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Welcome to the dollhouse!Dressup,Cooking,Makeup and Party.Create your own story!
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December 6, 2022
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YoYa: Busy Life World Premium Apk

Welcome to YoYa, a hectic existence global! Right here you’ll discover implausible actual international places, engage with large pieces and construct distinctive tales together with your virtual characters!

YoYa: Busy Lifestyles Global Top rate Apk liberate

😍Introducing to YoYa World😍

YoYa: Busy Existence Global Top class Apk apk mod

YoYa: Busy Lifestyles Global is sort of a digital dollhouse gaming space the place you’ll be able to get dressed up your characters, lead them to stroll, take a seat, sleep, devour and play! You’re inspired to play it your individual method via merely tapping and dragging the characters and pieces in numerous places, the place aesthetic location designs will will let you spark brilliant concepts and create your personal tale. You are going to have limitless get admission to to more than a few places at downtown, nation, port, islands and so forth!

YoYa: Busy Existence International Top rate Apk apk mod new

🏫Exploring all other locations🏫

YoYa: Busy Existence Global Top class Apk

►My House: Do you be mindful taking part in dollhouse recreation pretending as oldsters and caring for little toddlers? At my house, you’ll design your members of the family, prepare them with more than a few day-to-day actions: prepare dinner dinners, play with sisters, take showers for bedtime tales and so a lot more!

YoYa: Busy Existence Global Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

►Shopping Mall: Three Flooring of buying groceries mall the place you’ll be able to do grocery buying groceries, discuss with puppy retailer, play video arcade and pass to motion pictures! You’ll store the whole lot you wish to have for day by day makes use of or for travelling!

YoYa: Busy Lifestyles International Top class Apk mod apk

►Hair Salon: In a position for a large make over? Pass discuss with the hair store to select your self up a colourful hair dye! Reduce, curl, trim, and make a selection hair equipment you prefer!

YoYa: Busy Lifestyles Global Top rate Apk apk

►Beauty Store: How does a face transformation sound like? Right here you’ll make up with your individual taste by means of the use of face transformation machines. Don’t overlook to revel in afternoon tea time with cupcakes and extra!

►Fashion Retailer: Taste your self boldly! Get dressed up, combine every separate clothes and niknaks as you prefer! Fancy attire and equipment for various events are awaits. A number of new merchandise added regularly!

✨YoYa: Busy Existence International Features✨

★ Quite a lot of customization choices! Trade garments, hair types and expressions!
★ Two play modes for you to make a choice. Revel in thrilling puzzles or diy your individual adventures
★ Discover the Downtown, the rustic, the Port, the Islands and plenty of extra places ★ Revel in loose items ON A REGULAR BASIS
★ Absolutely responsive pieces
★ Aesthetic actual global places & Distinctive characters
★ Play offline, no WiFi or knowledge required.

🎁Free items each day🎁

Miniatures, fidget toys, the newest type get dressed and competition presents! Take a look at again on a regular basis and uncover unique marvel presents past your imagination!Download now for free!
Uncover Extra A laugh with YoYa: Busy Existence Global!
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YoYa Global is a corporation devoted to making top of the range video games for kids world wide. Existence and Create. Discover your sport world!
We take privateness very severely. You’ll be able to to find our Privateness Coverage and Phrases of Use on our web site: https://www.yoyaworld.com
If you wish to have lend a hand or you wish to have to proportion with us your ideas,get involved at [email protected]


40 comments on "YoYa: Busy Life World Premium Apk"

  1. Kim alexis Saavedra says:

    I Never seen this before game and so cool and fun!!! You can build your own home or anything else u can also costamize the character and change emotes and move hehe.. I really enjoyed this game,but I have a problem the world is locked u need just to buy it but it’s ok at least I enjoyed it!🥰this game super fan!!!

  2. Raheel Abdulakadir says:

    this game is not good but not bad because when I try to make a character and it gets to 100 The game crashes and I don’t like it whenever I try to go to the movies for example it crashes immediately and there’s basically nothing to do because there’s no characters in my house I can’t make any whenever I try to go somewhere that has characters I can use it crashes so what’s the point if I have no characters and can’t get any but other then that it’s an awesome game just fix these things!

