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For the culturally curious – stories from around the world
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December 8, 2022
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Google Arts & Culture Apk Download New*

Are you interested in what Van Gogh’s Starry Night time looks as if up shut? Have you ever ever toured the traditional Maya temples or met the inspirational figures of Black historical past? Do you wish to have to be informed about Japan’s distinctive meals tradition or unbelievable Indian railways?

Google Arts & Tradition Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Google Arts & Tradition places the treasures, tales and information of over 2,000 cultural establishments from Eighty nations at your fingertips. From the suffragettes who fought for women’s rights, to acting arts on the Paris Opera, to NASA’s archive of surprising photographs, uncover tales about our cultural heritage. It’s your doorway to discover the artwork, historical past, folks and wonders of our international.

Google Arts & Tradition Apk Obtain New* release

• Artwork Switch – Take a photograph and turn into it with vintage artistic endeavors • Artwork Selfie – Uncover portraits that appear to be you
• Colour Palette – To find artwork via the use of the colours of your picture • Artwork Projector – See how works of art glance in actual measurement • Pocket Gallery – Wander via immersive galleries and stand up on the subject of artwork • Artwork Digicam – Discover high-definition works of art • 360° movies – Revel in tradition in 360 levels • Digital truth excursions – Step within world-class museums
• Side road View – Excursion well-known websites and landmarks
• Discover via time and colour – Trip via time and spot the rainbow via artwork • Artwork Recogniser – Level your software digicam at works of art to be informed extra about them, even if offline (at make a selection museums most effective)

Google Arts & Tradition Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Extra options:
• Reveals – Take guided excursions curated through mavens • Favorites – Save and team your favourite artistic endeavors into galleries to percentage with pals or scholars • Within sight – To find museums and exhibitions close to you
• Notifications – Subscribe to obtain weekly highlights or favourite content material updates
• Translate – Use the translate button to examine shows from all over the world on your language

Google Arts & Tradition Apk Obtain New*

Permissions realize:
• Location: used to counsel cultural websites and occasions according to your present location
• Digicam: used to recognise works of art and supply similar details about them
• Contacts (Get Accounts): used to permit check in with a Google Account, in an effort to retailer customers’ favourites and personal tastes • Garage: used to permit artistic endeavors to be recognised and similar knowledge to be accessed whilst offline


40 comments on "Google Arts & Culture Apk Download New*"

  1. Joanne Aureole says:

    Not sure what all the bad reviews are about. I see people leaving 1 star because they couldn’t find the Art Selfie feature, which is literally on the main screen when you open the app. The level of detail you can see what in almost all paintings and other art pieces is just mind blowing, I’ve never had any slowness or freezing issues, Art Selfie works great, information about museums, paintings, artists, etc is really helpful and educational. Front page is constantly displaying new items, so even if you’re getting the app only for the selfie feature you might accidentally learn something.

  2. Eardly Marly says:

    The idea is great, though the app definitely needs more love. On my Marshmallow HD ready device the main problem is the 3d mode is unusable because it doesn’t fit the screen. The upper Half is black while the actual image starts at the lower 3rd of the screen. It’s a scaling problem of some sort, please do something. It’s a shame google doesn’t care about such a great initiative..

  3. Latimer Annis says:

    I was excited that I can see Vermeer’s paintings. I just red an article today about this app. Apparently to load the Vermeer site, you have to take your cell phone camera and wave it in a circle on table. You need a well lit area and something that has texture on it to scan. I did this repeatedly- perhaps ten times. I finally got it to open the AR Vermeer studio, but it cancelled out and I had to start over again. No thanks. Google shouldn’t release an app that is so buggy.

  4. Alexandia Queen says:

    I open the app and get a white and blue circle. I have to go to my home screen and then back to app to see my feed. The art selfie is not working. I take a picture and it does nothing, or a few dots fly across the screen and then it still does nothing. I wrote this review already and when I came back to edit it, it was gone so I had to rewrite it.

