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October 28, 2022
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Access 1000’s of Catholic video-based find out about techniques, motion pictures, documentaries, audio talks, and audio books. Let those fabrics facilitate your non secular adventure as you attempt to extra totally perceive, reside and percentage your Catholic Religion.

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To get right of entry to all options and content material you’ll be able to subscribe to SHAPED on a per 30 days or annually foundation with an auto-renewing subscription proper within the app.* Pricing can range through area and can be showed sooner than acquire within the app. In app subscriptions will robotically renew on the finish in their cycle.

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* All bills might be paid thru your Google Account and could also be controlled underneath Account Settings after the preliminary cost. Subscription bills will mechanically renew until deactivated a minimum of 24-hours sooner than the top of the present cycle. Your account will probably be charged for renewal no less than 24-hours previous to the top of the present cycle. Any unused portion of your unfastened trial can be forfeited upon cost. Cancellations are incurred through disabling auto-renewal.

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40 comments on "FORMED Mod Apk"

  1. Dondrea Aefentid says:

    9/26/2018: The content selection looks great. The only problem is that I can’t listen to the podcasts or watch the videos. I press play and nothing happens. Disappointing. Update 11/14/2018: I had hoped for a technical update since my first review, but nada. Still not able to view or listen to content. Press play, nothing happens. Uninstalling now. App is just not ready for prime time.

  2. Davies Jones says:

    So frustrating! I think the most recent update broke the app. It takes forever to load, and once it loads, if I click on a category or try to search, the whole app crashes. I’ve tried for 2 days to finish the Ode to St. Cecelia, and 8 can’t get to it. Tried to listen on my laptop, but it doesn’t remember where I left off, and I don’t want to start over. Sadly, his app and service does not live up to it’s potential. Not worth the high price the service charges. 😔

  3. Maxton Clifford says:

    It was great! Now it’s unusable. Like many recent reviews have said, the most recent update probably broke the app. I used the app a lot, and there is a lot of great content in the app, but as it is, you cannot access any of it. When you enter the app it takes forever to load. After ur us done loading, if you try to tap on something, or go the the browse tab, the app crashes. I have tried and tried again, but there isn’t a way to view any of the content on this app in its current buggy state. This disappoints me because I really liked the app before and I was looking forward to look at some more of what it offered. It just needs to be fixed back to how it was.

  4. Grey Donilda says:

    Latest update fixed the crash issue on loading. App is working again though it still takes a while to load. Wish I could also listen to audio in the background while browsing and looking up other resources pertaining to the subject. Or allow screen to turn off to save battery power. App can still use some improvements.

  5. Reveca Binder says:

    I wanted to pray the Rosary daily, and chose to do it with Vin Scully. The first 2 times, it worked fine, but on the third, the playback automatically went to the end of the podcast. I couldn’t rewind or restart it. It happened on all 4 Mystery podcasts. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. I restarted and made sure my android phone was updated. Then reinstalled the FORMED app, but it still won’t work. HELP!!

  6. Cy Janey says:

    Excellent content. But the app doesn’t do the platform justice. It is a little buggy (i.e. need to keep the screen on to listen to an audio recording and can’t listen in the background on Android). Also would be nice to be able to bookmark topics, lectures, series, and videos online and in the app.

  7. Clemmie Cici says:

    Great Content, if it worked. I am not able to listen to almost all of the audio. The Formed customer service is very responsive, but ended up implying it is my device. However, I find it odd that I can listen to certain items just fine and have no other problems streaming audio on any other service in which I subscribe. I am no expert, but to me that indicates it may be a problem with the service. I can’t even get logged into the website, every time I try to select an item it logs me out.

  8. Elainia Dimiterios says:

    Another paying customer that can’t log in since the recent update… [Update, 9/07/19] After emailing tech support, I’m back in. It seems that the new app was pushed out before many of us (existing subscribers) were added in. New interface and features look great! Much needed is the new ability to download for offline viewing/listening (great for traveling where you have dead spots in cell phone coverage).

  9. Aydon Aiken says:

    The new update and interface makes it super fast to watch videos. Also, the search engine is more accurate when providing results. I like the new library feature where one can save videos to watch later. Lastly, a video or audio will play where one left off when opening app again.

  10. Davion Linc says:

    Excellent app! Inspirational and easily accessable, Formed provides Catholics (and those curious about Catholic teachings) the chance to learn and grow in a way that suits any speed of lifestyle. A wide variety of content, multiple media options, and an easy-to-use interface add to a very well-rounded design.

