Korean Flashcards & Vocabulary Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Learn Korean words, listen, write, memorize with flashcards, games, and K-pop
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October 2, 2022
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Korean Flashcards & Vocabulary Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Learn Korean phrases, pay attention, write, memorize with Korean flashcards, evaluation video games, and K-pop songs.

Korean Flashcards & Vocabulary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Are you finding out Korean? Do you wish to have to construct extra Korean vocabulary?
Create your deck of Korean flashcards and give a boost to your vocabulary with Avocards:

Korean Flashcards & Vocabulary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

• 50,000 Korean phrases divided into greater than 50 classes.
• Be told Korean phrases out of your favourite K-pop songs.
• BTS, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, Large Bang, TWO TIMES, EXO, Stray Youngsters and plenty of extra artists
• Every Korean flashcard has a number of instance sentences, dictionary definition, and audio from a local speaker.
• Pay attention, write, observe, and be informed Korean vocabulary with amusing video games.
• Good studying in line with spaced finding out principle to be told new Korean phrases sooner.
• Wealthy content material and customizable flashcards.
• Offline flashcards.


40 comments on "Korean Flashcards & Vocabulary Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Irina Alexandru says:

    Excellent app to learn Korean via flashcards. It has a lot of ways to teach you the vocabulary, including Korean songs and videos. It works flowlessly, I am very impressed.

  2. Natt Puervy says:

    I’ve found some mistakes in the translation but there is no way to report it so it can be corrected. Also app in not adjustable so cannot be used in landscape mode, which is not a good option for people using tablets. Taking into consideration the points I mentioned it’s too expensive as for now.

  3. GrosuVlada_ says:

    I absolutely love this app, it’s easy to use and really well-made, but I encounter a certain problem – when it comes to hearing a word’s pronounciation, the audio file won’t start, even after I repeatedly click the 🔉 button, and it’s really inconvenient.. please check this issue soon! other than that, the app is great

  4. Eva says:

    This app is so good that after one day I decided to purchase the full version. I really love it and find it super useful! The review part is great because you can test your knowledge in multiple ways. And learning through song lyrics has always been my thing, so needless to say that I absolutely enjoy the K-Pop selection and the fact that the video plays in the same section as the flashcards is genius!

  5. Sigrid Marita Kvamme says:

    It’s very good, and I enjoy the concept and ease of use. For the song section, I wish you would remove the duplicates in vocabulary when generating vocab from the song lyrics. I have to swipe through many sets of the simplest words (하다, 나, 널 etc) to find the actually interesting words. Most of my time is spent swiping through like 100 words where most of them are duplicates due to the refrains etc . If you could fix that that would be amazing. It would also be nice to see the song lyrics.

  6. Margareta APS says:

    This app is so helpful for me and i learned many new korean words that i didn’t know before, but i encountered one problem, i don’t know if it’s my connection or an error from the app, but everytime i want to do the quizzes like the match or hearing or writting etc quizzes it won’t load, it just kept saying loading, i tried using data, i tried using wifi but it still won’t load…all in all a very good app with that minor problem, if you can tell me what’s wrong that would be very helpful 감사합니다~

  7. Alayna C says:

    I really love this app because you get to see the words so many times. I think I would really like if the sentences on the backs of the flashcards could be read out loud. I know you can click the icon on the front to read the word alone but it would be nice to have that ability with the example sentences as well (if this feature already exists then disregard!)

  8. Vellichar says:

    It is the best app to learn Korean vocabulary! The words are devided into categories of topic and difficulty. Because they are written on flashcards together with example sentences you can practice easily. You can even take a quiz to test how many you know! I’ve been looking for a app like this for ages and I am glad I found Avocards!!!

  9. Rida Zeeshan Siddiqui says:

    it’s a really helpful app with a simple but efficient ui and a really cute lil icon (the avocado is adorable!). it offers a lot of cool ways to reinforce korean words into memory, including the kpop song specific flashcards. the only thing i wish we could do is search up words and add them to our ‘memorized’ cards- that would be super helpful! update: wow, i didn’t know that! thanks for explaining it to me <3

  10. BTW _Cass says:

    It’s a good app. Everything is good but, why are the for example sentences are so long. I wish you can you shorter examples, becoz people like me are trying to learn the whole phrase but the sentences are too long.