  3. syed bassam says:

    It’s must be a good game but for me it’s not because when I start the game it see a black screen for 1 minute or 2 but whatever when it starts loading when it get to 97 it stops and laggs and my phone says the game stopped working… I don’t know of the my phone is not working or what but the game didn’t worked for me…I would loved the game if it worked

  4. Crankson Lil' Angels says:

    There’s certain places that we can go but overall it is a great game I give it five stars because it is amazing overall we can’t get on other games unless you buy it but that is okay because you have houses to go to and other places that’s what I like about it and I hope you like it too

  5. Yomi Dawodu says:

    I like that it shows what you can do at the begining It’s very fast at loading the first time but when it’s loading the second time it stops at 97percent and brings me back to where I was before.Then I don’t get to see the inside of the game itself and I hope you fix the problems!

  6. ady light says:

    I love this game so much its really fun to play and I have basically no problems but one so when I join the game I can play for like 10 minutes and then it crashes and when I go into my house all the time it crashes which is not helpful but anyways apart from that the game is good and I love the clothes but pls fix the bugs

  7. Chelsea Huang says:

    I love this game so much because it is really fun and interesting. There is many places and character even pets 🙂 BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM! There is not many free places and its lagging so much?! Pls fix my problem! THANKS!

  8. Miliana Jaramillo says:

    I just installed the game!!! Whohoo so exciting! But now im haveing the same problems as Yomi!! I installed this game like five minutes ago! Why cant it just work! ANYWAY PLEASE CHANGE THIS!! And by the way Toca life world is free and it normaly dousent take to long to load its basically a copy of this! Ps there are in game purcheses in toca! But its really fun! Thanks please change this its a fun game but it needs some updating!

  9. Monika De mel says:

    I really like this game. So many places to go. Less Adds. Many places are unlocked. But there is little teeny tiny problem. It’s taking ages to visit a place. Well that’s the only problem I have….. So I hope you fix that. And this is my first time playing Yoya games. I haven’t played before. I give a five star because this game isn’t like other pretend play games. This game is much fun. Thank you….

  10. Regina Koroma says:

    This game helps to be creative and makes it fun too It also shows you how and where to place your things because it’s important to know where and not where to put your things like the furnitures and other stuff But I will just have to admit that it gives headache it almost seems as it real but I love this game so much and I think you should give it a try

  11. layla jackson says:

    When I get in the game it all fine then the game kicks me out and this has been happening for three days now and also I didn’t see the inside of the game because I have never gone past that but if you could pls, pls, pls fix it thank you.

  12. Pooja Patil says:

    This game is awesome but it shows blackscreen after 5 -4 minutes can’t play this game because of this problem then what’s the use

  13. Paula Nunez says:

    So, this game is really fun. The title of the game really shows it. The graphics are simple but cute and the places look really pretty and detailed. I have 3 problems though. First is that the game is really slow to load and in moving items and characters. Next is most places are locked but I’m fine with the unlocked ones too. Also, there aren’t a lot of characters and emoticons. But this game is really unique and different from others.

  14. catherine msiska says:

    I looooove this app but why I’m giving it 4 stars is because it takes a million years to load and because you have to pay for most of the things and I wish you can make more apps and that’s all🤗🤗❤️❤️

  15. rochelle aguilar says:

    Hi everyone when i play this game theres so many items and dresses is tha catalog and i love tha details its cute and pretty and its like toca boca guys check this game out its fun and cool and thats all bye!!

  16. Noemi Chaelyn Agron says:

    I like the game but sometimes I get bored because the others was lock even the clothes, house, people,etc. And I gave it five stars because I like it and that’s just my problem in this game (and oh the when I look the price of the clothes, house, people,etc.its so expensive to afford) THAT’S ALL THX 😊.

  17. Alain Zedrick Salandron says:

    This Game is realy good there is no ads but the problem is you need to purchase a lot of house and tourist park and the cabinet you cannot even put your dress on it only one dress one please upgrade or gonna go back playing Toca World Life…

  18. elmer guanzon says:

    First of all this game is very nice,colorful,joyful but one thing is the other buildings are locked which is supposed to be,i love it il rate it a 4/5!😃🥰🤩

  19. Raul Sabayday says:

    Its more fun 😊 i love it so many place that i wanted to play it so i gave it 5 stars i appreciate this game its so loving and i remember my childhood to that so i download it again its so more fun than ever ever ever ever again i never seen a cool app before so yeah i like all the graphics have fun!

