MochiMochi – Learn Kanji Apk Download New 2022 Version*


MochiMochi - help you memorize 1000 Kanji in just 1 month
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December 2, 2021
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MochiMochi – Learn Kanji Apk Download New 2022 Version*

MochiMochi – Essentially the most completely satisfied Kanji & Eastern vocabulary finding out utility, serving to you memorize One thousand Kanji in simply 1 month.

MochiMochi – Be informed Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

MochiMochi is the primary software that makes a speciality of handing over a comfortable and thrilling finding out revel in. Each and every element within the app is completely designed to make you exclaim: “”What a Mochi revel in!”” while you Be told Jap

MochiMochi – Be informed Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

MochiMochi is designed with vibrant colours to convey a favorable, full of life feeling. The tremendous lovable duo – Mochi & Michi will practice you within the studying procedure anywhere you might be.

MochiMochi – Be informed Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Three. PARTICULAR FUNCTION “”GOLDEN TIME”” The use of particular algorithms, MochiMochi analyzes your studying historical past and reminds you to study at “”Golden Time”” – the instant proper prior to you fail to remember your vocabulary. MochiMochi is helping you be told much less, memorize extra successfully.

MochiMochi – Be informed Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

With masses of courses, as much as 6000+ Kanji & vocabulary, lessons according to many a number of wishes, MochiMochi may make certain that your vocabulary will abruptly build up in simply a short while finding out with MochiMochi

MochiMochi – Be told Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Obtain and revel in at no cost these days!

MochiMochi – Be told Kanji Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

=== TOUCH KNOWLEDGE === If in case you have any questions, please touch Mochi: Website online:
Fanpage: MochiMochi Electronic mail: [email protected]


40 comments on "MochiMochi – Learn Kanji Apk Download New 2022 Version*"


    This Really helps my Daughter’s learning ability in Japanese Language. Now it’s been 4 months, she began speaking fluently. Recommend to download this now. All Vocabularies are Better and Kanji Characters are all complete.

  2. Lucia Juarez says:

    The stuff to do with free version is too little and sadly no option to pay monthly, paying 30usd upfront even if it’s for a year is too much. The app is cool though. If you add monthly subscription I would consider it.

  3. Mr Dac says:

    This isn’t bad for a Japanese(日本語) app but it has some flaws. First that it has some wierd translation and exercises that might confuses beginners especially doing certain revisions. The price seem kind of not worth unlocking for more vocabulary at least Dxolingo gave me more option to work with on the free end for the same education. This only wins because it has N1-N5 vocabulary and 漢字. I would make it free up to N4-N5 and a little of N3 then make it to where they might have to pay. Sorry.

  4. gongxii says:

    While the app uses a great spaced repetition system and gives a great access to a lot of information you can learn, the app in itself sometimes inconveniences me. From time to time the app will froze, the spelling or the audio does not reflect the correct word they are trying to teach you, the sound cuts off for no reason and many MANY example sentences for kanji are not available. I happily paid to unlock everything this app has to offer but this app still needs a lot more work to be bearable.

  5. Tila Sole says:

    Would be nice to have a free version with ads. Also would be nice not to have to create an account just to use it. Could be 5 stars. But since I can not try it further, I can not rate it any higher. Edit: I appreciate the incentive of a discount (10%?). However I meant this for everyone as well. Ads would allow anyone to learn from it while you are constantly receiving profits from it. Provided you do not go over board with ads, everyone should win. And obviously people will still pay for no ad

  6. MrAlisterH says:

    The app only offers a bare minimum for free, two lessons, a handfull of words. Also, I’d ran into a MAJOR bug, the background music that starts to play when the app is open continues after the app is fully closed. The only way I could find to get it to stop was to completely restart my phone or uninstal the app.

  7. Ipad Accnt says:

    Don’t waste your time downloading and trying the app. The app does not offer free version with ads. You learn 30 words for free, that’s it. You have to pay to unlock all other lessons to continue.

  8. Regan L. Hales says:

    Only two free lessons out of hundreds after making an account. Not enough to determine whether it’s worth paying for, especially since I already knew all the words in those first two lessons. Giving it a 3 instead of 1 because it does seem good and may be worth it for those who want to pay for a subscription. I’ll pass for now especially with comments about bugs and not knowing how often updates are done/addressed.

  9. Joey Hensley (Joey) says:

    Recommended by Ruri Ohama /* youtuber */ This and duolingo. Searching for mist effective and fastest way to learn new languages. Being fun has a large impact on retaining information. You can recall every detail of a fun vacation. But not much of a lecture about something that doesn’t interest you. Discovery: something I am not interested in, presented in a fun make, still gets branded into memory much better.

