Hily: Dating app. Meet People. Mod Apk New 2022*

The dating app to meet people, make friends, find relationship or live stream.
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December 8, 2022
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Hily: Dating app. Meet People. Mod Apk New 2022*

Hey! 💗 Do you know that Hily relationship app is the easiest position to make new relationships occur? When you didn’t know of the in reality wonderful app to make buddies close by, chat with strangers from all over the world, and in the end discover a soulmate – you indubitably do now! Oh, it’s additionally a perfect app to fulfill numerous folks and singles to flirt with.
Hily is a unfastened app that believes relationship is among the routes to soak up a courting. You’ll be able to in finding love within reach or meet global buddies, get started informal relationship or meet your new sweetheart, to find love or just chat with within reach buddies. No matter your consequence relating to discovering the fitting cohesion in courting – Hily is right here alongside the way in which.
Hily isn’t your moderate relationship app. It’s the go-to product to fulfill native folks. That is the way you to find dates close to me. Hily gives such a lot of love alternatives. Whats up, we all know cupid would approve of affection messages on our relationship app. Hily relationship app provides you with the facility not to handiest prolong your internal circle but additionally discover a critical courting that may lead in your happiness.

Hily: Courting app. Meet Other people. Mod Apk New 2022* apk

We understand how a lot drive there may be on relationship apps to search out love. Hily makes a speciality of the herbal waft of items. We’re all concerning the pretty technique of organising blind-date alternatives in actual lifestyles. Chat and meet other people to your space or someplace around the ocean. Who is aware of, you’ll be crossing paths together with your sweetheart. Informal relationship, critical relationship, flirt, anywhere your adventure on Hily leads – that is the relationship app that can assist you now not handiest meet other people but additionally to find love.

Hily: Courting app. Meet Other people. Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Amusing Discover the entire wonderful options Hily has to supply. Are living circulation over video up to you wish to have, video name with your pals and connections, invite your doable date to take a compatibility quiz, have a laugh the usage of the entire perks Hily has to provide along with video streaming and calling.

Hily: Relationship app. Meet Other people. Mod Apk New 2022* release

No Force Hily isn’t like different relationship apps. Whether or not you need to search out love, soulmate, meet other folks and singles, get started informal courting or just make new pals – Hily will give you extra choices. There’s no power in terms of opting for your vacation spot on Hily. That is the very best courting app to talk with global or within reach pals and notice the place your dialog takes you subsequent.

Hily: Courting app. Meet Other people. Mod Apk New 2022*

Hily courting is all about organising a connection. This relationship app provides a good way to connect to its customers and its crew. Chat with the reside beef up body of workers on Hily messenger. Say “Hello, it’s me!” or proportion your ideas at the app, or just ask a query in regards to the product. The staff will abruptly resolution your whole requests without reference to the place you might be on the earth.

Hily: Relationship app. Meet Other people. Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Safety Sure, safety issues to us! Each and every person is going thru a human moderation device and profile verification. So, how do you sign up for this wonderful social discovery app? That’s tremendous simple! Set up Hily and create a profile filled with thrilling pictures, information, and tales. Get started via atmosphere your seek standards to no matter it’s that you’re on the lookout for – love, friendship, networking, amusing, or else. Take a look at all of the profiles of alternative customers within the Finder segment. Attach and swipe away. Upload Your Tale to the Streaming segment or get started a Reside Circulation and pass survive the app.
Hily additionally has a subscription carrier that provides extra amusing options, however the app is to be had to obtain and use at no cost, so move forward, set up Hily and uncover the entirety it has to supply!
Hily is an area to specific your self, to construct authentic relationships for lifestyles.

Hily: Relationship app. Meet Folks. Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

👀 Keep involved with us! To be told extra, pass to Hily website online https://hily.com
To proportion your enjoy with Hily, proportion your comments at [email protected] Additionally, check out the Phrases of Provider at https://hily.com/terms and Privateness Coverage at https://hily.com/privacypolicy


40 comments on "Hily: Dating app. Meet People. Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Freeman Bayly says:

    First thing you’re hit with when you open the app is a 7 day trial and payment. The app itself constantly crashes. Tried to delete my account but they hide the button and it was only deactivated instead. I tried to go back in to delete it but every time I do I get the popup “not so fast.” I think the concept is great and can be more streamlined to fit the average user’s needs just like the apps Tinder and Bumble, but it was poorly executed. There are plenty of other free dating apps to use.

  2. Ardria Arnelle says:

    This app was definitely over hyped. It’s neat, but with my experience I was seeing women all over the world when I had my distance set at 75 miles. A majority of profiles are empty because people forget to fix it themselves since it doesn’t help you set it up from the beginning. What really annoys me the most is I can’t modify my settings to find certain girls (i.e. race, non-smoker, etc.) without paying for it in some way. If you have money, then kudos. There are way better apps.

