Brass & Woodwind Lessons Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Learn saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, etc. with real music teachers
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November 24, 2022
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Brass & Woodwind Lessons Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Learn to play your favourite Brass or Woodwind tool! tonestro is your track tutor proper in your telephone: Discover ways to play an device, enhance rhythm and pitch, uncover a big sheet tune library, paintings to your sight studying abilities, be informed track concept and get the tune schooling that you want.

Brass & Woodwind Classes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

You’ll be told, apply and play many brass and woodwind tools:

Brass & Woodwind Courses Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

– Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn
– Saxophone
– Clarinet
– Flute
– Recorder
– Trombone
– French Horn
– Euphonium / Baritone Horn
– Tuba

Brass & Woodwind Courses Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

tonestro listens to you when you play your brass or woodwind tool and acts like a tune tutor: it will provide you with fast comments on rhythm and pitch and you’re going to be informed the place you want to beef up.

Brass & Woodwind Classes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Experience a big number of songs, sheet tune and workouts for lots of brass and woodwind tools, just like the trumpet or the saxophone. Discover ways to learn track notes and reinforce rhythm and pitch with a track tutor at your facet.

Brass & Woodwind Courses Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

A metronome and specifically composed background tune with play alongs for plenty of songs information you the best way to highest rhythm. With the tuner you track your brass or woodwind device rapid and simply for absolute best pitch.

Brass & Woodwind Courses Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Weekly demanding situations with hand-picked songs provide the additional motivation to reinforce your sight studying and software talents whilst you examine your self with brass and woodwind musicians from in every single place the sector.

Brass & Woodwind Classes Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

– Learn how to play a brass or woodwind device – Get started together with your first song notes or make a choice from many songs
– Get speedy comments – Give a boost to rhythm & pitch and sight studying – Revel in a big choice of sheet tune and play alongs
– Music your tool with an clever tuner
– Be informed tune principle – Spice up motivation with global weekly demanding situations BE INFORMED Need to paintings in your tune schooling? Discover ways to play trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, trombone, tuba, euphonium and French horn together with your tonestro track tutor. Classes with track idea, fingering charts, workout routines and sheet song provide the tune training that you want.

With tonestro you at all times have your track tutor for your facet. In workouts you’re employed on tune concept, rhythm and pitch and in assessments you’ll be able to turn out your newly earned tune schooling.
Use the live-feedback function to strengthen your enjoying and sight-reading talents in your brass or woodwind device, together with the trumpet and saxophone. tonestro works like a tune tutor that will provide you with comments on rhythm and pitch. Be informed the place you want development and get the total track schooling that you simply deserve.

Be your individual track tutor and make a decision how you need to recuperate: Along with a big selection of sheet tune you’ll be able to observe with scales and etudes to beef up your enjoying and sight studying talents for your brass or woodwind tool. You’ll all the time get fast comments on rhythm and pitch for a complete tune tutor enjoy.

Uncover songs and sheet song from all track genres. Whether or not you’re partial to classical tune or jazz songs: With a big sheet tune library you’ll in finding simply the songs you want for taking part in your brass or woodwind software.

Sheet song with play alongs make practising much more amusing. An easy-to-use tuner will assist you to along with your pitch and the tuning of your brass or woodwind software. And naturally, there’s all the time the metronome that may stay you in rhythm.

Input our weekly demanding situations to end up your abilities! Compete with brass and woodwind musicians from world wide and combat for the rostrum.


40 comments on "Brass & Woodwind Lessons Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Helton Kaycee says:

    Please do not bother with this app. Go out, buy your etude books and take private lessons and record yourself while playing etudes and excersices. It cannot pick up notes and says they are consistently wrong (even when playing the correct notes transposed on a piano). Trumpet version only allows B-flat trumpet and no others, transposing will not work because it still doesn’t recognize notes. Says you can adjust the tempo however I never could figure it out. I wouldn’t give these to a beginner.

  2. Parson Andonis says:

    Nope. As soon as I have to sign in or make profiles or use facebook, the app use stops right there. No need for that. I’m on my phone, i shouldn’t have to login.

  3. Althonso Jessee says:

    I am a jazz trumpet player wanting to improve my technique/tone and have found it difficult to work on technical exercises alone, outside of a structured program and without feedback. This app solves all those problems and forces me to play every note like I am taking an exam. Ten out of ten for a brilliant app.

