Nick – Watch TV Shows & Videos Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Stream full length episodes of shows like SpongeBob, That Girl Lay Lay and more
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October 13, 2022
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Nick – Watch TV Shows & Videos Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Watch the most productive of Nickelodeon at your fingertips the use of your cellular or pill tool! At house or out-and-about, meet up with the most productive Nick has to provide anyplace, anytime.

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Presentations & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Pass on an journey with the Transformers or The Thundermans, dive deep underneath the ocean with Spongebob SquarePants, or strap in for an action-packed challenge with the chance Drive!

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Displays & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Get complete episodes up to date weekly of all of your favorite Nick displays by means of logging in along with your TELEVISION supplier (now together with Xfinity) the day once they premiere. Watch displays like;

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Displays & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Threat Pressure iCarly
It’s Pony
JoJo Siwa
Kamp Koral
Middlemost Put up Monster Prime Rugrats Facet Hustle
SpongeBob SquarePants Celebrity Trek: Prodigy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
That Lady Lay Lay
The Rather Extraordinary Oldsters The Rather Abnormal Folks: Reasonably Odder
The Loud Space The In reality Loud Space The Patrick Celebrity Display The Smurfs
The Thundermans
Tooned In
Warped Younger Dylan
Zoey One zero one

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Displays & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

WATCH A LAUGH VIDS Need Giant Nate shorts? We were given ’em! How a few Lay Lay tune video? Were given that, too! You’ll be able to additionally watch unique vids and clips from your entire favourite Nick presentations.

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Displays & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Which suppliers am i able to log in by means of?
AT&T U-verse, Spectrum, Cox, Direct TELEVISION, Direct TELEVISION Flow, Dish, Hulu, Xtreme, Optimal, Philo, Verizon and also you Tube TELEVISION

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Presentations & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Apply @nickelodeon on IG | FACEBOOK | TW | Twitch for the entire newest information

Nick – Watch TELEVISION Presentations & Movies Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Stay exploring to find new, hilarious stuff from Nick. Obtain the Nick app and watch your favorites – any time, anyplace!
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40 comments on "Nick – Watch TV Shows & Videos Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Kassie Kathy says:

    Doesn’t allow Chromecast capability. Basically the only thing I wanted it for. The episodes are horribly organized and out of order, no search function at all, and if you misclick, you have to.watvh 2 mins of ads all over again just to begin watching your show. Nope.

  2. Edaline Crawford says:

    This app has a very, VERY limited selection of shows to chose from, and even less episodes. I downloaded this app so I can have a good time being nostalgic and watching shows I used to watch as a kid like Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob, along with trying out some other old classics I never got a chance to watch, but the only older show I could find was Spongebob. Even Fairly Odd Parents was gone, and that show just ended last year! And to top it off, it used to be one of Nickelodeon’s highest grossing shows! So there is absolutely NO reason why it SHOULDN’T be on there. The same can be applied to Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I don’t know much about those shows but I know they were extremely popluar, and are STILL pretty popluar to THIS day! For an app that claims to only have the best of Nickelodeon, they sure are missing a vast majority of their good shows. I mean, I can understand not including show’s like Rocko’s Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy, but Fairly Odd Parents? Seriously? Not only that, but this app is disorganized and cluttered. There is no search engine, no sorting options, and the episodes are just scattered around at random. This is absolutely unacceptable. How can an app made in this day in age not have such a basic feature implemented? Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed. Apps like Disney NOW have the same concept, only much MUCH better. They may not have all the older shows, but at least they know what classics to put on there! They have a wide selection of shows, even before they combined all three channels! Not only that, but they have multiple seasons for a majority of their shows, and it is neatly organized for people to easily find. I love Nickelodeon cartoons, but this app is terrible. However, I think with a few major changes, like; – Including more TV series – Adding a search engine – Keep it organized – Include all episodes (with the expense that people will have to sign in with their TV provider to gain access to these.) This app could be good, there is just not a lot of effort getting put into it. I trust you guys will fix this soon, and if not I will be sure to contact the developers in case they didn’t read this review. I know this can be a good quality app, you guys just need to take my (and multiple other people’s) suggestions. Thank you for reading.

  3. Abbi Ruddy says:

    Everytime I go and try to click on an episode, or even try to find one. It freezes. Gives me a black screen. And gives me a message that says “Uh oh, Nick has stopped working. Please try again.” Or something along the lines. EDIT: So I redownloaded the app and it works now. I can watch vids!

  4. Dorcey Redell says:

    Keep receiving the message the Internet connection is too slow which is ridiculous. Couldn’t play it on a 5G network either. No issues with Netflix so I guess I will stick with that for streaming. EDIT: apparently if you wait an entire week after the new episode was posted, the video magically plays without any issues. Extremely poor design!!

  5. Joanne Toyah says:

    All of the games that made the app fun are gone! It was the only reason why I USED to play this app. These new shows are awful, and we are being forced to only watch things. You just turned a masterpiece into garbage. Separate apps for the games is an awful idea. Just takes up more storage.

