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Argue real Supreme Court cases with Argument Wars!
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September 28, 2022
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Argument Wars Mod Apk

Ever attempted to win a confrontation? In Argument Wars, you’ll check out your persuasive skills via arguing an actual Ideally suited Court docket case. The opposite attorney is your festival. Whoever makes use of the most powerful arguments wins!

Argument Wars Mod Apk unencumber

Instances come with:
-Bond v. Usa -Brown v. Board of Training -Gideon v. Wainwright
-Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier
-In Re Gault
-Miranda v. Arizona
-New Jersey v. T.L.O.
-Snyder v. Phelps
-Texas v. Johnson

Argument Wars Mod Apk

For English Language Novices: Use the toughen device, Spanish translation, voiceover and thesaurus

Argument Wars Mod Apk apk mod new

Academics: Take a look at our lecture room assets for Argument Wars. Simply discuss with

Argument Wars Mod Apk apk mod

Your scholars will discover ways to:
-Analyze the arguments and results of landmark Superb Court docket circumstances -Evaluate to be had improve for a controversy to evaluate whether or not reasoning is sound and reinforce is related or inappropriate -Recognize the importance of the Charter and ultimate Court docket precedent in deciding cases


40 comments on "Argument Wars Mod Apk"

  1. Aniesa Dolabella says:

    the game is a good concept, but that’s all it feels like, a proof of concept. there are only a few cases and they aren’t very complicated issues. the AI is also laughably easy and there is no way to turn up the difficulty or play online against other players to make it harder. it’s fun while it lasts (about 30 min), but it needs ALOT more content to feel like an actual fleshed out game or pose a real challange to any player.

  2. Mikhael Jourdain says:

    It has a beautiful layout and is incredibly simple to use. It’s very smooth as well, and it shows and explains the actual United States Supreme Court rulings in a very easy-to-understand way. For that I give five stars. However, there are few cases to choose from, and not all of them are landmark cases that govern our day-to-day lives. For that, I knock off one star. 𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  3. Hyejoo's Rapunzel says:

    The concept is really good. Choosing a side in the beginning, choosing an appropriate argument, drawing cards for supporting your argument, matching phrases to explain the point better, being able to choose whether you object or pass, and also experiencing different cases covering different laws. Easy to understand game. You can play offline with no ads. Completely free. Educational. Good while it lasts, but I’d definitely like to play games like this longer.

  4. Dummy Dummy says:

    Absolute beauty. This game is simple yet very much interactive and engaging. Good content.. Want more cases to be added so that we can explore more. Hats off to the entire team. It’s a perfect win win..

  5. Melo Dingal says:

    Hi! This game really deserves more stars than it has.. This game is fun and educational. If you could just add more cases,that would be wonderful… And for those who are saying that this game is racist because they lost in the segregation case, note that you need to have more points than your opponent to win. great graphics and gameplay.. Good job!

  6. Pritesh Chavan says:

    The game is really awesome. My experience so far was really good but the only thing which stops me from giving it 5 stars is that it has lack of cases. I request the team to upgrade it & put atleast some more cases around 30 – 50. Anyways keep up the good work.😊

  7. Patrick Weber says:

    Good game, interesting historical content. One problem, there is a bug that disables the audio sometimes. Please fix and I will give five stars.

  8. Lusanda Roseanie Cele says:

    This game is great trust me…the only problem with it is…it very short and some of the cases don’t have a voice over….you will find yourself repeating the same 9 cases over and over again just changing positions from defense to applicant

  9. Greg Burke says:

    Overall everything works as I expected but there’s two things 1 there’s only nine cases you can do and there’s no way to make anymore so you’re repeatedly playing the same case no matter if you go on normal difficulty or high difficulty it’s just the same missions 2 The buttons are small as hell to click

  10. Ari McNally says:

    One of my favorite iCivics games! Educational, thrilling, compelling, and a lot of fun! This almost makes me want to be a lawyer! However, I really miss the old artwork, music, and interface. It looked a lot better and it’s 4 stars just for that because it took so much away from my playing experience, as a longtime player. Other than that a lot of fun and investment in a really interesting game!

  11. Beth Hays says:

    This is like most iCivics games: it’s educational, trustworthy, fun– and disappointingly short 🙁 Overall, though, an easy five stars. Good for all ages, really. (edit: I noticed some visual bugs on my device. basically, stuff’s not formatting to my screen correctly. I’ll probably 1) forget to email the devs about it and 2) probably forget to update this review if/when they do fix them, so for those 2 reasons, plus the fact that 3) the game is usually Good™, I’ll keep the score at 5 stars.)

  12. RADDragon “RADDragoner13” 13 says:

    The game has been updated radically. And for once, I prefered the old semi-complicates gameplay, because now it has become kindergarten level, wheres as the previous version was more intense, and as such, required more logical thinking. Nevertheless, even if I wont play it, the game does a ok job at teaching kids about speechcraft.

  13. Darryl Kinsey says:

    First prompt asked me I wanted to make an account. Pressed No Thanks about 10 times with no response. Pressed around the screen randomly and moved to the next screen which was the menu screen. This was completely unresponsive so I can’t even start the game

  14. Josh Gordon says:

    I want to like this game, and as a teacher, I really enjoy the educational aspect of it. However, the font size on my Galaxy S20 is just too small too read. I suffered through 1 case, but can’t do it anymore. This problem is compounded by the inability to zoom into the card so you can read the text. It’s possible to select it, but your finger gets in the way of reading it… Sad, but I had to uninstall.