  3. Ram Lange says:

    Clearly designed to scam users. On signup, they push a free trial of their premium subscription, and unless you really look for the “x” in the top left, you wouldn’t know it was there. Also poorly designed: instead of matches staying in your matches window, they get moved to a separate messages window once you message them. My review mysteriously disappeared before, re-reviewing so people know to stay away.

  4. Bolivia Deltha says:

    this seems like a good app. it has fun ways that you can Express yourself to show who you are. it shows me women that are on the otherside of the country. which I’d suggest to add an option for that. if our interested in talking to people farther away. like make it a feature. I got notifications from people but when I clicked on it , it just disappeared. no messages in the app, and that’s been happening to the 10 out of 10 recommended as well for the last 8-10times iv clicked it. please heeaallp

  5. Linley Becky says:

    this app is an ad revenue based system, you will get many ads, they will be presented in ways that make it hard for you to say no. the interface is terrible, you have to click into their card to see photos and info and then click back out to dislike them, you can like them from their card. also they have a minnimum range of 20+ miles. it’s literally “20+” i have no idea what that really means. notifications are frequent and mostly ads, you can’t turn off the ads without turning off messages.

  6. Jasper Lyneth says:

    So far I like it. Seems better then Tinder and some of the other apps out there that do the same thing. The 1 downside I’d have to say is that you cant control the maximum distance that you can search. I have people from 2+ states away showing up as potential matches when I would honestly only want to search within 25 miles of myself. Other then that, so far so good.

  7. Dimple Thelma says:

    It upsets me greatly that this app strongly encourages a pricey subscription to “boost” your profile. It is optional to pay but most features are locked without it. For people that have a harder time on dating apps (such as myself) the boost seems like a great idea. I don’t mean to bash the app but it really doesn’t appeal to me to have to pay to have someone to talk to.

  8. Jane Hern says:

    You can’t limit the distance on people it shows you; After the (very few) people in my area it showed me people from Vermont, Florida, California, and New York in that order. The UI feels clunky and suboptimal. But the worst thing? The worst thing is the pricing. 30 bucks a week? No thank you. If you get a long term subscription it’s marginally better. Something like 75 for three months or 115 for a year. If they fix it up the app could be good but right now it’s bordering a scam.

  9. Cendy Friend says:

    It’s a good app and it functions perfectly. But it has some problems that I dislike. When you upload photos, you can’t upload by file. It only shows recent. Which is a hassle. Another thing that I dislike is the distance of people you want to see. Alot of don’t have vehicles or some kind of transportation. Plus, alot of people aren’t gonna travel 20+ miles to just see their friend or “hook up”. If this changes (hopefully). I’ll be glad to use this app. Hope this helps. – Ender_Kaziki

  10. Lindly Leeann says:

    As it stands, the app is effectively useless since the distance filter is non functional. No matter what distance you select, you will still see people from hundreds of miles away. Worse yet, you can’t even see their distance without clicking on them and scrolling to the bottom of their profile. This would be one of the best dating apps out there if this simple but crippling issue was fixed.

  11. Claytin Earla says:

    Got the free trial and tried to cancel subscription twice (through the google play store) and ended up being charged 4 times for a total of $120 in a month. It wouldnt cancel the week i attempted to cancel it. Not only that, when i reached out to support they just kept sending me auto replies and never helped me solve the problem at all. I had to cancel my card. Also, the people who showed up were from all over the country and less than 5 were within 60 miles. Horrible experience.

  12. Lucianne Rainbo says:

    I guess the app is still in a beta stage? When you press a button it doesn’t respond how it should or even at all. First message I sent out I accidentally sent 25 times. Only because the message box wouldn’t go away. You get notifications at the top which is alright, but they’re a few minutes late. Saying I just got a message, and shows what they sent you eventhough you’ve already seen it, and replied to it a minute or two ago. Some of the compatibility questions and answers are ridiculous.

  13. Frayn Rane says:

    The comparability quiz is too specific for some people who might not be just an either or. Personally I’m a mix of a lot of things in the quiz so I don’t see how anyone can truly get to know me through it/see if I’m compatible. Also when I click the x to get rid of someone it doesn’t like if I click the like button so that needs to be fixed. Deleting after not even being on the app for 10 minutes because it doesn’t seem like it’ll do anything for me.

  14. David Moore says:

    Does not respect my preferences for swiping. As much as I wish I had a private jet, I do not yet have one. I set a location boundary for ten miles from me on the West Coast, yet I consistently see people who are in Virginia, Ohio, Florida, etc. The app also makes it difficult to view users’ info as compared to other apps. I want to click profiles because the person interests me, but I don’t want to have to click every single profile to find out if they are 2 miles or 2000 miles from me.

