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Stream all of HBO with hit shows, classic favorites, and Max Originals!
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November 17, 2022
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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Premium Apk

Limited-time be offering. Get a reduced HBO Max With Commercials per thirty days subscription for $1.99/mo. for the primary Three months. Ends 11/28/22. US & 18+ best. See phrases at

HBO Max: Circulate TELEVISION & Motion pictures Top class Apk apk mod 2022

HBO Max is a top class streaming app that mixes all of HBO with much more must-see TELEVISION displays, blockbuster motion pictures, and unique Max Originals. It’s the whole thing you like, multi functional position. All of HBO. The entire biggest TELEVISION and hit films. All yours. To be had anytime to circulation in your favourite displays.

HBO Max: Movement TELEVISION & Films Top rate Apk

With limitless get admission to to hundreds of hours of leisure, we’ve were given one thing for everybody to your circle of relatives. Stay alongside of contemporary episodes from the newest HBO presentations and fall again in love with the enduring TELEVISION everyone’s nonetheless speaking about. Watch new motion pictures from D.C. and Warner Bros, plus the comedies, dramas, and classics you’re keen on.

HBO Max: Circulate TELEVISION & Films Top rate Apk apk mod

So sit back for your comfiest loungewear and in finding your subsequent favourite from considered one of our curated hubs, together with HBO, D.C., the Caricature Community Assortment, Classics curated via TCM, Sesame Workshop, and extra. With HBO Max, you’ll at all times to find one thing new to move.

HBO Max: Circulate TELEVISION & Films Top class Apk mod apk

Here’s what’s looking forward to you:

HBO Max: Movement TELEVISION & Films Top rate Apk apk mod new

• All of HBO with much more critically-acclaimed motion pictures, binge-worthy TELEVISION presentations, and Max Originals.
• Bingeable collections hand-picked by means of our editorial experts—not robots.
• One-of-a-kind children enjoy with versatile parental controls.
• HBO Max Hubs dedicated to liked manufacturers together with HBO, the Grownup Swim Assortment, the Caricature Community Assortment, Looney Tunes, Classics curated by way of TCM, DC, and extra.
• Obtain episodes and films in your telephone or pill to look at offline, anytime.
• As much as 5 viewer profiles with customizable profile photographs.

HBO Max: Movement TELEVISION & Films Top class Apk apk

Content material and have availability on HBO Max would possibly range by way of area. Some titles and lines proven above is probably not to be had to your nation.

HBO Max: Move TELEVISION & Films Top class Apk free up

HBO Max is simplest available in positive territories.

For assist, please talk over with
Privateness Coverage: Phrases of Use:
For California citizens simplest, arrange sharing your information at:


40 comments on "HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies Premium Apk"

  1. Muhammad Asad Qureshi says:

    I love to watch shows and movies in HBO Max but the problem from the beginning is that on my phone it takes like forever to load up and open to the home page and even after that if I want to watch something I would click on it and it will take another 5 mins to load that up then it would work, and in between if I have to exit the app for some reason it takes the whole time again to reload and play again. It’s just a terrible expression on the mobile devices.

  2. Javier Azogue says:

    Good content, medicore app. I’ve had so many issues with the mobile app since I subscribed. The app don’t load properly and it interrups the streaming, the backward and forward functions are slow, like no buffer is in the phone. I’ve compared app from other services I have and this is slow, and when I cast the content to a TV, forget it, hit the forward or backward button and it will stay loading forever and a reset of the app and connection is needed every time. Lame lame app. Bummer.

  3. Suzanne Nivlab says:

    So I don’t know why. But I have the worst time getting subtitles to play and sync with the film. Don’t have this issue with other streaming services, but HBO’s subtitles are so substandard. Also. Netflix and Amazon Prime videos play smoothly without interruption. HBO buffers constantly. Chromecast is up to date. OS on my phone is up to date. Don’t know why the problem with streaming HBO.

  4. Amber Matroni says:

    I love this app but it keeps going from horizontal screen to portrait mode and I can’t get it back to horizontal without exiting the show. (I keep my phone on portrait because I hate when it switches on me.) Also I can’t skip the beginning of shows that show previous episode clips like I can on Netflix. I also wish I could adjust the brightness while watching my stuff like I can on Netflix. That is really handy. For the price monthly it should have no issues. Very laggy too.

