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Catch up with your favorite Animal Planet shows and more from up to 14 networks.
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November 24, 2022
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Animal Planet GO Premium Apk

Catch up together with your favourite Animal Planet presentations anytime, any place with the all-new Animal Planet PASS app – and now get get right of entry to to as much as 14 further networks together with TLC, Discovery, Science Channel, Commute Channel and extra – multi functional app. It’s UNFASTENED along with your pay TELEVISION subscription.

Animal Planet CROSS Top rate Apk apk

Hyperlink your pay TELEVISION supplier (cable, satellite tv for pc, telco, are living TELEVISION streaming carrier) to get entry to Animal Planet favorites like Pit Bulls & Parolees, Crikey! It’s the Irwins, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Lone Megastar Legislation, North Woods Regulation, The Zoo: San Diego and plenty of extra – plus best presentations from different networks together with Deadliest Catch (Discovery), Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Meals Community), House The town (HGTV), Ghost Adventures (Go back and forth Channel), Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC), Evil Lives Right here (IDENTITY) and extra. New episodes are to be had the similar day as they premiere on TELEVISION.

Animal Planet MOVE Top class Apk release

With Animal Planet CROSS You’ll:
• Circulation Animal Planet and extra networks RESIDE anytime, any place on your whole favourite units • In finding displays to look at with the reside agenda information • Get admission to hundreds of episodes on call for – from present hits to vintage favorites
• See new episodes of displays at the app the similar day and time they premiere on TELEVISION • Binge your favourite Animal Planet sequence and specials together with Pit Bulls & Parolees, Crikey! It’s the Irwins, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Lone Famous person Legislation, North Woods Regulation, The Zoo: San Diego – and plenty of extra!
• Get limitless get admission to to the entirety the invention circle of relatives of networks has to supply – loose together with your pay TELEVISION subscription

Animal Planet PASS Top class Apk apk mod 2022

• Circulation are living TELEVISION whilst you hyperlink your pay TELEVISION supplier • Watch make a selection episodes and whole seasons of your favourite presentations from as much as 15 networks!
• Browse by means of style – from Herbal Historical past, Science and Tech to Meals, House and extra – to search out your favourite displays and uncover new ones
• Proceed staring at episodes the place you left off throughout your entire gadgets • Save displays and episodes to observe later with My Record • Closed-captioning beef up

Animal Planet CROSS Top rate Apk apk mod new

• To be had within the U.S. handiest • Wireless connection really useful

Animal Planet PASS Top rate Apk

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Animal Planet CROSS Top class Apk mod apk

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Animal Planet MOVE Top class Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Animal Planet GO Premium Apk"

  1. Teddington Regenweald says:

    Requires a cable subscription to make it worthwhile. Sometimes crashes, and doesn’t save the episode I’m watching to my continue watching list, so I have to watch through ALL the ads again and again. There are SO many ads, it’s ridiculous.

  2. Derren Edred says:

    boo, this app is the worse out of the streaming apps. I can watch discovery, velocity, history, any app I link to my spectrum this app. only let me watch very limited amounts of shows compared to other apps. I have full access to other shows. not this one. fail. I pay to have spectrum. I watch animal live at home. but the app limits what I can go back and view? nope. won’t go back.

  3. Ethyl Andrah says:

    I ❤️ animal planet!! The app does need work though. It has a “lot” of problems. It glitches & freezes a lot, I have to turn off my phone to unfreeze it. When you come back to a show you were watching it will send you to the beginning making you have to keep watching long commercials to try to find where you left off. This was an issue from the day I downloaded the app and clearing my cache and data is done often. AZO commercial played 5x’s in a row! I thought it playing 2x’s in a break was bad!

  4. Bennet Ford says:

    Way too many commericals that run about 168 seconds at a time. You get so tired of it that you lose interest in the program you are trying to watch! I got the app to watch and support the Irwins and I enjoy the education, excitement and adventures that Animal Planet Go app offers but to be honest it’s a struggle to sit through all of the commericals!