  5. Maggy Carolanne says:

    This is my favourite app. I love it! I love museums and galleries and it makes me feel alive when I look at art. So to have the opportunity to do this in such high quality with my phone is literally incredible. I love the fact that I can sort the artists by year or sort the paintings by movement or by colour. It really helps you to appreciate it more. The only feature I haven’t been able to get to work yet is where you’re supposed to point your camera down. Nothing happens when I do that.

  6. Allanah Judson says:

    THIS app is my new go-to.😍 It takes you on a journey. It’s INCREDIBLE!! You can browse art & artists by medium, technique, country, era, genre, palette, or movement, just to name a few. I founds tons of areas of modern a d classic art areas to explore and learn more about. it felt like traveling. I adore using it❤ THERE IS SO MUCH IN HERE ❤

  7. Deanda Boc says:

    I installed this primarily for the VR experience of the dinosaurs but i couldn’t find it. Sadly it seems to be available just on the YouTube channel of “GoogleArts&Culture”. The ‘Selfie-Mode’ is pretty good and sometimes the algorithm manages to be incredibly accurate 😉 The “Art – Projector” is absolutely fantastic: the amount of details you can see by walking towards the painting is astonishing! You can see every brush stroke and even the texture of the canvas! Absolutely fantastic job Google!

  8. Dudley Astria says:

    Lots of good information and data, but can be cumbersome to navigate. My biggest problems are that 1. There is no way to edit or delete a gallery that we make under our profile. 2. No way to suggest museums and art pieces that are missing from the app’s database. For example, my city’s art museum is not searchable in the app. Also, no support.

  9. Joycelyn Faran says:

    Nearly unusable. After opening the app, a blue ring appears and although I’ve waited many minutes, it will not load into the app. I can only sometimes load into the app when I go to another window then back to this app. When attempting to use the “Art Selfie” feature, it will freeze and add dots to the picture. After this, the app is entirely unusable and you must close the app and attempt to open it again (the way I mentioned earlier.) It’s frustrating and must be fixed to be useful.

  10. Cathy Emilena says:

    A terrific art resource. For someone who considers there aren’t enough programmes about art and culture I really appreciate this app. It covers a broad range of subjects and you can just enjoy reading the featured articles or search for a specific artist or subject matter. It is engaging and it gives me the opportunity to discover all sorts of new artists, art, ideas and subjects I typically wouldn’t come across.

  11. Allix Hailee says:

    Though my phone has plenty of space and I have no problems with other apps, this app often wouldn’t open at all. Tried the art selfie and all it did was take a photo then stall for several minutes with dots on the photo, then it said take another photo (with the first one still on the screen so it was hard to line up correctly). Just a loop. Lighting and background changes didn’t help. Uninstalled. Seems like a good app if you can get it to work.

  12. Ravendra Ellen says:

    Love this app! I was not expecting to honestly. The imagery is stunning. For example, the 3d view of artifacts is so detailed you can literally see the texture as if you’re physically in the museum browsing these works of art. Extensive collection with lots of variety. I experienced no glitches or crashes. Very useful and educational!

  13. Marlyssa Daysi says:

    Keeps trying to load and says page content not found. If you keep trying, you can eventually get a camera button at the bottom of the app, which, if you tap fast enough, at least lets you try the “convert picture into classic art” feature. But it appears most of the app is broken.

  14. Kat Szymanska Barrett says:

    Fantastic in principle… Sadly doesn’t open anything. I’ve been trying to access some of the collections, across the entire selection, but I click on the museums and collections, and it simply opens a blurry version of the advertised image. Tried multiple places to click, but nothing. Sad, as this is an amazing app and idea in times like these.

  15. Bryan Marsiglia says:

    Conceptually a great idea, especially considering the current global situation. One thing that has immediately frustrated me though is when viewing an image/painting/artefact ect. in “enlarged or fullscreen” mode, the google status bar on top of the screen pops down blocking the upper portion of the image. The only way to maintain a clear screen is by continually moving or zooming the image.

