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September 27, 2022
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Storypark for Families Apk Download New*

Storypark for Households is designed for folks and their circle of relatives. Assist your kid achieve their distinctive doable in a personal group of people that love and care maximum.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* apk mod

• Do you marvel what your kid is doing whilst you’re no longer there? With Storypark, educators can ship you tales, pictures, movies and messages whilst they paintings together with your kid.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* mod apk

• Report your child’s most useful moments for your very personal interactive, fun-filled album, and inform the tale of a very powerful little individual to your lifestyles. Grasp a snappy photograph or get inventive with layouts, stickers, filters and overlaid textual content that in reality inform the entire tale.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New*

• Notify a circle of relatives member, the entire circle of relatives or your child’s educators when you’ve were given one thing to percentage and they may be able to reply with phrases or video messages.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

• Practice growth and relive precious reminiscences along with your kid thru your timeline.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* apk

• Discover a rising video library of a laugh studying actions you’ll be able to do along with your kid.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* release

• Your reminiscences are saved safely within the cloud so members of the family can privately view them from anyplace on the earth.

Storypark for Households Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

• Loved via households in A hundred and fifty nations and 1000’s of main early early life products and services all over the world.


40 comments on "Storypark for Families Apk Download New*"

  1. Tayt Jacee says:

    Hi. Thanks for your app. Certainly an improvement on the Story Park app when it comes to viewing photos and saving them. Unfortunately I’m not receiving any notifications at all. Running latest Android updates on Galaxy S7. In the last few months notifications from the Story Park app became sporadic for me. They are still sporadic with that app. This app isn’t pushing anything. Any thoughts? Cheers.

  2. Gregg Scales says:

    agree with other comments glitchy when using android phone photos enlarge then contract regularly making reading text impossible. its like the program is trying to adjust resolution for the device to be optimised but it is constantly changing. reported problem and they keep asking for a screen shot which i had explained would not illustrate problem gave up when that went back and forth.

  3. Alon Adriann says:

    This app was great until I upgraded to a new phone. I logged out of the old phone Storypark for Families app, then installed on new phone and push notifications are not working. The “Send a test push notification” doesn’t work either. I’ve tried chatting to your team through the “Ask us a question” functionality, but they’re unable to help. It seems that your notification service in the backend is still sending to my old phone and can’t register my new phone as the target device for notifications. Please get this sorted, users upgrade phones often so needs to be rectified. I’ll give you five stars if you can fix this as the rest of the app is working great. Very frustrating.

  4. Leon Childs says:

    Not very user friendly. When you open it it defaults to the family page under stories, when I’m sure 90% of people using it would be using it for the education page. More recently, when I click on a photo that has been rotated in the story to appear correctly as portrait mode, the app reverts it to landscape once it has been clicked on and enlarged. At least we can save photos to our device in the android version, something you can’t do in iOS for some reason…

  5. Peter Elston says:

    Great app to follow my kids. However, when posts are made, there’s no indication that some of the pictures are actually videos??!! Maybe a play triangle symbol should be on the videos like other apps. I’ve been scrolling for years thinking that they’re all images, as you don’t click on every individual picture. Stumbled upon some were videos!!

  6. Olgica Miteva Poposki says:

    The idea is great, but the app needs more improvements. It takes ages to load and sometimes the alerts & notifications are more than a week late. And you can’t really create a story with the app!! Why, whan all our photos are on the phone?! Utterly disappointed!

  7. Bex Forgan says:

    Better than other daycare apps I’ve used. But still needs improvement. Should be able to filter timeline, especially for multiple centres -Needs a keyword search function -Messages are a confusing mess -Should be able to invite family through a link i can send through text or social media – notifications/activity are pretty basic and would be nice to have a seperate notification that could be dismissed -would like to save posts to a favourites area to find them again easily

  8. Marie H says:

    Very confusing.. lots of wasted time with features that arnt needed. Where are the daily updates and children photos ?

  9. Donna Tulloch says:

    App is good but could improve the following (seeing as image sharing is one of the main features of the app): *It doesn’t have the option to save images. You can only take a screenshot which is annoying because you still need to crop the image after. *You can’t see images in a gallery view as smaller thumbnails so you can easily scroll through to the photos you want. For example, if there are 100 photos posted, you have to swipe through all of them individually! 😫

  10. Desirea Williams says:

    App allows you to save photos but then they mysteriously disappear from your album. Have contacted help with NO reply. Am operating latest phone and do not have this issue elsewhere. Even have screenshots of what was saved in album that hasn’t stayed.

  11. SUZI Q says:

    Storypark is a wonderful way to keep up with the progress of our children/grandchildren.. There is always something new being posted, always a new story being told..

  12. Sandra says:

    I love being able to peek at my grandkids from half a world away and see all the fun and learning they’re experiencing. The pictures and write-ups are very insightful and show a real depth of relationship among the teachers and their learners. The capability that Storypark offers supports the talents of the teachers in developing programs and engaging with families.