  6. Wythe Trenton says:

    There’s no chromecast support, there’s limited episode selection (only a few episodes available of each series, not a complete season available for any series), and no tv provider signin for major cable companies like Xfinity. All around waste of space. Do NOT download if you want to watch classic Nickelodeon content. You’re better off using an 3rd party service like Hulu or VRV.

  7. Riley Jondalar says:

    Only one episode is unlocked the rest are locked… Worst experience I have had trying to watch shows.. Honestly I uninstalled the app maybe 5 minutes after I installed it when I noticed I could only watch one episode and the rest were locked when I would click on the episode it would not even give me the option to unlock the videos.. My opinion if you’re going to advertise this app to watch shows but all the shows and episodes are locked what’s the point in downloading it to begin with.

  8. Came Daina says:

    Horrible! I can’t believe this app doesn’t support Xfinity!! Even the, “Unlocked” videos take FOREVER to get to due to ads! Xfinity is like the most known cable company out there! Don’t waste your time downloading this app if you have Xfinity. You’ll be searching forever for it and then it just won’t be there.

  9. Leighton Cayleigh says:

    When I lose connection, I have to start over the entire episode. When I first downloaded it, it didn’t prompt me to select my TV provider right away so most of the shows came up locked. I found it slightly difficult to locate favorite series. I was wondering if TeenNick shows could be included so I could watch shows of Catdog, The Wild Thornberrys and other 90’s favorites.

  10. Eldon Milne says:

    Too many ads, streaming quality could be better. I have very fast internet and it keeps popping up oops looks like your connection is too slow. Adding the ability to select the video quality on all platforms Nick app is available would make this app better. Also all the shows of nick aren’t available like All That, Kennan and Kel, Victorious, iCarly, etc etc.

  11. Bartholomew Sammey says:

    The Nick app is just… ok. To access most content within this app, it WILL need a cable log in. While some shows are available for free, it’s only just 1,2 or 3 episodes unlocked, or a miniseries instead. I’m also surprised to see nick jr Content on here, given there’s already a designated app for them(so it’s a bit redundant having the same shows on two apps). Overall, it’s a very bare bones app, and not reccomend for cord cutters, or fans of Nick’s older shows, as they’re nowhere to be found.

  12. Keaton Suellen says:

    Upping my rating to 5 stars; customer service has been extremely helpful and fast in helping me resolve an issue I had with the app, which is very appreciated. I grew up watching SNICK, Nicktoons, etc. so it’s great to see new versions of some of those shows, and the team’s excellent customer service is just icing on the cake.

  13. Jacelyn Felding says:

    Update: After last Tmobile update the app never works. Always says my connection is too slow for video. It works sometimes. Sometimes it doesnt. The shows also have commercials which is not a huge deal but you have to use your cable info. So Im kinda paying twice. Also cant get it on my windows computer so the only place the app is functional is on my phone.

  14. Kathrine Mallory says:

    Im glad that I can watch the episodes I missed, but can you add some of the recent classics. School of Rock was one of my favorite TV shows, so it would be nice if you put that on there. Also, on my device, (chromebook) I was trying to watch Henry Danger but I couldn’t go in fullscreen to see the entire shot.

  15. Katy Vongnarath says:

    it’s not the same as I remember it and I’m kinda disappointed. the app used to have fun buttons and slime would fill the screen, and fun games a quizzes. but now the only thing the app is is shows. I honestly really wish it was the same as before and I think other people would like that too.

  16. Bryan Shaw says:

    I’m watching iCarly right now, and in every episode, halfway through the duration of each episode, it goes straight to the credits (usually around 12 minutes into each 21 minute episode). This is an inexcusable bug that needs to be fixed on Nick’s and Viacom’s end. I am thoroughly disappointed and this bug is ruining my experience with the app.

  17. rastergrafx says:

    The app has constant freezing issues. It even freezes during ads, essentially making streaming impossible. I don’t recommend this app unless they can fix this issue. P.S. Nickelodeon, can you please just let us stream your shows on your website again? We shouldn’t have to be dependent on a buggy app.

  18. Grace G says:

    Downloaded with the intent of watching the og episodes of all my favorite shows. They don’t even have the og spongebob seasons, just the most recent seasons that are complete junk. Not even other streaming platforms have it. It’s obsurd that the nick app doesn’t carry all the seasons of their own shows. Not worth it.

  19. Joshua Beck says:

    I got into the app, I sign in and go to watch some childhood classics and I see that I can only watch newer seasons. I also see that there are too many advertisements. Just after I see the title jingle and stuff, it makes me watch 5 mins of advertsements and halfway through, I get more advertisements, and near the end, I get more advertisements, so I cant see the ending of the episode unless I watch another 5 mins off ads. Realy, is that something anybody wants.

  20. Lilly Cruz says:

    I can’t watch all the content because they do not have my TV provider. They can have all of these other ones that not alot of people have but they can’t have Xfinity. And that took off my favorite show Hunters street. I haven’t got to watch the 3rd season yet and I saw it on ther one time but the time I come back its not there. Plus the the search bar dose not work very well. One last thing there are so many commercials they take like 2 to 5 minutes each.

