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November 15, 2022
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MUBI — Hand-picked Films Mod Apk

Welcome to MUBI. An ever-changing number of hand-picked movies. From new administrators to award-winners. From in all places on earth. Gorgeous, attention-grabbing, unbelievable motion pictures — a brand new one, on a daily basis. And you’ll by no means see a unmarried advert on MUBI. Ever.

MUBI — Hand-picked Movies Mod Apk liberate

Take superbly curated cinema with you anywhere you pass. Circulate or obtain all our motion pictures, anytime. On any display screen or software, anyplace.

MUBI — Hand-picked Motion pictures Mod Apk apk mod


MUBI — Hand-picked Movies Mod Apk

• 7-day unfastened trial for all new customers • A brand new movie each and every unmarried day
• Every film is thoroughly decided on via skilled curators
• Discover LIBRARY that includes loads of titles, all hand-picked

MUBI — Hand-picked Movies Mod Apk apk

In case you have any questions, feedback or ideas for making improvements to our app, please touch us at [email protected]


40 comments on "MUBI — Hand-picked Films Mod Apk"

  1. Darelle Storm says:

    Excellent app!! I used the 7 day trial and loved it! The app functions well and the film selection is great. I would love it if they had a way to favorite/save movies so you knew which ones you wanted to watch. Other than that, great app/service. It BLOWS away the content glut on Netflix. EDIT: I went ahead and purchased a year of Mubi during their black Friday sale…well worth it! I enjoyed their series on Losey and their rental series on Herzog. I look forward to their future series!

  2. Weslia Morton says:

    Love MUBI, but the app is almost totally unusable. Even on fast download speeds the films won’t stop stuttering while playing in app. I’ve downloaded 4 films in the past week and all have been unwatchable, despite the fact that the downloads went uninterrupted. Between the sound dropping out every few frames and the picture stopping and starting constantly every few seconds, the films cannot play cleanly. It doesn’t matter whether I reinstall or go somewhere else, the experience remains the same

  3. Fawn Jenelle says:

    thus far, great app. polished and usable, downloaded because of a sponsorship with a cinema youtube channel i watch, dint regret it. keeps up to date with interesting movies from around the world, old and new, you can tell that whomever coordinates what movies to put on really has an eye for film. especially in comparison with the free app Tubi, which is in many ways the same concept, but feels more like a bad pirating website. only issue ive had is it wont let me download. buffers then stops.

  4. Barbary Acwel says:

    I just subscribed to Mubi. The first film I watched (which was a foreign language) was great, no issues. The second and third one I tried to watch only had subtitles during dialogue, internal monologue and narration was not subtitled, rendering the movies impossible to watch. Shame because this is such a great concept for cinephiles. Please fix this. (I stream through a Google Chromecast)

  5. Marquis de Saniette says:

    This app is only good for streaming, since the website strips that feature from the service. It doesn’t really match the website content except for the currently showing (featured) films. No access to my watchlist, no ability to curate for myself. Also, the cost should be 35% cheaper. It’s simply overpriced for one channel.

  6. Jammer Vigorous says:

    Really cool service. The films selected are always interesting, and frequently great. If you’re interested in arthouse cinema, this service is basically a must-have. The presentation is also nice and sleek. One small improvement would be the ability to customize how the subtitles look, but I’m just splitting hairs. Aside from that, the app is great!

  7. Joao de Souza says:

    The movie selection is excellent, but the quality of the streaming service is unacceptable. The streaming freezes and rebuffers way too often, and the image often becomes pixelated. No other contemporary streaming service has these problems. Judging from other reviewers’ comments, the streaming problems have been longstanding. For now, I’m still sticking around for the great selection, but this issue needs to get the attention it deserves!

  8. Emily Fries says:

    I honestly love film, but I’m more of an “outcast” as a film lover since I”m less into the foreign artsy showcase “films” and more into the strange, absurd, and the camp. I was genuinely surprised to find that Mubi offers a lot more camp, flamboyant, “sleaze” films then originally realized, and it helped transform the app from some other streaming service to my new favorite one due to the fact that it makes it a lot easier to find some amazing hidden cult gems!!