  4. Darlena Anyana says:

    If if I could give this a zero it would be a 0 Stars this sucks I can’t even download it. It keeps saying it’s not working but everything else on my phone is working so it’s not my phone isn’t worth your time when I finally got it to download it didn’t work the app froze PLEASE fix that

  5. Princess Ever says:

    I love it I really do, and I completely understand that you the developers need to make money of it with a premium mode. And I respect that. But I’m rating this as low as I am because of the energy factor. “Out of free play time for today” it bugs me it really does but once again I understand you need money of of this. And this is a super long coment and I only have 107 letters left so bye.

  6. Andreye Rhys says:

    Hey Alex, I am replying to your reply. I said your app didn’t teach but after thinking a bit, maybe it shouldn’t teach. I think the revised campaign is not a good idea. You can only learn so much in an app, which has only pictures and words. This could lead to confusion or slight differences in technique. Only a trumpet tutor can help with this. So I think you should stick to just adding songs as they are pretty fun, preferably add harder pieces (like trumpet concerto 1st and 3rd movements)

  7. Jessee Parnel says:

    Would be a heckuva lot more useful if you could hear a song before playing it. Am I missing something? Sight readers only?

  8. Dudley Bazil says:

    I really love this app, but you can only play a number of times until you don’t have any energy and except if you want to pay for the app you cant really do anything.(Yes you can watch ads, but a 15 second ad for one or two piece is a bit much)

  9. Linne Ansel says:

    Amazing app! It has songs for all skill levels and it makes it very clear what skill level the song is from the start!

  10. Anamaria Awel says:

    Brilliant app for an amateur cornet player like myself to keep motivated practicing with new challenges and to improve my scores on the four component categories through older completed songs in the campaign. Highly recommend for all levels!

  11. Yale Tanka says:

    I think my sight reading, consistency and pitch accuracy is on a great verge improving drastically.. Thank you BRENGEL and most of all thank you *TONESTRO FOR TRUMPET*

  12. Aynsley Kenyon says:

    Exceptional app! It motivates you to practise and succeed. Challenging friends in pursuit of a high score makes it highly entertaining. Practising is no longer a chore as it engages you by correcting your technical difficulties. I suggest that the player still follows a set practise routine in warming up, playing scales, working through technical exercises and main repertoire etc. The app makes this all possible as it includes long tones, etudes, scales and challenging works. Highly recommended!

  13. Ol Aelfraed says:

    It’s a good app for a beginner trumpet player. But one thing about this app that I find the best feature is it has many songs for sight reading unlike Arbans book where it’s just exercises. I reccomend this for people looking to increase their sight reading skills. For more advanced trumpet player I’d get an Arbans book and practice the exercises such as double toughing exercise to build strength with your tongue. If you want better tone do a long tone exercise. Even if it’s super duper boring!!

  14. Phil Bonnice says:

    Appears to be new and therefore lacks a lot of features. It is difficult to use and annoyingly complex. In addition it is priced at about the same as Smart Music which is a vastly superior product. In the Jazz category the selections are not really what one would consider real jazz pieces. This app could be very promising with a fair amount of additional work needed by the Developers.

  15. Walker Rausch says:

    Originally I came to this app for working on the instrument i already play. It would be nice if premium access wasn’t lurking around every corner. The app did not ask for the experience level and immediately assumed I was new to the instrument.

  16. Kadienne Cecylia says:

    I love the teaching method, it’s better than any books or teaching I’ve ever had before, I have learned higher notes and have gotten more confidence with my playing all ready. I definitely suggest this app for any one regardless of if your just learning or if your first chair in county band

  17. Davrielle Wattpad says:

    Overall it’s fine, but I feel that the app doesn’t really take vibrato into consideration for pitches. I compared my playing with straight tone and then compared to playing with heavy vibrato and my pitch was all over the place according to the app. It’s true that vibrato does change the pitch slightly but it’s an expression of music and my fear is that this app may encourage a habit of straight tone playing which can be damaging to developing players. Perhaps add a vibrato setting?

  18. Hector Figueroa says:

    Too expensive. (Teacher) if it wasnt too expensive i could pay a montly fee for my student to practice more. This app its really cool but to expensive for just one person

  19. Billy Fartz says:

    No Piccolo Option When I downloaded this app i was hoping for piccolo to be on there and it is disappointing i will love this app if you change that and most of who ever is reading this is thinking pffft flute and piccolo are the same thing except piccolo is two times smaller well piccolo would be the same if they sound the same …. WHICH THEY DONT because of this i was not able to continue on with the lessons PLEASE FIX THIS *after the comment* thank you

  20. Sue Freeman says:

    Takes you through each step gently and at your own pace. Ideal for those who have never played and can’t read music as you learn as you play. Brilliant.