  15. Bert Jones says:

    To sum up: False matches + errors. I have this application already two days, in two days I have already had more matches than in tinder in the whole year. I have already 10, they look like normal profiles, there is no publicity in the photos or anything like that. I have spoken to them normally in the chat and I have expected a reply, but nothing, the message is delivered but not read, in all the chats, that is VERY strange, they don’t even undo the match. It also has other errors, one of the

  16. iluvdawubz says:

    There is a lot of good and a lot of bad. The good is that the site is very easy to use, very simple and yet the style is appealing. This is very good! And the bad? There is a huge bot problem, fake accounts, etc. Another problem is the location search. Almost never works regardless how many times you update it. Also, the filters are minimal, body types only. Supposedly there is an ethnicity filter but I don’t see it. Fix these and the app is easily 5 stars.

  17. Cassidy Dean says:

    Cute, but expensive. It was difficult to figure out how to disable premium, and the people matching with me dont reply, nor are they even remotely close to my location. I updated location preferences again and again but the ones that kept showing up on my page are all the way across the country. It was my first time trying an app like this and I cant say it impressed me

  18. Willis McChillis says:

    Absolute trash. Full of fembots (which is not unique). Worst thing is it forces you to crop your photos by a lot, and the upload quality is bad, then it displays all photos zoomed in (until you go into the person’s profile then tap photos), which makes them grainy and unattractive. I tried several alternatives to Tinder, and Hinge impressed where others disappointed.

  19. Matt Frame says:

    The app is easy to use and very sleek. However, there are very few filters, you cannot sort by distance, and you get matches with all incompatible people. Even worse, there are so many fake profiles and bots, you can’t trust any of the likes you get. Interesting concept, but needs some serious refinement.

  20. Huefray says:

    I’m close to deleting the app, it takes me weeks just to match with someone within 40 miles! All that time was spent swiping through profiles from many states over, even as far NY! (the other side of the country for me) I have it set to 31 miles since you have to pay to set it any closer and I doubt it would work even if you DID paid for it. You have to look through their entire profile to find out how far they live from you. (it’s not just under their name when you first see them)

  21. PlatyMax 41 says:

    Has to be one of the worst dating apps. If you want anything within 30 miles of you, you must pay. But if you don’t can get results almost 600 miles away. Let’s say you do change the filters, that doesn’t matter because it’ll only work for the first and/ or second swipe, then it’s back to 300 miles plus, I’m not going to change my filters after every one to two swipes. Update your app to keep the filters applied.

  22. Kiyan Khazaeepoul says:

    Decent app, I’m satisfied with it and the features it has, it has a lot of potential to be something great. My only issue with it is, and I notice it seems to be a lot of people’s issue with it, no matter how much I keep setting my searching radius to 31 miles away, I keep getting recommended matches from out of state, super annoying, and on my lives that I host, which is also great and unique feature, all the girls are too far away, fix that dumb distance thing and I’d give it 5 stars.

  23. Anna Hann says:

    What’s the point of the filters exactly? You’re asked how far you want matches to be, and the age range, but then I get matched with people across the country. People 10 years younger than your range are able to message you. I live in a major city and it somehow has my location set to a town I’ve never heard of, and you can’t change it! Whole app is pointless

  24. LILCHEESE99 says:

    It has some cool ideas for connecting people. But most basic functions are behind pay walls. I haven’t had too much trouble matching with people, but everything, including the basic ability to put a maximum distance on recommended people is behind a paywall. And I even heard that it will still match you with people across the country after that. It’s alright as a streaming platform, but as a dating app, its probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  25. Daniel Palomba says:

    The distance filter doesn’t work in the slightest. I had it set as low I can without paying which is still 31 miles. However, somehow I was receiving suggestions from more than 100 miles away. In fact, I had almost no one near me. If this was fixed MAYBE the app would be useable, but you also have to fight against a user pool that is a little sad to begin with. No offense, just telling it like it is.

  26. mmmarm says:

    Stay away, terrible UI and service. Seems I turned on a premium subscription but I’m sure it must have happened by accident while popping up on screen, cause I’m always very mindful of that. I couldn’t get refunded for the weeks it was turned on and the app even “recorded” me using premium features in the past few days when I was only talking with support to ask for a refund. I didn’t even open the app for weeks. Very scummy and terrible UI. Stay away, much better options on the store.

  27. yogurt sharpener says:

    Within the first 5 minutes I have been shown a pop up for premium 3 times. Not only that but it deletes every picture I upload to my profile, even if it’s a picture of me, yet it for some reason leaves the worst possible ones. Most things are also locked behind a paywall, and the distance filter is a complete joke. Absolute garbage just like all the rest of them. Don’t bother.