  9. Edgar Hernández says:

    I bought a anual subscription on promotion. If it wasn’t for that, I’d cancel my account. No doubt Mubi has a great film library, but the lack of a good search tool makes me not wanna look for anything. Unbelievable that something so basic is missing. Edit (cause I can’t answer back): I know you have a searcher, it’s just that it’s not a good one.

  10. Elliot Izzard says:

    Excellent Films. After trawling through other subscription services and being offered much of the same, MUBI was a welcome relief. The films are well-curated and consistently changing. The selection is diverse, mentally stimulating and wide ranging. I am able to see films I never normally could. I often watch a film a day when I have time off and no longer find myself mindlessly scrolling through lacklustre selections.

  11. D C says:

    Good selection, but unusable in its current form on a Huawei P30 lite as English subtitles cease working on voice over / narration sections of the films when offline. I’ll revise this review when it’s fixed – it’s a good service, but can’t recommend as is. Edit: contacted support. Looked into it, identified issue, said it was being worked on. Same issue was flagged 2 years ago to support on reddit. So, my review still stands, and I can’t see how it can’t have been fixed after 2 years.

  12. Ward Holsey says:

    A very honest review that i hope the developer takes to heart. This application is good for those into older and more obscure films that most people aren’t into nowadays. The films you really want to see are listed but not available to watch. App isn’t worth 10 a month until they open up and really see what we customers are searching for and adding to our Playlists

  13. Prabhu Dutta says:

    Go-to app for art film/underrated film/classic film enthusiasts. Edit : I am having to put this edited review over here not because of the catalogue of movies mubi has but because of how bad their app is. It’s kind of a buggy mess, I can tolerate some problems it has going on with it but a major issue I have is some parts of the subtitles for certain movies are missing! A big issue if you want to understand a movie in a language you’re unfamiliar with.

  14. Curtis Densmore says:

    There is a serious bug in the process for cancelling subscriptions. After I clicked “cancel subscription”, it said that I didn’t have an active subscription. Then I was still able to stream movies and it says I’ll be billed in a few weeks.

  15. Medard Bitangimana says:

    I can’t say that my stars represent my experience with the app. I appreciate that they have a great collection of movies, that’s cool. But as an African I’d appreciate it more if I could find African movies in your collection. I looked for some of the classic movies by Ausmane Sembene and Souleymane Cisse and they weren’t available on the app. Looked for recent African movies that did well at tiff like the gravediggers wife and I couldn’t find them.

  16. Alberto Maurizi says:

    Quite bad. The app language cannot be changed: it just uses the language settings of the mobile. I’d like to use english for the mobile but I want italian title and description of movies. Looks like it is not possible.

  17. j Bruscini says:

    I love mubi bc it has all the movies I can’t get anyone to watch with me or find anywhere else and thats a godsend. But why can’t I search by genre/country while using the app smh

  18. Billy Batts says:

    I really like the film selections as I like short, classic and non main stream cinema which is what this service is all about. But…the app has useless almost non existant search filter functionality. No issues with the streaming/viewing but I am running a top spec mobile.

  19. Abstrakim says:

    I subscribe because i want to watch movie that i want but its fake. No movie in that apps. Just trailer. Useless apps. Scammer. My subscription burn.

  20. Jayden Roach says:

    There is literally 6 pages you have to click through, before they accept you cancelling your subscription. And all the relevant writing about it, is tiny at the very bottom of the page. Cannot think of any reason for this. other then tricking people into thinking it is cancelled. But then accidentally keep a subscription 1 month longer. Which they managed to do to me twice in a row. I have no trust in this company.

  21. Inada Penman says:

    Would prefer more intuitive search tool for the app not just the website. Searching by genre should be a feature of all streaming platforms and there apps.

  22. Aymane Filali says:

    A rich collection of alternatives and non-automatic truths. Surprising but full of hope observations. Great job thank you. Hope to see you develop it more in non-UK countries 🙂

  23. Chirantan says:

    Best app ever. I always pirate but gladly paid for this app 😂 However, UX and from a product POV, I feel it can be revamped. For example, like other popular apps, we can have a watch history on the homepage and get a personalized recommendations engine. Also, dark mode and smoother transition across screens.

  24. Sandeep Roy says:

    I’ve been having an absolutely terrible experience of using the Mubi app on android tv they really need improve their game here. The app crashes everytime while playing a movie, it throws up an playing error withing an hour of playback on Android tv. No other app has any issues such as this one. It takes away the whole feel of the film and ruins the whole experience.

