Learn Violin – tonestro Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Violin Lessons for Beginners. Learn to play violin and improve rhythm & pitch.
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November 29, 2022
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Learn Violin – tonestro Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Be told Violin – tonestro Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Discover ways to play the violin / mess around or toughen your abilities with hands-on workouts, classes and video tutorials by means of track professionals. Finding out the violin or mess around hasn’t ever been so a laugh and efficient!

Be told Violin – tonestro Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

OBSERVE Use tonestro’s live-feedback characteristic to peer the place you battle with intonation and paintings for your pitch to transform a greater musician. tonestro makes use of innovative era that analyzes the sound of your violin (mess around) and will provide you with quick comments on pitch and rhythm each and every time you apply.

Be informed Violin – tonestro Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

DISCOVER WAYS TO PLAY THE SONGS YOU’RE KEEN ON Uncover loads of significant songs with studio-quality background song (play alongside) that makes training your device in point of fact amusing. Earn issues, beat top rankings and give a boost to in a amusing and interactive means! Be informed the songs you’re keen on with tonestro’s interactive sheet tune library and turn out to be the musician you at all times sought after to be.

Be told Violin – tonestro Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

KNOWLEDGEABLE MADE VIOLIN CLASSES Are you a novice and wish assist to learn how to play the violin? Violin fingerings? Or wish to support your mess around abilities? With our interactive lessons and classes, you learn how to learn sheet song and all violin fingerings you want to play your favourite songs to your violin (mess around). Our hand made violin lessons, classes, a laugh workouts, movies and fingering tutorials are all you want to discover ways to play your violin – at the same time as an entire novice at the mess around.

Be told Violin – tonestro Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

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40 comments on "Learn Violin – tonestro Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. IansLife says:

    Very little content. Beginner only. Some sections “Comming Soon.” Not really there, interface makes it look like you have more content.. Scam. Don’t waste your time or your money

  2. Kumaran Ranga Bashiyam says:

    they are said 3 days trail i plan to add card but before the trial they force us to pay for 5600… where is the trial here with out try why should i pay for 5600 not interested

  3. Jayden Villlers says:

    the only time you can really practice and learn is with the A and D strings and I don’t get why i have to subscribe/trial to continue to the lessons this is just crap i don’t reccomend

  4. FFF Okpo says:

    I didn’t see my previous review again so I’m just gonna review again. This app is amazing. I used to play the violin at age six but I moved to a new house. Now I am thirteen going to fourteen and I am getting really good at playing the violin.

  5. FrostiMintz says:

    really bad at picking up that I’m doing A note on the wellerman song, eliminated all other background noise and still has a hard time with pinpointing what note I’m doing. might work for others but it’s not working for me well

  6. Thilagambal Arunasalam says:

    It can’t practice third one need to get premium why 😡😡😡😡 It is unfair😡 I Uninstall this app unfair apps🤬

  7. Christina Curtis says:

    This is a bad app it didn’t help me at all and If you made one ‘mistake'(even though I got it spot on) it would stop the entire rest of the song. Then you can only do like two short lessons before you have to pay for the rest of it. Horrible don’t waste your time on it

  8. Hestia says:

    This is good app but with a lot of room to improve. The videos are good but often too short and lacking details. I feel like the app biggest problem is that it wants you to go too fast (for my taste at least) and it can be difficult to not feel lost if you’re an absolute beginner. It’s nice that you can start songs right away but maybe label the notes? Some of the lessons feel out of order. Other stuff to improve but it’s a good option if you can’t find an in person tutor.

  9. Randolph Costello says:

    It’s great! I get overwhelmed quickly with videos on YouTube, but with this app I’m just getting started and I’m already learning so much! With this app you don’t have to figure out where you’re lost anymore and it teaches you every little step from the beginning! < 3

  10. Gibbs Chacon says:

    Overall, I like it. Needs options to skip lessons if they are too easy.