  16. Kyle Liang says:

    A platform for free exploration and learning. When I first installed this app, I wouldn’t be able to say much about it, given the limited amount of features that it provided. But coming back to it now in 2020 (while many museums are closed), I’ve been trying out the AR virtual tour features and am very excited for the current and future possibilities this provides not only to consumers, but also to the suppliers/hosts of the physical content (i.e. the museums). Thanks Google, and keep it up! 🖖

  17. Díaz Álvarez Héctor Daniel says:

    Great app if you appreciate culture and arts. It has lots of features that help you understand the vast richness of the creative world and you can find almost every painter in art history. I do recomend it and I really hope you download it right now and start enjoying what you have been missing all along!!!

  18. Paul Connor says:

    Great for an armchair wander around a gallery or two however it’s got more bugs than a hostel bunk bed. Thu UI is very laggy, I have also noticed you can select and highlight text but cannot copy or use other such functions. All in all a very interesting app that enables me a sugar free version of visiting an actual museum or gallery but requires a little more polish. Thank you.

  19. Mustard man2 says:

    Google is doing an amazing public service with this app. It’s very good, especially when used with Google cast on a high resolution TV. I only wish you could set up an auto-slideshow through google cast or even the app to move through all of the art works of a genre or that an artist has made Instead of selecting individual works one by one. I have to manually click through all of the images and their are hundreds, sometimes thousands, to go through. Otherwise great, want more.

  20. Joanna Chiang says:

    The content is amazing (there’s so much of it!), but there seem to be a lot of technical difficulties with the app. Happened a few times where I was trying to use street view to “explore” certain things, and the screen would flicker and freeze, requiring me to force stop and restart the app.

  21. Jeff McDavid says:

    Exactly how is this supposed to replace Expeditions? Expeditions was an incredible, immersive and interactive teacher led experience. I can’t even see this being useful, let alone understand the confusing layout. Big letdown. Keep Expeditions. This app amd the website also crash constantly, making them unusable.

  22. Tomoko Miyazono says:

    It’s a brilliant app, it gives some insights about arts in general but what I find exceptional is how it incorporates the most modern features like face recognition, 3D art simulator, I’m sure that’s not the right name though… In summary it gives different kinds of experiences and learnings about art for all kind of art lovers. I highly recommend it!

  23. Borodin Alexandru says:

    It’s a great app, but in my opinion status bar is superfluous. This is why I prefer to use this service through the Samsung internet application, the bar disappears when you scroll down and it is much more pleasant to see a work of art without disturbing things such as this bar.

  24. Mitya Fantosme says:

    I love the aesthetics of this app although the response and smoothness on how it runs can be improved as it lags on my phone, another is, can you add more paintings or at least add on some comprehensive descriptions on the bottom? It seems only the popular paintings or artists get these completely, there’s some paintings from artists which are missing, this would be perfect app if not for either

  25. Arecastrum Romanzoffianum says:

    Google, if your target for this app is 8-year-olds looking for fun and games, could you please rename it so those of us looking for “Arts and Culture” will know to look elsewhere? This app is a mess. I had to scroll down countless times to find the most basic links to “Museums”, “Artworks”, etc. Weren’t you the guys who invented those sandwich menus up top for precisely this sort of high-level navigation? You might consider using them. (Yes, I did eventually find “Collections” in the existing menu.) And… try looking at a painting in landscape mode. Good luck! The “Arts and Culture” banner always descends, covering at least 20% of the picture with no apparent way to get rid of it. Honestly, this app needs a new curator.

  26. Winter Pxstel says:

    It’s a good and useful app, but it always lag (especially the video). I can’t use experiment game, I can’t use virsual gallery and the photo’s quality is bad. Plus, the street view explore is terrible, it’s not smooth and sometimes it turned black. I hope you fix it, thank you!!

  27. Just Me (By endurance we conquer) says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!, I REALLY LIKE THIS! A lot of different Art collections & ways of looking into art, from simple exhibitions & links directly to collections, to games made around art, to articles about art in the recent news….all sorts of things & all related to art. Well presented & a nice relaxing app to spend some quality time on. I do have a negative to complain about though – using street view to explore galleries does not work smoothly!!I dont bother with that part, it just keeps crashing!

