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November 8, 2022
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Clover – Live Stream Dating Apk Download New*

Clover is greater than a relationship app, its a singles app! Come sign up for the birthday party and make new pals when you discover a date. Whether or not it’s making new buddies, relationship or discovering love, Clover can be utilized by means of everybody.

Clover – Reside Circulation Courting Apk Obtain New* mod apk

• Engage with 1000s of reside streaming singles in the community or international • Pass are living in an instant, construct a following and earn rewards
• Chat with different customers and meet new other people

Clover – Are living Circulation Relationship Apk Obtain New* release

• Browse singles within sight or around the globe • Use robust seek filters to search out your fit • Personal reside video chat
• Prepare your favorites

Clover – Are living Move Relationship Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

• To find native singles able up to now • Arrange digital video dates
• Time table actual dates at native venues

Clover – Reside Flow Relationship Apk Obtain New* apk mod

• Sign up for staff chats
• Meet singles with commonplace pursuits • In finding singles occasions, events and on-line meetups

Clover – Are living Movement Courting Apk Obtain New*

Clover is unfastened to obtain and use. We additionally be offering an non-compulsory subscription package deal (together with a LOOSE 7-day trial) in addition to unmarried and multi-use paid options and not using a wish to subscribe.

Clover – Reside Circulation Relationship Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

You will have to be a minimum of 18 years previous to join Clover.


40 comments on "Clover – Live Stream Dating Apk Download New*"

  1. Gaius Christion says:

    After getting the premium account I went a few weeks and didn’t have any luck with the app so I decided to deactivate my account, after a few days it charged me! Despite not even having an active account. I reached out to the support line in the app to try and at least figure out how to cancel the subscription, and they were completely dismissive, and told me they have no control over the subscription, and cannot cancel, and that I have to contact Google to cancel it. I am currently in the process of doing so, but I must say this is the worst experience I’ve had with an app ever.

  2. Pam Eadlyn says:

    This is the epitome of a serial dater app!!! Since you have to pay in order to filter out a basic setting like your “intentions”, it seems like they purposely filter people to you with the opposite intentions. Nobody fills out the about me section because it’s not shown when you create the profile and you actually go look for it to fill it out. Also don’t try to send feedback, it reroutes you outside of the app to send it through your email so I don’t see why the app even has it as an option.

  3. Beverley Emory says:

    App appears to be populated with mostly false profiles. I signed up for the free trial period, wasnt happy with the service, cancelled my account and was billed $30 the following day. Contacted support immediately (took them a couple of days to reply) and they told me since it was past 48 hours, i would have to take it up with Google play!!! Clover support doesn’t reply to me in the time frame in which to be refunded and they tell it’s been too long!! Nice going Clover. Don’t use this app!!!

  4. Woodman Nelly says:

    I’m of two minds about Clover. I like that it is very open, you’re easily able to review and get back to people you accidentally skipped, and I like some of the extra questions you can ask and many photos. On the other hand, it was not very intuitive in my mind, and I am still not sure if favoriting a profile is akin to “swiping right”

  5. Ashlan Bekki says:

    The app was advertised as being free and allowing me to message whoever I want, when I want, rather than having to wait for someone else to like me. Also, any time I try to sort my pictures the app does not memorize the order, instead it selects random pictures, shuffles the rest and uses one near the bottom as my featured photo.

  6. Mikia Anissa says:

    Only using the free trial as my experience, but after that do not want to spend a penny on this app. Limited filter settings, premium snap ads everywhere, scam phone numbers, emails, and links everywhere. Did actually meet one person that was real, but that was the exception to the norm.

  7. Albertina Harrisin says:

    I think the options and choices you are allow to make are okay… but they definitely need more options for religion, sexual orientation, and more. All people need to feel included in this app, and I don’t think they do right now. Also I feel if both parties have not liked each other no communication should be made. Some people go over board and are rude. I think the system is good for a beginner but there needs to be easier access for all consumers on the main frame.

  8. Livia Kipling says:

    Horrible. Anyone can message you whether they match your standard filters or not, and all the specific filters they cite in their ads cost an arm and a leg. Meanwhile, you can’t even perform basic functions like pasting copied text. I’ve had it for ten minutes and I’m ready to delete.

  9. Ardine Candis says:

    Bare minimum app. There are very few folks within 50 miles of me (not their fault, though I imagine targeted advertising couldn’t hurt) but they don’t tell you when the last login was, so how do you know this person didn’t stop using the app 2 yrs ago? No way of knowing if you’re paying to talk to a wall. Plus, cost is a bit extreme, per month, for lack of people and features. I did the free trial. It wasn’t any better than the free edition.

  10. Ashleah Stevan says:

    This was, from start to finish, the worst program I have ever had on any device I have ever owned. Here’s why: 1) Importing pictures is a nightmare. Let me do it with Gallery. 1a) Pictures have no option to rotate, so the photo I chose was sideways. Fine. Heck with it, I’ll live. 2) I failed to notice my name was wrong when I linked my Snapchat. To change it was $0.99. While I understand spam may be an issue, a dollar to change my name is a dollar more than I’m willing to spend. That’s 499.

