work on Premium content anymore, so after each episode you must restart the show. Also when watching in the app, if you back out of the app and come back into it the show restarts from the beginning. Now every episode on your phone turns on assisted viewing by default where it speaks the visual description of each scene, you have to constantly turn it off manually if you switch apps with peacock running and go back into peacock it locks up your phone

  29. anjanett amore says:

    This is the absolute WORST streaming app available. It’s downloaded and updated but I can never watch more than 1 to 2 minutes before it stops to load or buffer or whatever it does. By the 2nd or 3rd time it closes out and says it requires an active data connection to use. I HAVE AN ACTIVE DATA CONNECTION! EVERYTHING works BUT Peacock. Also dont like that I can’t use other apps while streaming. Netflix and Hulu both keep running in a smaller picture on my phone while I use other apps.

  30. sisouk konekeo says:

    App has decent stuff watch. Minus 3 starts because u can not turn off autoplay next episode so when i fall asleep its hard to know whoch episode i fell asleep at. Very inconvenient. When I hit home to check a message it closes out of the app rather then continue to play in a small window and when I go back into the app it starts the movie/episode back at beginning and I always have to sift around to find where I left off. Again, very inconvenient.

  31. Julia VanDalen says:

    I’m fed up with this app. Any time I pause, back out, or reopen the app, it COMPLETELY restarts the episode. Even if I can see the episode has 5min left, I’ll click into it and it restarts it. I’m almost done watching it when it loses my spot, and makes me watch 3 sessions of ads to get back to where I was. This needs to get fixed.

  32. Kevin Petro says:

    It’s pretty annoying to pay for a premium service and still have to watch ads. Also, if I’m watching a season of a show and I leave the app. When I come back there’s no “recently watched” section like every other streaming app. I have to go search for the show again to continue watching. App needs some work and the premium service needs to drop the ads.

  33. L Dee says:

    There is no way to edit your queue, when it just runs to a show you didn’t want to watch. It’s now stuck in your queue and you have to fast forward the whole seasons to remove it. So ridiculous, why haven’t the coders for the App found a way around this like Paramount, Netflix or Hulu apps. If you want to compete then make that improvement. Otherwise I would rated the App a 5.

  34. brittany miller says:

    You’re going to fight with this app more than you’re gonna watch TV. It constantly crashes or says there’s no network connection when there is. If you pause a show and the screen goes black, it doesn’t save where you’re at. At least once a day, the video lags when the audio is fine. Just now, the show would go to an advertisement and then immediately back to the home screen. Yeah it has some good shows, but it’s not worth the headache. If you’ve been on fence about getting peacock, just don’t.

  35. Rhaella Targaryen says:

    I am not sure why there’s so many poor reviews. Granted I just got the app but so far, it has been pretty good. Movies do seem to be slow to start but otherwise it runs smoothly. The only thing I found bothersome is the selection. Too many indie movies I never heard of and not enough A list ones. Other than that, keep it up!!

  36. Luke Chambers says:

    The app is fine, the functionality is fine, but oh. my. god. Shows default to “English with audio descriptions” and you can’t change that default in the settings. It means you have to change it to regular audio every time a new episode starts playing. PLEASE CHANGE THIS.

  37. Natasha Sinclair says:

    I thought maybe it was just a roku issue but this app is terrible on any platform. It really sucks because there are tons of good shows and even more that id really like to watch but on roku it kicks you out to the home screen every few minutes and it crashes all the time on the phone too. It has potential to be the best streaming app around but they wont fix bugs that have been going on for years according to reviews.

  38. K. S. says:

    I like the extensive library of shows & movies. I don’t like that you can’t rate or give a “thumbs up/down” to help personalize suggestions. I also don’t like that you have to scroll up, instead of down, for new episodes. It’s different from most streaming services and a bit annoying. Finally, I don’t like that when I upgraded to commercial-free, it processes 2 separate monthly charges rather than simply increasing my monthly rate. Overall, it is worth the money, just needs a few tweaks.

  39. John Tuttle says:

    The inability to turn off the auto-play feature and having to quickly grab the remote within 5 seconds to cancel the next program definitely gives peacock 2 thumbs down. If you miss hitting the cancel button on the popup towards the end of the program, you will miss the last minute or two of the show and will have to go back and fast forward to the end to see what is missed.

  40. James Irwin says:

    The user interface seems illogical or redundant sometimes; not always seamless. Like it takes superfluous steps to get somewhere/thing If paying for top tier, shouldn’t need to watch ads on any promo shows or movies. Irregular/inconsistent volume from one episode to the next is frustrating. Also randomly stops mid-binge no reason. Disappointing indeterminate amount of time buffering to best quality when beginning any program; huge contrast to any of my 6 other streaming services.

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