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Catch up on your favorite shows, watch live TV, and stream on the go!
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November 30, 2022
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E! Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The E! app is the most efficient position to compensate for the latest season of your favourite displays, watch are living TELEVISION, and movement motion pictures and previous season content material! You like popular culture. We adore popular culture. Let’s do that factor!

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Get complete episodes of E!’s must-know popular culture displays like Maintaining with the Kardashians, General Bellas, The Bradshaw Bunch, Botched, Reside from E! and a lot extra new stuff at all times. So forestall studying and get started looking at.

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Get began via signing in along with your TELEVISION subscription (cable, satellite tv for pc or virtual). The E! app helps maximum TELEVISION suppliers, together with DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, and Dish.

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Join an NBCUniversal profile throughout the app the use of your Fb, Google, or e mail account to sync your favourite displays throughout our circle of relatives of apps and to proceed observing development throughout all of your units. You’ll additionally obtain 3 credit to look at episodes without cost sooner than signing in together with your TELEVISION supplier.

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022


E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Watch Your Manner

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

• Watch the most recent episodes of recent E! presentations the day when they air on TELEVISION.
• Are living move and agenda to be had 24/7 when signed in along with your TELEVISION supplier.
• Chromecast suitable! Get started episodes within the app and movement in your TELEVISION.
• Can’t end an episode in a single sitting? The app saves your home so as to resume staring at later!
• Mark presentations as your Favorites for speedy get entry to to the newest episodes.

E! Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Discover NBCUniversal Content material
• Get right of entry to to on call for content material from around the NBCUniversal circle of relatives of networks (together with NBC, Bravo, U.S., SYFY, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Common Children, Telemundo, and Universo).
• Reside move your favourite NBCUniversal networks inside the app.
• Devoted web page for every community showcasing the most up to date sequence.
• Catalog of new and reversion favorites to be had to observe.
• Filter out presentations by means of community and style whilst surfing.
TELEVISION Supplier Get admission to
• Check in along with your TELEVISION subscription to realize get right of entry to to all the catalog of VOD & Are living content material.

NBCUniversal Profile

• Create an NBCUniversal Profile to favourite and save presentations throughout your entire units.
• Resume observing your favourite displays the place you left off on any software.
• Obtain 3 credit to unencumber episodes totally free!
Please achieve out to [email protected] for help.

Please notice: Use of the app is restricted to the u.s. and its territories. Video is offered by way of 3G, 4G, LTE and Wireless networks. Knowledge fees might observe.

This app options Nielsen proprietary size tool which can let you give a contribution to marketplace analysis, like Nielsen’s TELEVISION Scores.
To be told extra about our virtual dimension merchandise and your alternatives in regard to them, please seek advice from http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more info.
Don’t Promote My Private Data: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/notrtoo?intake=E!_Entertainment
CA Realize: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy/california-consumer-privacy-act?intake=E!_Entertainment Privateness Coverage: https://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy?intake= E!_Entertainment


40 comments on "E! Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Saylor Quenna says:

    When you’re watching live this app will freeze every 2 minutes. You can close and open the app, restart your phone, connect to wi-fi, or disconnected. It still will not work. I use this app to watch my Kardashians. But I watch bits and pieces and just have watch the episode and when they upload it on the website. I’m so done trying to watch live. Its 2018 almost 2019 what is the struggle? You have enough for the Kardashians you should have enough so when I watch live it doesnt glitch out on me every couple of minutes…

  2. Catheryn Elizebeth says:

    The app is buggy and crashed all the time. It constantly tells me it cant play the video or the video is unavailable- and no it’s not a problem either the internet connection.

  3. Tom Greyson says:

    This app is horrible. It doesn’t even open and when it does your show stops all the time and kicks you off. Very frustrating!!

  4. Suzy Daril says:

    Sucks. I downloaded the app & got all excited to see the cool shows I could stream &/or catch up on, but you apparently have to sign in w/ your cable or satellite carrier or your Verizon online acct info. But as I have combined billing w/ DirecTV, CenturyLink & Verizon, I can’t do that, since we can’t have online accounts with combined billing. SO what, I would have to get rid of the combined billing (AND the savings), THEN register online accounts, JUST to use this App? NO THANKS!!!

  5. Rhianna Oriella says:

    Horrible app. The Bravo and E app crash immediately. As soon as you pull it up it crashes. My FOX and other apps like it never have this issue. Don’t get this. It’s a waste of time.

  6. Quint Awel says:

    Keeps crashing on loading screen, and in the off chance the app actually opens, it will freeze just minutes into a live stream. Most annoying app ever.