  11. Carlis Bettye says:

    This app is similar to Tinder, except with a few more features, but with the lack of the ability to message or chat unless you buy premium. At least with Tinder, OK Cupid, POF, and others, you are able to freely message without having to pay extra for premium. With this app, you can’t message even if you match unless you get the premium. I may keep this app, however, it may not be worth your time, money, or data to download it.

  12. Iliria Pure says:

    Full of scammers and fake profiles, terrible system for finding perspective dates. Full of girls trying to grow their snapchat followers. Advertisers for sex websites, or people fishing for email addresses. On top of that it is over priced, the location setting constantly resets to Brooklyn Ny and very annoying. Dont waste your time. It seems to completely ignore your distance settings and is completely random in who you see. Where as bumble or tinder work there way out from closet to farthest.

  13. Fleur Sheridan says:

    A lot of the accounts are old. I’m assuming they are from free trial periods and then never used again. You should implement a system that removes accounts for inactivity. Also, a lot of bots and chasapp prostitutes are beginning to appear and it is becoming a bother. I like the dating request options seems fun, but the group forms and premium snapchat spammers do seem a bit pointless. Otherwise it is an ok app

  14. Everton Denise says:

    Clover is an app that makes you pay money to do anything after the free week long trial. The trial was lackluster. The novelty of asking for a date wears off quickly and the amount of bots on the app very quickly renders it annoying. More so to that point, after the trial period, you have to pay a lot to access basic things a dating app should have; namely message someone you mutually “fave”. Unless you find someone within the trial period, I suggest you delete the app after it ends.

  15. Penn Cherilyn says:

    It’s super expensive to use basic features. The worst part, tho, is that you can set your preferences to control who you see but that doesn’t affect who can see you. So, for example, I set my age range as 35-50 so that’s all I saw. However that didn’t stop me from showing up in 18-34 and 51+ y/o guys’ searches. They were able to fave and message me which led to a LOT of contact from embarrassingly young men. Also, even the preferences I set didn’t seem to matter sometimes. Needs a lot of work.

  16. Mildrid Elvina says:

    Paywalls an issue, but wouldnt be if it was a good app. It is not a good app. More bots than the early days of tinder, restrictive UI that makes browsing profiles difficult. If youre looking for a hookup, stick with the free apps. If you want something serious, try an actual dating service. This is a nightmare on both sides.

  17. Alizabeth Delanei says:

    I just deactivated my account and am uninstalling. Good: layout, ability to like pics. REALLY BAD: can’t talk to matches without paying, and profile description is SHORT! It’s ridiculous to not allow messaging MATCHES! I’m not keeping dating apps that do that. They can get someone else’s business. Not mine. If they fixed that one problem, this could be a good app. But the way it is it’s a one star app.

  18. Lynelle London says:

    Interesting idea, but the app is infested with tons of obvious scammers and bots. There needs to be a verification system to keep those “users” off the app, even then, there’s too many features that are locked behind a paywall. I don’t want to spend money on an app that’s mostly barren and my time using it hasn’t been pleasant. It’s a good set of ideas that get over shadowed by bots and a paywall.

  19. Aethelwine Banbrigge says:

    Pretty good interface and decent options to connect with people, but the price for “premium”, aka. just to send a message to someone after your trial is up, is wayyyy too high. Especially with all the obvious bots (but that’s a problem with every dating app/website). Lower price or more free options would get 4*

  20. Cortney Kingston says:

    This app may be free but the paywall here is too much to actually use the app for free. You cannot chat with others without paying, you cannot set a vast amount of filters, you cannot request dates, and you cannot even send messages without being told to pay up. There is, however, a free 7-day trial. But after that it’s a subscription fee. Want 3 months to use the app? It’s $4.61, per week. So in reality it’s $18.44 per month in this plan. I encourage people to use a different free dating app.

  21. Fae Trixi says:

    The app has a lot of potential but I can’t give it more than three stars. Whatever system determines who sees your profile is flawed. I keep getting faved by people all over the united states.. what’s up with that? Tinder definitely feels like an unfair dice roll, but at least profiles are realistic in terms of the distance between them. I understand you get to adjust your options with premium but having the base/free system that determines who’ll you’ll see be this wild is too uncomfortable.

  22. Elberta Jessee says:

    I like the filter options. however the “anyone can message you” feature makes the filters obsolete. I hate that there’s no way to filter who messages you. and when you delete or block a person’s messages they still appear in the swiping portion so you have to weed them out a second time. most profiles are incomplete and just looking for snap or “someone to chat with” even though there’s supposed to be a filter for that. AND you only get a 7 day free trial.