  15. Jasmine Claire Que says:

    The game requires players to have critical thinking and a clear logical reasoning. It’s very beneficial to building one’s argumentation skills. The game also allows you to pick a side of the case you chose plus allows you to pick how intelligent you want your opponent AI to be, which adjusts the degree of difficulty of the gameplay. The only thing is, there are only a few cases, and there are few usages of legal nuances and jargon. Good for learning general concepts, but nothing too detailed.

  16. Jerome Simmone says:

    This game is really good for showing how anything can be argued well. This game would be even better with a “vs” mode, where you could play locally with a friend, passing the phone between turns. This would extend gameplay infinitly.

  17. Andrew Malnar says:

    The game first of all has a talk back feature and every button has to be pressed several times in quick succession to work otherwise a female voice just reads it back to me. When the introductory part is over and I get to the main menu the game is obviously glitched and I cannot do anything on the main menu

  18. Korbin Dallas says:

    I love the concept but I feel the need to criticize the execution. Number one, the text is too small. I do not need corrective lenses and I have a large phone but it was still difficult to read without the phone uncomfortably close to my face. I love the arguments and applied logic, but the format of drawing argument “cards” at random was destructive to the educational experience. I held on to an objection card and ended up drawing insufficient or inapplicable arguments near the end of the case

  19. Coinneach Maccailini says:

    I have played so many iCivics games before, but I have to say that this is the most excellent and compelling one. Every single mechanic, artistic graphic, and logical concept ties together to form this politically-educational game.

  20. Petri says:

    This game provides a very competitive, entertaining and learning experience because of it’s unique introduction to the ai difficulty level, your lawyer, and last is your desired case. The only downside is that some cases either fall a bit short or are less detailed. It would really be a game changer if there were added cases which are more detailed that would engage the players’ critical thinking and precise decision making more and if they had the option to modify the number of rounds per case.

  21. Jason Nirenberg says:

    Beautiful and engaging game, very educational on the law and helps with practice. Sometimes a support is overlooked (or I’m just not using explain cards) but overall I love it. Wish there were more than 9 cases to discuss but you can always play each side of each case giving a beautiful 18 arguments to side with all with historical cases. Famous ones at that, most notably Brown v. Board of education and other controversial cases. I would love to see an online mode 😁

  22. yeet says:

    Probably my personal favorite of all your games. However, there could be some improvements including more diverse voice acting, more cases like for example: Dred Scott v. Sandford, Marbury v. Madison, ect. Or maybe a case for each amendment if problems arise for certain cases.

  23. Den says:

    This App has potential and it is really enjoyable as someone who is interested in Law… It isn’t really technical or difficult so it has an easy gameplay, but still educational as it explains most parts of the cases. I hope there will be more cases to be added, also to make the A.I. opponent more difficult. Maybe also consider the sequencing of arguments to have more cohesion and not just having to throw all reasonable arguments with no flow.

  24. Norhayna benito says:

    It’s fun to play cause it’s base in true case and bcs i dreamed to be a lawyer it helped me so much i always win of course but there is a problem well you have a time to add some imaginary case like there is only 9 case im done with all of it and im done to prosecute and defend them so it’s kinda boring cause some of them doesn’t have any sound/voice But it’s still fun…..bye……..

  25. slymph neoma says:

    A very fun and enjoyable game. But It only have 9 cases, It’s boring if you repeat it over and over again. It’ll be much fun if you add more cases.

  26. Bea Campbell Stephens says:

    Good game, educational and interesting but the print is far too small and it hurts my eyes to read it. Is there a way to make the print bigger? and if not I think there should be to make the game more accessible. Played some of your other games and this is a recurring problem.

  27. Ashish Aby David says:

    Not working i am stuck at the screen where we select the side which we want to argue.

  28. Raven Mamaril says:

    I can’t play the game at all :(( whenever I try to pick a side and click continue, the game does not allow me. Please fix this because I want to play the game.

  29. icy glyce says:

    Great game, but when i press continue it doesn’t do anything, please fix this.

  30. Rajesh Vyas says:

    Ok, so I’m experiencing an issue with the game. Whenever I try to play it, it doesn’t allow me to when I press ‘continue’. I tried closing the game and restarting it, I tried restarting my entire phone, hell I even tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it! Please squash this bug game devs.

  31. Simone Buno says:

    I just downloaded it and I met quite a lot of bugs and issues. The most frustrating is that I cannot proceed to the actual game after picking sides. I was excited in playing this game but I’m starting to lose it. Please fix this immediately.

  32. Zyra says:

    I installed but won’t let me switch sides or continue the game. I’m just stuck at the introduction. I reinstalled the game but no luck.

  33. Damienne Chazelle Gustin says:

    I can’t get passed the case selection. Why? Whenever I press selct it does not do anything. I tried on different phones and tablets. Still encountering the same problem. 😢

  34. Arlee Apelin says:

    I want to rate it 5 stars but the problem is it won’t let me continue or start the case, i picked my lawyer and a case to play but it won’t let me figut w/ the bot

  35. Chrissafel Fabricante says:

    I don’t know what happened but I literally can’t play! Everytime you choose a side it won’t continue anymore! I had high expectations for this game, I hop eyou fix it.

  36. Brent Marion Castillo says:

    I can’t play when I tap continue, I tried reinstalling it, restarting it, restarting my phone, everything. But it doesn’t work, please fix this bug

  37. Ikhona Mlanjana says:

    I am axperincing the same as others please fix this issue . I was looking forward to playing this game but now l am disappointed

  38. Emma says:

    Great game, but I wish you could play it in multilayer without needing to be a teacher or student. I’d just like to try this with friends but that doesn’t appear to be possible 🙁

  39. Jr masterplayer says:

    I love but I give it four stars because it only has 9 cases and I completed all of them. So if you could add more cases that would be very nice😊

  40. Celia Arana says:

    May be a bit generic but works wonders!

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