Hulu Watch TV shows movies Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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Sep 8, 2022
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Hulu Watch TV shows movies Apk Download New 2022 Version*

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40 comments on "Hulu Watch TV shows movies Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Victoria Bowie says:

    Wish you could zoom in to get rid of the bars. The next one is a brand new problem a lot of other people are also complaining about. The screen narrator for people who can’t see. I think it’s awesome this feature was added and all streaming apps should be this inclusive.. Just one issue there is no way to turn it off on shows or movies that have it. No toggle what so ever. I tried watching a movie with it and I got over stimulated within 5 minutes. Please fix this😔

  2. Jennifer Scott says:

    The app keeps pausing every 2 seconds. It constantly delays so you’re waiting 2 seconds for the program to play every 2 seconds. It’s absurd and ridiculous. It is the most frustrating thing to deal with, you can’t even watch anything because of the delay every 2 seconds. Please fix this glitch ASAP. It happens on all of my devices: tablets phones, TVs, etc… update the app already.

  3. Jennifer Scott says:

    Every show and movie has a 2-second delay every two seconds. It’s insanely inconvenient and you can’t even watch a full program because the delay is so bad. If this is an update then you need to do a better update, I tried uninstalling the app I’ve tried resetting the settings I tried everything I can. It’s the app and it’s happening on all of my devices tablets TVs phones. Update the app again already this is ridiculous.

  4. Maranda McAlpin says:

    I downloaded the app, since I broke my smart tv. I wanted to watch the new episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale”. I experienced constant stuttering; I couldn’t even make it through the re-cap. I tried solutions 1-5, with 5 being uninstall/re-install. There is still constant video stuttering, even in the downloaded videos. I’m not sure it’s worth me having downloaded.

  5. emily burrell says:

    I keep Hulu for my grandparents mainly but here recently I’m feeling it’s not worth it! Ads are longer than free services and I can access many of the shows for free as well! I’m having a issue with a glitch every 10 seconds or so on every episode of everything it skips and it’s incredibly annoying and frustrating! I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, force stopped, etc and still, for days I’m having this issue. Very disappointed.

  6. Liz Zeski says:

    The app keeps asking me to review it even though I keep giving it one star. it’s just one of many glitches. My biggest issue is when I’m watching Hulu on my phone and a call comes in and I can’t simply dismiss the call or return to watching it after the phone call without having to completely close out the app and sometimes have to restart my phone in order to watch the rest of the episode. no other streaming service does this to me.

  7. Valery Widmer says:

    Interesting that right as prices are about to increase, the service turns to trash. It keeps stuttering every few seconds. Clearing the cache doesn’t work and it happens on both wifi and mobile data. The newly extended commercial breaks are frustrating enough, it would be nice if at least the streaming worked properly. Will be deleting if this isn’t resolved. Lots of people with the same issue. Why pay for a broken app?

  8. Bob B says:

    Keeps skipping frames (like ticking) and then the picture gets blurry. This problem is only occurring on my brand new Samsung tablet A8. And only when I’m using Hulu. It’s working fine on all my other devices to include my cell phones and smart tv’s. I’m sure the problem is with the app and not the device. Can you please look into this. That would really be helpful instead of just asking. I did all the trouble shooting and nothing clears the problem.

  9. 3cherrygirl1994 says:

    Usually I have no issues with the app but recently it’s been glitching or lagging every couple of seconds while watching movies and TV shows. Super annoying and I just end up closing the app and getting on a different platform because who wants to watch a show or movie that keeps glitching every other second until it ends? It’s not a great look that this is also happening at the same time that the price of the yearly subscription is going up in October. These issues are not worth an extra $10!

  10. Chris says:

    After update, it stutters and is unwatchable. Before, it would occasionally have video freeze but not the audio, forcing me to reload the video. All I can say is my other streaming services work fine….so first acknowledge the bug and then fix it. Otherwise I want my money back. You broke it, I’m out viewing time and I expect something to be done.

  11. Brook Lyn says:

    For the last week Hulu has been spotty. I’ve cleared the cache and memory of the app, uninstalled/reinstalled the app. I also Cleared the memory and cache from my phone, turned it off, then turned it on again… I knew something was wrong, when I discovered I was able to watch my CBS app (3 full episodes) without buffering and interruption on my phone. Hulu, please fix the bugs. Thank You. UPDATE: 9/25/22 Once the Update was available, I clicked on it, and now it works like a charm 😊.

  12. TPD3 J. says:

    Really don’t appreciate the constant horror movie ads played on every commercial break. I definitely have lost all possible interests in the movies and shows constantly advertised. It’s a great way to make sure people lose any interest in a product of production- unrelentlingly shove it in their face until they’re sick of seeing it. Also constantly trying to start me back at the first episode of everything is just a bad set up.