  7. Butch Nechten says:

    This app could DEF be better! I have no issues w/app crashin like other ppl but sumtimes it wont play episodes, i have to restart phone to get it workin. When watching videos, it CONSTANTLY skips ahead 10 secs for no reason! Ill try to rewind, the best I can w/o a rewind/fast-forward button. Which BTW, is the ONLY app that has no rewind/fast-forward option?? So when I try to rewind, it STILL skips 10 secs at the same exact spot!! So I end up missing so much info bcuz of it!

  8. Jesika Bardaric says:

    Keeps shutting off in the middle of a show saying it’s unavailable at this time. Now it’s saying that I don’t have the channel in my TV package. This isn’t true. Does anyone that can correct these problems even read these reviews? Can’t tell you how many times I have had to uninstall then reinstall the app to get it to work.

  9. Amandia Dob says:

    App on smart TV is the worst app I’ve dealt with. If show is paused and come back to watch if you try to pause again it boots you out of app. Doesnt go on to next episode most of the time and you have to get out of app and go into another app for a little bit to go back and start next episode. After I’m finished with my show I’m deleting and wont be using it again.

  10. Cater Landen says:

    App will not let me watch anything. When I click on a specific show and/or episode it says loading and then says it is not available to watch. Try again later. It did this on a couple of different shows. I was signed in. I have had issues with this app in the past as well.

  11. Stefannie Harrisin says:

    Keeps saying “content unavailable”.. signed up for 3 extra points to unlock a new episode. went to play a new episode and says not available. went to browse shows and still unavailable. uninstalled-waste of time!

  12. Joandra Granville says:

    It is a good app and all but, every time it gets to the 3 or 4 ad it stops and then it says, “unfortunately E! has stopped” and every time I get back on it takes a long time to load back up and it us sooooooo annoying!!!!

  13. Gypsy Carlye says:

    well, recently I been having problems to stream episodes or live feed. even when I’m logged in with my TV provider it says is not authorized. It’s weird because on my roku tv app I’m not having issues.

  14. Heather Malaurie says:

    keeps buffering in the middle of me watching a show… deleted the app re downloaded it and still having the same issue. I am using wifi so there is no reason for it not to load !

  15. Austen Katiella says:

    App has some problems and bugs. Every time I cast from the app, the second I leave the app, it crashes. It continues to stream, but is a pain to have to reconnect it to my chromecast. It also doesn’t remember where you left off in the show and isn’t worth skipping through by the 10second fast-forward button..

  16. Sylvester Lyla says:

    This app wont allowed me to play any of the shows. It loads for a secound and then it brings me with a pop up stating “open the app again” and i keep trying multiple times with no luck… ive disabled my app and re-download it multiple times, but the same issue pops up… help me … thank you……

  17. Estmund Hartman says:

    Sometimes I have to exit out of the app on all my devices (ipad, android, roku, and etc.) just so that the app doesn’t skip parts of a show on it’s own or slow down to where someone’s mouth isn’t moving at the same time the scene is.

  18. Cammellia Cliry says:

    I’ve been using this app to watch shows for months and all the sudden I’m getting an error message saying that the content is not authorized. Please fix. Uninstalling worthless app.

  19. Shelli Loni says:

    I tried watching on my tv & it kept saying I didnt have signal even though every other channel was working fine & my wifi connection was perfect. So I downloaded the app on my phone to try & finish an episode. Every 2 minutes its buffering for 5 minutes. Super annoying & no excuse for it as this is a HUGE tv channel.

  20. Darrel Sammantha says:

    Just downloaded the app because I want to watch a couple episodes of Botched. Start an episode, one ad, fine. I want to skim through the episode. There’s no skimming preview so I just blindly go a few minutes in and have to watch six ads. Video wasn’t where I wanted it so I skimmed ahead again and immediately had to watch another six ads. And this repeated. I haven’t watched a collective 10 seconds of the actual show yet and I have had 5 ad breaks with 6 ads each. That’s like 15 minutes of ads.

  21. Petula Farold says:

    I keep waiting for this app to improve, but it seems that the developers are either unaware of how bad it is, or they don’t care. I’ve been hobbling along with this app to watch KUWTK and Botched for a couple years now, and the same problems persist. Have to force stop every time I open it to get the “cast” button to show. Can’t pause anything without having to force stop, restart, and rewatch what I’ve already watched because it freaks out if I try to FF past where the commercial break is. Etc

  22. Dayna Maggy says:

    App crashes alot. In order to refresh it I have to constantly restart the app. Keeps making me sign into my Spectrum account, and as of late won’t take the sign in information continues to tell me there’s an error. So basically at this point the app is useless because I can’t sign in to watch any thing I want.