  5. Cecilie Eledon says:

    Only 4 stars because even though the app is above average in terms of navigation and performance, the negative aspects are due to the annoying in show ads. I have a cable subscription, but what does that get me? I tshould mean I get almost ad free. I can accept 5-10 minutes per show, but breaks every 15 minutes is a FAIL. Sorry Animal Planet. Give better service even if it means less profit

  6. Arlena Kenric says:

    Works great, but would be even better with a few small additions. The main addition the app could use is buttons that let you skip forward or backward by 10 seconds. Another nice feature would be the ability to double tap the left or right side of the video to skip 10 seconds backwards or forward, respectively.

  7. Audrielle Jenita says:

    I paid for service a while ago, come to find out i paid for nothing because the APgo app is not compatible with hulu live w/ roku. period. I selected the suggestion box and added it. hopefully in the future you do connect with them. Instead they want you to directly pay for APgo and im not paying for it ever again after that ordeal. its limited on content anyway. amd i love AP wo its sad

  8. Calinda Howard says:

    I love the app for all that it’s worth, but I have a tv subscription for animal planet and I still am not able to watch all of the shows on the app. I am signed in, but it keeps saying that animal planet is not part of my service. I’m literally sitting at home right now in front of my tv watching animal planet so I’d hope I have the subscription, or I think optimum has done something very wrong😂. If anyone can help, please respond, it will be deeply appreciated.

  9. Raylen Kady says:

    I love this channel. I don’t normally watch animal shows and not by design, just never got to it. The shows on this channel so far are exciting and packed with drama not like the old time shows that were more of a school lesson than the shows on this channel (no offense intended). I have a lot of free channel apps and I watch this one when I want something true to life and exciting.

  10. Anntoniett Stepne says:

    Too many ads, too many glitches & doesn’t hold your place. Random videos will be in “keep watching” even though I’ve already watched. Mediocre app for a huge channel. I saw a response about ad times, & how they’re picked to be different and interesting. Well, I’ve watched the same ads play over & over, sometimes in the same sitting. I’m also pretty sure I can pay to remove ads in quite literally any other app. This is also the only app that plays ads when trying to skip to find your unsaved spot.

  11. Hervie Makenzi says:

    This is one of the worst streaming sites I’ve ever used. You can’t even fast forward or rewind without it stopping to play literally three minutes of unskippable, repetitive ads, and that’s when it plays at all. I’ve waited minutes at a time for this thing to play mere seconds of a show! As much as I love Animal Planet, this app had to go extinct.

  12. Melia Fleuretta says:

    This app is fundamentally broken. Please hire more than one (1) dev to work on this please he’s very over worked. Edit: I’ll follow up, but here are some issues for everyone. Its interactions with google cast / chromecast is unpredictable. A successful cast may require several restarts of the app. And if you disconnect wifi, everything breaks down. The animal planet screen may persist on the TV for one. Also takes control of cast volume buttons, overriding anything else until its quit.

  13. Wella Cadden says:

    Good video quality and navigation. Ads are generally fine (I would prefer less but it’s watchable) but sometimes they randomly kill the feed and I have to restart the app (seems to be particular ads) or they’re too loud (which is a problem since I watch AP shows before bed when others are sleeping)

  14. Maryann Alesis says:

    The app has been SO buggy and unreliable the last few months. Autoplay for a series not working,, having to frequently sign in again, and the app just freezing up a lot have been the biggest pains. Hoping this latest release fixes those issues because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shows. My favorite streaming app.. I have it running for most of the day!

  15. Jasmen Scand says:

    I love the Animal Planet App. I can watch full episodes of all my favorites shows for FREE! I don’t have to have cable or anything. It’s the best of the various Cable channels as none of the others is completely free for all shows. Catching up on Finding Bigfoot. It’s the best!!!

  16. Darrel Natalene says:

    Having the work schedule that I do, it was upsetting to know I wouldn’t be able to watch shows on animal planet. With this app, I am free to watch amazing content like ‘extinct or alive’, or ‘the zoo’ at my leisure. This has been fantastic for me!