  13. Kyle “Lunchbox” Rosinski says:

    For some reason on my laptop, the app seems to have a lot of issues when it comes to simply trying to play whatever it is I am trying to watch. For example; sometimes I will literally have to close and re-start the video or app altogether OR if I’m lucky, hitting the ’10 sec. fwd/bkwd’ button a few times will get the video to unfreeze and begin playing properly. (Side-note: When the video freezes, it is only the video itself. The audio will still be playing)

  14. Tyler says:

    Frequently crashes. Ads have gotten out of control and NOW are uping the monthly subscription costs, for what is ultimately a buggy and ad filled wasteland. Plus the base Hulu subscription gives you what…30% of the content available? Everything else must be purchased/rented for an additional fee or premium subscription/what-have-you. This is not new. Most streaming apps have worsened in regards to the above while disregarded improving the app. They know this, they just dont care.

  15. Anthony Bingham says:

    I’ve been using this app for a long time and it has never streamed videos reliably nor downloaded them reliably. However, this service offers some leniency when payments don’t go through which is very convenient when payments issues arise and I appreciate that. Except, lately the videos don’t stream or play from downloads smoothly on my phones. It’s very irritating. I can only stand to watch Hulu on my Chromebook, now.

  16. DRAZR Official says:

    So, this isnt so much the APP, as it is Hulu on it’s own. I’ve been a Hulu w/ Live TV Subscriber ($89.99 Per Month) for 2 years.The first 18 months was GREAT… But now, all of a sudden, I can record anything. The record option is still there, and I can still select the record option… But, it’s just like all of a sudden, it stopped recording everything that I’ve BEEN recording for 2 years, as well as anything new I try and record. It makes ZERO SENSE.

  17. Priya Chawathe says:

    App freezes when playing over Chromecast at least 2-3 times in a 45 minute episode. This has been happening for over a week. Also, the app navigation is awful. It takes multiple clicks and scrolling to find my recently played or to pick up on an episode I stopped halfway. This should be intuitive/easy to find like in other streaming apps.

  18. Dave Stethem says:

    I have used Hulu for a few years now and haven’t really had any problems. I can’t even confirm the issues that others are having since the app won’t even let me login! Seriously? I keep getting an error code no matter what I’ve done (uninstall, reinstall, clear cache, force stop, etc.). What’s the point of posting for a service that you can’t even use? From the reviews I’ve seen, Hulu had better fix these issues before they find themselves with zero customers…

  19. Jana Sutherland says:

    Serious issues with the “My Stuff” Cloud DVR functionality. Shows that are set to record, won’t record. Even if you click on “record now” when the show plays live, it won’t record. Hulu is aware of issue, but no fix in sight. This has been an issue for weeks and is all over their message board. Maybe it’s time to either fix it or give users who pay extra for this a refund on their service!

  20. Mad Cow says:

    This app never gets better but the prices go up! The resume feature has never worked. Try to resume a show and get ready to fast forward from the beginning manually. Did you pay for no commercials? Get ready to watch lots of the same commercials!!! Of course all this is if this app decides to work on any given day. “We’re having trouble playing this” is a big part of their vocabulary.

  21. Erin Tucker says:

    Worked great when I first got it. Now it runs horribly. Freezes and then when I try to fix it I can’t get any controls to work. I have the same problem as well as other people have mentioned where I go to resume watch and it starts from the beginning. But when I go to fast forward I can’t get the controls to work. Love the shows they offer but if this continues its not worth it.

  22. Enoch Eagleheart says:

    HULU has jacked up the price of service and reduced the number of shows you can watch. They want you to change your subscription to include those shows at a ridiculously inflated price. That’s BS. Most of what I watch is available from other streaming services at no additional cost I am seriously considering canceling Hulu all together. The quality of streaming is unreliable anyway, and the audio is always out of sync with the video. If you can get your shows from other sources, don’t use Hulu.

  23. wyatt71511 says:

    I am having a lot of issues with the app. The one for Android says it’s not connected to the internet or will randomly quit working. The one I use for streaming on my TV will also randomly “crash.” I just recently updated the app and still having issues. I will also frequently get messages stating it’s having trouble playing and to turn it off and back on but no matter what I do, nothing helps.

  24. Michelle Baldwin says:

    Glad I’m not the only one having issues with episodes not loading. But thankfully one reviewer suggested typing in the name of the show in the search bar and at least for me it loaded the episodes again. Kind of annoying but i still enjoy the app. ::edit:: now the app has started just closing out in the middle of watching something. Every. Single. Day.

  25. D Powell says:

    Horrible! I pay for hulu live and there are constant problems! You put on a channel and it often starts it from the beginning even without selecting that, then have to go into a different channel and back again to try to make it go to live. Same problem if there is something you recorded in the past and turn to a channel that is showing it live, this will also start from the beginning of the show or movie. Also, channels sometimes say this channel is currently unavailable.This is all acceptable.

  26. Bruce Chamoff - Podcaster, Musician & Songwriter says:

    Not a well designed app. Netflix is designed better. 1. Get rid of that annoying splash page. I already know it’s Hulu. I don’t need to see the animated Hulu logo every time I open the app. 2. The app shows other selections next to the show I watch causing me to accidentally play another show or movie. There should be no other selections when I watch a movie. 3. The back button does not work most of the time.