  25. R sK says:

    Please bring back malayalam movies on mubi. If you’re going to showcase the best of world movies then this platform is incomplete without the best malayalam movies from india

  26. Borislava Velkova says:

    Two sisters, one supposedly crazy, the other – supposedly coping with reality. Already in the first scene though you see the coping one running in a sports costume through the still dark city and you get that the comment will be on the normality of her world.

  27. Dan Alvarez says:

    new user. selection seems very good. very beautifully crafted. streaming quality is sub par to other platforms. however, content is king, they say.

  28. shalem raju chukka says:

    Took trail version, cancelled before the trail ended but Payment deducted but not given any subscription. And there is no grievance redressal mechanism in the app.

  29. JasmineMorgenstern says:

    There is a bug that is keep happening while I’m trying to open my viewing history. I can’t view the first movies that I won’t because the page isn’t scrawling no matter how much I try. It gets stuck at the 8 or 9th movie and can’t see the rest of the movies that I watched. If this can be fixed it will be awesome. Also I can watch some of the movies that I download. For example Three Colours: Red was downloaded on my phone but I had to delete it because of not being able to open it.

  30. biru avocado says:

    i love mubi but can you categorize things like genres or nationalities of the film? it’s kinda confusing when you want to find films from a certain country or a certain theme because the mubi search engine also only provides search by movie titles and casts/crews.

  31. My3rdi J says:

    Interesting. Missing something, can’t pin my finger on it, I like the app, but after a few minutes of searching I get irked and close the app. I’m thinking its the layout.

  32. Ivan Robles says:

    I totally loved it and it became unforgettable. it is a visual porno for cinematographers. I watched it twice and it gets better and better. I can understand people saying they cannot get along with the pace. But what about not doing it at all? going all the way down to slowest tempo and get hypnotized only to wake you up with the most sick turning points you could get.

  33. Sambit Samal says:

    Great selection of films, look of the app is good too. But the features are very limited – I can’t edit my profile on phone, can’t see other members profile on it, list of films can only be accessed through sliding and some more.

  34. Spiro Hamilothoris says:

    excellent experience besides great content and easy to navigate I love that you make canceling subscription so easy. it’s a real plus and a testament to the quality service that you provide. I was going to cancel because I just don’t have time to watch enough but when I saw how easy you make it for users to opt-out I changed my mind.

  35. Vandana Pethkar says:

    I have purchased subscription through Amazon Prime Video, which don’t have access to MUBI Android app. In both the app subscription amount is same ₹1999/-. And there is no any information given for the same.

  36. Bingah Amarwata Sujana says:

    Please add download feature in Mubi site (only watchable in Mubi site/app). I think it’s a kind of loss if we watch HD movies in a smartphone screen.

  37. Brian Miller says:

    An absolutely stunning picture. Sexy, funny, and deeply emotional, with two gorgeous performances from the lead actors. First saw this about ten years ago, and I still well up when I think about how massively affected I was by the time the story reaches its stunning, bittersweet denouement. Up there with God’s Own Country as a modern classic of Queer British Cinema.

  38. Kaio Henrique (Nhyphk) says:

    Dear God, how will I ever find a movie here? Really the catalog seems to be great, but there are no lists, no dark theme, everything is bright. I’m gonna give this a try for the LGBT catalog I seem to have found. But improve this.

  39. winston pettus says:

    Sometimes there is a period of drought, but mostly the films are excellent, and great value if you get a year’s subscription. For about 6$ a month, I can watch at least 2 films a week. For the last few days I have watched 2 or 3 a night (!), the last one being my first ever Chinese film Ash Is Purest White and now I have to find more by Jia Zhanke … Thanks MUBI 😊

  40. Anthony Beck says:

    Honestly, the yearly subscription price is extremely worth it. While it’s not fun to have another subscription for watching TV/movies, if you’re truly interested in film from around the world this is the app to use. If you’re thinking Netflix has a lot of random movies from other countries, you’d be right; however, the quality of movies you’ll find here is truly astounding. Use the free trial, browse thru the selection, or watch the Mubi pick of the day; you won’t regret it.

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