  13. Robert Porter says:

    a great app and haven’t had any problems with it in over a years use.. Great to keep family overseas connected to our lads learnings

  14. Kathryn Gibson says:

    The app is fine, but could use some improvements, like a finance section to monitor your CCS and your out going charges, a chart to show nappy changes or a tolieting schedule, what they have had to eat , nap or quite time and more updates on there day to day activities ect. Would also be good to have incident section so its documented for us parents and we can access it. Not the best daycare app.

  15. Amanda Black says:

    It’s so slow to load to the point that it’s unusable. I don’t understand who can see what and the help section was information overload so gave up. Great idea, poor execution.

  16. Andrew Kloeden says:

    Would be great if you could sort stories by time published, rather than them reshuffling to put comments or likes at the top Also, being able to display one photo per row, as two next to each other are too small to scroll through

  17. Sir. says:

    Thank you for fixing the app, it works great now! I can save photos easily, and viewing them is very convenient too.

  18. Ingrid Kelly says:

    This is a great way to find out how our grandchild is growing (emotionally and as an individual). The information & photos given by the authors is excellent.

  19. Kathryn Simpson says:

    As a grandmother who doesn’t live close to my grandchildren, Storypark keeps me connected. I get to see the children’s progress and what they are up to. I love it!

  20. Brad says:

    Can’t see child’s uploads, but my wife can on this app. When she invites my email, it logs me into the website but wont connect to this app.

  21. Samantha Byrnes says:

    Reliable app but would be greatly improved with a gallery function for photos and option to select days you wish to receive notifications (my son only attends his centre 2 days a week but I get notifications for activity and posts every day).

  22. Peter Leonard says:

    Great app, would be handy if there was an auto download function for photos added to stories!!

  23. Ben Kerr says:

    Easy to use for parents to get updates of your child in different levels of learning facilities

  24. Linda Weir says:

    Would love to see in app notification when a routine gets updated. I like to know when my child has had their nappy changed, eaten and their sleep notified to relieve anxiety. I don’t have access to my phone during my work hours, so notifications get pushed to my smart watch.

  25. Joseph Kim says:

    the photo selector is not chronologically sorted… a bit hard to find the right pictures.

  26. Debbie Beck says:

    Very enjoyable to see my grandson so far away, this App keeps me well informed of his development at school ❤️

  27. Diego de Meira says:

    It would be great if a like/love button was added for the notes in the Education tab. That would be an easy way to give the educators some feedback without having to write a comment. Also, you cannot create new notes in the Education tab from the app. I always need to go to the browser version to do so.

  28. Larissa Lacerda Cain says:

    Constantly fails to load stories, won’t refresh, kicks me out every time (as to refresh).

  29. Bekka Waight says:

    Outdated, absolutely rubbish, can not update details easily without it either crashing or not doing anything after something has been clicked have tried using it on various wifis and mobile network internet happens everytime aswell.. very disappointing as you are literally costing my little family money as I can’t prove 18 month immunisations at this point in time through the app..

  30. swapneel a.k.a neel says:

    The notifications option doesn’t seem to work effectively. Like sending email notifications as well when opted out of it.

  31. Mik Moons says:

    Unable to turn off email notifications. I don’t even know what this app is for. Wife told me to download as our kid just started child care but all I get is community posts which I can’t turn off. It’s going in the bin.

  32. Ashley Paige says:

    I’m loving seeing what my daughter does all day at her learning center.

  33. Sushama Khulape says:

    App is good. I have suggestion in terms of feature that is digital tracking of the activities for example meals,rest time etc. So Instead of mentioning on paper,educators will be able to update the status(in terms of some stars,stickers etc) time to time in the app itself and unlike story this feature should be always open to parent so that they will be able to see and understand the current situation of the kid.

  34. Tammy Erasmus says:

    Easy to use and being able to capture memories across the world of my grandchild is priceless

  35. M G says:

    Good app that can be improved. Is it possible to add the personal notes in the mobile app? Not only in Web version. Suggest to include an album where to save the preferred photos. With like a star to mark them as preferred.

  36. Keegan Spring says:

    Its ok. Would be great if it could just auto save the pictures to my device.

  37. Jodes Magodes says:

    Overall, great app. Love being able to see whats happening. Would like to know what has been updated in stories so I don’t waste my time trying to figure out out

  38. Kayla Shannon says:

    Honestly storypark has really just been the best! I check it while I’m at work to see how my little guy is doing at school! It has been so easy to communicate with his teachers, and I love how they can post stories about their adventures and we can post our family stories too! It’s been a great way of connecting home with school to make my kiddo have the most stable routine, and happiest experience learning!

  39. Alanah Fox says:

    great app for keeping in touch with groups. I have multiple accounts and it’s very easy to navigate

  40. Te Atawhai Meyrick says:

    This is a great app, enjoying sharing these moment with our children and other in the family as well.

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