  10. J R says:

    I’m enjoying the app a lot! heads up, learn to read hiragana first! After opening the app for only the second time to review my first lesson from the first time I opened the app, I noticed how much it helped me with vocabulary. The way you must input your answers to review questions is great and probably the most crucial part of any app you use to learn Japanese. See for yourself and you’ll understand what I mean. I highly recommend this app!

  11. Cristiano Bekham says:

    Great and fun app but I think there should be some improvement. I mean the development of the app, the display is not that interesting… I think it should be more like the display of doulingo so that you attract more downloads. It’s just an opinion. Take it or leave it. Thanks though! It’s helping me a lot!

  12. Priyanka Sai says:

    It’s good, that’s what I thought at first. Just three of the lessons are free. I have been using this app for four days now and I didn’t notice it. Today I was gonna do the fourth lesson but it’s not free! You can atleast mention it. I thought atleast one app is entirely free but I was wrong. There are a lot of apps out there. Atleast half of the lessons are free in those apps. The lessons are short sized in this app and yet all are premium. I don’t think this is fair. Thank you. Hope you read.

  13. Tiffany Vaughan says:

    Very cute interface. The negatives are that I wish when you get an answer right/wrong they tell you the translation of the other options. Also, I don’t think you get enough lessons to test if you like it, you only get 2 free lessons and then you have to sign up for a subscription, that’s not enough to see if you like the app. Also don’t like how it won’t voice over the sample sentences when you get something right/wrong. The narrator’s voice is authentic and not the typical western voice.

  14. Nino Salibay says:

    you need to install the japanese keyboard because in the app for example in the practice lesson to write the meaning of the kanji word your keyboard doesnt automatically turn you keyboard in japanese way. i think this thing must then improve. anyway this is very much helpful for me to remember kanji and to study japanese

  15. Susi Nurbani says:

    (+) cute design (-) needs to sign up to be able to try any lesson at all (-) very little free materials (-) the subscription is pricey, at least IMO (-) tapping the back button will close the app instead of taking you to the previous page

  16. Andreas MP says:

    This app is really fun, but i hope on the example of the sentences which have kanji, would have furigana or there would be a pronounce button version for the sentences not only for the vocab, so we could learn the whole sentences. Keep up the good work!!!

  17. James Donahue says:

    Decent app but doesn’t allow offline use even though it has a download feature. So if you’re a busy person who travels, someone who enjoys camping/hiking or any outdoor activities where you may not have service then I definitely recommend paying the extra money for Rosetta Stone. Cheaper isn’t always better

  18. Legal Lassie says:

    I love the cute and fun art style. It really makes learning Japanese seem more like a fun challenge rather than boring work. Mochi is especially useful for people like me who hate learning Kanji.

  19. vash thestampede says:

    As the music plays I am looking at a blank screen when I get to the learn word page. I hate to do this but until it works I got to give it a low rating.

  20. Bridget Wherrell says:

    I’m so confused. I don’t think vocab words are working. I click on learn words and nothing loads just a blank screen? I don’t see anyone else having this issue so I uninstalled and reinstalled but same issue.

  21. Rachael McGill says:

    Couldn’t access any lessons at all. Previous reviews say they allow 2-3 lessons free before you have to pay, but 0 lessons popped up for me even after signing in to my Google account. I contacted MochiGlobal and asked them if signing in to a Google account would cause any issues and they said no it should still work okay. But even with my Google account, nothing came up. When I explained that to MG they ghosted me.

  22. DTorons - says:

    I’m not able to buy premium with Malaysian currency from the app. Error is currency not supported. But the price is displayed in malaysia currency. I have sufficient balance in my google wallet.

  23. Arthur Breaux says:

    Absolutely useless. Pictures are ok. I guess the pronounced words are correct? How am I supposed to know? The symbols for each flashcard are vastly different from what is presented during the matching phase of the written testing.

  24. Rin M says:

    Pictures are missing, sound is missing, it crashes & never saves your spot so you can’t leave the app. The functionality is awkward. I can’t say that this is for learning, bc if you spell a word wrong and miss a character, there is no way of immediately addressing the mistake, so all you learn is if you are right or not. I can’t recommend this to a beginner, as apparently you’re expected to already know katakana, hiragana, & kanji. There are basics & then there is this: “vocabulary reminder.”

