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Welcome to the official Grace to You app.
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December 17, 2021
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Grace to You Mod Apk New 2022*

Welcome to the reputable Grace to You App. Whilst you obtain this UNFASTENED App, you raise over fifty years of John MacArthur’s Bible instructing to your pocket. That’s hundreds of hours of in-depth Bible educating in an instant to be had on the contact of your fingertip.

Grace to You Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Pay attention to sermons on Bible passages or subjects that passion you, keep tuned to our radio and tv publicizes, and stay alongside of your number of 4 day by day devotionals. After you’ve downloaded and internalized the content material, you’ll need to proportion it with your folks by means of Twitter, Fb, or e mail.

Grace to You Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

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Grace to You Mod Apk New 2022*

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40 comments on "Grace to You Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Bainbridge Nety says:

    Love the player integration with downloading option and that it resumes playback from where you left off. Works great with my car’s built-in hands free system! Of course, love JMac’s teachings. A must have for anyone who wants to learn about God!

  2. Anseim Diannie says:

    I think the only thing this app needs is a bookmarking ability so you can bookmark talks on particular passages of the Bible you’re going through on a day to day basis. Great app otherwise!

  3. Tristan Daelyn says:

    The power behind this app is not in it’s format or layout, but in the Word of God on which it is based. I know that when the Holy Spirit uses His Word in peoples’ hearts, their lives are transformed. Grace to You app is a great tool used quite often on my smart mobile device. Thank you for Thee clear reflection

  4. Hallie Fayre says:

    Lacking a MAJOR feature…. This is a fantastic app with amazing resources for Bible study! However, it is lacking one feature that, in my opinion makes it close to use less for targeted and special study….search. It has not had very good search tools in the past and now they are non-existent. This is a major and important flaw that will force me to only use the website since this lack renders this app really useless. I’m sorry but this needs to be fixed!

  5. Stepan Selia says:

    This app from GCC has really been helpful in my personal studies and devotion time. Having that access to great expository/Biblical teaching;being able to listen to sermons topically/by book has helped me grow in my walk as a Christian. I also love the Drawing Near devotional & just everything this app offers. Just grateful for their faithful ministry overall! Soli deo gloria!🙏

  6. Josalind Emalyne says:

    love grace to you … there is a bug with the app though … when i pause it using my wired headset i can seem to be able to resume it … i would have to select another sermon and the go back to the one i left. please fix it and God bless you.

  7. Georgianna Beortbtraed says:

    Very detailed, easy to understand and very helpful BIBLICAL teaching of God’s word for my daily walk with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I thank my God through Jesus Christ for this teacher of His word who has dedicated his life to helping us with our growth in every area of our lives as Christians. His teaching of God’s word has increased my understanding and has helped me develop an intimate relationship with God. Thank you John MacArthur for your commitment to the teaching of God’s word.

  8. Gifre Maddocson says:

    Every believer needs this series, it explains everything the scriptures is talking about. It’s awesome and makes me not worry about my loved ones. I’ve been saved for 45 years and still learning God’s truth of his word. Thank you God for John and GTY and it’s Family of Believers. Amen

  9. Johnetta Kedric says:

    This is a great app. The 10 second rewind feature is not available when you opt to “listen all” on sermons. Can you add the 10 second rewind feature please. Makes it easier. Thank you.

  10. Clare Doro says:

    Great content, but app not working right after last update. Galaxy S9. It won’t start playing again where it left off, it won’t even start playing again period, it’s like it’s stuck. I even close the app from my tray of apps and reopen and it’s still stuck. edit: app has become more unusable. won’t even let me start a different sermon half the time if one won’t play. New edit: continually stops content over and over. I use this app almost every day but it’s seems like I can’t anymore.

  11. Corliss Harlen says:

    Overall, I think the app works well. I’ve had maybe one time where it has crashed on me, but no problems otherwise. My biggest complaint against it is that the app doesn’t go to the next sermon automatically when the current one finishes. I haven’t found an option to enable this either, so I’m assuming it is simply not there. Also, the option to sort the downloaded sermons in chronological order would be nice too.

  12. Raleah Kallita says:

    When on the “Broadcasts” tab, I get a message saying I don’t have an internet connection. My Galaxy S8 is always connected via Wifi or data. Restarting or reinstalling had no effect. Everything else works well.

  13. Dickens Lovette says:

    This is always the first app I install when I get a new phone. John MacArthur is by far my favourite Bible teacher. He puts the time and effort in to explain every Bible verse, and he tells it like it is. The Grace To You app makes it easy to listen to the radio broadcasts. I appreciate that you can download the broadcasts and listen to them offline later.

  14. Becs M says:

    It is a great app live the biblically sound teaching. The only thing is the Internet connection to it plays up I never have this problem with all my other apps. I’m not sure if it’s soley the Internet connection itself or the app and not a great connection I don’t know.

  15. Amaya says:

    I cannot put into words what a blessing this app is to me. I love being able to quickly turn on a biblically sound sermon in seconds. Suddenly, washing dishes or driving to get groceries seems much more productive and enjoyable. The sermon filter by scripture is so helpful when I’m reading and come across something I don’t fully understand. Thank you so much!

  16. Travis Smith says:

    The app is fantastic! The interface is clean and easy to use best of all, the app is totally accessible to someone who is blind or visually impaired. Thank you very much grace to you! Your efforts in this are greatly appreciated!!

  17. francisco nyirenda says:

    I like the application a lot and surely it is something beneficial as my soul profits in ways unimaginable before, but there is one thing I would like the developers to implement in the app and that is it should stream the notes of the audio being played directly in the app that one should not open a web browser to read them.