  17. Croslea Malaurie says:

    The app is over all very good. I’m able to watch the shows I love but the problem is that whenever I come to the end of a show it says the app stopped working when it was working just fine. It does this all the time so I hope it gets fixed…SOON.

  18. Irvyn Randkin says:

    Great. Im Ok with commercials… to a point. Seeing the same ones over and over again is a bit ridiculous though, and likely counterproductive from a marketing standpoint. But, I get it. The price paid for no subscription.

  19. Nety Jennika says:

    Like the app and the shows on the app. The only thing that could make it better is to have more unlocked shows – maybe the first seasons of some of the popular long running shows – not that there’s a shortage of unlocked shows. I just feel like something that’s 20 yrs old could have a couple of early seasons unlocked?

  20. Kimberlie Vonn says:

    It would be a five if it would remember your place all the time. It would be great if it also had an easy way to rewind or go forward because using your finger could be back 5 seconds or 5 minutes and it always seems to work for one episode before it kicks you off or a few episodes. I’ll still be using it since there is no other option but it would sure be great if it could fix the bugs and do like how YouTube just let’s you tap the screen twice for ten seconds or keep tapping for longer.

  21. Amberjill Coral says:

    Never usually review but this app doesn’t work at all. Is great when I’ve used it in the past, but after getting a new phone and downloading the app, it never opens. Gets stuck on the loading screen and the ring spins infinitely. I just want to watch the zoo not a ring spinning for a half an hour (I even watched to make sure I wasn’t just being impatient)

  22. Chayla Darlene says:

    Takes minutes to load the app, freezes entirely 3 out of 4 times, episodes quit playing after a few minutes. I’ve tried to watch about 10 episodes, only finished 1 without it freezing. The app needs serious work. Everyone seems to have the same complaints and I can appreciate the developers posting responses trying to correct the problems but when you have this many people with the same issues, I don’t think it needs to be fixed on individual basis.

  23. Birdy Corvin says:

    I love the shows on here. My only complaint is the ad counter feature is slightly off when using the app on Roku. For example, on the last ad is usually shown as the first. This wouldn’t be too big of an issue if it didn’t carry back into the actual episode, which causes issues with countless basic actions. The main issue is when pausing the video with the counter still on, the video freezes and the only fix is to exit the it. When trying to resume the video, it starts way before you left off.

  24. Courtlandt Raine says:

    App was great until a few days ago, when I couldn’t go a few seconds before it started buffering. Cleared cache, restarted app, still buffered. An update came this morning and it doesn’t buffer anymore, but now the video is stretched to fullscreen. How do I get back to widescreen?

  25. Tena Mykaela says:

    Hasn’t crashed and saves spots between devices. Playback could be improved (sometimes there are stutters or takes awhile to buffer), but otherwise I’ve been pleased, especially with the large selection of shows.

  26. Carolanne Aleiyah says:

    Like that it has so many shows available, but wish there was a way to get rid of the commercials . Like if you’re logged in to your direct TV service or if you pay for the app, it should be commercial-free. OR, if there HAS TO BE commercials, bot have them be so long! A large part of wanting to use the app, especially if paying for it, is because you think there will be no commercials, or very short, limited interruption commercial time. Why pay for something that is just like the free version

  27. Chassie Rockwell says:

    The ads are beyond annoying and the more you watch the longer the ads run. There are 6 or 7 breaks that go on for more than 187 seconds each. Im over it, deleted app … As much as i love all the shows they arent worth the aggrivation of waiting through all the ads….sad

  28. Farlow Allison says:

    Only reason I downloaded this was so I could watch Coyote Peterson’s “Brave the Wilderness”. This app actually has adds that are worse than Youtube adds. They are pretty much all boomer adds and they’re almost ALL like 2 and a half minutes long, and you can’t ever skip them even once. I’ve also experienced issues loading in general, but that only happened one time, so it shouldn’t usually be a problem too often. It’s rather comprehensive/easy to navigate, those adds are just REALLY HORRIBLE.

