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Dance classes, routines, and tutorials from the world’s best instructors
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December 8, 2022
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STEEZY – Learn How To Dance Apk Download New*

STEEZY is the number 1 dance studio in your Android instrument or good TELEVISION – use it to discover ways to dance step by step, at a tempo that works for you.

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New* unencumber

With 800+ categories, and extra being added each week, there’s at all times extra types and amusing routines to discover. Categories vary from entire newbie to knowledgeable, so bounce in anywhere you’re at ease and you’ll be grooving very quickly.

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Types come with:
Open Taste K-pop Space Breaking
Jazz Funk

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New* apk

Copying song movies will handiest get you up to now. In the event you in point of fact wish to grasp the dance kinds of nowadays, you wish to have to be informed from the most productive dancers and instructors. STEEZY brings the professionalism of a world-class dance college to you.

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New*

STEEZY instructors are the most productive within the recreation. You’ll continuously in finding them competing in global competitions, traveling, or starring in song movies, and they’re right here to show YOU!

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Step by step directions let you be told the strikes AND perceive the elemental tactics so you’ll construct your self assurance and change into a greater dancer.

STEEZY – Discover Ways To Dance Apk Obtain New* mod apk

The original STEEZY virtual studio era permits you to watch dance academics reveal strikes from other angles, regulate the pace of your elegance, play any transfer or phase on loop whilst you apply. You’ll even solid without delay on your TELEVISION.

STEEZY – Learn To Dance Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Save your favourite categories to take as again and again as you favor. Or take considered one of our guided systems to grasp your preferred taste.

What are you looking ahead to? Stand up and dance now!

Subscription pricing and phrases:
Steezy Studio gives an auto-renewing once a year subscription at $149.99/year to come up with limitless get right of entry to to Steezy Studio with an energetic subscription.
Learn extra about our phrases and prerequisites right here: Phrases of Provider: Privateness Coverage:


40 comments on "STEEZY – Learn How To Dance Apk Download New*"

  1. Devean Ambelaine says:

    It was an okay app, I didnt use it as much as I thought I would. Used it a couple times. It does an auto renew for the subscription even if you canceled. I DO NOT recommend. It’s best to go to an actual class and get feedback. How to stop auto renewal: On the top right corner click on the 3 dots going vertical It should have 3 boxes with the last on saying auto renewal checked. Uncheck the box.

  2. Banjamino Thomdic says:

    The app has been really slow when navigating throughout it. I bought the new S10 Note Plus and I wanted to download Steezy again but when I click to login with my Facebook account it shows an error. So I have no access to what I’m paying for. Even if the login error is fixed, the app itself runs absolutely sluggish when clicking on different things just looking at the different categories and whatnot. It needs to have its bugs fixed and its performance overhauled. If fixed I’d rate it a 5/5.

  3. Dusti Aldus says:

    Coming back to this app after a busy few months. For those complaining about having to pay a subscription, do you realize how expensive dance classes can be? Not to mention, to go to a convention or master class to learn from the choreographers & instructors they have for these classes? To be able to experience part of that from the comfort of your home is a blessing. If you want to learn to dance, get a subscription. If you don’t, go to YouTube. Dancers gotta eat too🤷‍♂️ Thank you, Steezy🙌

  4. Ahebban Kacie says:

    I got this app with the trial and I had the full intention of actually getting the membership, but after actually trying the app it didn’t seem worth it. The app doesn’t work that well on Mobile phones, I think maybe a laptop would be best. I canceled my subscription a while back(I received the email saying theyre sorry to see me go) and I’m still getting charged the $19.99

  5. Kyndall Rankin says:

    Easy to use, but filters keeping showing wrong types. I filter for routine but results shows skills. Extremely frustrating when I’m looking for things in specific. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still having same issues. Will not redownload until app is fixed and will most likely cancel trial subscription if not fixed before the end of my trial subscription

  6. Frisa Cariel says:

    Worth it. As someone w/a dynamic work schedule, I can’t commit to a physical studio. This is perfect for self time management. Not to mention the classes and instructors are legit. Having lost gyms due to covid, this is a perfect replacement for a sweat not to mention I’m finally taking dance classes. I practice this in the morning then watch YT dance videos in the afternoon (many are correlated to Steezy through dancers one way or another). Great way to stay in the community though I left SD