  5. Rob Liano says:

    Horrible experience. I’ve never seen so many issues in any app, or even other streaming apps combined. It randomly launches into Spanish in the middle of an episode until you exit out and restart it. It jumps back 3 or 4 episodes even though you click “next episode.” Ads will get stuck in a loop, no video, only audio never to return to the show you’re watching until (again) you restart. And lastly, we often get an “unable to connect” error. It’s total trash and not worth the price.

  6. New2nova2 Atgmaildotcom says:

    Awful. Constantly crashes, doesn’t have basic features like favorites, closed captioning doesn’t sync. How is it that all the other streaming apps have managed to fix all the bugs but this one can’t?? And I agree with the other reviewers. Please don’t send me a form link to fill out or give me a number to call. You’re a multi-million dollar company, and I have a life. Hire some beta testers. Figure it out.

  7. Devyn Hofstad says:

    Every time I try to open this app it tells me it’s not connected to the internet when my phone clearly is and has a stable signal. On the off chance it actually works, it doesn’t keep me signed into my account. If I could give it less than 1 star, I would. HBO Max itself is a great streaming service, but this app is actual garbage. You’re better off watching on a laptop or something.

  8. Nikki Freilino says:

    App is up to date and doesn’t work. I’ve downloaded videos and tried to watch them and get either a black screen with the loading dots or an error message. EVERY SINGLE TIME. For about the past week. I can understand streaming issues where we live, but downloaded movies should play instantly. That’s why I spent the time waiting for them to download. Used to work really good and has gotten worse as time has gone on. Updates every 3 days and nothing has been fixed for the better. Waste of money.

  9. Len Smith says:

    Recently, the HBO Max app on Chromecast has been showing problems. It struggles to connect at times (the three dots just spin); unpausing a show can result in a blank screen requiring me to exit the show and resume. Other times when unpausing a show, the screen will be blank but the voices can be heard in the background. These are fairly new issues and I have a feeling it’s related to a recent update.

  10. Getty Asnake says:

    It crashes often and really annoying. There was a recent update I downloaded hoping it will fix the obvious problem, but nothing changed. I watch a show, close the app, and comeback to finish, I get the dreaded message that something is wrong. I try to close it and loops right back to the same error message. You have so money customers and you failed to address this seemingly simple issue.

  11. Haley Burrey says:

    Player is absolutely awful. Have to fight with it for ten minutes just to get something to play not halfway off-screen. Then when it does it’s slow, jittery, or the audio is desynced. It’s definitely not my internet/wifi because every other streaming app works perfectly. Since I mainly watch everything on my phone, this is really making me consider getting rid of the service altogether.

  12. jacob anderson says:

    Likely the worst streaming app I’ve used. (On par with original crunchyroll)Their content is brilliant but the app itself is unbelievably slow, taking 20 to 30 seconds to load screens, and without fail the first video I choose each day will close with an error message. Also, like most streaming apps, they will recommend their own top shows “based on your viewing” instead of anything that actually is.

  13. Yessica Chiusaroli says:

    Horrible!!!! First time subscriber, been having issues with it since day one, super slow and constantly dropping. Its only been a week, and I want to unsuscribe. Now Im stuck paying for this thing that doesnt even work. For the past 2 days I have been trying to access this thing and I cant even do that! it doesnt go past the HBOmax logo, nothing loads it stays as a blank screen!!😤

  14. RudeXBruiser says:

    Completely unusable without wifi. The slightest drop in signal strength results in the app crashing, and in some cases I wind up getting signed out of the app completely which is something I’ve never seen from a streaming app before. The movies themselves take forever to load and it buffers & crashes everytime I fast forward, rewind, or simply move my phone. And the ads that pop up at random points in the movie really ruin the whole experience.

  15. My Pho says:

    Screen cast aspect ratio issue, black bars on all sides. Not a problem on any other streaming apps. Can stretch, but one bar still exist. Want a refund! update: Perhaps take a closer look at fixing your app, help center was not helpful. Read that nothing can be done to fix the aspect ratio. Others have had this issue as well. Works fine for older shows so long as they are not in 16×9. Never did get my refund.

  16. Morgan Simmons says:

    App crashes everyday that I use it. Warner Media responded to my review with a set of “solutions” that amounted to uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Didn’t fix anything. Many videos also display very small on my screen. My phone has a fairly large screen but the app just doesn’t use most of it. This makes it very difficult to enjoy content because I sometimes can’t tell what’s happening because the video size is simply tiny. Content is hit or miss when the app actually works.

  17. Beth Fox says:

    The video quality is pretty bad. Rarely in focus. Loading times are very long. Not only to wait for your show to start but just opening the app takes a while. My connection is outstanding and has no problem with anything else I use it for. Gaming, Netflix, hulu, Disney, ect. Only HBO. Canceled subscription. When HOD comes back in 2 years maybe I’ll try it again. Doubt it tho.