  21. Lugardo64 says:

    This has become the Worst app. I loved this app as a kid, the games, good shows, and the do not touch button that played a little gag when you pushed it. For some reason all that was removed in exchange for some netflix rip of that only has 5 shows, not good ones. Nor did they have all the episodes and they locked certain episodes behind an add. Plus unskippible adds at the start, middle and end of every show. Please nick bring me back my nick app.

  22. Danny Myrick says:

    Stupid. This app used to have games in it! That, and there is very few shows and episodes to choose from. Especially my favorite show spongebob which only has 1 episode that is only watchable if you enter you provider password, which is annoying. Even if you fix all that, there is still too many adds.

  23. Scott Langenbahn says:

    the user interface is terrible and no chromecast support. major fails 11/24/2020 – app is still terrible. Same complaints as before. Constantly freezes and other display issues, if it works. Too many ads for a paid service… standards for Viacom are getting pretty low. Figure it out

  24. Kendall Kemp says:

    This app is super glitchy and there is ads when the episode is going on, also when I try to watch a show I cant even change the season. This app is extremely annoying. I hope they fix it. If you had to choose between downloading this or going to jail. I would choose jail. This app sucks cheese and I hate it. I updated it and reinstalled it. It still doesn’t work.

  25. Dominic Ebner says:

    Nick is an app that allows you to watch modern Nickolodeon shows as long as you’re connected to the interent. To get the full experience you need to sign in with a TV provider, but there is still a lot on offer for people who don’t have one. Every week 5 random new episodes are availible with complete seasons on offer for people who signed in with their provider. As a person who lives in a family without cable this was nice to have couple of shows to watch each day. Overall this was a nice app!

  26. Professional Idiot says:

    This used to be a fun app that you can watch videos, play games and look at episodes of your favorite shows but now it’s just a boring app with barely any content. There’s no more games and videos, no more quizzes or random stuff to do when you’re bored. It’s just episodes, and very few episodes for each show. I wanted to watch some of the older SpongeBob episodes on my phone, but all it showed was like 2 episodes from the latest season and some random extra episodes. It gets boring fast.

  27. Erik G. says:

    Doesn’t partner with Comcast for streaming and doesn’t offer a standalone subscription option that I saw. Shows and episodes seem to be very limited to partial seasons. Could have just met general expectations, but designed to be inconvenient and minimal instead.

  28. Aniya Cox says:

    I absolutely love Nick but the only problem is that there’s too many ads

  29. Jacob Kingsbury says:

    Good but when I watch big nate it is laggy and glitchy please fix that

  30. emile forger (Echo) says:

    I thought that when I was downloading the app I thought I was going to be able to watch the shows and the older ones, but it doesn’t have most of the older shows that I loved and still love also it has very few episodes that are newer and you can see the same show earlier (2 weeks) on TV. I’m starting to think that the app was being abandoned.

  31. Felicia Montero says:

    I’d give this a zero if I could worst app now. I don’t know anyone who still has this app but they shouldn’t you need to bring back your old version and you probably don’t even read your reviews but I hope you do because this game is bad bring back to the old version with the buttons,slime,more episodes and quizzes!!

  32. Cypher says:

    It DOES have some shows to watch, but I am very bummed that invader Zim isn’t on here. 🙁 Also, I’m sorry for the one star. It’s just that the content is limited and usually only offers… Not that good of content. Sorry again.

  33. Abigaile Harnish says:

    There is a very low amount of content and shows to watch with so many ads that are unnecessary and fill up the show. I could not find anything good and the amount of shows on here is disappointing, you get easily unengaged in the show because of the ads. This app should get 1 star.

  34. Haleyrose Schmidt says:

    I wouldn’t have rated a 5 but it had too much ads

  35. AnimeOpChanger says:

    Very few series on here that have more than three to six episodes, most of the ones I checked didn’t even have a s1. If you want people to once again enjoy your app, I recommend adding back the episodes and seasons to your shows on the app maybe then people would start to like the app again

  36. James Belcher says:

    First off you need to chill with the ads. Watched 4 ads the intro to SpongeBob and another 4 ads right after.

  37. Dennis Kapatos says:

    All the content that my kids care about was removed suddenly. Even when it used to be there, the app never functioned very well – slow, freezing, crashing, randomly locking out content. The app has no search option like every other similar app. No effort has been put into this app. A complete disgrace.

  38. Vantazia Boo says:

    The issue on this app that everybody installed has never been solved I installed on this app immediately uninstalled it because of Henry danger there’s like barely any seasons or episodes because the Netflix can’t barely provide the fifth season because of a “problem” I guess it’s really stupid but this needs to be fixed and updated.

  39. Ernest Russell Strong says:

    This app looks like a very good app for on your phone and on your iPhone also. N,y.

  40. Kobina Essoun Mensah says:

    This app is very cool cause it allows me to watch my favorite shows and movies.

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