  23. Atticus Jenilynn says:

    hello. I used to use this app alot. I haven’t in a while since the device i watched it on broke. I have a new device, i downloaded the app to watch shows. I click to link my tv provider, i picked my cable provider and it took me to the log in. I signed in like i always used to before. And it is not signing me in on this app to watch anything. It leaves me on a blank screen after. I’m very upset. I tried turning my device on and off, reinstalling the app. Nothing is working. Can this be fixed

  24. Malinda Valcik says:

    Uses something called credits, but doesnt explain what credits are. Cannot find any type of information on the site about them. Buffers a lot so it makes it super hard to enjoy a show. Uninstalling will find another way to watch.

  25. Ricia Washington says:

    I can no longer cast local channels through the app. I had the capability when I first downloaded it, but now it buffers and times out. Oddly, I can watch it directly on my phone, but when I attempt to cast it to the TV, nothing happens.

  26. Heather Eck says:

    I love some shows on this app and it has played fine in the past, but recently not the case. The shows get stuck on buffering and never plays the show anymore. Please fix!!!

  27. Hannah Rodriguez says:

    It keeps buffering and skipping parts of my show. If I’m going to sit through 4 to 6 ads I want my TV experience to be perfect. Js. Also they shouldn’t make it so hard to watch shows when you have a TV provider. They keeps kicking me off the app even though I put my tv provider already. Too many problems with this app!

  28. Lonna Gardiner says:

    Haven’t seen even 1 response 2 complaints. I have 2 update App in order 2 continue using it? I’ll pass on the expected aggravation until it appears you’re actually addressing your customers’ issues. I don’t need E! or any channel/network if my viewing pleasure is zapped by crappy service backed by no customer service. FYI, I often find fixes in other Apps by reading answers 2 complaints–saves me time in reporting the same issues, & then waiting for a response. Have I wasted time writing this?

  29. Michael Tucker says:

    Worst. App. EVER!! CONSTANT crashes and you have to watch the dang commercials all over again….just to have it crash AGAIN! No bookmarks of shows/watchlists. Extremely sluggish.

  30. Yana B says:

    Audio isn’t working! I’ve tried everything to get the audio to work when casting to my Google Chrome on my TV, but it just won’t turn on. Please message me when this is resolved!

  31. Regan Clute says:

    This app sucks which is really disappointing! No matter the connection it has to constantly buffer and after the buffering the sound and video are not aligned. This happens every time I use the app. UPDATED ON 2/13/21 This app still sucks, 2 years later. I have never been successful in connecting correctly the first time. Now there are major sound issues including no sound when I stream from my phone to a TV.

  32. Sara Hulsey says:

    Videos keep crashing! I spent 6 minutes watching commercials so I can watch the show, I get 2 minutes of show then the app crashes. I start the app back up and then I have to watch all the commercials all over again!!! So annoying!!!!!!

  33. Mabel Gamboa says:

    I get an error message 9/10 times episodes rarely play. And no it’s not my wifi. This app needs alot of upgrades to be competitive in a market where consumers do have time to waste on error messages.

  34. Victoria - Fangtoriaa says:

    Nothing will load, when it does you get slapped with tons of commercials vs the actual playing time of the show is broken up into so many gaps. Did I mention it won’t load ? I’ve had this app for a while now, never a problem but now… well like I said, nothing will even load. Also it won’t let me cast it. Shows the icon but won’t do the action.

  35. Brittini King says:

    The lag is extremely annoying. A commercial will be on but sound from the actual show is still playing. I have to fast forward 30 seconds every so often just for the sound to match the picture. Do an update, please!! This is happening on both an iPhone XS Max and Samsung S21

  36. Law Woods says:

    This isnt cable. E needs to check themselves with the amount of ads played. At least 3 sets of 8 20-30 (unskippable) ads , in a show 50 mins. No mam. Go back to cable and get cancelled with that. At tops you have 4 good shows , and I can only name 2. There is a difference between trash tv and trashy tv. Which is what e is becoming with the amount of fake “reality” shows.

  37. Jane Nelson says:

    Just like Bravo. The 3 bubbles just keep circling. Will not let you watch show. Many many people having the same problem for weeks. We have done what you have said to do. Uninstall then reinstall.. unlink tv provider then link again..clear cache etc etc. Nothing works!!!!!!why are you not fixing this. I get shows on tv and my computer but not on cell phone.

  38. Josephine Reyes says:

    After the third episode of Tyler Henry Medium. It just stop working. I tried clicking on all other episodes and it’s doing the same.

  39. Dy Daniel says:

    Terrible. Always has a playback error

  40. vato says:

    Always buffering and I’m on Comcast internet. If I already pay for cable why does the app also have adds

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