  7. Candace Eston says:

    A pretty neat app for people who want to learn how to dance, for people who know how to dance and for people who want to sweat it out. For once I appreciate Facebook providing me with an ad. Steezy is very fun to use! The only thing the app has an issue with (for me) it that it slows down when you use it for too long. Keep up the great work! I wish for more Kpop dance choreographies please!!!! 😀

  8. Artie Panda says:

    I’ve been using the website instead of the app so I can hook my computer up to the TV. I’m on day 3 of the 7 day trail and I LOVE it. Some of the reviews say you have to pay for the classes, but I’m not having that issue. They did ask me to input my debit card and choose a plan, BUT if you have ever used a subscription service they all do this to try to catch you when you forget your trail ends. The classes feel as if I am in a real dance class and they have so many options!

  9. Vinnie Brinly says:

    Honestly, great content that gets added to and improved weekly. I will probably email in some feedback, but a couple of app related feedback comments: 1) this app frequently crashes. Every other video, the app becomes unresponsive and has to be forced shut down. 2) some of the screens aren’t optimized for landscape view, such as the main “7 days of Steezy screen” 3) the webcam feature where you can see yourself dancing next to the video is not available in the app version for some reason

  10. Digby Lsss says:

    Excellent app. Well made easy to navigate. I only wish they had a way to sort by song artist for the videos. Great classes. It feel like you’re at a dance weekend workshop. Great tools to switch the video front different angles go to different sections and download for later. Couldn’t ask for a better app overall and the dancers are phenomenal.

  11. Marc Nguyen says:

    Great way to start your dance journey! Even if you dance other styles (Salsa and Afro-Cuban folkloric dances in my case) these courses provide a solid foundation on which to build your own style. The instruction is really clear and easy to follow. Great job to the whole app development team as well. I’m loving the mirroring and table of contents features. Watch my progress ! Instagram @Marc.rojo.nguyen – 🙏🏽🔥❤️

  12. Sevannah Palethorpe says:

    I subscribed for a 7 day free trial, and my and my friends had so much fun learning the routines they have provided. We learned intermediate level routines and they are SO FUN! I also love how there are things for everyone like learning steps and basic skills of dancing. There are fun classes starting from beginner to advanced so anyone, and I mean literally anyone, can learn to dance with this app.

  13. Sierra Aaron says:

    I LOVE THIS APP. I don’t have much confidence dancing in public, let alone skill (unless shaking your 🍑 off rhythm counts 😭😂). But in all seriousness, best dancing app I’ve EVER used. Dancing is hard. Point blank. I’m telling you though, if you commit to this, make a schedule and do it, you’ll get better and better in no time. Plus if you don’t fully understand at first you can always rewind the video or rewatch it until you’ve practiced your heart out! 11/10 I would recommend at any level!!!

  14. Malique Harry says:

    I love steezy I’ve been subscribed for about 5 months now and I have truly improved with my dancing. though through recent updates I feel that the UI got worse and the new layout is confusing. another thing that is annoying is that app often lags and cause me to have to constantly restart it or re-download the app to fix the problem. lastly make it so when you view a dance you can select the Choreographer theres no real way to look for one choreographers choreography.

  15. Donna Bronson says:

    These classes are the only form of exercise I enjoy apparently. I’m down almost 20 lb in 2 months, and I actually look forward to what new things I will learn. I can rewatch classes to smoothen out my moves until they no longer look awkward. I can slow them down so if something is a little confusing I can take a slow-mo look. David Lee is amazing because he is so detailed in his instruction that you never feel lost or left behind. This was a really great investment for me

  16. Elizabeth Shea says:

    I never thought I could be a dancer until I found the STEEZY app. I’m an absolute beginner and this app broke down basic moves in an easily accessible way especially with the player tools that mirror, loop, see back/front angles, speed control and casting to the tv. I love the classes, Kirra Harper heels class is amazing. Check out their youtube if you’re not sure if you want to drop money on this subscription app, you can check out some of the choreography you can learn from the app.