  27. Patrick Bullard says:

    Works fine on the phone but the tv app is infuriatingly glitchy on all of my Chromecast with Google tv devices. Everything else on these devices work flawlessly so it must be the app. It slows, it crashes, it gives error messages, it makes random movements when trying to control with remote. Sucks for $70 a month. Update-still sucks, update 03/16 still sucks. Constant errors and crashed. Forgot to update 6 months ago- unsubscribed from Hulu live. Too buggy for the price.

  28. Colin Goodwin says:

    It’s ok I guess. I probably won’t renew my subscription because it costs too much. They show diarrhea ads at the best parts of some movies if you’re on the cheap plan, so prepare for those, I think it ruins the immersive feeling though. There’s not much on Hulu. Personally, I think Netflix is a lot better. Hulu really needs to fix it’s subscription prices if they really want to compete and stop locking things behind Hulu+. I just don’t get the point of paying for a service and being locked out.

  29. Isaac says:

    The update needs improvement. The new update has much longer buffering times multiple crashes/ freezing up. All this makes it hard to enjoy watching anything. When you have to fight with getting the app to work right in the first place. HULU over all is a great service but software could be improved.

  30. Master Farquhar says:

    I sincerely need added functionality to save downloads to external drive, not just fill up my main drive. Really frustrating, can’t believe this is not addressed yet. Also, when switching my plan to yearly I had no idea I would be served ads and loose the ability to dl. Total disappointment. [Update] waited a year to upgrade account to be able to dl offline video, said I would be able to and still no offline dl.

  31. kyleigh O'Connor says:

    freezes sometimes. other wise great app with an array of options! I only have the basic subscription, not premium so not everything Is available but there are tons of shows that appear on cable that are available on Hulu “basic” the next day! it’s a great option for those of you who don’t have cable or don’t want cable. If you chose to go premium you can watch different things live as they are streaming in cable as well as a few different shows and movies that aren’t available with Hulu “basic”!

  32. Doug Baird says:

    When you watch shows in a series, if you pause it and it goes to screensaver mode, the episode has to be started again from the beginning and you have to watch commercials, again, when you try to fast forward to where you are. There is also an error when returning to watch the show after stopping. It doesn’t always take you directly to the next episode, but a previous one. It sometimes works if I fast forward to the end of every episode before it to get me back up to that point, more commercials

  33. John Hardin says:

    Everytime I try to rewatch series, the app starts next episode from the end credits and I have to go back 3,4,5 times to play next episode from the beginning. It should play from the beginning if you already watched the episode. A lot of people would enjoy that feature of the app. Other than that the app is great. Nice variety of shows and movies. Looking forward to new content.

  34. Les Lahm says:

    Paying close to the same price as cable but you have to supply internet. So you would think it would be cheaper. Watching a ad and say you wanted to get the information from a ad you can’t rewind. Watching a movie on live tv and you rewind because you missed something, you will most likely miss the end of the movie because it will skip ahead. Have the fastest internet and still have issues connecting and loading and my tv is directly connected not going threw Wifi. Once or twice a week.

  35. Beth says:

    This review is for Hulu itself and not the app. I was sent an email to get a free trial for my birthday and when I set up everything and selected the plan (which the email stated the free month trial was for), I got charged for it instead of getting a free trial. Why send an email out giving things that won’t actually be given. Also, it hasn’t been that long since I had Hulu, when did the pricing go up? I feel like it’s barely worth it now.

  36. Jonny McDobbsy says:

    Overall pretty nice. Needs some work, though. The UI is MOSTLY intuitive. Everything is very smooth on my Verizon S22 Ultra. But for the love of “God” could you guys add a pinch-to-zoom/fill screen function? Don’t really care for the tiny play/fast forward/rewind buttons on the bottom left, even though you can still double tap on the sides or the center to achieve the same result. They’re very small and pretty redundant. Why isn’t there any next episode prompt? Thanks for all the hard work!

  37. Me says:

    Hulu crashes more often than Space X. It won’t record things I tell it to record and won’t delete things it has recorded. Things show up in “keep watching” that I would never watch in a million years. It constantly freezes, resets, kicks me out of the program and often the app altogether. It’s unbelievably bad.

  38. BJ Kurai says:

    UI has definitely improved but where’s the next episode button? Skip intro?… And the commercials seem to happen too often and are too repetitive. Some shows don’t seem like theyare meant to have that many commercial breaks so they cut off at weird times in the middle of scenes. Lastly, having to rewatch whole commercials after rewinding is absolutely malicious.

  39. Richard Reifsnyder says:

    The selection of titles is good; the problem is, I live in a rural area with limited bandwidth. Streaming is almost never feasible, so I download. For downloading despite minor interruptions, Netflix is most reliable, then Amazon Video… and Hulu is dead last. Some movies never get past 0%, with nary an explanation.

  40. Benjamin Verrue says:

    I got an offer to come back to Hulu for some kind of special. Did not know it was with limited ads. I understand the commercials for TV shows and the beginning of movies but in the middle of movies it’s annoying. Ruined two movies for me already. Already paid for the first month, I don’t think I will for the second. Not really worth it.

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