  11. Mcmahon Chalfant says:

    Much better! I tried this a few months ago, it didn’t look ready to use. Now there is a whole new beginner course. It’s awesme

  12. Sykes Mcmullin says:

    I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the violin. My only downside is that I can’t play with my bluetooth headphones. I don’t know whats the problem, but everything turns red. Everything is fine with my wired ones.

  13. Simpson Caron says:

    Well it’s pretty good in the beginning. Tutorials are well explained, but there are too few songs for me, and those songs that are available are way too short, mostly too easy and only available in 1 diffuculty. It would be cool to have every song in multiple versions and difficulties. I think its good for beginners but if you have been playing violin for some time there is too little content.

  14. Sheppard Matlock says:

    I paid for this app for a year expecting to get at least a year’s use but I completed the whole app in a view months. I still can practice songs but I hope there will be new ones soon. And also courses for a bit more advanced topics.

  15. Amanda Selby says:

    It might be fine, 1 star because there is no warning you have to pay. I’m okay with paying, I just think it’s misleading.

  16. Chrissy H says:

    wow, get ready to be hit with a huge tuning fee. A local shop could tune your instrument if that’s an option for you, curious…I checked this out. The prices “online” are too high. $107.00+/7 days? 🤞 read a typo, my fault if so, which I’d be ok with if I knew it was 100% legit. I’m going to try it out, legit or not, and I’m highly skeptical about the outcome. will update those looking into this. 😬

  17. اغاني من الخيال says:

    well it is perfect app but the premium membership is a bit expensive for people like me 🥀

  18. Dan Heins says:

    I thought it was free so I think it sucks.

  19. Ray Dowdy says:

    Good but you get 1 free then you have to pay for it

  20. Aoife Curry says:

    Coming from an actual violyn player this app would not be the best way to learn the app wants you to play far too fast which makes the noted not sound as they are supposed to for example a crotchet sounds like a minum and there is not alot of details either personally I don’t recommend

  21. X Beckstead says:

    I regret subscribing to this app. First it is way too expensive. Second, I’m always getting error messages about feedback.

  22. Enobong John says:

    I hate this app now my strings are broken because of the tuning part,thanks alot.😭

  23. nydia Recio says:

    I love the app❤ and my teacher too! 😃🎻

  24. Kaylee Bartlett says:

    Okay so I literally can learn ONE lesson and then I have to pay for the rest!? Seriously I can’t learn anything if I get ONE freaking lesson!

  25. Cain Helon says:

    Its horrible u have to pay for it and its super expensive I just wanted to learn how to play the voilin

  26. Jean lubin says:

    just started playing love it already

  27. Honorable Foe says:

    Got thru lesson one have to pay 150 bucks for acces to everything else. Even the 7 days free you have to give them a credit card number just to use the free 7 days you get 1 maybe 2 warnings then they start charging you. Don’t download as you can see the only support you get is automatic response.

  28. Devender Devenderappa says:

    Super game this game ditective super bro

  29. E Murillo says:

    Because I play viola for 2 1/2 years and It is not the same notes so I do no like it and I just wanted o try it out and you have to pay for somthing

  30. louise whitehead says:

    I do not like this app as you have to pay to go on the second mission I could only play random songs with notes I didn’t know .

  31. Angel Zhefira Daza says:

    I can’t use it properly. Everything is limited.

  32. Joseph Akinde says:

    awesome and also a nice teacher but at-list let this be for up to one to two years right

  33. Nauman aubaidullah nauman says:

    very good quality and excellent service and excellent customer support team

  34. Ravindrakumar Ponnampalam says:

    it helps me alot

  35. Mami Mathatho says:

    This made my dream come true. Thank you so much😍😍😍😍😍

  36. Virginia Lee Pratt says:

    Looking for something differant but a good app for learning

  37. Vivien Ukwuoma says:

    This is really good

  38. Indu Mathi says:

    very humble teaching

  39. Alex Wilkinson says:

    Just started but I am STOKED!!! This app is everything I’ve ever needed to keep me motivated…….. so far 😉

  40. Joe Grossi says:

    Useless to anyone but compete newbies unless you pay, uninstalled

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