  17. shelly rhoden says:

    Loving the “intro to style” program options to get you started! This takes the intimidation out of wanting to try a new style. The instructors have been great so far. I like being able to track my progress and see what classes I’ve taken already. I had one freezing issue during a class, but I never figured out if it was my connection or the app. It remains a mystery!

  18. Courtney Lindau says:

    Amazing app! Great capabilities to watch mirrored from the front or from the “back row.” I love that I can choose which sections to repeat or slow down so I can practice at my own pace and drill sections that I need to work on. Great selection of classes and dance styles.

  19. Boting Zhang says:

    Great classes, lots of instructors and dance styles, love the video playback features and Chromecast works well. They’ve worked out a lot of the bugs in the last year. I also really appreciate the attention to dance history and culture. All of which goes to making me feel as if I’m in a community built with love, respect, and care when I take a class, which is almost daily 😊

  20. Jeryka Brown says:

    I worked up a major sweat the first use of this app. The classes moderate their pass, explain well without over explaining, and get you really into it. After awhile I felt like I was there with them practicing, having fun and getting into shape. So worth paying for if you can afford it. And the classes are unlimited once you do. 20 bucks a month to have fun, learn, stay in shape and keep people making money during covid? Heck yes! My one request is add more styles like bacchatta etc.

  21. Christopher says:

    The app for android is awful and hardly loads anything properly. Almost zero usability at times. Each update seems to worsen the interface and currently I can’t even browse the majority of the videos available, which is a shame for having paid for the subscription already. **Update** With the most recent update, usability has become superb! Now it’s so easy to use and delivers the all the videos without any issues!

  22. beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal says:

    Good classes. Some teachers are better and breaking things down than others so just look around to find who’s teaching style suits you and your level. Great value for $10 if you dance at least 2 or 3 or more times a week consistently. The app isn’t great and could definitely be more convenient like being able to see immediate history in order to finish an unfinished video. They added ballet but not country line dance?!

  23. Niria Velazquez says:

    Not enough dancing and not worth the price to learn to stretch and warm up. I want to get into the nitty gritty and learn some moves or get exercises that help shape you in certain areas that you can see a difference after doing it for so long. Didn’t see anything really besides warm up and the music wasn’t enough for me to want to dance like they advertise.

  24. Kharisma Sommers says:

    The best dance app!! Honestly, I danced mostly with my laptop but this app works and I love the lessons and classes available. Their YouTube channel is very informative and fun too! I’ve learned a lot in the past year because of steezy. As a true beginner, I would never be here without steezy and their amazing beginner programs! Best money spent during the quarantine and possibly my adult life in the hobby category!

  25. Aidan Desmarais says:

    The program is outstanding between the wide variety of styles, ability to create your own schedule, tips and lectures to learn more about becoming a better dancer beyond learning series of moves. I’ve found the instruction to be very high quality as well The online community for STEEZY is equally incredible with support, tips, and challenges. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that there are some technical issues or bugs with the party feature and schedules.

  26. Jon Poblador says:

    I’m turning 50 this year and I’ve never had any proper training. Eventhough my clubbing days are over, I still love to dance and I enjoy losing myself in good music. I downloaded this app for fitness, and it’s really been educational and lots of fun. Even doing basic moves like “step-behind” and “line dance” with Bianca made me smile and giggle to myself. I’m looking forward to doing more advanced classes. 4 / 5 stars: choosing classes and scheduling takes some getting used to.

  27. Christian Johansen says:

    First of all, the app and website are great from a functionality perspective, which I am sure is difficult to get right for online video platforms. The content, though, is extremely high quality and there always is more to try, whether it is a new move, style, or just getting a good workout. Learning by video can actually be very helpful since I never get something the first time through. I just replay the video as needed! Love it, definitely worth the price.