  11. Kai Lebowski says:

    This app is useful and has a great, easy to use layout. If you are learning Korean because of K-pop, it’s an amazing app. But I don’t really like K-pop, I just like the language. It’s a great app, but in my opinion, it focuses a little too much on K-Pop, and I don’t think the Korean word for “Butt” is necessary to learn on the very first card.

  12. Anika Ivanna Saño says:

    So far I am loving this app! It has simple concept which is the use of flash cards in helping memorize vocabs. It is more effective since it combines hangul and English translation with Korean pronunciation. You can sort words in 4 different categories – from DON’T KNOW to RECOGNIZED to MEMORIZED until you MASTERED them. What’s special about this app is it can integrate K-Pop songs in the learning mode by compiling Korean keywords used from the songs. Highly recommended to go Premium!

  13. Riley Aeryn says:

    It’s a good flash card system for anyone, like myself, who is trying to learn Korean on their own. The multiple categories and level options are nice. It also helps to have K-pop lyric flash cards since they’re already words I hear repeatedly. I only wish I could make the flash cards go the other way so that they show English and I can guess the Korean word. I’m decent at recognizing the English equivalent to Korean words but, for some reason I can’t seem to work in the other direction.

  14. Aishwarya Karwa says:

    Awesome app, I have learnt a lot of korean vocabulary with the help avocards, I just wish the pace of music videos and words in flashcards would be in sync. Other than that I loved the app. Thank you Avocards! I have fun learning Hangeul.

  15. Jamie Groot says:

    Good for flip card studying. Wish the romanization was removed after you select memorized, that would be a nice feature. Also would be nice to reverse the card, show English word and test your recall of Korean word for it.

  16. laken says:

    very good for vocabulary! its fun because you’re actively learning & enjoying ur fav music. the only negative thing is that it doesn’t explain how certain words are conjugated in a lyric, it only gives dictionary form. other than that its a great app!

  17. Joyce Herron says:

    I really like this app. Intuitive and flexible. One thing i’d suggest to improve is the streak. The streak appears to be based on 24-hour since the last goal hit, instead of resetting the streak counter everytime a new day starts. I’d suggest to change the streak counter to the latter… cuz i dont do my lessons at the same time everyday, i only do it when im free. Sad to see my streak broken when i’ve been doing it everyday, just at different times

  18. Maksym Taran says:

    The best vocab app for people familiar with Chinese characters! I’ve studied Japanese and Chinese so it’s really helpful to be able to see the hanja for words. And the overall UX is quite nice. Some polish is missing in places (especially once you pay to remove ads) but still quite pleasant! One minor complaint is that some of the hanja have weird errors (repeated characters) or are missing entirely. But that’s still way better than ~all the other Korean learning apps that omit them entirely!

  19. Susan L says:

    I’ve been speaking/reading Korean for decades while not living in Korea & I will say “Wow”. This is a great wow, especially given how many Korean language apps I’ve downloaded over the years. There are loads of gimmicky ones where language learning is fun, but lackluster in context & solid definitions. As cute as the icon is, I was delighted that this app is substantial. I’m weighing the purchase of a lifetime sub & am terrified that the developer(s) will let it lapse. Don’t pass this one up.

  20. Leili Mård says:

    I like that it is simple and straightfoward. The only thing I’m missing is ability to add my own notes to the cards. Because English is not my native language I would like an option to add a translation in my own language to the cards sometimes. Nevertheless the app is worth 5 stars and the money I paid for the upgraded version 🙂 Thank you developers!

  21. Catharine Webb says:

    I like this app better than other. The pronunciations can be generic (automated) but it’s generally good. I wish you had the option of creating your own study deck, and editing the cards for personal use.

  22. Gaybacon :D says:

    I like this app very much and see great potential for it. I purchased the lifetime plan because I’d like to use this app for a long time as it grows. I’ve been using this app some days so far and can say I’d like to see the lyrics play in real time along with the song as they’re highlighted (like they would for karaoke) since only seeing the words in dictionary form in cards by scrolling takes away from the learning experience. It would really help focus on the unfamiliar vocabulary.