  25. Vũ Ngọc An says:

    Hands down the best app for learning Kanji so far. I was recommended the app by Ruri the Youtuber and took an instant liking to it after my first trial lesson. The core feature is straight to the point that saves tons of my time in learning new vocab. It is not so easy to get yourself in the habit of learning Kanji daily but mochimochi has been a great help to me. I wouldn’t suggest the app to beginners though and the bugs are still here and there but very insignificant.

  26. Enriko says:

    Terrible app in usability, would not recommend. The slides change automatically so you dont have enough time to write down kanji and hiragana. Also it expects you to be able to write hiragana as answers and doesn’t accept romaji. Thirdly the choice of words in the beginning are truly random and don’t follow much logic. It would make more sense to teach all numbers/days/months/nature stuff etc. in a row to teach the patterns and logic but instead it’s all random.

  27. William He (IdiotPineappl) says:

    overall, pretty nice app. reminds you to complete lessons. some GUI looks bit strange. some questions could do a bit better explaining. overall, good app.

  28. Rangga Wiratno says:

    Only 3 lessons for trial can’t really see the effectiveness, want to try buying but payment available is only for a year at shortest, if monthly then I can consider buying just to see if it’s worth the yearly subscription. Also some images aren’t sharp and music keeps playing in background even after exiting the app.

  29. Jessica Jones says:

    doesnt explain the origin or meaning of Kanji strokes, would rather have the option to remove it from the quizzes. Other than that, this app is helpful in retaining new Japanese vocabulary.

  30. Joshue Pico says:

    It’s a good app, but you can only do 3 courses that don’t contain too much if you don’t pay the “VIP” license that lasts a year but costs 30USD

  31. Arturo Santos Pardo says:

    I am sadly stopping using this app. I still have 2 year left of subscription but it have been frustrating to see that there is no maitenance to it. There are many errors in the app that I been reporting even providing screen shot but they are not taken care off. Also you can not prectice unless u are connected to internet and some times you can’t even practice because the “prime time” clock just appear without any logic. The app it really expensive compare to others so I think they should fix it

  32. Harold Koenig says:

    The learning model is great! But HUGE PROBLEM. The “check” button covers information I need to do an exercise. It’s so bad that I can’t use the app!

  33. Danica Soap says:

    I’m not really a big fan of this kind of flash card Style. Its limited and a cash cow… Yes I know the basics of Hirigana and Katakana alphabet but that is just the issue. You get a question wrong and it doesn’t make you repeat it, it continues to go throughout the entire flashcard list without revisiting it again to progress, you’re not going to retain information if you just move on to an easier question. If i didn’t know certain words before coming to this app, this wouldn’t help me…

  34. Musashi says:

    It’s very nice, but I wish there were a “baby” setting that would teach me how to say the letters instead of just memorizing how they look. Like, I know the letter for tree, but I didn’t know it was written Moku.

  35. PLDT says:

    I paid for 1 year subscription!! It even reflected on my google account that i have paid 28 usd! But my account still is on the free version. Is this a scam? What is this? I tried logging in and out, Tried reinstalling, tried on a different device! My account says it is still free version? What happened to my payment?

  36. naim shahari says:

    I’d like to upgrade to premium. But it’s so difficult to buy through the app. When i tried purchasing using shopee pay, it rejected automatically for many times. Whereas, it’s easy for me to purchase any apps using this method. Btw, i’m from Malaysia. So i end up uninstall it.

  37. Tokayo says:

    Purchased the 1 year subscription, didn’t receive access to the content. It’s a sign the app is little too bugged I guess.

  38. 〜いちご猫 says:

    They got half of it wrong :/ it’s pretty difficult if you don’t understand most of the katakana and hiragana it is very difficult.

  39. Prince Padrinao says:

    This is one of best apps I have in my phone. It’s definitely worth a buy. For context, I already learned the writing system of Hiragana and Katakana before discovering this app so it’s relatively easy for me to learn any lessons. KEEP IT UP, I love discovering great learning apps.

  40. Ann Witbrock says:

    It’s unclear what’s expected when asked to type pronunciation in reviews. English sounds Eg “yama” “ichi gatsu” are not accepted. Do I need to use hiragana? There’s no clue what was wanted when an answer is wrong, so no chance to learn. Feedback options are irrelevant and the feedback link doesn’t work. Replies here are automated so I doubt anyone is learning how to improve the app. This could be good but it’s not helpful getting started. So far, I’m not likely to pay for it.

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