  23. Diamante Grey says:

    I cancelled my subscription and was still charged. I thought it was pretty clear cut cancelling my subscription before the end of the 7 day free trial, and deactivating my account since I already wanted out a few days before and thought I wouldn’t get charged. I looked too, there was nowhere to cancel my card. So if possible, I’d really appreciate an explanation and at the very least a refund. But hopefully I hear back soon.

  24. Blondel Deliza says:

    The app is a nice change from Tinder and Bumble, but I went for the free premium trial and was mortified to discover the app sending tons of messages on my behalf to people I am absolutely not interested in. There is no way to turn this feature off that I can find. This is embarrassing to say the least, and problematic at worst. I work at a college and could face repercussions if I’m seen to be making a pass at a student. Please do better.

  25. Alyssia Chadwick says:

    Not one star because I don’t know if there is an actual difference between not paying and doing the trial/subscription. You can only favorite people, and even if you both favorite each other you have to either do the trial/pay to actually message. Luckily, you can add them on snap if they have it! Except 100% of the snaps I’ve added are robots or snap premium accounts. If the free isn’t even worth it, who the heck would buy it? Bad app

  26. Ian Norton says:

    Of all the dating apps I’ve tried, this has been the worst one so far. After about a month and a half of use, I’ve been added somewhere around a hundred times. Only 3 were real. All of the other adds were spammers selling nudes and premium snapchats. Despite blocks and reports, it was the same 5 sellers the entire time. And those 3 real people? All more than twice my age, far out of my set filters. No way to talk to matches without premium. Useless unless you want to buy nudes.

  27. El Loc says:

    Quite a few real locals. Be careful with the super boost, cuz it’ll shoot your shot for you. Which is kind of a double edged sword. Because anybody it sends an icebreaker to, you know is an active member. But, you may not have wanted to shoot your shot with that person. 🤷‍♂️ other than that. Not a bad app. Legit 1 week trial that gives you access to all the features.

  28. John F says:

    The app interface, and features (paid ones) are good. Profiles are good. No bugs or issues after using for six days. However there needs to be an ability to sort profiles by “recently logged in”. No one responds to messages. And you can tell the profiles are old because no one is mentioning covid in their bio, the vaccine, or has pictures of themselves with a mask on. It’s clear that these profiles are then at least a year old.

  29. A I (Bettylucy) says:

    I had high hopes , it sounded good , but poor execution. I’m a black women looking for black men, should be simple, except the app makes you pay for basic preferences. It kept defaulting me to bisexual men. Pop ups of live white girls kept coming up , like I was on online fans. Again not exactly my preference. The profile photo is not properly formatted everyone’s looks bad. And my only option was to pay for at least 3 months, the 7 trial wouldn’t let me adjust anything, No thank you

  30. Owen Heitz says:

    I tried paying for a 1 week subscription three sepreate times, but the app wouldn’t let me access premium features. I contacted the support team, and they only responded once saying that they “fixed” the issue I was having. I never received any response after that. They ended up stealing a total of $45 from me for features I could never access.

  31. Brett Bechler says:

    I have someone favorited They also have me favorites I still can’t send them messages without paying 15$ per week… That pretty much sums it up. AND the app only works on data, not on wifi.

  32. Achsah Sammy says:

    I can’t even validate my account! It’s so annoying! I will NEVER recommend this app! I emailed support and I haven’t even gotten a response! It has been FIVE days since I emailed support and I still haven’t gotten a response even though stated in their automatic response, it takes up to TWO business day… I’m STILL WAITING! SMH! If you can’t resolve an issue with YOUR app just say!

  33. Ben Giovenco says:

    First of all, I want to say this app is a joke. I’ve been on it for exactly 1 month and only got 2 VIEWS! One of them was across the country, and the other was in Thailand. The profiles are fake, the people “near me” are no longer on clover, and it’s a waste of time and money. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD.

  34. D S says:

    No good looking people close and pictures don’t load…also I was told it was a 7-Day free trial and it charged me $14 right off the bat for a free trial do not use this app

  35. Nikola Stale says:

    The most useless app support team I have ever seen. They have bug reporting for streamers but ignore emails when bugs are reported so you will just be wasting your time. Never had a stream last longer than 3 minutes without the app kicking me but they seem to get back to females who have issues. Nothing weird there lol

  36. Anizh valsalan says:

    Nice experience with this application we can learn different types of of languages cultural.. And thought of guys.. It was different experience. these things was very excited for very far away from people they are connected their own way and their on path..

  37. Dylan Petro says:

    This offers a lot of usable filters and feeds you with people in your area very well. I like this one a lot. Like the other dating apps you have to pay to message them. Unless you matched, then it’s free.

  38. Gene Prescott says:

    Horrible app crashes all the time and won’t connect….and they charge you like every week!!!

  39. Nicholas says:

    New to the app been on it a month, so far so good! Look me up @MotoMouse in the trending list! I’ll be more than happy to help you get used to the app and awnser questions if you ask me!

  40. Mathew Spear says:

    After getting in contact with support they helped me with my situation 100% and got me back in action in a day. This app is great and they actually have a real support team

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