  18. Paul Helenberg says:

    I was subbed for over a year but unsubscribed now because the app is garbage, logs me out automatically, constantly buffers streams and the availability of decent movies is ridiculously limited. This is the 21st century, HBO, let’s get with the times! We can see most of what you show for free. What’s the point of paying a subscription price for movies released in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s? We want the newest, hottest releases, but I guess y’all didn’t get that memo… 🤷🤦

  19. Mikal Grant says:

    Video freezes or skips all the time. I used to be able to get it to stop by stopping all my other apps and opening HBO max again. Not any longer. The confusing thing is that is skips even while watching a downloaded movie. I just have no idea what the deal is. It’s like there is a memory leak or it’s just resource hogging or something. I tested with my phone right next to my router to ensure it wasn’t my WIFI. I have a Galaxy S22. Pretty powerful phone and this still happens. Gonna use Prime now

  20. Cynthia C says:

    Cannot sign in with provider on Chromebook. The sign in button does not work. When clicked, nothing happens. There is no way to get to the sign in screen without that button AND IT DOESN’T WORK! Other people are reporting this issue as well and it’s not getting fixed. I have contacted support repeatedly and they say they were not aware of the issue and will report it – is there a fix happening? The app is useless to me until that button is fixed. It worked fine until recently.

  21. Brian Bell says:

    Don’t bother leaving a review. You will just be sent a generic response that it’s your device or equipment that’s at fault. I have tried steaming this app on my Xbox Series X, my 4k TV and my Android phone and they all have the same issues. The problem is the streaming service of HBO. I also have Netflix, Showtime Anytime and Prime video and have no problems at all with their service. With HBO, you get constant buffering, errors or disconnected all the time! A complete waste of money!

  22. Steven Baldwin says:

    It says the app is downloaded but the app never opens all the way. I get an HBOMAX buffering screen, then a blank screen for a very long time without ever being able to access my long-standing HBOMAX account. I really would just rather be able to log into my account without having to use Google. That is the problem. When I log into my account on my computer, I’m not required to download it as an app.

  23. V says:

    App rarely loads. None of my shows load. How is HBO, such a large company clueless to so many customers? Just read your own reviews. Who is in charge of this App? Hulu, prime, Netflix, etc… All work without issues. HBOMax doesn’t work. They send you to troubleshoot which does absolutely nothing. Look at your competitor apps. They have no issues with streaming. You do!

  24. F M says:

    Very touch & go connecting & speeds. Sometimes it’s slow and freezes during or we can’t connect at all. That’s frustrating so I wouldn’t give this 5 stars. When we connect without issues we are happy with it. Given we pay for the use of this subscription I don’t think we should have trouble logging on or watching a full episode, movie, ex.. all the way through to the end. Without issues. Especially if we have no trouble connecting to any like apps. Would give 5 stars if issues are fixed.

  25. K. C. says:

    Updated again: Now I can no longer watch downloads offline. They continue to go from bad to worst! You can’t even delete history. Maybe through a browser on PC. Phone just sends to app. Iffy app! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Always freezes when loading. I only keep for daughter and mom to use… Made me install app to change account info. even though they have a website! Good content going to waste!!!

  26. Kateisha Price says:

    To the developers : PLEASE this app needs fixing. Ive had to uninstall and reinstall a few times when it crashes, sometimes the app wont even open at all, and sometimes mid show or movie it comes full stop saying there is an error and to try again later. There are quite a few great things about the content but with all the trouble and interruptions going with the app it is hard to enjoy having things to watch let alone watching them.

  27. brandon gille says:

    The 7 day free trial tells it all. Most by now have gotten 30 or 14 days trials. That first trial was great and thw straight to streaming had some awesome movies. So I got HBO max for 2-3 months. At the 3 months I realized I was out of content that I liked. I just got a 7 day trial, at first I was surprised at all the content. Now I can see I probably have just a few days after the trial ends before I’m done with what is in “HBO max ‘my list”. Do I renew for nothing or just go without

  28. Logan Creel says:

    I’m trying to wrap my head around how I’ve been using this app for months with minimal problems and now all of a sudden, over the last 2 or 3 days every time I try to open the app, it opens, acts like it’s loading for 2-4 seconds and then it shuts down. I’ve tried rebooting my android tablet. I’ve tried uninstalling and then re-downloading the app. Nothing seems to work. I don’t have this issue viewing it on my roku, only on my tablet. It’s very frustrating.