  28. Presley Jessica says:

    Absolutely love, love, love this program. It gives me a preset schedule everyday tailored to my learning goals and whenever I can, I do full classes. This program is absolutely my best option as I can learn hip hop, shuffling, contemporary, ballet, and much more (I want to be a choreographer that mixes genres). I got a year’s subscription for my birthday and I definitely say it’s worth it as I don’t have the time, transportation, nor money to pay for daily classes like this allows. ~J

  29. Lindsey Robinson says:

    This app was such a wonderful surprise. Got it as an ad and the very best purchase I’ve made. The abilities in this app make it soooo easy to take online classes! Been waiting a long time for this. I gave it 4 stars because I wish it had ballet choreography in addition to classes, and lyrical in addition to contemporary. These two are my favorite styles of dance, so hoping they incorporate eventually.

  30. Diana Chang says:

    It’s a buggy app though. Definitely not worth the subscription cost, right now. For android, Screencast didn’t work well. It was playing music from a video that I wasn’t watching and I couldn’t stop it even when exiting the app. It’s the best dance app available with the largest kpop library in one place right now. Hope they fix these bugs.

  31. Kaori Min says:

    The app is full of bugs and is not worth the subscription. The technical service tries to solve the problem with little solutions you can find in Google. My classes are lagging no matter computer or cellphone (android) the app is up to date my internet speed is fast and my computer and phone are newest versions. The classes are good and the instructors are awesome. Just fix your app please ! 🙏 is very frustrating wanting to dance without the class taking forever to load 😔

  32. Bly Carling says:

    The instructors and classes are fabulous… However, the functions of the app itself need a lot of improvement. I paid for the year as a birthday present to myself, and I’ve barely used it… Mainly because I’ve been trying to find a way to successfully cast to a bigger screen. I’m visually impaired, can see pretty well with corrective lenses, but it was pretty impossible to get into the choreo when I’m squinting at my phone to see what’s going on. Make casting easy, and I’ll give it another try

  33. Brenda Avila says:

    Great variety of dance styles and their history or background. New classes each week of different genres or different difficulty levels. Instructors that teach amazing classes and tools that make learning those choreos even easier. Has other perks like being part of an online community of dancers, challenges, feedback from peers, etc. Have been using this app for more than a year now and I am super happy with it.

  34. Kimberly Michelle says:

    This is THE BEST App/Instruction/Choreography for ALL levels of Dancing Abilty!! The Instruction is Top-Notch at all levels & styles. They offer soooo many different types/styles of dance instruction to with the best music! DONT GO ANYWHERE ELSE FOR ONLINE INSTRUCTION Steezy has it all and for VERY affordable price.

  35. NM BW says:

    I really love this app. For anybody for whatever who can’t attend in person classes, this is a wonderful app to learn different dancing styles and get fit in the process. 100% Recommend!

  36. Lula Aleman Gomez says:

    I had tried similar apps & websites before, but none of them compares to Steezy when it comes to functionalities, quality and variety. I love the calendar, the lil class previews as you scroll, the front/back view, the webcam mode, the loopable sections & the groovealongs for when you dont feel like learning new stuff but still wanna dance! Steezy is just so fun, colourful & well-made, the pricing is fair & after using the app almost every day for 2 months my dancing has gotten so much better:)

  37. Street Wolf says:

    Fantastic app and amazing lessons. Not only is the app user-friendly but has many options without feeling overwhelming. The classes are super fun and there’s something for everyone. As someone who never gets the premium version of anything, this was a no-brainer. Looking forward to my lessons every day. Thanks Steezy!

  38. Madhu Kanta says:

    It’s a very good app for people who enjoy dance. And we can learn any kind of dance with this app easily . Just get started 🙌💜

  39. Skyler Berk says:

    The teachers are charismatic, the lessons are detailed, the tools on the videos are great (loop, speed, mirroring, etc.) And the selection is breathe taking.

  40. M G says:

    It’s okay. Did the 7 day trial. Lost 1/2 star because the lack of dance videos in the genre I was hoping to learn (Kpop). The same groups (boring) and was hoping for full dance videos not just chorus. Lost a star cause instruction kind of sucks for some videos. Highly recommend back view and .5 speed, only way I learned. Lost 1/2 star cause the cast is there but not available. Unsure if cause I was trial. Would have tried another paid month if Casting was an option, hitting up YT for now.

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