  28. Jason Vogel says:

    If you want to search closer than 31 miles you’ll need to subscribe. Not sure if it’s because I’m using the free version but search preferences don’t tend to save and it often will show you people very far away. The interface for editing your profile needs a bit of work (can’t adjust answers to prompts without deleting them first) and it jumps around a bit when editing text. Interface for general use is fine. Haven’t met anyone from here yet but who knows.

  29. Cory Valentine says:

    It’s a pretty easy to use interface, a lot of interesting options and interests. The only issue that I have with it is that I’m dominant in my right hand, so when swiping, I may accidentally click “like” or “message”. Another issue would be the ads, they’re not like normal ads for “[insert random ad here]”, their spam ads. The ad will pop up saying that you have a message and when you go to click it sends you to a random website.

  30. Matturday Haynesworth says:

    I like the amount of complexity you can add to your profile. However sending one like before being blocked from sending likes on the free version is ridiculous and sad. Changed to one star after 30more minutes of use. Don’t bother unless you want to pay 200$ to turn off the ads they put every 8 profiles. Also the user interface is confusing probably developed for apple users based on its simplicity. It’s so simple it’s difficult to navigate after a misclick. I still can’t go back to answer Q’s.

  31. Christian Netzel says:

    Not the best, it likes to randomly delete chats and matches. It would be good if it didn’t do that. I like how it gives you a chance to use the app for free instead of paying for it with daily gifts but it’s so random that it’s just not worth the trouble. Edit: turns out after you cancel your free trial, the take all the tokens away from you. So I lowered my score.

  32. Andrew says:

    The UI is terrible. The like function moves when you’re scrolling on a page. If you’re trying to check out photos you may accidentally tap too fast and send a like that was not intended. The app endlessly bombards you to pay for it. I get that’s how they make money but it’s over the top in this app. That’s what I’ve discovered in the ten minutes of using it so far.

  33. Ski Szymonski says:

    This app is terrible on every level. It’s not user friendly, the interface is a tinder clone but complicated and unexplained. It’s so ad heavy, it’s almost unusable (and mostly ads for other dating sites). You can’t choose a distance range, I live in SD and get shown profiles from Utah and Washington. The app also spams your phone with notifications, which yes can be silenced but still… Edit: distance is set to 31 miles and still getting shown profiles from hundreds of miles away.

  34. Matthew Klemetsen says:

    Like many have said, this is not a great app. On one hand it has one of the best sets of profile information that you can fill out that I have seen. On the other, there is the fact that even if you pay for the filters, the app just shuts them all off and tells you that they were ‘adjusted to show people who fit most of your preferences’. The Live feature is just them trying to be another cam site. You can’t view the profile of someone who reacted to you without matching with them. And more…

  35. Cloud Lonesky says:

    Terrible. Don’t waste your time. There are numerous fake profiles that like you. Moreover, basic features like limiting the search to less than 30 miles of where you are is hidden behind a paywall. Even with the trial I used, the filter didn’t work and showed me profiles from across the U.S. Also if you want your account deleted instead of deactivated. You will have to email them. Worse of all are the intrusive unskippable ads.

  36. Kiefer Willis says:

    I forgot I signed up for the free week and was charged afterwards, I’ve since been trying to cancel the subscription but it doesn’t show up in the Google play store under subscriptions, I fear I may have to cancel my card and get a new one just to fix this but I don’t want to have to do that. Worst app I’ve ever installed, it feels like a total scam

  37. Jacob Marshall says:

    It’s a money grab. They make you pay for a “subscription” but essentially you’re paying for what other apps give free. They then blow you up with popups but you require micro transactions to do most of the features. They claim to filter fruad profiles but it’s full of “content” girls, escorts advertising and fake profiles. Essentially, a money grab. By the time you figure out the app has nothing to offer, you’ve spent 20-30 bucks minimum. Doubt the app lasts long. Will turn into another POF.

  38. Reece Taylor says:

    Get ready for full screen take over ads! I understand that free apps use ads to stay free but this is beyond agressive. In the past 10 min I’ve been able to see 4 profiles cause inbetween each swipe I’ve been hit with an ad that covers every inch with fake out skip buttons. And if you dare touch the screen durring the ad it takes you straight to the app store and you get stuck on a hell loop that counts you hitting back in the app store as you touching the ad.

  39. Tom F says:

    Misleading. The app is free, but in order to get the most out of the app: you have to pay a subscription fee… Well, the designers of this app can kiss both sides of my 🍑. I deleted the app and my profile literally within minutes of setting up. They let you get to the very end of the setup process and then hit you with the subscription stuff… Nope. Not me. Find another sucker.

  40. Jeremy Weaver says:

    Really pricy, and if you stop paying any of the features you accrued are lost. Offers to let you use certain features by watching an ad, but you’re forced to click through to the Google Play page. Overall the user base is very small and the default settings overwrite your filters to disguise that fact. Two stars just because it’s not always having connection issues.

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