  11. Gayla Candle says:

    I love the option to make videos available offline. I don’t have unlimited data, but love to listen whenever I am driving so this feature is truly a blessing! I am also amazed by the amount, variety, and quality of content. I enjoy browsing and adding everything that catches my eye to my library to watch later (which is just about everything). Great app! Keep up the good work. God bless!

  12. Hob Edvard says:

    Very good quality content, and easy to use. My two (small) gripes is that the Kindle/mobi books are very difficult to access since they updated the app, and that SOME of the content for children (by no means all…many, if not most, of the programs are well done) is very cheesy/poorly and obviously cheaply executed (but, again, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule).

  13. Caroliana Lilian says:

    Three stars is a judgment on the interface rather than the content. As everyone raves, this app offers wonderful and formative Catholic content. The two biggest drawbacks for me are that the app will not remember my progress in an audiobook, forcing me to guess and check dragging the time-bar to where I need it to be every time. Secondly, there are no speed controls on the playback. I’d much prefer to listen at 1.5 to 2.0 speed many of the audiobooks. Fix these and the app is 5 stars!

  14. Gifford Celesia says:

    I’m glad to see that formed have started wireless casting features. Also, thank you for the good new movie and other video additions. However I would like to bring two things to your attention. Firstly, I find to have a good balance of sound. The vocal voice appears too low and the background music or other noises are very loud, so I find it very hard to follow movies. I use the same tv and settings for Netflix and I do face this challenge. Secondly, it would be great if you could add subtitles.

  15. Fitzsimmons Pure says:

    The app is great! Easy to navigate. Super helpful to save items or series to come back later. The only thing that prevents me from giving this 5 stars is what was once available isn’t anymore. That is I have to actually buy the materials of the series instead of including with the parish subscription.

  16. Winter Warren says:

    I absolutely LOVE the content but wish there were more choices in some areas, such as the fictional audio dramas. I listened to “The Shadow of the Bear”and was disappointed to discover this story was the only one of its kind on the app. I also miss the options that now seem only available online, mainly the “listen” option where I used to go to specifically find talks instead of video. I believe this feature was lost in an update and would like to see it returned.

  17. Dany Felabeorht says:

    Great Great material material but one needs to constantly sign on to view anything sent through notifications. Still, still cannot cast. More geared for pc than for mobile, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an app in the first place. For pc viewing though, a wealth of audio and video material to keep you learning for years.

  18. mike o says:

    Love the content on here!! Too notch material! The app is much better then what it used to be. It can be a little cumbersome sometime. The search feature is a little buggy, meaning unless you put in the exact title, word for word it usually won’t show up. It would be nice that when you click on a video in the recently played section, if the video is part of a series then it would show you the remaining videos in the series and let you watch them after you finish your current video.

  19. Rita says:

    User friendly ad amazing content for all ages! It’s a Catholic Netflix! I would only add that I would like to have an app on my smart TV or on a Roku to easily watch with my family. Right now I have to have my laptop connected to the TV with an HDMI cable. Other than than, it’s a great blessing to have available. It definitely helps us live out our liturgical year so well since the content is relevant to the season. And the gospel reflections are just great! Totally recommend

  20. Liz Mataya says:

    Great variety and quality of content! Videos and audio content work well on my Android and our Roku. I am only holding back on a 5th star because my favorite type of content, books, will not download to my Kindle reader. There is an option to do so, but I keep getting an error message no matter which device I try to download from.

  21. Ana Paula Guevara says:

    The app doesn’t have a tab to navigate in an easier way. Is scrolling down and down on the “Explore” tab, but there’s no tab to show me all the topics, or all the sections. I also don’t understand why I need to receive an email every time I want to watch in a different device… I love the content and the quality of the work, but the app has some drawbacks that could be fixed!

  22. Natasha Duman says:

    I am in RCIA. To me, Formed is helpful for all people, not just newbies to Catholicism (such as myself). The app works very well. It is easier to search online via phone or computer to look at things to add to your favorites. Aside from that this is a great program for anyone who wants a family safe version of Prime/Netflix.

  23. Ashley W says:

    A wonderful app for great faith content. I use this app ALL of the time, probably daily. Thankful we can use it with chromecast to easily watch a program as a family, as well as continue listening to a video’s audio after I lock my phone. I would request an easy way to access my viewing history to recall a talk or film that I recently watched and want to share, but it’s a minor thing. Thanks for such a rich resource!!

  24. Hannah says:

    Great app with great content! My only issue it that I’d love it if more of the content had options for closed captioning. I have some processing issues that make it hard for me to filter out background noise, so I usually keep captions turned on in video apps. But overall, it’s still a wonderful app and I’m thankful for the kids shows especially because it’s hard to find Catholic content for kids.