  29. jeff Choate (Ludaman) says:

    Disappointed that the offline download functionality is lacking. You can download some content, but found it very difficult to watch on an airplane in airplane mode… had to start some content with it connected while on the ground, then it worked for a while, but usually without internet the downloaded content just goes to a black screen and nothing happens.

  30. Raven Goldwood says:

    Keeps stopping and refuses to open. Waste!!! We’re going to cancel our subscription because there’s no reason to have it when it won’t work! Uninstalled and installed SEVERAL times, restarted my phone several times, and disconnected and reconnected to the Wi-Fi even though I’m not having an issue with any other app, just this one. Absolute trash.

  31. Matt Smith says:

    Cancelled my subscription because not only were quality shows cancelled before their time but legacy content has been purged. It’s a shame: HBO used to be synonymous with quality (ie, “It’s not TV, it’s HBO”) The app itself is buggy. You’ll deal with it’s quirks to watch things, but it gets annoying as I have to close the app and restart it regularly to watch different things. I had an issue where I couldn’t even log in despite repeated reinstalls and finally fixed it by clearing the cache.

  32. Chris Sweet says:

    Terrible delays casting from phone to TV, regularly. I hate the spinning wheel of waiting. Notwithstanding the HBO Max developer troubleshooting guide, I connect but the playback stalls every 30 seconds in some instances. I am an exceptional tech problem solver; it’s not the wifi signal or devices. Prime , Netflix and YouTube are used without issue, daily.

  33. Monica Houghton says:

    The whole point of downloading movies is to watch offline, but this app doesn’t function when offline and just errors that there is no connection. Edit: the link sent by the developer was useless, as i didn’t have an issue with downloading, i had an issue with playing the download. I reached out via chat and had to uninstall & reinstall the app, and redownload the movie – it then played. The app itself takes over 30 seconds to load when in airplane mode as it is looking for a network connection.

  34. Chris Brown says:

    I’ve got it with commercials but they are few and far between. Hell,… I love it. No reallyGreat shows great movies, tcm, HBO, Cinemax movies everything you want to see from cartoon network and adult swim. I’ve only had lag in streaming twice and that’s because of my signal and really bad weather. I say don’t touch it. If it ain’t broke? Don’t fix it. Again…⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  35. Teresa Leuthen says:

    The app always crashes. When I screen mirror to my TV, it will play one episode and as soon as it goes to the next, it gives me a white screen with a blue line ON MY PHONE SCREEN!! Now, before you tell me it’s an issue with MY PHONE, it’s NOT! This is the ONLY app it happens with. I cam watch Netflix, Hulu and all the others without ANY issues. I have tried to removing and reinstalling the app several times, updated the app, updated my phone and everything else.

  36. Patrick Hardin says:

    There is no option for mini-play so I can multi-task on my phone. The playback quality is lacking. Even when I’m connected to the WIFI it still has issues where it closes the video. Sometimes the video lags. The app is updated. Y’all just need to catch up on your services. Until then, my opinion stands at 3 stars. I have already tried those options on the troubleshooting link.

  37. Nichole W. says:

    I primarily use HBOMax during down-time at work, and I’m able to watch/catch up on my favorite series or movies. Until about a week ago, before this last update, it was a good arrangement. After the latest update, my downloads won’t play and the screen goes horizontal. So yea, not pleased

  38. Mariana (Nana) says:

    Honestly this app is just a pain to work with. The website works fine with my chromebook, but as many in the reviews have mentioned, the “sign in with provider” button doesn’t work with the app. Aside from this problem, the app often crashes, and frankly I’m not very pleased with the UI since it can be difficult to navigate (this isn’t a generational isssue, I’m 17 years old and have been using streaming services my entire life). The app just needs to be improved overall.

  39. Nathan L. says:

    Downloaded videos can’t be watched without an internet connection. This ruins the point of downloading them for me. EDIT: Updated my rating because the advice in the linked article below did work. However, that article is only available online as opposed to in the app itself. This means that it’s only useful if you know ahead of time that you will have a problem. You can’t find this information if you don’t have an internet connection (i.e. the exact situation where you would need the info).

  40. Tara says:

    Trouble shooting articles are a waste. Download content is not being displayed. Keeps saying not connected try again. It won’t even let me click on the download icon! I already downloaded it while I was connected! Also have a hard time getting the app to work on my TV’s. Dealing with all this for almost 2 years! Netflix doesn’t give me any problems

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