  29. anastasia pitts says:

    I really love that I can watch all my favorite animal planet shows but I feel like if I sign in with my television provider there should not be 3 minutes of commercials ever 10 minutes of show. Like I get it some You have to make your money but not so long. If I have to watch all these ads then why do I have to sign in with my television provider? It seems like double dipping to me.

  30. Zero Requiem says:

    Very few you can watch free. Most locked and you have to pay for. The ones you can watch free are usually only the first season. Very disappointed. Answer to your answer. Didnt think it would replace cable. Its just one channel dude. If i wanted to pay for content i would get hulu or netflix. In fact i do have hulu. Not something with basically one channel like this. Some good shows but im not paying per show to watch. Removing now.

  31. Mendel Hoexter says:

    For a free app, this is great. It simply doesn’t compare, however, with other streaming services. For one, there are about 20 ads in a 40 minute episode. It is also slow at times, and has no option to download episodes for offline viewing. I understand that they need the ads for revenue in place of a subscription fee, but I am very frustrated by the fact that you can only watch on WiFi. I will stick with this app for now, though, as it is currently the only place to watch The Crocodile Hunter.

  32. Miruko Simp says:

    Well…it would be nice if you guys could point me to another free app that I can watch Monsters Inside Me and River Monsters on because this one asks for a TV provider, that I don’t have, I installed the app so I could watch the shows without a TV and at first it was great. I left it for a little while, ( say about 5 days ) and I suddenly couldn’t watch squat.

  33. Julianne Geiger says:

    Ads are out of control. Not even worth it. The app isn’t free–I’ve just prepaid via my satellite provider. When watching satellite, I DVR and ff thru commercials. Why wouldn’t I have the same expectation of your app as I do on my satellite provider? People just don’t have the appetite for unFFable ads anymore. There are simply too many streaming services out there that are ad-free or that you can pay to make ad-free. If you are the last app on that train you are going to get left behind.

  34. Elly says:

    Honestly, I quite enjoy this app, however, it’s really disappointing that you want me to “sign in” with a cable provider in order to watch certain shows. I don’t have cable and will never have cable because I simply cannot afford it, and I prefer streaming. I can’t stand commercials – especially if I’m paying for something. I want to be able to just sit down, watch the thing, and move on. Other than my personal gripes, it works very well, and has a decent selection.

  35. Russell Doring says:

    If you have access due to a subscription, the app is great. Very little free content, not unexpected. But it seems to have a lot of possible subscription sources, including digital ones like Hulu. App can rarely fail to load videos when launched, but reloading the app generally fixes it, and it is a bug shared across all similar/related, like Food Network or Cartoon Network. I do think some sort of volume check is needed for commercials. Certain ads are gratingly loud when with quiet shows.

  36. Eric Bear! says:

    I absolutely hate what this app updated to and will be permanently uninstalling it. You can’t cast any shows to your TV for shot and no matter what you try to do to fix the error, it never works at all! Thanks a lot for nothing but a ruined experience Animal Planet! Really hope you’re happy!

  37. cindy sailer says:

    I love the shows on this app! Unfortunately when I watch Dr. Jeff mountain vet I have to deal with the show glitching after a commercial, then in order for it to be normal, I need to get out of the show and go back in. Then half the time it goes to more long commercials after I just watched commercials.. sometimes back to normal, sometimes still glitching. Definitely annoying, and such a waist of my time, but I do like that show. This does happen on multiple tvs in my home. Please fix this!

  38. Jesse Greenhalgh says:

    You can’t just subscribe like you can on Netflix or anything else you have to have a cable provider or some sort of TV that’s ridiculous nobody has cable anymore edit then they’re best option is just to send me to another app discovery Plus which I already have

  39. hillybilly rednek says:

    I do not like that you are showing a couple of episodes. then say you need to buy discovery+ to see the rest.

  40. Kristopher Hurley says:

    for a mobile phones use the in app volume is to low

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