Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022*

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November 4, 2022
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Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022*

Stream the world’s greatest anime library. Watch over 1,000 titles – from previous seasons to new episodes recent from Japan, together with seriously acclaimed Crunchyroll Originals.

Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Get complete get right of entry to to new displays like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Platinum Finish, The Sector’s Greatest Murderer, takt op.Future, 86 EIGHTY-SIX, plus classics like BORUTO: NARUTO SUBSEQUENT GENERATIONS, One Piece, JUJUTSU KAISEN, Assault on Titan, Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden, JoJo’s Atypical Journey, and extra! Whether or not you’re new to anime, or were a fan for many years, Crunchyroll has one thing you’ll love.

Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

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Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

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40 comments on "Crunchyroll Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Silverhawk Shayhan says:

    App works great for the most part. There is a problem when watching and English dub and you get to the end of the episode and there are no more episodes in English dub then it will automatically revert back to the 1st episode of season one in another language when it should just stop. also when it switches like that it messes up the resume function because now it has saved your spot in a completely different area.

  2. B Lawrence says:

    User interface leaves a lot to be desired. A program will say it has “16 seasons,” when in reality, it has 2 seasons in 8 languages. On top of this, numerous series are listed as “Dubbed,” when in fact they no longer have that license. Another issue is advertising programs they no longer have, or haven’t added yet. I’ve brought these to the attention of customer service, but they’ve basically told me “that’s how it’s done.” Unfortunate, with competition like Hulu and Netflix gaining licenses.

  3. Reva May says:

    Listen, I absolutely LOVE Crunchyroll. The app on the other hand…not so much. Works great on some devices but not others. Won’t work on an Xbox without lengthy, inconvenient workarounds and it also doesn’t seem to be available on every platform (speaking of smart TVs). Just fix it where it is available. Easy 5 stars.

  4. Shaun Rizk says:

    The app (and platform in general) could use serious overall improvement. Why are there still no subtitles for dubbed series? Related directly to this app, when I start videos lately, they go to a green screen while playing the audio of the video. Sometimes clears up in a couple minutes but sometimes it stays on that screen. I do appreciate the ability to download episodes in advance and generally they work well when you watch them later. Also I like the app’s continue watching featured section.

  5. project saviour says:

    I don’t mind the ads. It’s just that sometimes the same ad would play over and over again and that was kinda annoying. Also I wish the crunchyroll store was added to this app. I don’t like opening the browser to access the store. And lastly, although my streaming experience has been great, I noticed that on older phones, the video tends to buffer a lot, even at 720p and a good internet connection. Didn’t happen with other streaming services. Otherwise, great app.

  6. millmill87 says:

    While watching my shows, the app is always stopping on all my fire sticks and exiting entirely to the home screen. I thought if I went premium, that would stop. Also, there’s a lag when using the app on the firesticks, most of the time it takes some time to catch up with what you’re trying to click on. Please fix these issues. I don’t have any of these issues on other apps. If I could watch most of my anime on Funimation, I would but you guys have a much larger selection to choose from.

  7. Josh D says:

    Great app for anime on the go. Good selection of old and new shows, some older ones are incomplete, but we all know no one service can have everything. App will sync (download) full seasons at the touch of a button for hours of watching, but be careful that you complete the download before you start watching offline. Incomplete episodes will try to resume download even if you have mobile data sync off. Bottom line: if you want to watch anime, the app wants you to as well. You have been warned.

  8. Joey Mccallie says:

    Overall I like the app. There’s plenty to watch, simulcasts are great, and the quality of the video is good. The drawback is the frequency of issues that prevent watching shows. I can watch an episode and go to play the next one, then boom. Won’t play. I can immediately stream another service no problem while Crunchyroll persists with the issue if I return. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes, sometimes it’s hours later before things are normal. Otherwise I love the service.

  9. Madison Selck says:

    App works well for the most part. Sometimes I have to switch to cell data because something won’t load but that’s probably my wifi… Even though all other streaming services work fine with my wifi set up 🤔. I wish the English dubs had subtitles as an option, especially when there is untranslated text on the screen that is important to the story line. That said, I’m pretty happy with the selection of shows and do pay for the monthly subscription. No commercials has been great too.

