Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Download New*


Your boyfriend's pocket-sized, and eager to hang out with you in the real world!
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Voltage Inc.
August 7, 2018
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Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Download New*

Voltage Inc.’s newest AR app is right here!

Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Your favourite guy is pocket-sized and becoming a member of you in the true international! Communicate with him, contact him, or be offering him presents.
Take him out to play for your room, at a restaurant, or on a spoil from paintings or college and let your troubles soften away!

Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022


Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* liberate

[Recommended OS]
※Cannot ensure provider on Android Five.0 or beneath.
※Not advisable for sure sensible telephones and drugs.

Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New*


Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* apk mod

■How to Play
-Call him out to play- Faucet the on-screen arrow and he’ll seem during the doorways!
Your pocket-sized boy will say various things relying at the time of day.
If you’re having bother making your Snuggle Good friend seem, reposition your digicam on a particular spot on a flat floor.
If he unexpectedly disappears whilst you’re striking out, faucet the refresh button!

Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* apk

-Tap and poke to play with him- Faucet in your guy as he walks about to get him to speak and react! Or faucet on a unique house of the display screen and watch him scurry over! Go away him by myself for some time and he might simply go to sleep and even say “sayonara!” and depart! Make sure you give your boy so much and a whole lot of consideration!

Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

-Offer him your Center as a present- Faucet the button to make a Middle seem. Secure your goal and toss him a middle! Make it an instantaneous hit and he’ll be happy as punch!

-Take pictures of him- Faucet the digicam icon within the app to take footage! Position him within the palm of your hand, on a tea cup, or any place you favor and snap a photograph of your very personal Snuggle Friend!
Be the envy of all of your buddies by way of appearing them your pictures!

■Character Advent The god of the celebrities, Scorpio, from “Star-Crossed Fantasy” is now your very personal Snuggle Good friend! He’s so small he can are compatible to your cloth cabinet drawer, and even take a seat conveniently to your table at paintings…!
Your heavenly guy is now pocket-sized and a part of your global, because of his godly powers!
The nearer you two grow to be, the extra you’ll get to peer his softer, cuter facet – a facet you don’t incessantly see! Let this unusually bashful boy erase all of your worldly troubles!

■What is AR?
AR stands for Augmented Truth! The usage of your telephone, increase your fact to peer photos and flicks seem in actual existence!
With Let’s Snuggle! AR you’ll be able to deliver your favourite characters into the true global with you!

■Suggested for individuals who…
・Love adorable & new issues ・Like female-oriented manga, comics, and TELEVISION presentations ・Enjoy enjoying video video games ・Are all for model, make-up, and inner design
・Enjoy posting pictures on social media
・Love Scorpio from “Star-Crossed Fantasy”
And all romance fanatics!


[Terms of Use] Sooner than enjoying, you should conform to the phrases of use.
Please moderately learn and comply with the phrases of use sooner than taking part in Let’s Snuggle! AR.

1. We can not be sure that the app will function as described on every other running machine or tool rather then those indexed above.
2. The listing of really helpful gadgets and running techniques would possibly trade at any time with out caution. Three. Relying in your device’s utilization, the app is also volatile even on really helpful devices/operating techniques. Four. Voltage Inc. isn’t liable for any health-related problems brought about via this app. Five. Voltage Inc. isn’t chargeable for any losses or damages led to by means of this app.


■Questions concerning the app andor malicious program reporting
To document a topic inside the app or to invite us a query, please touch [email protected]
Please bear in mind that we can’t reply to App Retailer opinions.


40 comments on "Let’s Snuggle! AR Apk Download New*"

  1. Rick Zina says:

    I can’t even play it. I try reboot my phone and it still doesn’t work.

  2. Laney Dickson says:

    If it was free i would give 5 but it’s not so sorry i would love this game.

  3. Reign Brendaly says:

    Hmm I’m feeling mixed. The Tsumugu AR is not compatible with my phone but this free mode of Scorpio AR is but I’m not willing to pay for it incase it doesn’t work…. The free mode gave me a good view of how the app works and it is enjoyable although i do feel loads of bugs needs to be fixed in order for the paid versions to be “worth the entertainment”.

  4. Raquele Devereaux says:

    It doesn’t work on my LG G4 T-T

  5. Dicky Daisey says:

    Terrible. All the functions it says you can do with the Avi man you cannot because you have to buy those functions. Likes like buying a game you can’t play because you don’t have the donloadable content that closts a fortune to play with

  6. Aireal Kalin says:

    I honestly hated this app. I installed this thinking that it was going to be a cute little game but when I opened it up I couldn’t do ANYTHING, if I wanted to interact with the tiny human I have to buy EVERYTHING, and I am NOT wasting my money. If I paid for this I would be furious.

  7. Orton Quintessen says:

    I got my hopes up thinking that at least one voltage game is free…. It’d be great if we have to watch ads in order to play it tho

  8. Beronica Kaylen says:

    Make it free

  9. Latonya Maertisa says:

    Its broken

  10. Winthrop Acca says:

    Don’t really think you guys understand the expenses to create a VR application like this and why it’s not free. To start off with, Voltage doesn’t even have any “free” or social apps like other otome/maiden game company. And thankfully, they give you a free mode (unlike Tsumugu’s VR app where you need to pay BEFORE installation) so you can test if it works on your phone first before purchasing any characters. And honestly? The price is worth it. I’m absolutely enjoying mini Scorpio and I can’t wait for them to add more characters.

  11. Hannalee Kacy says:

    It’s not worth it honestly. It’s buggy and the little mascot, while cute, isn’t really intriguing. Kind of a waste of money sadly.