  28. M says:

    I am amazed by the app. Such a great curated online art&culture museum. A diverse of interesting interactive guiding activities to engage the viewers/audiences. It surprised me with so many sweet thoughts and aboundant knowledge, I really enjoyed my time exploring and learning the art & culture here with the company of the musics it presented, even more than some physical guided tours, just wandering around myself in the museums or some art classes experience at schools. Thank you! Well done!

  29. Tinker Gnomad says:

    Terrible curation. I want to love this app, but I’m incredibly disappointed. I’ve searched numerous famous paintings that I could easily find in a Google image search, but Arts and Culture doesn’t seem to recognize anything. I thought I’d be able to search paintings I love, create a personalized gallery, and learn. Instead it’s things I have no interest in being imposed on me. On rare occasions they put something in front of me I’m interested in, but not often enough to want to open the app.

  30. Subhankar Mohanta says:

    It’s a really great app. Very informative and useful. The only problem I’m facing is the white font of the articles on a white or semi-white background. It’s a design flaw, hope the developers fix this soon. Regards.

  31. Jessica M says:

    As an artist this app is a fantastic education resource! As a UX/UI designer, it drives me crazy. There are parts of the UI that are fairly sleek, the articles and slideshows are nice enough. Other components have potential but the interface is clunky, glitchy, hardly worthy of being part of a Google app. The idea of the coloring game is so great but the functionality is lacking, you can barely zoom, it freezes, you can’t customize the color palettes. Pleeeease fix it.

  32. Georgie Vanderbilt says:

    This is a special special app. Love the fact that there is just so much to see and do on this app. A travelers delight. So much to see, explore, instant travel, being a tourist from the comfort of my home. Thanks guys for making this!

  33. K C says:

    Crashes everytime I try to use the selfie or pet selfie option; major downer.

  34. fateme yaftian says:

    This is the heaven I was looking for !!!! An extremely creative introduction to arts an cultures around the world. I just wished I had more time to spend in this app and could remember more of the things I read here. THANK YOU GOOGLE!!

  35. Someshwar Meena says:

    An amazing app, am loving it. It has so much to each and tell that I can’t stop using it. I just love this app. And the educational crossword is my favourite.

  36. Summer B Edwards (White Coil) says:

    Excellent App for children and parents to both equally enjoy, content wise. My son and I had a lot of fun with the game of matching the clothing, art, books, ect with the world map.

  37. Richard Jason Warburton says:

    A large collection of high-quality art displayed in an app with a poor UI and poor optimisation. •The view art by colour, category or era has been replaced with an inferior explore page. This was one of the easier ways to traverse art pieces. •Browsing art becomes laggier the more art you’ve looked through. •The overemphasis on AR and interactive experiments results in normal art browsing being quite poorly thought out and implemented. I do however believe this could be a great app Gl devs!

  38. John Michael Reed says:

    I tried to use the Google Arts & Culture app to take a selfie of myself with my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone to try and find an artwork that looks like me, but even though my whole face is in the highlighted square, it just searches and searches for a long time, at which point I give up and hit “Cancel”. I used this a long time ago for this very purpose and it used to work, but it doesn’t work anymore. For some reason the pet lookalike feature does work though, which uses my phone’s back camera.

  39. Ronal Catrin says:

    I love this app. It’s an infinite playground for those of us who crave space-related arts-and-culture content. It’s a Google app, so it has Google’s “Standard” spare-but-functional UI and UX, which is totally fine, but if the Googlerons were to grant me one wish for the app, I would add the lovely dark theme that Google has made available in almost every other app. *Sigh* 👍🏻 Anyway, well done, Googlites 🤖

  40. Federico Viola says:

    A very enjoyable and playful to engage with art. Some of the negative reviews are surprising and by people who want the app to do what others have told them. Absurd. This is a great app.

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