  10. BraveBear 2 says:

    Was gonna give it a 5 star but since I finally got the subscription, the streaming quality has declined so much. It buffers as if I were watching ads. It’s a waste to pay for premium if it buffers so often, it’s basically like your watching ads. And yes I’ve closed and re-opened the app and did it all. Doesnt work. Not worth paying for, better to just stick with the ads and save ur money.

  11. Osvaldo Nava says:

    Great way to watch anime (so long as you pay the membership). The biggest problem the app has is that once you reach the end of an anime/episode, there’s no way to stop autoplay, even if the last episode has to replay over and over. This also means the “continue watching” list gets over crowded with titles you’ve probably finished watching, and there’s no way to remove them from said list.

  12. amanda rowett says:

    Slow and loads only half the time. Got the free 14 day to try out and I definitely won’t be keeping it. When it works it’s great but 80% of the time it takes forever to load if at all. I’ve done all the tricks and still the same issues. I’ll be 8 episodes in and then it gets stuck and won’t load the next. I’m not trying to waste 5 min to get a show to come up. Not impressed at all.

  13. Nacho Diaz says:

    I like the app overall but, it has many issues for being a modern world streaming app. First being, if I download an episode, regardless if I choose specifically to see the downloaded one, it will start on the normal one, meaning if you watching it with data, it will consume it all. Second, idk if this is really a problem, but it is absolutely abnormal the digital weight of every episode, anime on other platforms is no more than 300 MB. And lastly, the consistency of errors when watching.

  14. I'm The One Who Asked says:

    I like it but everything I want to watch needs premium and there’s way too many ads and they’re way too repetitive. You show the same dang ad 10 times for one episode. I’d rather just watch from a pirated website with less ads and more variation, but I also don’t want to commit a crime. Still tempting though.

  15. Calvin Leather says:

    Content selection is decent. The app redesign that happened recently made the app less useful in a few ways, such as sorting by latest update now showing shows that recently had dubbed episodes added, even if the filter is set to subtitle only. Loading speeds are painfully slow (minutes to episode starting), even when YouTube and other streaming sites load quickly.

  16. Melchor salto says:

    Good selection of shows, navigation is a bit difficult. Loading is slow. Midway through an episode, it would stop and load. I know that it is not the case on my end since I have very good Bandwidth and Speed, (this is also a problem on PC). It is very difficult because it feels like they sense when is the most suspenseful time and decide that it must load.

  17. wolf enix says:

    The app has poorly structured navigation. It’s also not straight forward about keeping you updated on your shows. Sometimes it pretends there are new episodes released for a show, but there isn’t. It basically click baits you. They constantly want verifications, and the overall maintenance is not well attended to. Would not recommend for the prices they offer.

  18. Alejandro Castells says:

    Great catalog but probably the worst I have ever seen in catalog management. Languages are shown as seasons and they don’t even try to maintain a correlation. A title might show 10 seasons but it’s only season 1 in 10 languages and even worse, once a season is finished, it’ll restart in a different language. I reckon it’s a heavy lift but it is just very easy to fix.

  19. Lino Barraza says:

    Update: Even more worse than before.Love Crunchyroll as I’ve been a premium subscriber for sooo many years. However, the phone app sucks. Plain and simple. After a few minutes of watching a video, it pauses and acts like it’s buffering. After a minute or so it resumes only to repeat the process. I can have full service and it still has the same problem. Happened on my Note 2, Note 8, and now my Note 10+. This is what makes me second guess being a premium member. No other app has the same issues.