  23. Nour Shaker says:

    When I try to open the app it keeps glitching and keeps opening and closing the app repeatedly until I shut down the app completely.. I really wanna know how to fix the problem cause it seems like a very useful and an interesting app 🙁

  24. Momokomoko Kiminikimchi says:

    I want to rate this higher because the concept is great. I even signed up for the paid account right away to support the devs. But I keep encountering a problem with the audio not playing. Sometimes I wait over 10 seconds just to hear the audio, sometimes it doesn’t play at all even if I press the button for it. It’s kinda frustrating coz it disrupts the flow of my study. Hopefully they can fix this. Otherwise it’s a 5-star app.

  25. Tasha N says:

    It’s such a great app, I find it really helpful and fun. But I think there’s a bug, audio won’t play for the word sometimes. So it makes it impossible when I’m taking a quiz and I don’t know what I have to write 🙁 pls fix! Because I really love this app

  26. Lucy Anne says:

    Very helpful, love the concept! Also love that Home;Run is on the front page (please have more SVT music ♡) but one thing to Improve: the button for pronunciation is sometimes Too Slow or Doesn’t Work. Other than that it’s very good 👍

  27. V_ Music says:

    This is the best Korean Learning App besides Duolingo,it’s almost free and easy to learn Korean it gives u reminders or asks u if u remember a specific word so that it can give u that specific word again to remember it correctly and perfectly. I suggest u to use this app for better learning in Korean language.

  28. Ronnie Blackburn says:

    I liked this app a lot when I first started using it, but after a while I realized that there are a LOT of bad translations. Many definitions are straight up wrong, e.g. they have 육십 = “sixtieth”, 언제나 = “when”, and more. Many badly translated example sentences, too, and terrible robot voice reading aloud. I wish I hadn’t purchased the premium subscription: I’m so disappointed. Also, why do you list K/DA and some other artists without having songs by them? I open up the folders: they’re empty.

  29. Georgia Ewing says:

    I think this is a great app and I’ve picked up so many words using it. I love the examples they give and the descriptive meanings, it all makes alot of sense and being able to learn the words to songs is a fun option too

  30. Angelina Adams says:

    okay, I downloaded this app last night, and I’m already learning things like the animals! 💕 okay this needs to be fixed. when I’m doing the flash cards I’ll guess the animal, click view, but sometimes it doesn’t show the correct animal. example: it will say [so] for cow but sometimes have a picture of a hen or a snake. I just ignore the pictures now and just look to see if I got the word correct. if I close the app and refresh it works again but only for a few cards then starts again. 💕🥰

  31. Kashish Deora says:

    This app helped me a lot in retaining the vocabulary. I like a lot of features. The streak. The levels. I like how the same words pops up in the different review options if you don’t remember it or get it wrong, this helps in memorizing the word. I’m very satisfied with this app. 아보카드스 짱이다👍!!

  32. Kaitlyn L says:

    This app is so underrated. It is the best korean flashcards app I have found. They have a lot of great levels for all learners. It is so easy to review your cards and mark your proficiency with each, and overall I would totally reccomend.

  33. Joshua McGraw says:

    The app has almost incorrect translations. I often ask my Korean friends about these words or sentences and the sentences are occasionally just dead wrong nonsense to them. I would be careful about using the app.

  34. Janel says:

    Unfortunately it opens and immediately shuts down. Says it’s permission settings but there is no option to change the permission.

  35. Aastha Galande says:

    The app is very addictive plus we can hear the ultimate kpop songs its so coolll!! 💜

  36. Eileen Alonso says:

    I cant even open the app. It says you need permissions to save cards. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  37. Zahra Hasanzade says:

    I downloaded the app because I thought it is useful, but when I’m trying to open it, it just gets crazy and messes with my phone, and eventually I had to restart my phone… I’d love to use this app, and I’d really wanna know is there a way that this problem could be fixed….

  38. Maria Luísa says:

    A very good app for learning! BUT whenever I try to review anything, it starts loading the lesson but never really load. It just needs to be fixed…

  39. Roe SeoK says:

    Wow this app is really good. I’ve been trying to learn Korean for fun and as a Kpop fan one of the easiest way is through songs and this app really helps as it discets (almost) every part of the lyrics. Wanjeon debak 🤩🤩🤩

  40. Kolope says:

    It’s a good app and I’m definitely learning things, it’s just that whenever I try to play audio it’s always delayed by like 5-10 seconds, sometimes it just doesn’t play at all or it says a completely different thing from the actual answer it’s sad because it is definitely ruining my experience with this app I hope it gets fixed soon!

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