  12. Harford Ralphina says:

    Cute idea but flawed execution. It is too glitchy and doesn’t give you enough of an idea of how it works to make you want to pay for it.

  13. Cony Alexa says:

    I cant use it at all. It just keeps scanning…

  14. Daysi Eliott says:

    This app is horrible. It has a good idea and concept,but in order for you to be able to interact with the little guy you have to pay for everything. You can’t do anything with it. All you can do is sit and look at him as he walks.

  15. Revecca Gerrilyn says:

    Welp… it’s cute but wont let me play.. 1/5

  16. Milman Shentel says:

    I understand that the game need to be paid in order to make a better improvement. However, how did you expect people to pay up when they don’t have a chance to know whether they will like the game or the game is worth to purchase anyway? My suggestion : put one or first time trial free of charge. I mean just one character to play it and player can see whether they want to purchase it or not. Cheritz and other game developers in other platform understood this method. They didn’t lose money

  17. Belanda Karen says:

    Ok how about stating clearly that using camera to take picture and send him love, give him snack and other options are only available after payment? I understand the reason why in-app purchase exist but in this free mode we only allowed to see him strolling around, some bubble speech and thats it.

  18. Brylan Andrian says:

    Crashes when trying to open

  19. Evania Gerlisa says:

    It’s just an ad for the one you pay for pretty much.

  20. Shentel Queenette says:

    App keep crashing

  21. Ezria Burckhardt says:

    When i open it, its just the black screen. I waited for a long time but nothing happen. I hope you can fix this soon. Good luck.

  22. Robbie Puw says:

    Whenever I click “Push Start,” it closes out on me.

  23. Teddie Kelson says:

    It’s an AR camera that is supposed to let you have your choice of small character appear alongside your device’s camera. I had purchased Saizo, and when I first got him into a play area, he was upside-down and I couldn’t fix his position. I refresh. He starts off okay, but then gets stuck and starts moving with the camera. The throwing hearts mechanic is useless as a result. I refresh again. Same thing. I close out of the app and open it again. Same thing. I paid money for a game that doesn’t even work.

  24. Katlyne Harli says:

    Its a cute idea but the character I brought keeps walking off the screen and no matter how i turn the camera, it wont show up. I tried to give chara his fave treat but no matter how much I try, I am unable to give it to him. The app also keeps crashing every once in a while.

  25. Prentice Erwin says:

    Cant even start playing? Kept crashing after I pressed push start!

  26. Tresha Lizbeth says:

    Cute concept back execution. I bought little saizo but he always appears upside down or walks off screen so I can’t find him. I close and reopen the app but it still happens. The heart game doesn’t move

  27. Winton Machelle says:

    I sent you guys an email a month ago about the problems this game having but I haven’t heard anything for a month now at all. You guys haven’t even tried to fix anything with this game. I’m still waiting the day when you guys actually fix the problems that it actually have.

  28. Demetrice Awena says:

    Boo! Waste of space. Downloaded then started and then crashed.. and crashed and crashed.. and my phone heats up like no tomorrow. I was looking forward to Yukimura and travelling the world with him in pictures. Great idea but bugged-out app.

  29. Averyll Danise says:

    Is this really from the makers of Samurai Love Ballad Party!?No story,romance not even backgrounds. Poor 3d chibi wandering around in the real world omg how lonely

  30. Everleigh Trixie says:

    Do this app even work? I’m stuck on it’s home page and it just keeps loading and loading.

  31. Daylin Herald says:

    There aren’t enough of the voltage guys on there for me to keep it on my phone. Put more characters on it (Yamato & Seiichiro & Iori ect) then it will be worth downloading again

  32. Jonatha Akacia says:

    I downloaded the game because it added Lord Nobunaga. However, I have to
    buy everything :/. I don’t mind spending 4$ on Nobunaga, but I don’t like
    spending on a game that I don’t know how to use.

  33. Chirley Aenedleah says:

    I honestly really like it! I like every incarnation of Masamune so when I saw that he was available I downloaded the app and paid the $4 roughly to get him, plus a $5 bit for his food-item to help woo him. There are some glitchy moments, it can be hard to see his chat bubble at times and he does like to just walk offscreen now and then but frankly $9 is easily the cost of a t-shirt or a meal so it wasn’t much of a loss to me. I hope they modify the game to be a little more entertaining but I’ve only played it for a few hours now and I can see they have seasonal attire. All in all worth it to me.

  34. Sedgewick Diandre says:

    It’s a really nice idea and really cute once you purchase your chosen
    buddy, which is about £4. I’m having a lot of fun with it with the
    exception that it is really unstable and keeps freezing and crashing when I
    try to take pictures or throw hearts. I hope Voltage works on this, and I
    will change my rating to 5 stars if I see this improve!

  35. Kaila Annette says:

    I can’t even download it😑

  36. Caryn Halley says:

    This is the most cute game i played ever love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💝

  37. Light Chapman says:

    Couldn’t even get to play the game. I had to keep closing the app and opening it back up in order to close down the news tab which would never go away

  38. lily says:

    At its current level its not worth spending money on. Cute concept, disappointing outcome. Problems: 1. Notices keeps popping up and fails to load properly so its difficult to get rid of them. 2. Character often appears upside down or moves off screen. 3. Could be better in playability. Could include a growth feature, like a virtual pet game. 4. Not enough characters and expensive for a game that doesn’t work properly.

  39. Isabelle Edouard says:

    I love the game but I wish I had some money😧

  40. Latoya Muthoni says:

    Can you fix it

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