  25. Reality Check says:

    The app works very well on a phone screen and feels as professional as any other streaming service. I only have two suggestions. One: content suggestions based on my viewing history and the things I have added to “My List”. Two: A “surprise me” section where I could look at totally random suggestions (there’s a lot of content on Formed that I don’t know about; I think I would like this to try new things). I still like the app very much though!

  26. Melva Casanova says:

    I love the content, and the app layout is the same as the website; however, icons would make it better to navigate the various sections. It’s difficult to select from the pull-down as the text overlaps. Please consider revising. It would also be great if I were able to customize the order of the sections. I am an android user.

  27. Holly Mason says:

    I deleted Disney+ and no one missed it! There are so many shows for my little ones and I don’t have to worry about the content. This app is phenomenal. So portable, easy to use, packed with content in multiple format options – video, audio, ebooks, audiobooks. Solid Catholic teaching in a easy to use format. Even has great videos for the kids. English and spanish content.

  28. FlowTheGameGuy says:

    Love everything about it, except the mobile app is really difficult to navigate compared to the website. I wish there was an easier way to get to different categories like audiobooks.

  29. Anna Shaffer says:

    I got the access to this website through my church, but I quickly became a mission circle member, because I was using it so much. I put it on my Tv to have an easy access to it while at home. There is everything you need faith related: Bible studies, movies, shows and series for kids, prayers, daily reflections on a liturgy of the word, series to help you understand our holy sacraments and so much more. It will truly enrich your life. Highly recommend it to all!

  30. Alma Hill says:

    I love this app. Here I can find so many resources to learn more about my Catholic faith. From intelligent discussions, enlightening conferences and lectures, Catholic novels, books on Apologetics, Prayer, Biographies and movies about the Saints, Bible Studies and so so many more wonderful things! Thank you so very much for offering this wonderful service to all of us!

  31. THERESA CZYZYK says:

    Formed has many options to assist us in our journey with Jesus Christ. I personally appreciate and embrace reading scripture and follow through with asdio and video scripture in Formed and Amen to better embrace it and it’s very helpful and uplifting to me. Sometimes it’s refreshing and/or comforting just to listen to audio options of scripture and/or teachings . Thank you!

  32. J D says:

    Cannot tell you how valuable it is to have teaching, documentaries, movies and other things to educate us more about our amazing Catholic faith. There’s so much rich history, mystery and revelation I am learning about after all these years. There’s so much more I want to know, I may never enjoy a Netflix again, LOL. I wish I could give it 10 Stars. May God continue to bless and keep pure the ministry of our Catholic faith through Formed. ❤️🙏

  33. Grace Suchyna says:

    This app has so much content. I put it on my phone to replace YouTube watching for the kids. I made them a playlist of kids shows that they can choose from, and I can give it to them safely, not wondering if what will play next is garbage.

  34. alex amante says:

    Thank you for this wonderful Catholic media apostolate! You are really reaching and teaching many souls to see the truth about God, the world, and the Church as adorned in the beauty of artistic expression in the media. God bless this trailblazing means of evangelization!

  35. Jeff Gray says:

    Great content. They are always adding new media. Love that there is something for all ages. Our kids have enjoyed Jesus stories and learning about the saints. My wife and I love the Wild Goose series. App is easy to use. I enjoy the library that makes it easy to find the content I love the most. Highly recommend.

  36. THERESA CZYZYK says:

    After multiple attempts throughout the years of wanting to read the entire Bible, I was able to joyfully do so with the helpful of the Formed app and the Amen app. The Formed app is solid truth and support that we can apply to our everyday lives with just a click! I’m a convert for about 25 years and with the ongoing challenges that we’re all facing, Formed is always there to reiterate the truth and help get us through the everyday challenges and I appreciate the clarity of the daily readings.

  37. Richie Aldaba says:

    The app and platform are great but all the content is a little overwhelming. I think it would be great to have some guidance on what to consume first, etc. It’s all interesting but overall, a little like looking up at a skyscraper up close.

  38. James Burns says:

    Each program has been very well done. The team of presenters are very knowledgeable and present in an engaging way. I’ve really enjoyed and grown with them.

  39. Marcia Hadad says:

    It’s an amazing app that helps me every day growing spiritually in my Catholic faith. Because I am hard of hearing I would like to have captions on the movies. I am grateful that the daily reflections have them.

  40. Denise Kramer says:

    Excellent resource, and not just for Catholics. The volume of information available is of great value to anyone seeking Truth.

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