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Discover the Dolby Difference
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Dolby Laboratories Inc.
November 21, 2022
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Dolby XP Apk Download New*

Dolby XP is an invite-only app, lately simplest to be had to licensed companions and content material creators. It showcases Dolby Imaginative and prescient and Dolby Atmos stories throughout all leisure classes.

Dolby XP Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Discover the sector of Dolby. Content material creators and companions can view curated Dolby content material reviews (through invitation) in addition to adapted demos.

Dolby XP Apk Obtain New* apk mod

*This app is lately unavailable to most people. If you’d like to be informed extra about how Dolby can raise your leisure, please discuss with our Dolby Enjoy Finder at:


40 comments on "Dolby XP Apk Download New*"

  1. mamay igan says:

    can not sign up…

  2. Sagar Das says:

    I Love ♥️ Dolby Atmos Experience Music.

  3. GODZILLA_6337 says:

    Not completely sure what the app is for but it seems similar to to Dolby app on Xbox one. The loading screen is the big issue. It keeps switching back and forth from landscape to portrait mode while my phone is stationary. Other than that the app is well made. I’m using a Google Pixel 3 XL for reference.

  4. Deepak.T says:

    What is the use of this app i do not know. Even though i will give five star because of dolby atmos.

  5. Sir Jordan “Tittysnax” Heiser IV says:

    Fantastic job making an “invite only” app not for the public, then putting it up on the play store… In public.

  6. Pardhusai Pardhu says:

    Worest experience don’t install

  7. Santhosh C says:

    Don’t install bledy dolby xp app, only collect email adress it can’t work %%₹&-&&-*

  8. Atul Bhushan says:

    A successful testing of worse experience from Dolby. Thank Dolby ❤️

  9. Ruz Maharjan says:

    Can be downloaded in Android but android phones are not yet supported?

  10. 30 Minute Villager movies says:

    Cannot test and verify the phone’s feature which means devices claimed Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision and what capabilities can which phone model do and check if it’s authentic for the experience, the tool is only for specific members so do not download. This is bad for creators who wants a first taste and viewers who wants to check their device and also get their first taste too without having to get any subscription service.

  11. Calm_ Game says:

    Hey guys this is for dolby invitation for future event. Idk when but near future. LOL.

  12. Sathya says:

    This application is not for Android, then why in play Store???

  13. Google Official says:

    Worst app ever

  14. Erickson Acker says:

    Doesn’t work

  15. Dianna “Deathease” Godbehere says:

    Might wanna tell ppl it’s an apple app before they download

  16. Tristan Herring says:

    Bad can’t sign in Do not recommend

  17. Micheal Espinola says:

    This app currently has no purpose in the Google/Android store. The app/service is designed for Apple equipment only.

  18. Jake's Plants says:

    Had it before but now I tried again. I don’t like the layout or confusion

  19. Aayush Sane says:

    It’s only Apple products supported

  20. Eshwar Abhi says:

    This worst application don’t download your time waste

  21. David Zik says:

    Dolby XP. Packing Considerable Digital Girth.

  22. kaushalya nandana says:

    I dont understand what is this app for 🤷🤦🤔

  23. phumlane ngcobo (GIZERO) says:

    I like accurate balanced sound output

  24. Jothi Kumar says:

    Available only for Apple products.

  25. ronnie lima says:

    Now sure what this app is for

  26. Krishna Kumar says:

    Very confusing layout

  27. AndrzejK says:

    Apps just only for selecting an inviting people. Not for all. Do not instal because is useless.

  28. Ahmad Zikrillah says:

    why meed to sign up, just for tes of sound my gadget

  29. Dr. V.Nagaraj says:

    What is it for?

  30. indiewaree de soysa says:

    It’s not working


    Have no idea what is this app

  32. cronz chintan says:

    Give music app with Equalizer I am paid for app but please lunch it You give your software in Lenovo smart phone Just lunch it Singal

  33. Joseph Saju pm says:

    Excellent Dolby vision technology app

  34. Timothy Curry says:

    Can I please have a special access code 🙏 so I can review this app? Thank!!!

  35. Dan says:

    Dolby Rep made it seem like somthing it was not

  36. Lbsrinivas Srinivas says:

    Its showing access code but not having waste app


    Great app! Redmi K50i have Dolby vision and there is no such apps where I can test Your Dolby Vision for free/ without subscriptions. I thought you have released this app for that purpose but no. Thanks 👍. It means in 2022 still there is no way to test Dolby Vision from Dolby Laboratory apps. Idk what this app do as I am not invited or a content creator.

  38. ABHIJIT RUDRA says: is most useful for Dolby content creators

  39. Tayler A says:

    Needs access code but i never got one for my stuff

  40. Amol Tenkale says:

    Dolby xp event code plz…….

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