  20. Rose Duval says:

    Please fix your game it has a bug and I’m saying that because every time I play the game I get kicked out 5 seconds later so please fix it over all the games really nice

  21. HamNa SajjAd says:

    I give this a three star because this is my first time e playing this yoga game and now let me tell my milions of problems about it first of all it takes hours to install second of all I just open the game start playing and well what else can happen i crashes third and the last problem is that all my other apps freeze for 3 to 5 minutes after opening this game well huh that all for today byeee!!!

  22. Adella Ramirez says:

    This app has way too much bugs and glitches. It has so much potential but it also a straight up copy of Toca Boca.

  23. Laeeqah Brenner says:

    Worst game ever. At first it worked thenwhen I played the game it will turn black and go out of the game. I hate that I have to pay for more places and the furniture is awful.

  24. Gabriella says:

    Love evything about it the characters,designs,places, accessories,evything is on point and it also reminds me of Toca Boca World.

  25. leland mclaughlin says:

    your app is awsome but but it keeps exiting out while were playing on it and it needs more free stuff i was so so so so mad when i found out that i cant have a baby.

  26. Keidra says:

    The game is fun but it takes very long to load and it paused a lot so please fix the pausing and the long loading

  27. Varsha says:

    I like the game so much but there is no place the shop for baby clothes and the fun place are lock the house that you can build is to small and there is not that much food in the game.

  28. Harry Potter Fan says:

    I love this game.This game is awsome yet I wish there were more free places to go to to have more fun.But sometimes it won’t let me enter the game. But after all this game is awsome.

  29. Nyla (Ny :3) says:

    I like this game alot, but I noticed when im building a house I cant delete stuff.I drag the item to the trash can and it dosn’t work

  30. Yenyen bendillo says:

    It’s really good it has actions and the changes of the face expression I really really like but it lags witch is kinda annoying but I have to say it’s really really good even if it lags I still rate it 5 star and it’s 90/10 I like it and I’m sure you spend a lot of time to make this game but you did a great job overall but pls fix the lags I want to play peacefully so pls just fix and I love the game thank you❤

  31. Slay girl. says:

    i like how you can change the people but i hate that you have to buy every place almost. And takes a while to load.

  32. Naeem Abbas says:

    It’s a good game but it keeps going to home page and turns it black when I go to house in game and the makeup doesn’t even work like what’s the point of adding makeup Toca life world is better

  33. Momosannn says:

    When I downloaded this game, I thought that it would be like any other game of it’s kind, only one or two places unlocked and very repetitive but when I actually played it then I realized that it was different. It has quite a few places unlocked,lots of cool items and interactive gameplay and best of all you can make your OWN characters, there’s isn’t unlimited customization options but there’s a good amount of items. There’s tons of cool places like an arcade, hair salon, apartment,spa and more

  34. peanut gam says:

    So its a grate game so much u can do for free!!in my time of playing it hasnt kicked me out but its really laggy,what it dose is it will freze and u cant move ur screen or anything.so if u could fix that what would be great!

  35. Kaci Heffron says:

    I like this game but it will get really boring after like 5mins because there is only like 5places unlocked which is good for a game because normally more would be locked but if younger children wanted to play this game then I would recommend because they would end up buying a destination accidentally

  36. Shamar Locke says:

    5 stars but the thing I don’t like is the lagging.When playing and going to new locations it lags very much and please open the cruise.Other wise I love it and It is so good that I thought it should be expensive. Thank you for reading this and pls pls fix the lags even though it’s probably my device theck it out for me.Thank you again ❤️.

  37. Isaiah Roberson says:

    This games is perfect for 9, 8, 7, 6 even 5 year olds

  38. kiara Davidson says:

    This game keeps on kicking me off for literally no reason so like I would like to speak to the person who made this game to stop kicking me off for no reason or like just tell me what is happening or I will give you a bad rate thank you

  39. Barrington Johnson says:

    This is not the best game I’ve played but it’s ok. I have bin playing for over three years and I hop you enjoy it.✌️

  40. arman moradpourian says:

    Its sooo cool i appreciate your time to make the game i don’t get any glitches best game ever!!!!!

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