  18. Shaleen Vivianna says:

    I love this app. It and my KJV bible are my two most used apps. It has really helped change my life, I have really turned my life around by learning what God really expects from me. I have never heard anyone preach they way john macarthur preaches in my area. I wish the app had a way in it to search for sermons like on the website. I hope that is coming in the future. 😉

  19. jacob steed says:

    Everything i could ever want or need. There aren’t enough words to describe how this ministry has impacted my life. I thank God often for the teaching of pastor MacArthur. All that being said. It would really be helpful if there was a way we could see which sermons or broadcasts we’ve already listened to. Or even to see progress of ones we’ve already started. Other than that. Thank you for all you do.

  20. Lidia Pretorius says:

    Firstly I would like to thank you for this amazing app, and that it is free! Every time I travel far alone, I’ll start with a series of sermons and listen to them. I am so grateful to have and hear this preaching in this times we live in. If I could recommend any adjustments to the app, I would ask for a search bar option in the sermon section. That would spare me a lot of time. Can there maybe be a tab that shows all the sermons I have listened to, so that I can keep track of that. Thank you!

  21. Jimmy Jamm says:

    I would love it if you fixed the app so when I download multiple sermons it places them in my playlist in the order downloaded. If I download a multi part sermon I have to download part two first then part one so they are in the correct order in my playlist. I understand the last shall be first and the first last but not here please. 😀

  22. pradeep says:

    Absolutely love it. But need an update as soon as possible because the app is stopping unexpectedly without any reason and asking to report it the problem. Having been used for more than 1 year and still using it, hoping to have an update with bug fixes.

  23. Aaron El says:

    The app is cleanly designed a d easy to navigate. You can watch and listen to current sermons, and even sermons archived by their coverage of specific texts for deeper study. Pastor John is a faith expositor of God’s Word

  24. Country Darlin says:

    Love the Scripture, love Johnny Mac for the way he preaches it, love this app! The only way to improve this app would be to have options to bookmark favorites, both individual sermons and sermon groups, a spot for notes (perhaps for sermons and separately), and maybe a list for later watching. Other than that, it’s a great app, never crashes, easy to use, and no adds, praise the Lord! I use this app multiple times daily. Best thing about my phone!

  25. Stephanie Pierson says:

    Having issues with the app today. I can’t open anything. The screen goes blank as soon as I open the app. I normally don’t have any issues and I absolutely love the content. But today was different. This comes after a new software update on my android.

  26. Dave & Kirsten Phillips says:

    Love this app! Not sure if an update came through in the last day or two but I’m just getting a blank white screen with four grey boxes at the bottom. The menu button still works but I can’t see any sermons. Please fix soon! ps. I have cleared storage, cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted… no success

  27. J Zeng says:

    The sermons are great when the app was working. All of a sudden it stopped working. It is blank. I uninstalled and reinstalled, didn’t work. Turned off and on phone, didn’t work. Bad application

  28. Pradeep says:

    Absolutely Scriptural. Blessed are the feet of the people who bring the good news. Been using it for more than 2 yrs now. For the last one month, Started having issues with this app like tech issues. Auto closing the sermons and returning to home page ,

  29. Aiden Hodges says:

    Wonderful app. No ads, free sermon downloads from a church that puts God first. Only improvement would be a “search” feature.

  30. Vishal Dive says:

    This app is the best app.All the sermons of John macarthur is available for free.You learn a lot from these doctrinal sound sermons. JM has cover entire new testament in it so anyone who find difficult to understand certain passage, chapter can know what it mean, through this app.

  31. kiran kranthi says:

    There is some bug in the app. Since a week now it’s just shows a blank screen. Tried installing multiple times, but the issue remains same. Can you guys fix it ASAP?

  32. Kaiser L says:

    Thank you GTY, these lessons and sermons are such a valuable resource. Please add a search function, this way we can find a specific text or sermon.

  33. Tobin George says:

    The App was great while it was working. It suddenly stopped working over a month ago and all I get is a blank screen. I am unable to access anything. The same problem has occurred on the phones of my family members and friends too. We tried uninstalling the App and reinstalling it multiple times. All of us use Android phones. Don’t know if the same thing is happening to iPhone users as well.

  34. kalyani nandanwar says:

    This is a great app and wonderfull teaching of the word but from last one month the app is not working….it just shows blank page…..noting more…..kindly correct it

  35. anthony francis says:

    Hi Grace to you, The app is not working… It just shows a white screen cycling, nothing loads up. Uninstalles and reinstalled the app and still the same. It’s an Android phone which I am using.

  36. Renju J. Thomas says:

    The app is not at all working in my android phone. Blank screen seen. Earlier it was great. But stopped suddenly.

  37. Sarfo Frank says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. The most useful and helpful app for all true believe. Want to grow in the faith? Then get this app. God bless you Pastor and Teacher of the Scripture, McArthur John.

  38. Kevin Bean says:

    This is one of the most difficult and most frustrating apps you can possibly use. You cannot easily go from a computer to a phone to a tablet in your car. There is no normal rhyme or reason to this app. You can’t save a sermon and resume it, let alone find what you’re listening to, if you go on to a different device. This app is so frustrating to use it makes me not even want to listen to any of it.

  39. Natale Scarcella says:

    This app just stopped to function. Itried to install it again on my kindle fire and it just closes and drops off….it is a pity…..please advise how to fix…

  40. Victor Harvey says:

    Excellent commentaries on Christian topics of the Bible and I dare say it could be a good substitute for a Bible encyclopedia. It also has excellent commentaries on each book of the Bible and videos that are part of the fundamentals of Faith by John MacArthur in book form for the Christian of all maturity levels

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