  20. Oliver Books says:

    Love Crunchyroll. My only complaint is that the sub and dubs being split into “seasons” is really bad. Would so much rather it be built as a selectable option within the player. An especially bad example is Demon Slayer. It quickly becomes hard to navigate, and the information of what language the “season” even is gets cut off on most platforms. You can do better Crunchyroll

  21. dmnapier7 says:

    Idk how this app got the rating it did. It’s only good because of the selection. However it buffers every 5 seconds with or without wifi. It takes 5 minutes to load up. I could look pass all that if it wasn’t for their membership BS. I signed up for a premium account. Why does it charge me twice a month? Oh they got me signed up for two premium accounts, on 1 account. I love anime, but absolutely hate this app.

  22. MysticWings says:

    Your app is garbage. The only reason I will NOT give more than 1 star. Your UI is so non-user friendly. I have been using it mostly on my Xbox. Other times on my phone. Please do a complete overhaul. I am sure many people will appreciate it. I’m tired of closing it and opening it just to get it to play somthing. Yes, I have uninstalled it and re-download it. MANY TIMES. Don’t get me wrong I love the shows and stuff. Wish you had more to be honest. But just fix your garbage app. PLEASE.

  23. Gannon Dalton says:

    Newest update ruined everything for me on mobile, constant buffering problems, doesn’t auto rotate half the time, it’s hard to see how much the video has buffered because it’s so transparent, and now when I pause a video to reset my phone data it restarts the video, defeating the purpose of doing it in the first place (if I have buffering issues thats usually how I fixed it before) very depressing because the app was working fine for me before, only positive is you can skip intros now.

  24. Elliott M says:

    Rather a lot of the functionality is a wrapper around a web page, so things vary depending upon server status. I’m starting to wondering whether the browser would work rather better. Every program has at least one bug and can be shortened by one instruction. This one hasn’t been reduced to one instruction which doesn’t work, but they’re keeping their eyes on that goal. Does still mostly work, but not a quality experience.

  25. Ben Ramirez says:

    Do I think this is the best place to watch anime? Yes. Do I sometimes get frustrated with my show having to load and often find myself turning the TV off instead of watching the loading bar spin. Also yes. I propose we fix that issue. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms seem to load and play shows just fine on my tv but crunchyroll has been having some issues as of late. Another thing, integration with Google Tv. Fix these issues and we have a 5 star app.

  26. Francisco “Dimitri” Denis says:

    The app is currently unusable for phones. Ive been a premium user for well over 6 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. The video keeps fake buffering 1-2 minutes in and impossible to play the video afterwards no matter how many times I restart the app. Casting videos to a tv keep having syncing issues or play regardless of the app being closed. Finally I noticed that subtitles are no longer displaying and require that I manually set it each time. How can so much go wrong at once?!?!

  27. Lee says:

    One of the worst streaming site/app I’ve ever used. They supposedly merged with Funimation but I haven’t seen any hint of that actually happening. Also the set up & user interface of picking a show and season to watch is the most messed up thing Ive ever seen. They have the languages all set up as individual seasons & then give they give the seasons random numbers. For example it’ll go 1,2,33,55, etc. Im dropping them since it sucks so much & is so annoying to try to navigate. They won’t fix it.

  28. Sawyer Lor says:

    On an Android phone, app randomly went to a black/green screen but still getting subtitles and audio. This is the second time happening from a week ago. Went through previous support directions, clear cache, uninstall app, and deactivate device. Didn’t work. Restarting the phone and doing things above did work. Seriously reconsidering switching to a different streaming app for anime even though I’ve been a payingmember for years.

  29. Jon Cross says:

    lots of good content but much like Funimations app this is missing a lot. honestly vrv has the best player so far and even that has it’s problems. this is also missing some basic features you might enjoy on many other sites such as YouTube. all in all it isn’t the worst but not outstanding. lots of errors on mobile too while trying to play videos or when moving from one video to the next. enough to where it’s noticeable but not enough to push you away all together. overall okish.

  30. Jacob Lewis says:

    Content is great, but software is bad. Each language they dub is categorized as a new season of the show, which makes browsing episodes a chore. You can’t turn subtitles on with any dubbed version. Implementation of a ‘skip intro’ button is sporadic, and there’s no option to have it do so automatically. Auto-play doesn’t trigger until you run each episode out to the very end. Episodes that only have 2 seconds left stay in your ‘continue watching’ list until the end of time.