  21. Karolína Vyskočilová says:

    Great app, but I’m really missing out to check which songs I’ve played recently, favourite them or even sort them to my categories. I would really love to see the complete list of songs. And the level categories doesn’t contain ALL songs available from selected categories. It would be awesome if you make a desktop site, the mobile phone is kind of small and inconvenient

  22. Meggan Wall says:

    This review only covers the learning section up to the 1st exam, from the perspective of an intermediate flute player. (GooglePlay needs to make reviews longer, I ran out of characters) Overall a good app! The rest of this is mostly for the devs. Use the finger chart to explain how to hold a flute. It’ll make things a lot simpler. Please add/mention semibreve, minum, crotchet and quaver as alternate names, maybe a UK/US language option? Abdominal breathing and posture should be mentioned.

  23. Shane Froats says:

    Great app for learning how to properly play the saxophone. Giving you all the information to play each note with the proper pitch and timing.

  24. Nymm Gratton says:

    I’m finding the app motivating and useful, but I wish it had alto/treble recorder and C Clarinet (not uncommon for beginners – like the Clarineo) C Melody Saxophone would be nice too.

  25. Joseph Moran Bonilla says:

    I haven’t played the trumpet since 1998. I know how to read music. This breaks it down to where anyone can pick up any wind instrument they would like to learn and just run with it.

  26. Jared Hill says:

    Great app for self paced learning. I would recomend the developers implement some leasons on correct posture, holding your instrument correctly, breathing and embouchure.

  27. Richard Crosby says:

    Very buggy and way to frequent push notifications. On top of all that, a phone screen is too small to try and read music from

  28. Crona Gru says:

    Love how it grades you and shows you what you need to work on when it gives you your grade! Just wish there were more songs and especially less that required premium. I want to introduce my band director and class to it but there isn’t really much on here to introduce.

  29. Steph says:

    I made a review of 4 stars earlier, but after reading about & trying other features I missed, I gave it 5 instead. This app is extremely useful for beginners & advanced players who may want to work on minor skills. The songs are too easy for advanced players, but I still find it very helpful. I will be using this to help teach my students when I can’t be available. I may even consider creating a paid subscription in the future. I only wish it had more songs & songs with greater difficulty.

  30. Kutlo Radipabe says:

    I gave it a 4 star first too but I after the premium membership I realized tonestro is pretty helpful. I would recommend it to friends but the membership is too pricey, the free content is too little to know on how great this app is😭. I also think the creators should add fundamentals and more jazz songs. Thank you for this app😥

  31. Sheriff Jackson says:

    It was good I don’t have to much money to buy a memdership but it is very easy to learn but there is too little free content why don’t you make it free or cost less money or buy it but don’t have to pay a memdership

  32. Southeast Missouri Weather says:

    About 2 years ago this app was amazing there were many great songs that I enjoyed playing. Premium was just for lessons. Now all those songs that I used to enjoy are all premium. I got paying for lessons but for songs. I just don’t see the point of paying for songs that used to be free. Those are the reasons why I am giving this app two stars.

  33. chris salter says:

    After subscribing to the premium service this is an exceptional learning support tool. Could be improved if the song library was increased but is otherwise exactly what is needed for learning the sax independently.

  34. Chris D says:

    The free material is extremely limited. The annual subscription fee would be fair enough for a one-time purchase but not recurring. Also it seems that many songs have been deleted recently from the medieval, etude, classical, and traditional sections. They are not premium only now but apparently just removed from the app entirely. Why? You expect customers to pay the annual subscription fee when the content is actually decreasing?

  35. Victory in Him says:

    As a non musical parent this app is great for teaching my 7yr old the recorder. Here are some suggestions. Smoother page turning Videos demonstrating how to play the notes

  36. Henry Sus Bro says:

    Used to like this app since it had many free songs that were really good, but of course they ended being pay to play I guess. 1 stars not a big fan of these type of apps.

  37. Randi A. F. says:

    I installed this app several months ago. It’s OK. However, there is a frustrating disconnect between the scoring on the lessons versus the scoring on the songs. I score in the 95% and above on all lessons, yet I score 0% on all songs. This makes it extremely difficult to continue with the songs. What is the issue? I do not have access to a trumpet player or teacher to consult with.

  38. Jorge Garcia says:

    Purchased black Friday deal for premium plan, not applied to my account sent 4 emails with no response.

  39. Chevelle Casey says:

    it’s amazing I learned the trumpet really good

  40. Uyo Josiah says:

    It is a very interesting app Where you can learn all sorts of brass and woodwind musical instruments. It cost you less than nothing

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