  31. Charles Stovall says:

    The content is varied and expansive, which is great. The app has improved over the years, though it is still frequently the only app on my tablet that doesn’t connect well to the internet, so it still has some issues. I can stream YouTube or Netflix at 1080p without issue, but I can’t get a smooth video at 360p on the same device with the crunchyroll app.

  32. Joseph Preston says:

    Crunchyroll has a large library to choose from its fantastic. BUT the app is lackluster. The navigation is simple but the categories are not designed well at all. Also for 3 days now I cannot watch anything. I have deleted the app reinstalled, cleaned up my phone, restarted my phone and nothing just the all so daunting buffering circle. When the app works it is well worth it with some needed improvement.

  33. Naveed Khan says:

    Since the latest update I have had constant stutters where the app randomly cuts out parts of the audio and finds the video playback too difficult to handle. Have been using this app for nearly a year now and this is the first time I have encountered these kind of issues. Even after a complete reinstall of this app it still happens and almost puts me off paying for this service which is something I am still considering…

  34. Luisa Montagner says:

    The more I use this app the more problems come up. Subtitles appear and disappear, and come up in the wrong language. Also, Japanese subtitles are not available?! Isn’t that one of the most important features? On top of that, streaming from my phone on my tv is very flimsy despite all other streaming services working perfectly that way. Even as I type this it randomly stopped working. I wish this wasn’t the only way to get certain anime in the US.

  35. Cece Lloyd says:

    It’s great for getting to watch the anime that I want, but lately, there have been more problems with how it’s loading. I can’t cast to my TV without the app crashing at least 3 times, the subtitles turning off(to which I manually have to put back on and then it crashes again), and then it not playing the next episode after it or the opposite of when I turn it off it continues to play. I’ve been a premium member for a while now, but it’s starting to seem like it’s not worth it anymore.

  36. Ian Waggoner says:

    Normally, I would give it 4 to 5 stars for the wide range of shows offered and great suggestions it gives (unlike many other sites), however, the most recent update has made it impossible to watch episodes continuously due to something in it not loading every couple of minutes. This makes it very annoying to watch anything online because it’ll be horribly choppy after the first few mins. The UI also got changed to how it was about 2 months ago where there is major input lag, and inaccurate subs

  37. Beasts Gaming 45 says:

    Horrible stability. Unless you have really high speed internet your not watching anything reliably on this app and if you do watch anything the audio constantly shifts from low quality to good quality which makes it very irritating to watch anything, Also the app on any platform seems to have a weird transparent greyish box on the bottom of the screens that appears off and on through out what you’re watching. This app needs serious tlc it never really improves with each update.

  38. Uriel Echavarria says:

    The app is buggy as hell and it is incredibly difficult to manage subtitled or dubbed versions of the shows you want to watch. It is unreal how clunky it all is. The company really needs to do better. The catalog itself is great and it’s a great way to find new shows or discover great classics, but that is what makes how inept the whole service is that much more frustrating.

  39. Rafael Kortum says:

    I mean, it’s okay. I understand being broke isn’t a technical issue, but my god is it horrible; the ad breaks are typically 4-6 (unskippable) ads long, with 3-5 breaks per episode, ow. However, they’ve stopped making newer episodes for ad-support, meaning the only way to see new episodes is via premium; hell, they’ve locked a few previously free episodes. Bugs include, but are not limited to, buffers, ad buffers (c’mon), poor catalogue, bad connectivity, screen-rotation, etc. Not really worth.

  40. Mr. Demon Nobody says:

    The app has been meh. The app features aren’t that amazing, especially the search tool. It doesn’t work that well and can sometimes get on my nerves. This has all been fine until recently. No matter what I try, what I do, whether that’s making sure I paid for the subscription to deleting the app and logging out, changing the video quality, NOTHING. I can’t watch videos anymore. No matter what series or episode or season or language, the video is just stuck on an infinite loading screen. PLZ FIX!

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